My Wife Goes For It!


April and I have been married for about 18 years. It is the second marriage for both of us and we are happy and have a great sex life, and I mean great. She’s a tiger in the sack. But what I most love is her demeanor to the world. She is an intelligent, well educated professional woman. She is a great wife and mom to her two grown kids and when behind closed doors she is a slut like no other. I love that about her.

Despite April’s nature, her sexual personality is kept under wraps in any place except the bedroom. Once the door closes its Katie bar the doors. She’s hot beyond belief, and that’s how we wound up where we are today. I asked her if she wanted to try having sex with another woman and she was all for it. And when she got the chance it was incredible, not to mention I got to fuck the little chickie too, so it was all good, but then it was time to turn the tables. Fair is fair and April wanted to have sex with another male while I watched or participated. We decided on a workable formula for us.

When she had sex with a woman, per her comfort demands, it had to be a woman I would not be otherwise attracted to. In this case a 19 year old college girl.

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   Oh, the college girl was hot and technically perfect in appearance, but I would never have a relationship with a kid, no matter how hot she was to look at. April was comfortable that I would not pursue her, and for good reason. I like my women a little on the chubby/BBW side. Not fat so much as abundant – large breasts, a waist, real baby nearing hips and an ass. As well I love thick thighs – not fat and blubbery but thick, well formed and muscular. Our college girl friend was none of those things, so it was awesome and a great time was had by all.

When it came time to find a man to join us for sex, April insisted on the same parameters. She said she would never be attracted to some skinny, surfer like kid, so we settled on finding one of those. With the explosion of sex for sale sites all over the Internet, it was very easy. We looked at guys on the net and she settled on a young guy, 23, sorta longish hair and without a single hair on his body, including shaved pubes. I was all for her wanting to fuck him, just not wanting to be with him, so we were decided then.

We made successful contact with “Jesse” and met, liked each other and proceeded right straight to the hotel room for the festivities. I cannot describe how hot it was to imagine my 52 year old, BBW wife kissing a kid. April is a substantial woman – not fat but plentiful, well built, curvy and 110% woman. For this first scenario April wanted to be victimized.

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   I sat in the chair in the corner of the room and watched as it all took place, my camera set up and filming all the time.

Jesse knocked at the door and she answered it. He pretended to be a bell hop sent from the front desk to do whatever it is bellhops do. She answered the door in her revealing and very short robe, her massive cleavage spilling out in abundance. He pretended to be picking up some things she wanted dry cleaned. As she “searched” the room for the stuff she wanted cleaned she bent over revealing plenty of leg and thigh and of course cleavage. She acted as if she was innocent and oblivious, but Jesse got fueled by seeing so much flesh and he begins to force himself on her.

She pretends to resist and he becomes more insistent, ardent and forceful. When she tries to break his grasp he grabbed her by the back of her hair and forced her head back. He plunged his tongue down her throat as he ripped at her robe. He pulled it from her to reveal a corset and thong and nothing more. She tries to break from him and he forces her to her knees by the handful of her hair he tightly holds. Jesse deftly opened his pants and revealed a big, beautiful half hard cock that he began to slap her face with. She tries to keep her mouth squeezed closed but he forces her to accept his cock.

Jesse held her by the hair as he fed her ever more of his hardening cock.

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   Once she gagged and he pulled her back forcefully, slapped her cheek and slammed her back down on it. I got so turned on watching his hips force his cock into her gorgeous mouth. He fucked her face for about three minutes, pulled out. Told her to breathe deep and plunged back into her warm lips informing her she would finish him off orally, then she was going to be fucked to within an inch of her life!

I could tell by her body language she was turned on beyond belief. He looked to me for approval and I merely nodded he was on the right track and to keep it up. Another minute or so and he pulled out and commanded her to stroke his cock with both hands until he covered her in his cum. She complied and eagerly awaited her prize, which he delivered right on cue. His load was powerful and spurted all over her face, hair, neck, shoulders and down into her deep cleavage. He then slammed back into her mouth and commanded she drain his meat and she did. His cock shrunk to its half hard state and he withdrew and complimented her on being such a good little cock sucking whore. He then informed her that her cunt and ass were about to be abused and she’d better like it too!

