My Wife and Her Best Friend Lay a Trap (Part 2)


Jenny smiled at J, enthusiastically nodding her head in agreement. She pushed on my chest, indicating that I should roll off her body and lay down beside her. I complied and plopped over on my back, my dick slapping at my stomach. I took Jenn’s hand and rubbed it against my once-again swollen cock, showing her that I was ready to fuck her some more; then I raised her hand to my lips to gently kiss each of her fingers.

I felt wonderful and was enjoying the moment and anticipating the renewed entry of my cock into Jenn’s hot pussy when I felt Jenn’s body shutter with delight. I opened my eyes to see what was giving her such pleasure that did not include my cock. From my position flat on my back, I could see Jenn’s perfect nipples jauntily pointing toward the ceiling as her breasts rose and fell in time with her lust-driven breathing. Jenn’s areolas were crinkled up tight and, if possible, her nipples seemed to have doubled in size!Amazed, I propped myself up on an elbow to get a better look at those wonderful nipples. That’s when I noticed that my sweet wife had her head buried between Jenn’s thighs!

“J,” I exclaimed; “are you eating Jenn’s pussy?”

“Mmrumph,” J mumbled. “MmmmmmmmmHummmm!”

I just had to take a better look; I had never seen J eat pussy before and I wanted to enjoy the experience from up close. I moved away from Jenn’s side and slid down until my face was resting on her thigh; I could smell the sweet, yummy aroma of a well-fucked pussy. Jenn’s aroma was more pronounced than J’s; a bit sweeter, I think with a touch of earthy musk overlay. I could feel my cock throbbing and bobbing as Jenn’s odor filled my senses; clearly, I thought to myself, this little fuck-fest is going to new, unexplored heights and I want my cock to be fully involved!

As my cheek touched Jenny’s thigh, I felt J’s leg swing over Jenn’s body, straddling her torso and presenting her well-trimmed pussy to Jenny’s face. I peeked between J’s full, swinging tits, up toward Jenn’s face. I saw her pretty blue-green eyes studying J’s pussy with obvious carnal interest!Good God, but that was HOT!

As I watched, Jenn licked her lips and pulled on J’s hips so that J’s pussy came into range of her tongue, I could hear J sucking and licking Jenny’s pretty, shaved slit. I tore my eyes away from Jenn’s first kiss of J’s silky pussy and devoted my attention to the show right in front of my eyes.

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  J’s jet-black curls were partially blocking my view, so I reached out and brushed them back behind J’s ear. I involuntarily drew in my breath as I was presented with such a sight as I had never seen before; there was my wife’s red, wet tongue quickly flicking back and forth over Jenny’s rather prominent clit. I had not noticed the size of her amazing clit when I was fucking her!I looked closer. Jenn’s “little man” was significantly larger than J’s – honestly, sometimes when J and I made love I had a hard time finding her clit; it was so small. Jenn’s, on the other hand almost looked like a little, hard dick!I was fascinated with it and envied my wife’s tongue!

J broke off from sucking Jenn’s clit and looked at me with raw passion in her pretty blue eyes. “God, Scotty; you have just GOT to suck this clit!” J purred. “No wonder you love eating my pussy so much!I never really knew how tasty pussy actually is until just now!”

“OOOOH!” she exclaimed, “YES, Jenny, just like that!”I popped my head up and swung my body around so that I could see what Jenny was doing that was revving J’s motor to the red-line. Jenn had somehow found J’s clit and was sucking it with passion as she slid two fingers in and out of J’s dripping cunt. J was bobbing her hips up and down on Jenn’s fingers, making it hard for Jenn to keep a lip-lock on J’s clit. The girls were really getting into a great rhythm, each fucking the other for all they were worth.

“Jenny, Oh Jenny;” J cooed. “I have always wanted to kiss your pussy and have you kiss mine!This is better than any of my dreams about doing it with you!Do you like my pussy, too?”

“J,” Jenny sighed; “This is better than anything I ever imagined, too!I love the taste of your pussy juice!Your clit is so small and delicate that it just cries out to be licked and sucked!Do you like the way I suck it?”

“Baby, sweet baby,” J cried, “I LOVE the way you lick my pussy, suck my clit and fuck me with your tongue!You’re going to make me cum!”

