My Secret(Part 1)


My name is Saxton O’Reilly and I have a dilemma that I need help with. Just last night something happened to me that has forever changed my life. And today as I lie here in bed next to my wife Arkette whom I love dearly, I wonder if I will ever be the same. You see I’m a videographer. I film videos for a living and I’m very good at what I do, the best in the business in fact. I work for a major porn company but my wife thinks I freelance as a wedding videographer, which is not entirely untrue.

For years I have been filming porn and would do two or three weddings a month just to keep the wife off of the scent of my real job. Even though I make really good money, and spoil her with it, I could never tell my spouse of the last eight years that I was filming naked women and men fucking all day. I mean, what wife would want their husband looking at naked woman? Especially naked women that were fucking other men or women? So for that reason and that reason alone, I kept my true job a secret.

On this one particular night that got me in this predicament a friend of mine, and fellow porn videographer, called me up while Arkette, my wife, and I were in the middle of dinner. He explained to me that his wife was in labor and that he needed someone to cover the filming that he had scheduled that night. Although I didn’t want to do it because it was my day off and I enjoyed spending my off days with my wife, this guy had done many favors for me so it was now my turn to return a favor. Therefore I agreed to take his place and film the video.

The wife was very disappointed when I told her that I needed to leave.

“Why,” she asked, giving me that look that told me she was hurt. “I thought this was your night off,” she told me with pouty lips.

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“It is honey,” I said to her as I slid my chair back and away from the dinner table. “But James has covered my ass many times when I needed him to and it’s now time for me to do the same for him. ”

Although disappointed, Arkette simply smiled and asked that I hurry back so that we could get back to what we had planned. That was why I loved my wife so much. She was a very understanding woman.

“Will do,“I told her as I walked over to her and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. Then I grabbed my jacket and walked out of the front door.

I hated leaving her behind, especially when we had a romantic night of love making planned, but a friend needed me and I had to lend the same hand that he often lends me. As I drove down the highway that led me to my job, I promised myself that when I got home I would make it up to my wife the best way I knew how. So I spent the entire drive thinking about what I was going to do to make it up to her and before I knew it I was parking my car at the job and heading into the studio.

The second I got inside of Studio Z, the studio James worked in, I felt something was wrong. Way wrong. But after looking around to see what the problem might have been I didn’t notice anything different so I shrugged my shoulders as if to ward off the anxiety I was feeling and strolled on over to the director’s chair to introduce myself to the guy who said he was Mr. Byrne.

“Sorry for being late,” I began, “James only called me twenty minutes ago and I got here as fast as I could,” I told Mr.

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Now why did that name sound familiar to me?

“That’s no problem,” he said to me with a smile. “But let’s get started since we’re already behind schedule. ”

With no more talk, I walked over to the camera and began to run tests and checks to make sure everything was ready for action. It was.

Now here is where my predicament started.

The director, seeing that I was all ready to go, began calling the actors in. I thought nothing of it when I saw a horde of young men walk in. Like I said before, I work in the porn industry, so I was used to seeing naked people. But naked people weren’t what I was seeing. I was seeing naked men. And only naked men.

After everyone had taken their perspective places and not one woman had arrived, it was then that it hit me and I looked over to the director. Mr. Byrne! Now I knew why that name was so familiar to me.

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   Mr. Byrne was a very famous director in the industry. He was very famous in a part of the industry that I wanted nothing to do with. Immediately I realized what was going on. I knew that this was to be a gay porn film. WHAT THE HELL?

I had been filming porn for the better part of twelve years and not once had I filmed a gay man’s porn. Lesbian porn yes. But never filmed gay male porn. And I wasn’t about to start now.

“Hold up a second,” I said as I rushed toward the director, “I thought this was to be straight porn. I don’t do gay porn. ” I was suddenly enraged. I felt deceived by James.

“So I take it James didn’t tell you that studio Z is for gay films only,” the director said to me as a stern look crossed his face.

“No he didn’t,” I replied with a bit of anger and in my voice.


  “And I’m sorry, but I can’t film this. ”

“I see,” he said as he pondered what to say next. I simply stood there and waited. “Do you have a problem filming gay porn,” he then asked me.

