My turn for fun


My wife had lost a couple of bets to me which resulted in her getting to experience extra lovers in her life. Now I decided it was my time to get a chance. I had met her cousin a few years back and thought nothing of it. We had been to family events here and there but Stacey was too young to think twice of. Until recently we had not seen Stacey for about a year and a half. Both of our families had just been to busy to get together. Well we had made plans to go to a football game together. Our family was to meet Stacey and the rest of her family at the game. As soon as we showed up Stacey and her family were pulling in as well and found a parking spot right next to us. They all began getting out of the car and saying there hello's. Stacey was the last one to exit their vehicle. I was already out of the car and gathering some things out of the backseat when I heard my wife say hello and Stacey say hello back. I looked up and was like a deer in the headlights in awe at what I saw. Man had Stacey grown up. She was a stunning 5 foot 8 and 115 lbs of pure tan blonde beauty. My tongue hit the floor as I looked her up and down.

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   I caught myself staring at her in her tan capris and green tank top with the noticeable yellow bra strap. Her boobs had grown as she was just short of 18 and developing into a woman’s body. I caught myself and quickly gathered the rest of our things and headed into the game. As luck would have it our seats were directly behind Stacey's and her family. This worked out great as we didn’t have to yell down the row to talk to each other. Stacey took the seat directly in front of me, which made me completely happy. My wife sat at the opposite end of me 3 seats over with the kids between us. After settling in and getting comfortable I noticed that Stacey’s pants slid down and I had a great view of her thong covered ass. She had on a black silky thong that I could see everything but the lower strap, including most of her tan ass. It made for a better view than the game. Stacey would turn around and carry on conversations with us and neglected to notice that my eyes were glued to her ass. This went on for a majority of the game. Come the last quarter I think she caught on as she pulled her pants up a little and gave me a look as if she had caught me. The game ended and we headed out to our cars and began to load up. We said our goodbyes and I sad fully pulled away.

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A few weeks later I was home early from work and my phone began to ring. It was Stacey, It was her 18th birthday and she had asked if I could buy her some alcohol. She said she would come by and pick me up and take me to the store. I agreed and got dressed to await her arrival. She showed up about 18 minutes later and honked for me to come out. I walked out to the car and got in. Omg Stacey was dressed in short white booty shorts and a white tank top both made of terry cloth. She looked amazing the shirt opened up to show her newly blossomed boobs and the shorts revealed her sexy tan legs. I could not believe how hot she was. She made Carmen Electra look like yesterdays news. We made small talk, and she gave me her order.   She went to hand me cash and I told her it was on me and would be her birthday present. I asked her what her plans were for the night and she said she was going to a girlfriend’s house e and going hot tubing. Oh no date, I asked. No I am single right now.

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   Music to my ears. We continued with small talk and she blurted out with, can I ask you a personal question? Yeah no problem, I exclaimed. Did you like what you saw at the football game she asked? I of coarse played stupid, what do you mean? You know you were staring at my ass, did you like it? I figured what the hell, Hell yeah you have a sexy ass, I told her. I thought so she said. My sisters and I have always talked about how hot you are, and that our cousin is lucky to date you. She is bitchy and you are way too good for her, I know she is my cousin and all but hey it’s the truth, she told me. Well I am glad you think I am hot, thank you I added. Well I knew you were staring at my ass that’s why I didn’t pull my pants up until the end of the game, I thought you deserved a nice view, she said. Well thank you it made it worth it to be at such a boring game otherwise, I added. Would you like to see more of my body, Stacey blurted out. Oh definitely I responded. Just then she pulled into an empty warehouse parking lot and drove behind the building. It was completely abandoned there. I could not believe this was happening. I pinched myself in disbelief.

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   She stopped the car and turned of the keys. Do you think I am cute, she asked. Stacey you are the hottest female I have ever laid eyes on, I told her. She leaned in and kissed me with her cute soft 8 year younger lips. Wow she could kiss. She gently massaged my tongue with hers and we passionately made out for about 18 minutes. She stopped and took off her top leaving on a cute whit e lacey bra, probably about a 36c, just right in my opinion. I began kissing her neck and rubbing her bra, then reached back and unlatched her bra and watch it fall to her waist. Her boobs were perfect, perky, amazing areolas and dime sized nipples. I began to let my tongue waggle around her breasts and got them nice and hard. Oh that feels so good she said. She whispered in my ear, do you want to have sex with me? Yes, I told her. She said she was still a virgin so take it easy. Still a virgin? I exclaimed. Yes, I have had guys feel me up and bang me, and I have given hand jobs, but that’s all she told me.

