My Sister In-law


It started out like any other week for me.   I had just moved down from Washington to Dallas a few months prior.   Since I didn't have many friends I spent a lot of time hanging out with my older brother Jared and his wife Michelle.   I had always thought Michelle was pretty.   She was 27 years old about 5'5 with long blonde hair and big D cup breasts.   She is a little chunky too.  

When I pulled up to their house on this evening I had noticed another car was in front of their house.   It didn't totally suprise me because Michelle watches kids durring the day.   I walked up to the door and rang the door bell.   Jared answered the door and I walked in.   Jared introduced me to this girl Ashley.   She was the mother of one of the girls that Michelle watches.   She had been kicked out of her parents house and was spending a few weeks with my brother untill she could get back on her feet.
That night we were watching a movie.   Sometime durring the middle of the movie Michelle insisted we brake out the alcohol and play some games.   We had been playing games for about an hour when Ashley said we should all go out to the pool in the backyard and skinny dip.

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    It didn't take Jared anytime to go jump in the pool naked.   I started to get in when the girls said that they would be right back.   While we were waiting for them Jared was telling me how much he wanted to get with Ashley.   If only Michelle would let him be.  
Well, the girls finally made it outside and before they got nude they stepped into the pool and jumped right back out.   They said it was too cold for them.   They decided to go get on the trampoline tipsy and start jumping.   Jared started pissing and moaning how it wasn't fair.   That they were just cock teases.   Ashley then said that if we stood up and struted our stuff the would come over to us and put their boobs in our face and let us touch and lick them.   Well, Jared jumped right up and started struting.   I wasn't sure if this was something I wanted to do or not.   Jared walked over to me and told me to do this for the team.   So I got up and did my little strut.   The girls then stumbled off of the trampoline and came up to the pool.

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    They took their shirts off.   Michelle stood in front of Jared and Ashley stood in front of me.   I started touching Ashley's tits and licking them.   Jared asked if they would switch places, but Michelle wasn't keen on him licking all over Ashley.   I had wished that they would have switched.   I just had this huge facination with Michelle.   While licking and playing with Ashley I just closed my eyes started thinking that she was Michelle.   My cock started to hurt, I was harder than I ever could remember.  
We went back inside the house.   Michelle grabed everyone more glasses and we started drinking again.   Everyone was really starting to get lit.   I tried not to drink that much, because I didn't want to end up throwning up like I always do.  
Well, as we were sitting in the living room Jared got up and put a porno on.   Ashley, Jared and I were just sitting around watching the movie.   Michelle looked though as she had passed out.

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    She was lying back on the couch.   It was then that Ashley started saying that no man had ever given her an orgasam.   Jared looked at her and told her she was lying.   When she told him she wasn't he told her that he knew how to please a woman.   Ashley must have liked what all Jared was telling her because she started rubbing him on the outside of his pants.   Jared looked over at Michelle to she if she had seen this.   Michelle was still lying back on the couch and looked like she was passed out.   Every now and then she would mumble things that we couldn't make out.   Jared paid no attention to her turned his attention over to Ashley and stared to kiss her.   I just sat on a chair and acting like I wasn't paying attention to them.   Just then, Ashley got up and told Jared she couldn't do this.   Jared looked pissed.   She walked over to me and told me the only way she would fuck Jared would be if I ate Michelle out while she watched.   In my mind I wanted to get right on that.   I just kind of looked at her and then my brother as to see what I should do.

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    Jared just looked at me and said please man, for me.   I don't care if you eat her out.   It's not like your going to fuck her.  
I got up from my chair and went over to the couch Michelle was lying on.   She was still mumbling something, but for the most part she just seemed passed out, not really moving.   As I thought about this, I looked over at Jared.   He kind of gave me this head nod and I felt a little better about what I was gonna do.   I positioned myself at the bottom of Michelle's legs.   I reached up and grabbed the elastic band of the gym shorts she was wearing.   I then slowly slid them down her legs until I got them all the way off of her.   I was but wasn't supprised that Michelle didn't really move or make any objections.   I mean, she did down a lot of tequila.   I was glad that she didn't have any underware on.   To my supprise she was totally clean shaven too.   I looked over at Jared and Ashley and she had just started giving him a blowjob.