“Yes I do!” I spoke vehemently. “I’m not gay. ” How dare they think that I would be okay with such behavior, with the whole gay thing? I might have filmed porn, but gay porn? NEVER. I wanted to no part of that.

He chuckled a little before speaking. “You don’t have to be gay to film gay porn. James isn’t gay and he’s been filming it for years. ” My mouth nearly fell off of my face. James had been filming gay porn for years? I was shocked. There were no words that I could say. So the director continued.

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   “Well Mr. O’Reilly, the way things stand right now I really need you to film this. There is no one available on such short notice. And from what James has told me about your work, you’re the best and I want the best. ”

I didn’t want to film that. I didn’t want to be a part of anything gay. I was a man’s man. A macho man. There wasn’t a gay bone in my body. I didn’t condone that gay stuff and I didn’t want to start.

“Listen, “I began, “I’m not knocking anyone or being hateful or anything, but gay men, gay sex, and being gay goes against everything I believe in. It goes against what I believe is right. There is just no way I’m going to shoot this. ” I was adamant, and ready to pack my things up, go home to my beautiful, sexy wife, and fuck her until she went blind just to get this homosexual crap out of my mind.

The director pondered my words for a second.

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   “I understand and respect how you feel, but I really need you to be right here right now. ” I said nothing. Refused to change my mind. When I stood my ground, he looked at me even longer. “I’ll tell you what Mr. O’Reilly,” he went on, “I’ll make it worth your while. I’ll double what a regular videographer makes. How about that?” he asked me.

“You mean to tell me that instead of my normal twenty five hundred per film, you’ll give me five thousand bucks if I stick around here and film this mess?” I asked, sweeping my hand in the direction of the actors who were looking at me angrily as they waited to get on with the show. They seemed angry at my words. Angry that I didn’t want to shoot the video just because it was gay porn. Well to hell with them I thought. I scoffed at them. And then I scoffed at him, Mr. Byrne.

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   “No way man. I’m outta here. You’re going to have to find someone else or wait for James to get back. Sorry,” I told him as I began to turn toward the exit.

The director chuckled. “Mr. O’Reilly please wait,” he said as he grabbed my shoulder and stopped me from leaving. I’m not offering you five thousand dollars. I’m offering you thirty thousand dollars,” he looked at me as my jaw dropped. “Avideographer who films gay porn makes five thousand a film per scene, not twenty five hundred a film no matter how many scenes. ” I turned to face him and he smiled at me. “This film is six scenes at five thousand per scene. ” He dropped the smile and looked at me seriously. “That’s thirty thousand dollars. ”

I was dumbstruck.

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   I shook my head a few times as if I hadn’t heard him correctly. “Did you say thirty thousand bucks?” was all I could ask him.

“Yes, thirty thousand, U. S. dollars. ”

Now here is where my weakness kicked in. You see I was a money man. I loved having it and I loved spending it. I believed in being the bread winner. I believed in my wife staying at home while I provided her with not only what she needed but also what she wanted. And at that moment my wife wanted, needed, a baby. In fact we had promised one another that after we were married for five years and after we had at least a hundred grand in savings, we could start on a family.

Well we’ve been married for eight years, three more than what we agreed to, but we were still fifteen thousand away from that hundred thousand savings we needed. And although Arkette was being patient, she was also thirty two and I could both see and hear her biological clock ticking. To put it bluntly, she didn’t give a damn about the money, she wanted a baby and she wanted it now!

She was initiating sex more, keeping up with when she ovulated and asking me more and more to not use protection when we made love.

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   I wanted so badly to give her that baby, but I also wanted to be financially stable enough to support a baby when it came. Like I said, I believed that men were to be providers and I didn’t want my wife going out and working because I can’t be the sole provider for her and our child or children.

I didn’t want our kids being raised by a day care, I wanted my wife at home to raise them. And if I filmed this one video I would have what we needed to give Arkette that baby that she really wanted. In fact when I got home I could make love to her for the first time since we’ve been married without a condom. I would be able to give her what she so desperately wanted now.

So what was I supposed to do? It took me less than a second to decide. I was supposed to put my pride aside and make the money that would allow me to give my wonderful wife that baby.