“ME TOO!” Jenn screamed; and buried her face into J’s steaming, hot cunt. I saw both of the ladies’ bodies tense up and saw J push her hips down on Jenn’s face, while Jenn thrust her hips up, slamming her slick, shaved pussy into J’s waiting mouth. Both girls’ hips jerked and I could hear muffled moaning from each end of the gorgeous pile of woman flesh; clearly, both girls were having massive orgasms into the mouth of their best girlfriend!

I grabbed my cock and started stroking!This was way, WAY too hot!My heart was beating so fast that I thought it would pound right out of my chest!I needed to be part of that wonderful melding of those two beautiful women!

J and Jenn’s bodies were glistening with sweat. They had been working hard!I got on my knees above Jenn’s head; my balls dangling, brushing her cute, upturned nose.

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  I imagined Jenn’s eyes flying open to see my shaved ball sack dangling above her lips, and was rewarded when I felt her hot lips grab my left testicle and begin to suck!I shifted my weight a bit, lowering myself just a bit and was rewarded again as Jenn deftly sucked my right testicle into her dainty mouth, and began alternating her attention between the two. Jenn wiggled a bit and I felt her left hand grab the base of my cock and gently guide my massive, throbbing hard-on toward J’s waiting slit. I held my breath as Jenny expertly sucked my balls and slid my cock into J’s pussy.

“OH…MY…GOD…” J screamed! “Scotty, Is that YOUR cock?I guess seeing me fuck my girlfriend and her fuck me is a MAJOR turn on for you!I have never felt your cock so big and hard before!”
I shoved my swollen penis deep into J’s cunt and felt my right testicle pop out of Jenn’s mouth and slap against J’s pussy. J was right…my cock was absolutely magnificent; proud, erect and hard as a bar of steel. I marveled at how magnificent it looked slamming into J’s wet, hot and willing cunt.

“Baby,” J lustfully panted, “If I knew that sharing you with Jenn would get your cock so big and hard I would have seduced Jenn years ago!”I heard Jenny laugh over the slippery sound of my cock slamming into J and my balls slapping against her pussy.

“Sweet J,” laughed Jenny, “I’m with you!We should have done this years ago!AND, we better be doing it for years to CUM!”We should invite Greg to the party next time; maybe it will do to his cock what it’s clearly done to Scotty’s!I’d LOVE that!”

I continued to thrust into my wife’s sweet pussy, but I knew I was in charge of my cock now, and there would be no further premature ejaculations. I’d cum when I wanted to, and for now, I wanted this fuck-fest to continue for hours!

“Jenny,” I grunted, “If it means I get the chance to fuck you again and receive another fantastic blow job, like the one you just gave me, I’d gladly share J with Greg!”I punctuated the sentence with a massive thrust into J’s hot pussy.

“Yes, YES, YES, oh GOD, YES” J cried out in passion!“Fuck me you big stud, fuck me with that rod. God, Scotty, your cock feels so good!”With that, J came!And Came!AND CAME!I have never seen her cum so hard or so long!Her pussy clamped on my penis and would not let go! I could feel contraction after contraction wracking her body and the walls of her juicy cunt. Suddenly, I felt a rush of girl-cum flood her pussy and spurt past my swollen cock!J screamed with joy!

I felt the hot liquid spray my balls and the insides of my thighs. I knew that Jenny was getting doused by her girlfriend’s liquid passion and that made the whole experience that much hotter!

“Yum, Yummm, YUMMM,” I heard Jenny exclaim. “OH J! Your cum is so sweet!” she yelled! “I love it, give me more!”

I felt J’s spent pussy contract again and one last spurt of pussy-juice shot out of her wet hole.

“Yes!” Jen cried!I felt her tongue licking the inside of my thigh, lapping up all the J juice running down off my balls.

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  J slumped down on to Jenn; my still-hard cock sprung out of her well-fucked cunt, and I swear it bounced up and down like a spring board after a high-diver has launched themselves off for an Olympic Gold Medal winning dive. J rolled off Jenn and on to her back, spent; at least for the moment.

With my cock still standing at attention I felt Jenny’s lips kissing my ball sack again. She was obviously still in the game!
I lifted my leg and swung around to face Jenny. I looked deep into her sparkling eyes, which were still filled with unfettered lust and said: “Jenny, may I fuck your pretty, little, shaved pussy again?”I saw Jenn’s eyes fill with additional desire and felt her hands fly to my cock.