He commanded her to remove her thong and pull her tits from behind the material of the corset which she did immediately. He pulled her to her feet by her hair and slapped her tits until they were red and swollen from his abuse. He made her then use her tits to wipe her face clean, and she easily accommodated that order as she is able to hold both nipples in her mouth at the same time. He then made her lick her tits clean of his cum. Next she was back on the floor, on her back and her was doing push ups in her mouth.

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   It was so fucking hot to see her huge tits jiggle as he would try to bury his cock down her throat and then withdraw and repeat.

When he was sufficiently hard again he withdrew finally and she could get a deep breath. He ordered her to pull her legs open as wide as they would go and to hold them open for him. She did as instructed. It was hot beyond anything I had ever seen as he mounted my gorgeous wife and slammed his cock into her with no foreplay at all. His muscular ass was beautiful as he pumped her cunt. April was smashed against the side of the bed, he was driving into her and pushing her even farther into the floor and against the bed. April began to orgasm and he fucked her even harder. She began to moan and then scream and he slapped her and screamed “Shut up cunt!” as he fucked her even more angrily.

April came in waves as she thrashed her head from side to side as she came in powerful gasps. When she squirted fluid onto his pubic bone he jumped up and shoved his cock back into her mouth and made her lick him clean. He then tea bagged her and made her lick his asshole. I was over the top as I could see April’s hands holding his thighs to her as tight as she could. Jesse smiled at me and winked as she ate his asshole.

Then Jesse decided for the final act, to ream her asshole.

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   She lay on her belly and pulled her ass cheeks apart as he whipped her ass with his bare hand until it was bright red and sensitive. He traced the head of his cock over the reddened ass cheeks and April gasped in painful pleasure. Then lubing her asshole, he inserted his cock and slowly buried it to his balls. April groaned as her asshole welcomed him, but as much as she moaned it was easy to see she was lifting her belly off the floor to get more of his cock into her ass. Jesse held himself on the mattress and began to really pound April’s ass.

Jesse took a handful of her hair in his hand again and pulled back hard as he drove into her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as spittle dripped form her open mouth and Jesse finished her off. As he began to dump his load he pulled out from her ass and came all over her back and the corset. He also covered her shaking and well fucked ass cheeks. As he completed his cumming he rose and stood over her.

“Don’t call the cops Bitch!’ he announced, still playing the role we had agreed to. She lay on the floor and rolled over on her back and looked at him. She was spent and broken, but well fucked, that’s for sure. “Don’t move,” he commanded. He dressed and then went to her pocket book and rifled through it, as we’d arranged he would end the scenario.

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   He dumped out her wallet and took $200 cash for his services. Then he pulled her to her feet and still in character, told her if she ever wanted a good raping again, it would cost her more in the future. He ended his efforts by holding her under her chin and telling her what a great fuck and beautiful woman she was. He kissed her passionately, and she returned it, seeking his tongue.

Jesse broke their kiss and left without a word more to her. I went into the hall and he told me he enjoyed the meeting and would be thrilled to meet us again. We shook hands and I thanked him for doing such an excellent job on my wife. As he got onto the elevator I turned and went back into the room. What do ya think I found?

April, lying on the bed, her entire right hand stuffed in her cunt, her nipples harder than I have ever seen them, her eyes rolled back into her head as her eyelashes fluttered and she came as she self-fisted. I slipped my pants off and took my 7 inch cock and walked to her. She came and came and then pulled her hand from her cunt, licked it and tried to fist her mouth with it, licking her cunt juice and piss from her hand, fingers and wrist.

I stood over her and began to cum. She opened her mouth and sat up. The first spurt hit her tits, but she had engulfed my hardon and sucked me dry. I collapsed onto the bed and lay there panting.

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   April then snuggled up to me, laid her head on my sweaty and heaving chest and cooed how much she loved me. We slept the remainder of the evening and then awoke and fucked like we had never fucked before. We talked about the event and our enjoyment of it all, resolving to repeat it, with of course variations to suit us as time and desire dictates.



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