Wasting no more of anybody’s time, I turned away from the director and took my place behind the camera to earn myself a quick thirty thousand bucks. Besides being a little paranoid and going against my beliefs, I saw no real harm coming from filming a simple video. I wasn’t gay. I didn’t believe in homosexuality amongst men so it wasn’t like I was condoning it. Besides, I was a professional right? I had been filming porn for years right?So I was sure that I could put my beliefs away for a few hours and film this video. I could handle watching and filming men going at one another and still be professional. It was just a job and regardless of what my beliefs were about gay men, I was more than professional enough to handle the job and give it my all.

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   And that’s exactly what I promised myself I would do.

As I adjusted my thinking and got ready to film, the director yelled “Action,” and the first of the filming began. From the acting I was both seeing and hearing I was about to film a virgin man being initiated into a secret gay society. And this initiation was called stretching. The virgin male would be penetrated by each of his fellow society members starting from the smallest in penis size to the largest, until he was stretched open enough to handle the leader of the society who was to fuck him as well. There were a total of five men in that society, not including the leader whose scene was to come way later so he wasn’t there yet. Six men altogether.

Six men equaled six scenes equaled thirty thousand dollars.

I just had to keep telling myself that and I would make it through filming just fine.

From the beginning of filming scene one I was extremely uncomfortable at the sight of them all naked and surrounding the new guy as they each touched him all over. They kissed him. Rubbed on his chest, his nipples, his abs, his balls, and his dick as he writhed and moaned in pleasure. I cringed at the sight, but kept filming. But when the other guys stepped back stroking themselves as the first guy lowered his mouth to the pledge and took him in, I was disgusted.

Six men equals six scenes equals thirty thousand dollars I told myself again.


Watching the guy with the smallest dick, a dick of about eight inches, lick the head of the pledge’s bigger dick moments before burying the guy’s shaft in his mouth made my stomach churn. But I continued filming as man number one gave the pledge a serious blow job. In and out of his mouth he took the pledge repeatedly for a good fifteen minutes until the guy was ready explode. And just before he, the pledge erupted, the guy stopped. And I almost gagged.

Six men equals six scenes equals thirty thousand dollars.

“Get ready for close up,” the director instructed me. “Penetration,” he let me know exactly when.

In a heartbeat I adjusted the lens and began to move in closer. Slowly I got closer to the target as the society brother lay the pledge on his back and raised his legs resting the pledges feet on his shoulders. Then, for no more than three minutes he proceeded to lick the pledge’s ass like it was the last of a great desert.

And suddenly something in me stirred as the pledge began to moan in a way that said he was experiencing pleasure like he never had before. Like the bliss he was feeling was better than anything he’d previously known.
The society brother then began to stroke the pledge’s fully erect dick as he kept his mouth and tongue on his hole. His tight hole.

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   His tight, puckered hole. The pledge moaned in ecstasy and I began to squirm. My heart raced. I could feel the sweat pouring down my back. The pledge writhed in agonizing pleasure and began to thrust his dick forward faster and faster as the society brother stroked him and rimmed him.

“Yes,” came his breathless high pitched moan as he quickly neared an explosion again. “Yes,” he moaned again as he neared the verge. But before he could release, his society brother stopped, and I could clearly see the pledge’s dick throbbing as it fought like hell to contain the hot cream that was ready to be unleashed. “Oooo,” the pledge moaned disappointment. Disappointment that I could feel. I was suddenly becoming very uncomfortable.

“Close up!” the director shouted, and without pause I eased closer to the pledge and fixed the lens for a zoom in of the pledge’s anus.

And that’s when my dick thumped.

There it was, his hole, closed tightly. So tightly, and puckered like perfect lips just aimed at me, waiting for me to kiss, lick, fuck.

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   I began to squirm. I licked my lips. My dick began to get hard. What the hell was I thinking? What the hell was wrong with me? My dick throbbed painfully, wanting release from my boxers. I could feel it getting harder. I was becoming angry. My thoughts were beginning to betray me. I wasn’t gay. Never had a gay thought in my life. I fought like hell to keep it together. I was a professional and I needed to act like one.