“Yes, baby; Yes!I want that big, hard cock of yours in mine, and I want you to cum, deep, deep in my pussy!No, I NEED that big, hard cock of yours in my pussy!”“J, I NEED your husband’s cock in me, OK?”

J lifted her head; her eyes were clear and bright. She smiled at her girlfriend, lifted her hand up from the bedspread and gave Jenny both thumbs up. Her head dropped back to the bed, still in bliss from the fucking she had just received from my stiff rod.

I felt Jenny’s soft delicate fingers grasp my massive hard-on. Her fingers could not reach all the way around. My cock was throbbing with desire and I again marveled at how engorged my penis had become. I was easily three quarters of an inch bigger in girth and a half inch longer than normal!WOW!Sharing sex with my wife and her best friend was clearly the best “male enhancement” product ever. If only I could bottle it, we’d be financially set for life!

I chuckled to myself and kissed Jenny’s pretty face and eyelids. I moved over her face placing soft kisses on every rounded inch of her lovely face. Her beautiful blond hair was wet with passion and perspiration and the smell of J and Jenn’s pussies filled the air of the bedroom.

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“You ladies smell wonderful,” I sighed!Believe it or not, Jenn blushed!

“I always thought the smell of my pussy was too strong; Greg doesn’t ever tell me that he likes the way I smell,” Jenn said with a small pout.

“Sweetie,” I replied, “your pussy’s aroma is like ambrosia to me!J, is it OK if I tell Jenn that I love the smell of her pussy?”

“HELL,” I heard J retort; “I love the way Jenny’s pussy smells, and TASTES, by the way; so, yes, tell her the truth!”

“OK,” I replied, “Jenn, your pussy smells sweet and musky and exotic, all at the same time!”“I think that next to J’s pussy, yours is the most wonderful smelling pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure to grace my senses!”

“Liar!”I heard J exclaim. “You like the smell of her pussy better than mine; I know it, because I think her pussy smells better than mine!”

“Oh, J,” I chuckled, “you really know your husband, don’t you!”“Yes, sweet Jenny, J is right; your pussy is the best smelling pussy I’ve ever smelled, just barely in front of J’s, though!”

We all laughed and J propped herself up on an elbow.
    “Hey baby, don’t hog my girl!”J shifted her body so that she was lying on the other side of Jenn. She let her free left hand drift gently up Jenn’s left leg, and slide between her thighs. I saw J’s hand drift ever higher and settle on Jenn’s shaved mound. Jenn’s breath caught in her throat and her hips rose to press against J’s hand.

    “Wow!” I exclaimed!“The sight of the two of you together is almost too hot!Jenn, tell me what you are feeling. ”

    Jenn closed her eyes as if to heighten her other senses; “I feel a very warm knot in the depths of my pussy, throbbing with the beat of my heart. I feel J’s nails gently scratching the head of my clit, sending little shock waves down through my pussy, into my legs and shooting out my toes!”Jenn moaned with excitement and growing passion.

    “I feel your lips on my right nipple, gently sucking and nibbling in an unbelievably wonderful way. Now I feel you kissing my other breast while someone is pinching the nipple you just were kissing!”“My God, this feels so good,” Jenn sighed.

    “Now, I feel J’s finger slipping between the lips of my vagina and slowly entering me; now it’s two fingers, now THREE!OH, God, J, Fuck me with your fingers” Jenny cried!“I love to feel your fingers in me!”

    J obliged Jenny’s demand and started to finger fuck Jenny’s swollen cunt. I could hear the sucking sound as Jenny’s pussy clung to J’s fingers as they fucked her. It was hot, both watching my wife finger her best friend, and hearing the wet sound of their love-making.

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    I kissed Jenn’s sweet mouth softly and gently. I petted her perky breasts and pinched her hard, swollen nipples. I could feel her body rocking in time with J’s finger-thrusts. My cock was doing its own little dance in time with the music of the girls’ love-making. Jenn’s lips parted and I slid my hot tongue into her waiting mouth. Jenn sucked on my tongue and I wished it were my cock. Making the best of the situation, and adding to Jenn’s delight, I began to tongue fuck her mouth; thrusting it as deep as I could into her wet mouth and then withdrawing it, right to the tip at her lips, then thrusting into her willing mouth again. I kept time with J’s finger fucks and together we played a symphony of lust with Jenn’s sweet body.

