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Missing a connecting flight was just what I didn’t bargain for, but it was just one of the many things the aviation industry makes us pay for regularly. I had no choice but to return home to an empty house, I had asked the help to take the week off as I will be away in Kenya for the next 5 days. I let myself in and went straight to the fridge for a large glass of juice laced with vodka.
I stumbled into the living room and switched on the TV; I was damn tired and needed a hot bath which I planned to take after drowning my glass of juice. I kicked off my shoes and undressed right there in the living room, fell into a sofa and I guessed I dozed off holding the juice and remote control.
My boss had given me the week off and I had nowhere to go, it was kind of unexpected, the trip was not planned. I decided to hang out but all the bars I went to where too crowded with so many hands groping anything with breast. I was so pissed off; the only nice looking stud I enjoyed flirting with across the room was taken by another girl. On the way out, I got jumped by a girl at the door who asked if I needed a ride, and she smiled seductively at me, gently caressing her large boobs. I have never made out with a girl, but she gave me ideas, I have always considered if I would enjoy being a lesbian. I took the bait and asked her where she’s headed, and she said wherever I was going was good with her.
What the hell, I thought, I might well take her back home and try out the strap on dildo I had locked up. She was damn right sexy, big silicone breast implant in a mono strap that was about to spill them all over the place, her waist was cute, and she had a seductively big ass that would be great if she auditioned for round and brown. She didn’t have a car, but a power bike, riding home with her was fun, the wind was cold and blew hard, making all my body tingle hard.

I had to hold her from behind on the bike, my breast touching her back, while her ass seems to be everywhere, I was feeling real horny.
Getting home wasn’t what I bargained for, there was light in the living room, someone was in.

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   I had to plead with the bike girl to leave as I couldn’t take her in when my boss was in, she wasn’t pissed, but made me promise to call her next time, she gave me a pen and brought out her left breast and asked me to write my number above her nipple. My hands shook as I grabbed the breast from beneath and wrote my number, as I finished, my legs quivered slightly like I was going to come. She noticed this and grabbed me by the hair, bending my neck backwards and kissed me. I almost fainted. It was the sexiest kiss ever, I started dripping and my nipples doubled in size. My breast tingled more, all my senses came alive. She stopped suddenly, got on her bike and whispered to me never to wear panties on a night out.
I ran inside through the service door, and tip toed into the house to find out who was in and why, I grabbed a kitchen knife to protect myself in case it was an intruder, the TV was on and I saw my boss sleeping in the sofa. The knife fell out of my hand when I saw his dick. It was limp, black and big. I had always sneaked glances at the bulge in his jeans and wondered, but I need not do that again, I was looking at it. I probably stood there fixated for like 5minutes thinking what to do next. I was horny, wet, my nipples ached from growing bigger and harder, my breast was extra tender, my clitoris was throbbing.
In a trance, I slipped my fingers into my pants and walked towards him, got on my knees and touched the dick, it was cold from being exposed to AC, but felt good, I wanted it to come more alive and shove it deep inside me, I didn’t care what he would think, didn’t care if I would get fired, but I needed a dick deep inside my pussy all night long. I had a little cash saved up and could survive for 6months pending when I got another job.

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   The dick was like 3inches long and I couldn’t wrap my palm around it.
    I squeezed it slightly and it responded by getting warm all of a sudden, it jerked twice and started growing in length, I simply pulled my skirt off and unbuttoned the shirt before I bent my head on it and slowly started sucking the dick.
    The room temperature seemed to change, but not all around, it was just from my waist down, I felt warm there, but in a lovely manner, warm and wet that made me feel good. I felt my dick grow hard and erect and something licked under the head of my dick and I opened my eyes to see Ezinne, my help, skillfully sucking me.
    After sucking Setan’s dick for about 18 seconds, it started growing in size and most importantly in length. A thick blood vein ran from his balls round to the head of his dick, I could feel the blood gushing through the vein, and it sort of massage the roof of my mouth. I couldn’t take it all in my mouth any longer; it was alive, warm and about 7inches long.
    I was dripping wet, and my nipples had grown so hard they hurt, I needed someone to massage them, I had a hand wrapped around Setan’s dick and the other deep in my pussy. I needed another hand to caress my nipples, and I wondered if Setan will just wake up and help out.
    Looking downwards as Ezinne’s head bobbed up and down, I wanted to grab her hair and pull her roughly onto my dick and fuck the hell out of her. How could she do this to me, I was her boss, I had respected her as a lady and not for once tried to take advantage of her. I could see she was enjoying herself and I was enjoying it also, she was skilled, but looked so fragile down there between my legs. I was scared of moving so she wouldn’t notice I was awake and maybe stop.
    Suddenly, she paused and went down quickly on my dick, deep throating it all, I felt the head hit her throat and the muscle there gag, squeezing the head of my dick, I couldn’t bear the sensation, i lost control of the glass in my hand, it dropped and broke into a thousand pieces.
    Ezinne looked up and said, please RAPE ME
    More next week

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