Ignoring the need that suddenly exploded in me, I aimed my camera with a steady hand and focused on the scene at hand. I was the best and I was going to do the job to the best of my ability. Pushing those thoughts out of my head, I watched and filmed as the society brother lined his finger up with the pledge’s hole and began a slow entry.

My dick ached as that tight hole opened up just a little to allow the finger entry.

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   I could see it thumping as it clasped tightly around that finger. Thumping, throbbing. Pulsating. My dick was literally in pain. As the brother pulled his fingertip out and then pushed it back in a little more, the pledge gasped. Moaned. Whimpered. And my dick began to hurt. It was closed into my boxers too tightly and needed more room. I had no choice but to reach down and adjust my jeans so that my manhood could be more comfortable. Fighting to ignore that nature that was rising in me, I focused on the filming and ignored my body.

For a few minutes I filmed the society brother finger fucking the pledge. Inserting his finger until the entire finger was accepted into the pledge’s ass and then pulling it out. Back in and again back out. I was hypnotized.


   Unable to take my eyes off of what was now calling out to me. In and out, in and out the finger went as the pledged thrust his slowly opening hole onto it. The society bother then gripped the pledge’s steel shaft and began to stroke it again.

“Yes,” the pledge moaned in lustful ecstasy. “Yes,” he moaned again as the brother inserted another finger and began to fuck him with the two.

“Oh yeah!” the guys around the room began to cheer.

“Full sweep,” the director shouted.

And I was forced to remove the lens from the two men and aim it around the room in a full sweep. What I saw when I did that made me gasp and groan in pain as my dick grew even more. The other men in the room were all engaged in a circle of oral sex. On their knees, on their backs, standing, some were sucking dick while others were being sucked off. And everyone was watching the main scene. My dick ached as it grew and needed still more room. I was hurting badly.

I was so focused on the main men that I hadn’t even noticed what was going on all around me.

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   Everyone was being sucked off, or sucking someone off. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could even see that another staff member had his head buried in the director’s lap as Mr. Byrne sat in his chair watching the screen as I filmed. The only man in the room who wasn’t sucking or being sucked was me.

“Main scene,” the director shouted, and again I aimed the camera at the men on center stage.

By now the finger fucking had become intense and the pledge was again on the verge of a big one. The closer he got to cumming, the more the brother finger fucked and stroked him. Over and over again the brother thrust his fingers into the pledge and stroked the pledge’s dick until he was ready to burst. And again just when the pledge was ready to spew, the brother stopped and moved on to the next level.

“Penetration,” the director yelled out. That was my cue to get another close up.

Trying harder to focus on the scene and not on my throbbing dick, I adjusted the lens until I was close up on the point of penetration. I could feel my body begin to shake when the brother lined his dick up with the pledge’s hole and lathered it with lube. And I almost moaned out loud when he lubed up the pledge’s tight ass and then slid the head of his dick inside. But when that tight hole clamped down on the head of that dick in a death grip, I actually did moan out loud at the sexiness before me.

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   I was losing my mind.

With no choice left, I reached down and unbuttoned, then unzipped my jeans. With one steady hand I reached in and grabbed my fully erect shaft and released it. “Aaah,” I moaned out as the pain began to subside, the cold air that enveloped my dick soothing the intense pain that I had been in.

“Ahhhh,” the pledge moaned. Then his entire body turned beet red as the brother got the entire head in. “Ahhh,” he moaned out as if in pain when the brother tried to push further into him.

“Go slow,” the director called out.

I could see a look of gratitude cross the pledge’s face as he relaxed and enjoyed the slow head fuck the brother was giving him. In and out, in and out the brother thrust slowly as his head was engulfed by the pledge’s virgin hole. “Yes,” the pledge moaned as the brother again began to slowly stroke his dick.

“Fuck!” I whispered angrily to myself as I became more turned on than I had ever been in my life. My dick was aching again. And this time it was aching to be touched. The pain I was experiencing was almost excruciating and before I could stop myself, I reached down with one hand and began to stroke my meat.

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   “Aaaah,” I moaned as the pain began to subside a little. But soon it was becoming more than obvious to me that I couldn’t film the entire shoot with one hand and I was forced to release my still throbbing phallus.