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    Before I started on Michelle I wanted to see her tits again.   So I reached up and rolled her t-shirt up over her breasts.  
Man I was so excited.   I felt like a kid in a candy store.   I just started out touching and exploring her pussy.   After about 5 minutes of that I then leaned over and started to suck on her tits.   I then slowly licked and kissed my way down her stomach to her pussy.   I was shocked when I heard Michelle give a little moan in pleasure.   That was what really started to make my cock get hard again.   I then wanted to do anything I could to get Michelle off.   My tounge was giving her pussy a nice working.   She tasted so good.   I would lick around her lips and then push my tounge inside her.   When she started to get really wet, I started to focus in on her clit while fingering her.   This really got her going.

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    It didn't take long for me to send her over the edge.   All of a sudden she just erupted with pleasure.   It took all of my energy to keep from blowing my load in my shorts.   I just kept licking up all of her jucies.  
When I got done I looked over on the floor to see that Jared and Ashley had vanished.   I got up and walked over to Jared's bedroom.   The door was closed, but I could hear Ashley moaning.   I knew what was going on.   As I walked back down the hall I was getting ready to walk in the bathroom so I could jack off.   It was then that I realized that there was no reason I needed to jack off.   I had Michelle naked on the couch.  
I walked back over to where Michelle was.   She looked so beautiful lying there naked on the couch.   Since several minutes had gone by I thought I would check to see if Michelle was passed out or if she had rested enough.   I nudged her arm and said her name a couple times.

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    I got nothing.   I was going crazy.   I was so horny, I really wasn't thinking straight.   I just stood over Michelle for a few minutes just contemplating if I should do this or not.   I just couldn't take it any more.   I took my shirt and shorts off.   I moved to the top of her and I pulled her t-shirt the rest of the way off.   She looked so good fully unclothed.   I walked over by her head and I don't know why, but I just gave her a kiss on the lips.   When I got done, I took my hand and kind of opened her mouth a little.   With my right hand I took my cock and put the head of it in her mouth and just moved it around a little.   Then, I moved around to the other side of the couch and I just kind of laid on top of her.   I leaned over her and started to kiss her.   While kissing Michelle I took my left hand and moved her right leg from being straight on the couch to hanging off the side of it.   This spread her legs for me.

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     I reached down to feel that she was still preaty wet from when I made her cum earlier.   I reached down and grabed my cock.   I lined it up to her pussy, but before putting it in I just teased her with it.   I would slid it up and down her slit and start to put it in, but then pull back.   She gave me a little moan while doing this.   I then slowly started to slid it into her.   She was pretty tight.   As I slid in a little more I couldn't help but feel how hot she was.   I finally got all the way into her.   I wanted to just stay like this forever.   I just let my cock lay in her for a minute or so.   I then slowly started to slid out of her and then back into her.   I slowly worked up some speed.   I couldn't believe I was doing this.   I could hear my balls slam into her as I plunged back inside of her.

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    I could feel that it wouldn't be long before I blew my load.   Before I came I wanted to try to go deeper.   I lifted up Michelle's legs and bent them in towards her and had them rest on my shoulders.   I started back up fucking Michelle.   This new position must have really sent her over the edge because I felt her pussy tighten up and she just orgasmed.   This sent me over the edge and I plunged in her as deep as I could go.   I felt my eyes start to roll back and I just emptied my load inside of her.   It was so hot, I felt like I was going to pass out.   When I was finished I just collapsed on top of her.   My semi-hard cock was still just slightly inside of her.   When I came to I sat up on the couch and just looked Michelle over.   I just couldn't believe that I was seeing my cum dripping out of my sister in-laws pussy.  
I must have set there for about half an hour just looking her over and sucking on her tits and kissing her.   It was then that I could feel my cock start to get hard again.   I knew I had to take the chance while I still had it.

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    I didn't know if Michelle would wake up or not, but I wanted to try a different position.   I started to pick her up.   She was still passed out.   I sat her up and bent her over the couch.   I spread her legs out and slid my cock into her.   Michelle was still full of my cum, so that made a nice lubrication.   This time I lasted a lot longer.   We fucked for probably 30 minutes before I felt my orgasm comming.   Just like before I burried myself as deep as I could go and just let it flow.   I looked down between her legs to see my cum running down the inside of her thighs.   I was in heaven.
After I got done that time I just wanted to go to sleep.   I laid Michelle down on the floor.   I got beside her and just fell asleep with her in my arms.  
At about 7 in the morning I was awoken to the sun shinning in through the window.


    I opened my eyes to see Michelle still sleeping in my arms.   I had thought it was all a dream.   I am glad it wasn't.   I started to kiss Michelle on the her neck and back.   She started to wake up. . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . to be continued!  if well liked.  



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