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Well after caching my wife Jean and her lover in the woods and watching them have sex then fixing her car so it wouldn't start so she have to get me to come out to her we had a row and she admitted to see some one there I got her car going and left her there
I drove home sorter numb I waited at home for her to get back which was quite some time then she sat in the car and not come up in the end she came in looking a mess she been crying
The first thing she said was sorry I am sorry some thing flipped in me I slapped her cross the face I grab her hair and pulled her into the bedroom and riped her dress off she stood there naked only stockings on shaking frightened tears running down her face saying please please I am sorry I shoved her onto the bed slapping her again
I said look at you you slut I watched it all you bitch fucking a black man on the ground like an animal you slag
I went to hit her again but stopped some thing very strange came over me I really wanted to fuck her I think I had a hard on all this time I pulled my cloths off as she wimped saying sorry sorry
I grabbed her legs pulling them apart she tried to kick I held them she gave in her cunt was red and puffy seeping spunk I pushed her legs up my cock slipped into her stretched pussy it was hot and very wet and sloppy I feel his sticky sperm round my dick I fucked away but after a few minutes I could feel my spunk coming I let it go I lay on top of her we where doth panting I think she had cum as well
I looked down we doth coved in a mess of sticky spunkeven more had come out as I fucked her my cock was coved I then did some thing that shocked me god knows why I did it I went down on her and lick her cunt I could taste him I swallowed his cummore of a surprise I enjoyed it I had another hard on I pulled her over onto her knees and took her from the back as I fucked away I slipped out afew time letting more cum out
I popped out ones more I aimed for her ares hole this time and pushed hard it gave way and my end popped in she was crying out no not there I got hold of her hips and pushed it slipped in as she screamed I rode her shit box for some time she stopped crying and let out a low moan it was tight really was she moaned again then a ho ho ho
and gasped I was letting my cum go as she did that as I pulled out she dropped on her tummy as I lay beside her
We never said a thing for a long time till I said so when this all start I want the truth all the details came out one by
one it been going on for about six months this is her third lover the first was white and the other two have been black and she seen them all her at home till I nearly court them coming home early in the afternoon from work
So she decided to meet this one out side where I sore them
I had the next day off work and stayed at home with Jean we had so much to talk about and discus she was still up set and worried with in an hour or two she settled down the one thing I did know I could do as I liked as I told her
Her family would never understand lots of things came out some thing happed to her it may of been the loseof her mother it all started after that
She confesses to wanting sex all the time some thing she never did I asked you never wanted it with I wasn't getting it much at all over the last year I asked how she got to meet the men that was the Internet we look at the advert she put on a site then I went throw some of her emails there where loads of men after her this made me horny I got my cock out and she sucked me off there and then and swallowed the lots that was the first time she ever done that with me in all the years I could see she wanted fucking she was getting worked up I told her to go and take her ra and pants off and not wear then round the house any more do you know she did with out question we went back to looking at the emails together I had her tits out as she sat with me her nipples where stiff all the time I was feeling her pussy when ever I liked she never projected ones that was soaked she was as horny as hell
It looked as if I have a new wife I found the emails from the guys she seen the first one he was 48 but looked younger he fit slim guy his dick was not much longer than mine but quite a it thicker the other two where in there 20s the one she seeing he had photos but none where he was hard he had some weapon on him
T he funny thing is as we looked threw the emails we wherestarting to pick guys out I was saying he looks all right what you thinkwe doth coming out with comment's
By the afternoon we where having a oral session on floor ones more a first I have never known Jean to climax like she didI fingered her bum she never flinched
That night she wanted to go to bed early she fucked me I think she sex mad she said hell I needed thatan hour later she was after it again I did my best it was plain I could keep up with her now
Next day I came home and she wanted fucking after that we where watching the tv and I asked have you spoken to that guy she said no I said it would be an idea if you had a lover she asked are you sour I told her yes but I want to be involved and know all about it she was all over me kissing me I wouldn't let you down now she said
So would you want that guy she thought and said his good in bed well lets have a look and see if there any interesting ones she logged on and there we where looking at men to fuck my wife we found one or two that she fancied and I liked the look of mad I know she contacted doth of them and one came straight back he was African looking 21 there was a body shot of him with shorts on he said he was well hung
He really seemed interested by his email he was quite local as well there was emails going back and fourth
She told him she was married and her husband would be with her he seemed okay about that
It was still only 8 the next email came it had a phone number I told Jean if you want to phone him she thought and asked if I was okay if she did she look very excited and we doth knew if she did it be to ask him over
She called they chatted for a long time with her giggling from time to time she looked at me and said you sure I nodded she gave him ouraddress and said see you in half an hour
We look at each other I said well get ready off she went showering I walked into the bedroom she was getting dressed in her underwear I said you don't need that bra or panties she smiled and took them off
She came into the lounge and look fantastic I slipped a hand under her dress she was wetand horny
It was me getting nervous not Jean not long after that we got a call I picked it up a guy said hi I am Samuel
I said come up and pressed the button to let him in not long there was tap on the door and I opened it to meet a very tall fit looking young man he was very black we went into lounge to meet Jean she seemed very cool about
this she done this before with out me
We got talking soon Jean was chatting away with him I was sorter left out I went into the kitchen to get some more wine by the time I got back they sitting together things moved quite fast from there they where soon kissing
he had her tits out she had a hand on his crouch Jean looked up at me and asked think we should go into the bedroom don't you think so I nodded ones in there she didn't hang about she got him stripped off in no time her dress was undone and open they turned I got my first look at him he was very black I look down at his crouch and there was an even digger dick hanging there it was a monster she sat on the bed taken him in her mouth
It got bigger and digger it came up past his tummy button I thought hell are they all like that
He pushed her on her back and dived between her leg eating her pussy she cum jest like that a little longer she panted and pulled him up over herI moved round to get a better look and watch he was getting it in her she sighed as she started to feel it, it was not as fat as the other one but a lot longer he pushed about half had gone in she said Christ its long she lifted her legs in the airand parted them more as if to let him inhe was slipping in deeper she cried fuck Jesus he pushed she let out shit I got hold of her hand she looked and said thats long
He started to move he got faster and faster she was screaming and bucking and humping under himshe was loving it he stiffened and gashed not long afterhe was shooting his load inside my wife
As he finished she pulled my cock to her mouth and sucked I cum right away she swallowed the lot
They parted and lay there there was some small talk and she was after his dick licking and sucking it came up
She straddled it lowering her self onto it to get it in she had one knee on the bed the other almost straight to get
above it it is so longshe slowly sink down on it to end up on her knees taken most of it sitting back the lot was inside her a look of pleaser on her face I kissed her and asked do that feel good oh yes she panted she came to a swatting positions to rid him she moved six inches or more at a time and still had lots inside her all the time he shot his lot again
They had to rest this time but she was still keen so I mounted her it was tighter this time she was full of spunk
I fucked away till I cum looking round he was hard and ready she got on her knees and he got up her like that and hammed her like mad this time lasting a lot longer she was screaming he let his last load go
He had his lot this time we chatted and went back to the loungenot long after that he left but we asked him to come back I ended up with Jean sitting on my face



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