As I watched the hot scene before me I became embarrassed when my dick began to ooze pre-cum. And there was nothing I could do about it as my dick throbbed for more. I needed both hands to film and became frustrated as I worked. However, that frustration was soon replaced with ecstasy when I felt a strong hand reach out and begin stroking my dick for me.

“Oh shit,” I moaned slightly when I saw one of the assistants kneeling in front of my while stroking me wonderfully.

My conscious began to war with me. I struggled with the knowledge that what was happening to me was at the hands of a man. I wasn’t gay. I didn’t want to be gay. I needed to stop this gay madness. But my dick ached to be pleased and it hurt like hell when I wasn’t pleasing it. I’d never hurt for pleasure before, but filming this video was making me crazy with desire. I needed to put a stop to this madness and quickly.

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“Hey,” I began my sentence, “I don’t want—“ My sentence was interrupted by my own speechlessness when the director’s assistant took my entire seven inch shaft into his mouth. “Aaaaahhh,” replaced the words that I had been so ready to speak. “Yes,” eased off of my lips when I felt his expert tongue on my balls while my entire shaft filled his throat. “More,” I involuntarily spoke as I began to thrust my hips forward to fuck his mouth.

I was in some kind of hypnotic trance as the assistant brought me pleasure that had never been experienced by me before. Soon I had forgotten all about not being gay. I had forgotten all about my wife and my happy marriage. The only thing on my mind was the mouth on my dick, the tongue on my balls, and the sexy scene that was driving me insane.

I had never been sucked like that before. Never been sucked to the point where my knees were about to collapse. I wanted more, craved more, thrust my hips forward to get more. Barely focusing on the scene but still filming like the professional that I was, I face fucked the male assistant until I was seconds away from a huge explosion.

    Then the director yelled, “CUT!” And everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and all looked at Mr. Byrne. Everyone except the assistant who was still sucking him, and the one who was still sucking me.

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       “Cut!” the director yelled again and that’s when the assistant on his knees in front of me stopped and looked to Mr. Byrne while others from somewhere else in the studio began to emerge.

    Suddenly my dick was in so much pain I thought it was going to bleed. I became panicked. Frenzied. I needed that release! I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t breathe. My dick thumped and throbbed and jumped up and down as it begged the assistant to bring it the release it craved. But the assistant, along with everyone else was focused on the director who seemed to be taking his dear sweet time with whatever the hell he was doing. My dick throbbed achingly. And the director finally spoke.

    “You can’t handle Ramon?” he asked the pledge.

    “No sir,” the pledge was honest.

    In my own sexual frenzy, although I had been filming, I hadn’t noticed that the brothers’ dick was too big for the pledge being that it was the pledge’s first time. I hadn’t noticed that the pledge was in pain trying to take in a cock that was a fat eight inches, for his first time.

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       I hadn’t noticed anything except the sweet masculine mouth sucking on my hard, aching dick. And at that current moment all I noticed was that my dick was screaming for more attention from the man still kneeling before it. The thought of what I wanted, the dick sucking that I craved from a man, humiliated me and I trembled in shame and embarrassment. How could I have allowed this craziness to get this far out of hand?

    The director then looked around the room at all of the men. “Anyone smaller than eight inches here who can open this guy up a little?” None of the actors said a word; they were all way bigger, each being very well endowed. “We’re already behind schedule and we need this guy opened up without killing him,” he spoke again becoming a little frustrated. “Well are there any damn dildo’s on the scene at least?”

    No one said a word.

    It was then I began to look around the room. Every male in that room whose dick I could see was very well endowed. That’s when I understood why Mr. Byrne was so famous. All of his gay films were about sexy, well-endowed men. Even the pledge was sporting at least a ten-incher. And when I looked at Mr. Byrne who still had his dick out, and was still being sucked off by another assistant, I saw that he too was equipped with at least ten inches.



    “You!” he then pointed to me and the hard-on that still plagued me. “Mr. Camera Man. Let me talk to you for a second. ” I couldn’t move. I couldn’t walk. My dick was raging. So I stood there waiting for him to come to me.
    “I know you said you’re not gay. I know that you’re against this whole thing, but I can’t help but to notice that you’re harder than cement right now,” I was suddenly livid. Why was my body betraying me in this way?

