My Sexy Sister Chap. 1


My Sexy Sister
Before this year, my sister was just that, my sister. I never thought of her any other way, and certainly not the way I do now. She just turned 14, and is now one of the hottest girls in my high school as a freshman. With her fat, firm ass from doing track, and her huge 34 D tits, and a face beautiful enough to earn her multiple modeling offers, she had seniors ogling after her all the time. You would think that me being her twin brother would give me at least a decent bod and face, but no. She was a mere 5'3", whereas I was almost 6'. Even more tantalizing about Morgan was that she didn't realize how hot she was, she had never had a boyfriend, never been to a high school party, never even kiss someone! All this made me realize: she had to be mine.

I started my planning on how to have sex with my sister coming home from school one day. I realized that there was no way she would agree to it, so I would have to rape her. That would be tough, what with our parents being home and her being a bit feisty. But then I remembered, my parents wouldn't be home this weekend! They had their anniversary and were going out of town, giving me the perfect opportunity to rape my 18 year old sister. I had 2 days to get things ready before the weekend, so I started my preparations.

It was Friday night, and I had everything I needed, even though I probably wouldn't need to use most of it. I had the rope, the duct tape, and a hunting knife, for intimidation, I didn't intend to hurt her. I eventually fell asleep Friday night after fantasizing about her all night. When I woke up, I realized that it was just my sister and I all alone in our house, with no one to hear anything for a mile, since our house is buried deep in the woods.

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   I went downstairs and saw my sister eating breakfast. She could make any outfit look hot, she was just wearing a tight white tank top and leggings that could barely contain her fat ass and hips. She looked up at me, smiled, and after swallowing her toast, she greeted me her cheerful good morning. Even though I was a loser, she always seemed to rather be around me than any other guy. I didn't get it. Anyway, I greeted her back, getting a boner just looking at her. My plan was to wait until tonight, but I couldn't wait any longer. She saw me staring at her and asked me what was wrong, I didn't respond. I went up to my room, got my knife, then came back downstairs holding it. This was the first time I ever saw my sister ever look scared of me. If anything, it's always the other way around, her giving me noogies or play fighting me a little too hard. I took great pleasure from this, and figured it was time.
"Now you listen here you bitch. You're too fucking hot for anyone else, I need to have you. "
My sister, ever innocent, looked at me, a mix of fear and perplexion written on her face.

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"I mean I'm going to rape you, right now, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. "
I ran over to her, and while she was still shocked, I shoved my long-hard 7 inch dick down her throat.
"I know what you're thinking Morgan, and if you try to bite it I swear I will cut a new hole in you and fuck you there. So you better make this a damn good blowjob. "
I saw her, with great reluctance, begin to bob back and forth with my motion, holy shit her mouth was great. 30 seconds in and I was just about ready to cum.
"More bitch or I swear I will cut you!"
Now she was getting it. One tiny hand started stroking my cock, the other fondling my balls, with her mouth rapidly pumping back and forth. I looked into her eyes and saw her tearing up, ready to cry, pleading with me desperately to stop.
I didn't give a shit. This was the best moment of my life, and nothing could stop this. I started pulling her pony tail, skull fucking her so hard that I could feel my cock actually going down her throat and up again. Now she was crying, gagging too. Neither stopped me, if anything it made me go even harder, and after just a couple of minutes I came in my 18 year old sisters mouth, an unbelievable amount of come.
"You better swallow all of it!" I screamed at her, but her poor little mouth just couldn't handle all of the cum just flowing into her.

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   It spilled out, all over her face, so I took my dick out and continued the facial I was giving my sister. When I was finally finished, I looked at my masterpiece and saw just how much I had cummed. It was all over her face, even in her hair. She was crying even harder now, but I couldn't tell because of the cum.
"You didn't even swallow any of it! Now you're going to get punished. " I pulled down her leggings to reveal her thick, muscular ass and thighs. Just looking at it made me ready for round two.
"Pleas stop, I beg you, I'll do anything you want!" she cried.
I ignored her and proceeded to shove my dick all the way into my 18 year old sister's pussy, unprotected. I didn't know if she could get pregnant yet, and I didn't care. This was the best feeling of my life.
"Nooooooo! Stooooop! Please please please I'll do anything!"
"Fuck no. I'm going to keep fucking you doggy style for as long as I want. And there is nothing you can do about it!"
Oh my god her pussy was unearthly. Her virgin pussy was clamping down on my dick like a vice, but my determination to rape my sister kept me thrusting in and out.

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   I felt her getting wet, and I knew I had her. I continued fucking her for a few more minutes, all the while ignoring stupid pleas like "why are you raping me" "I'm your sister" "I'm only 14". In the last few seconds before I came, I looked down at her cum covered face, and no matter what her mouth said, she was enjoying a 7 inch cock fucking her virgin pussy. Then as I started to cum, I heard her moan, and she fucking squirted! She squirted more than I came! As she was still squirting I yelled at her:
"You fucking slut, I knew you loved it!"
My still squirting sister replied "Yes I fucking love it! I love your cum on my face, I love your dick in my pussy, I love the fact that my brother just raped me and made me squirt!"
I couldn't believe it. I came on my 18 year old sisters face, then raped her, then made her squirt for a good 18 seconds straight, covering the floor in her pussy juices! This was more than I had ever hoped for, I had my own personal fuck toy for whenever I wanted. I fucked my sister for the rest of the weekend, and I made her squirt every time.

End of Chap 1, if you want another let me know!.