    I could feel Jenn’s sucks at my thrusting tongue become more frantic and I opened my eyes to look at Jenny’s sweet face. Her eyes were screwed tight and she was totally absorbed with the feelings going on between her legs and in her mouth!I was in awe of her glowing face and drew back from her to get a better look. Jenn’s eyes flew open when my tongue left her mouth and she pierced me with such a passionate look that my heart nearly stopped beating altogether!

    “Yes,” Jenn cried! “Yessss!Fuck me J! Fuck me with your fingers, SUCK MY CLIT! NOW!”I saw tears well up in Jenn’s eyes and saw my wife’s head dip down so her mouth could suck up Jenn’s swollen clit, which now looked to be nearly as big as my thumb!

    “AHHHHARRRR!!!” Screamed Jenny!The animalistic scream tore from her throat and pierced our ears. Jenn’s hip bucked and heaved and as she screamed again, her pussy shot a load of girl-cum right into J’s waiting mouth!

    What a lovely picture to be seared into my brain!My wife receiving into her open and willing mouth the juicy cum shooting out of Jenn’s beautiful shaved pussy!

    J clamped her mouth over Jenny’s pussy and sucked up each explosion of girl-cum, swallowing each drop as it shot from her best friend’s hot pussy.

    I reveled in the sight of these two beautiful women locked in such an intimate, carnal embrace. It was marvelous!

    “J,” I whispered, “can I have a drop?”J looked up from her labor of love and smiled. Her eyes were hot and full of lust.

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      She thrust herself over Jenn’s body and planted her lips on mine. I felt a hot rush of liquid fill my mouth and knew that J had not forgot to save me some of the feast!I savored Jenn’s girl-cum like fine wine, rolling it in my mouth and sucking air through it to increase the intensity of the flavor on my tongue.

    My mouth was full of Jenn’s hot cum and I was reveling in the sensation. She tasted salty and yet sweet, musky and earthy but light and sensual. I knew right then that next time; I wanted to take J’s place at the fountain when it gushed, so that I could get more of this wonderful liquor of life!

    I swallowed a bit and then leaned over Jenn. Jenn looked in my eyes and opened her mouth. I planted a kiss on her lips and filled her mouth with what remained of her cum that I had not swallowed. Jenn’s eyes sparkled as she received her cum into her mouth. She smiled and swallowed. How lovely!

    “Thank you J!Thank you Scotty!” Jenny sighed. “You’ve surpassed my wildest dreams and wishes!I have been completely and thoroughly fucked; and I LOVE IT!”

    “Well,” I said, looking down on my poor, throbbing cock; so big and huge that each vein stood out in relief like jumper cables running the length of my cock, “I don’t think we’re quite done, yet!”

    Jenny smiled and reached one hand out to me, the other to J; “Scotty, you promised to fuck me until I begged to be fucked some more; you’ve done that. You also told me that you’d fuck me even more after that; you’ve kept your word. Now, I’m telling you, you can fuck me as much as you are able tonight, tomorrow and any other day of the week, with J, without J, with Greg, without Greg, or with all of us together. I know I want you and J to fuck me as much as you are able, as often as you are able, because I have never felt as loved and complete as right now. ”

    I smiled at Jenny and looked over at J.

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      She was crying!Big tears were flowing down her pretty face and splashing on Jenn’s pretty tits.

    “Jenny,” J sobbed, “I promise that we will fuck you as often and as much as we can; together Scotty and I, or you and me alone, or you and Scotty alone; I’ll even agree to fuck you with Greg and let him fuck me, if you like, so long as we can experience this wonderful feeling again and again!”

    I looked at the girls and they were both sobbing, Jenn had sat up and was holding J, J was clinging on to Jenn. “What the hell,” I thought and wrapped my arms around both lovely ladies and smoothed each one’s hair with my hands.

    “I love you both, desperately!” I whispered. “But I’ve got a raging hard-on and I’d like to fuck you both again before blowing my load onto your pretty upturned faces!”

    Both girls broke away from my clutches and looked down at my cock. Jenn’s eyes sparkled as she grabbed my massive erection; she turned to J and smiled. J reached out and grabbed my ball sack and squeezed my balls. Her eyes lit up and she, also, smiled.

    “Cum on, Jenn,” J chuckled, “let’s give this cock of my hubby’s a ride!”



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