    “Um… yeah,” I stammered over my own words. “Look I don’t know what came over me, but about that…” I started to tell him.

    “Listen Mr. O’Reilly, I need to film this today. Production was already put off twice before and there can’t be another put off.

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       We’re already behind schedule tonight and now this. ” He was talking fast so as not to give me time to really hear or think about what he was saying. “What I’m trying to say here is… well since you’re already hard, and have already been sucked off by a man, and since you’re the only one here that’s smaller than eight inches, I need you to fuck Allen. ”

    My dick throbbed in anticipation. My body began to visibly vibrate. My mind simply went into shock. I was furious. How dare he talk to me like I was some gay dude? “There is no way I’m going to fuck a man. This whole situation is bad enough but I’m about to put a stop to it by leaving. ” The director then snapped his finger at the assistant on the floor in front of me and before I could move to leave my dick was back in his mouth. “Aaaaaa,” I groan as if in exquisite pain. My dick pulsed and throbbed as the pain was again on the down slope. “Aaaaah,” I moaned again, my knees beginning to buckle.

    “Listen Mr. O’Reilly,” he began while my shaft was being pleased tremendously, “I really need you right now.

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      ” The blow job that I was getting intensified. “All you have to do is open this guy up a bit. It should take no more than five minutes. And you’re done. ” I closed my eyes and they seemed to roll into the back of my head as the assistant sucked me hard. I was barely concentrating on what Mr. Byrne was saying. “Only five minutes. And I would pay you for it,” he went on, his voice deepening, soothing, taking on a sexy, hypnotic edge. “It would be a job Mr. O’Reilly. Nothing but a job,” he said softly, in a rough whisper, “and doing your job doesn’t make you gay. ”

    I tried to think about what he was saying, tried to concentrate on his words, but I couldn’t. The assistant had started to massage my balls as he sucked my dick and all of the blood in my body rushed to my pulsating groin. I couldn’t think.

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    “My films make millions, Mr. O’Reilly. Millions. If you helped me out right now, I’ll raise your salary for the night to an even fifty thousand dollars. ” Then he snapped his fingers again.

    Suddenly I could feel someone behind me lowering my jeans, my boxers, and spreading my cheeks. Then I felt a warm tongue on my hole and my whole body jerked. “Mmmm,” I moaned. I suddenly found myself sandwiched between two men who were making me lose my sanity. Then Mr. Byrne stepped behind me and began a gentle but firm massage of my shoulders.

    “So what do you say Mr. O’Reilly? Will you do it for me?” he whispered hoarsely into my ear. His hot breath on my skin making me crazy with desire.

    “Yesss,” I hissed as the ass licking and dick sucking became intense to the point of making me delirious.



    Suddenly I head something rolling in my direction. The thorough dick sucking that I had been receiving abruptly stooped and I felt feet on my shoulders. When I opened my eyes there was my dick, less than an inch away from the pledge’s ass. Someone had rolled the bed with the pledge on it directly in front of. I jerked once in shock. Licked my lips. Moaned as I watched his puckered hole throbbing in anticipation, throbbing for me. Someone began to slick my manhood up with some lube that suddenly made me hotter than hell. Another person placed a vial in front of my nose and without thanking I sniffed.

    My blood began to rush through me. My head clouded. I couldn’t think anymore. I became even hornier. All I could think about was mating in its most primal state. Filling a tight hole and releasing my seed inside of it as I marked my territory.

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       An animalistic growl escaped me as I bared my teeth. I looked at the pledge’s sexy hole again and I had to have it. Suddenly all I could do was perform.

    Gripping my manhood as if it were a sword, the only thing I wanted to do was slice through the hole before me. Stroking my dick like a man possessed, I began to ease it into the waiting pledge. “Grrrr,” I growled like a caveman, “mine,” I asserted possessively.

    All was suddenly eerily quiet around me as I slowly, gently got my entire head in. the walls of his rectum gripping me in its virginity. The pledge moaned. Gently. I went in a little deeper. I retreated leaving only the tip in, then eased back in again. “Fuck!” I moaned again. My dick was hot. The grip the pledge’s ass had on it was amazing.

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       Tight. So tight and hot. I felt as if my dick was on fire when I got half of my iron pole into him.