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   Have you ever had oral? No, never given or received. I continued to kiss her breasts and felt her hand reach down to undue my shorts. She opened up the buttons and reached in to pull out my hard 7 inch cock. Wow you have a nice dick she told me. I didn’t know how to take it as she had limited experience. It is much longer and thicker than the other two, she said. That’s good have fun I told her. She gently stroked up and down with her smooth manicured hands. It felt so good to have this sexy girl stroking my cock. She reached down and grabbed my balls and gently rubbed them in her hand, then stroked up and down my cock. For such limited experience she knew what to do. Before I could even get going she lowered her head down and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. She slid her lips up and down my shaft, slowly deep, then deeper, then all the way to the base. Meanwhile she rubbed my balls with her other hand. She increased her pace as she went on going faster and longer each time.

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   You suck such good dick I told her. She kept going until I was ready to burst. I told her I was going to cum, but she did not stop for a second. She sped up and I came right in her mouth. She put her mouth all the way down and took every last drop. After she was finished licking up the remains, she asked how was I. That was the best blowjob I have ever had, how did you know what to do? I watched a porno before and really paid attention to details, she told me. I guess so I answered. Now it is your turn, I told her. I slid her shorts down but left her cute white see through g string on. I could see her tan pussy that was shaven all but a tiny landing strip that was perfectly manicured. She lowered her seat down and gave me full access to her pussy. I kissed her nipples and sucked on them and slowly worked my way down her perfect abs until I landed at her opening. I teased her slightly and got the response I was looking for as she wiggles trying to position her pussy to my tongue. Then I plunged in to her with my tongue and buried it into her tight dripping wet hole.

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   I sucked on her swollen clit and tongued it like I was playing teether ball with her clit. Lick it one way then back the other way. She was wiggling around and moaning louder than anyone I had ever been with. Suck my clit, she told me, that feels so good, she yelled. This encouraged me to give her the best licking she will ever have I slid my tongue in and out of her hole and licked her clit her and there like a tornado tearing through tornado alley. I felt her jerk as she came all over my tongue and I licked it up. She slid her hand down and began rubbing her extra puffy clit and was playing with herself right there. Then she put a finger inside her hole and brought it up to her mouth and tasted her own juices. Not quit as good as yours she told me. Are you ready to have sex she asked? Are you, I responded. Then she got out of the car and asked me to come here. I got out buck naked and walked over to her side of the car where she stood in the buff. This gave me a chance to admire how hot her body really was. It was breathtakingly perfect. Nice round ass, perfect shaped perky breasts, a nice shave pussy, beautiful blonde hair, and the perfect tan.

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   I was instantly hard again. She told me her favorite position to watch on pornos was standing and from behind. So could we try that? She bent over and rest her head on the trunk of her car. I walked up behind her and slowly slide my cock in to her tight little pussy. It was a little tight to get into , but I worked it in slowly so she enjoyed it. She cried out that it hurt and I asked her if we should stop. No way she told me. So I continued to work myself into her hole until her pussy gave way and let me in. I began to slowly pump in and out of her as she moaned so loud I was getting hornier than ever. She told me to fuck her hard. So I began to thrust in and out of her tight little pussy, plunging in all the way. She thrusted her little ass back to meet me. Her I was fucking my wife’s 18 year old cousin. The most gorgeous girl a guy could ever want. Me 26 and her 18.

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   This was a playboy forum in action. I fucked her with everything I had plunging into her slapping my skin on her ass. Then she surprised me. She reached down and cupped my balls. For an amateur she knew how to fuck. I slapped into her harder and harder and she rubbed my balls gently massaging them as they swoll up. She screamed fuck me, oh yeah; it feels so good, oh fuck me. This was all I could take. I pulled out and just as I was going to burst she put her mouth around me and took my load again. She swallowed the whole load. After we regained our composure we got back in the car and got dressed. She started the car and drove to the store. I went in and purchased the wine coolers she had requested and came back and put them in the car for her and got in. She began to drive me back home. I didn't realize it felt that good.

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   I am glad you liked it, I told her. Thank you for taking my virginity and showing me how good sex can be, she said. The guys my age just want a hand job and cum after two strokes. Yeah, it happens. She reached down and began to massage my swollen cock. You made my first time perfect, she told me. Well you are definitely the best I have ever been with, and so sexy, I told her. Thank you, should we do this more often? She asked. When ever you want just call me I told her. Good, I was hoping you would say that. She pulled up to my house and kissed me good bye. I got out told her happy birthday and headed in my house. As I closed the door I sat there and relived the memory. Could life be any better, I asked myself.  
About a week later my phone rang.


   It was Stacey. She told me she had watched a porno and the girl did anal, would you like to try that she asked?