    Mate. That’s all my mind was telling me. Mate. With my dick halfway in I spread the pledges legs and lay my upper body onto his upper body. Thrust forward ever so slowly forging through the tight resistance. My dick thumped. Pulsed. I retreated, then eased in again. Then I kissed him. Eased my mouth down to his and kissed him. Using my tongue to intrude upon his sexy mouth. I slipped my tongue in and absorbed the sensual groan that escaped him as I slipped my entire manhood into his tight ass.

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    Suddenly he wrapped his legs around my waist. Used his feet to guide me in deeper, faster. It was so good. For the first time in my life I was fucking someone without a condom and it wasn’t my wife. I shuddered once when I felt his hot ass contract and grip my dick tightly. “Ohhh,” I moaned when he sucked all of me in. Then I began to lose it.

    My thrusts became faster, deeper. The pledge began to raise and lower his hips in answer to my insatiable demands. I gripped his hips and thrust some more. His ass was opening up for me. Allowing me access into a place where no man had been before me. I became possessed. Crazed.

    Deeper and deeper I invaded his private places.

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       His rectum held me, gripped me. His moans became almost maniacal as I fucked him like a mad man. The sound of my skin slapping against his as I moved faster and faster echoed throughout the studio. I began to hear other men groaning and moaning in pleasure.

    “That’s right, fuck him!” I heard the director say as I looked to my side and saw the assistant sucking his dick again. The directors eyes were half closed and he was licking his lips as he watched me and his worker fucking like madmen.

    I slid my tongue out of his mouth and lowered it to his neck. I bit him. Sucked on his neck leaving red welts of passion on him as I marked my territory. My dick throbbed as my balls filled with hot, life giving lava. I was ready to breed him. Fill him with my seed.

    “Yess,” he hissed like a snake.

    I thrust harder. The tip of my dick tapping the back wall of his ass.

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       He opened for me more. This boy was mine. I began to growl as if primitive. Incoherent sounds escaped my throat. I fucked him harder. The wheels on the bed rocking back and forth. A slick sheen of sweat made his body glow as I began to swell in him, the hot semen in my loins ready to burst forth and fill him.

    “I’m going to cum in your ass,” I told him as I fucked him hard. “I’m going to fill your hot ass up with my cum. ”

    “YEAH!” the men in the studio began to shout. “Fill that virgin hole,” I heard them shouting. “Breed that ass,” still others yelled.

    “Yesss,” the pledge yelled out again. “Breed me,” he practically begged . ”Breed me!”

    That was my undoing.

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       Suddenly I began to thrust with all of the power and speed I could muster. The cum in my dick traveled from my balls through my shaft like lightning and before I had time to register just how depraved I had become, my sperm shot out of my dick and blasted into the pledge.

    “Fuuuucccckkkkk!” I moaned as each rope exited me and flew into him. “Fuuucckkkkk!” I yelled again as still more escaped me.

    “Ooooo,” the pledge moaned, cum shooting from his dick and shooting all over my stomach.
    Moaning and groaning broke out all around us. “Yesss,” the director hissed while his body jerked once, then again as he filled his assistant’s mouth with his warm cum. Yesss,” he hissed as the last of me filled the pledge.

    “Ugh,” I groaned one last time as my dick contracted. And then it was all over.

    When I was depleted, I lay my body atop the pledges and fought to catch my breath. Applause broke out all around us. I struggled to lift my head and see what was going on in my surroundings. Everyone was standing up and applauding us. Even the director whose dick was still hanging out of his pants.


       I was immediately ashamed.

    In a rush, I hurriedly dressed myself and stepped behind the camera. The director and the rest of the crew was just as fast in getting back to business. I did my best to film the rest of the video with as much professionalism as I could. When it was all over, when all six scenes had been filmed, the director walked over to me and thanked me for a job well done. Then true to his word, he handed me a check for fifty thousand dollars. I snatched that check from him as fast as I could and rushed out of that studio. I made it home in less than ten minutes.

    Now here it is the very next night and I’m lying in bed with my wife. My very horny wife. She has no idea what happened to me last night, no idea how badly I betrayed her and our marriage. She’s ready to make love to me, her husband, and all I can think about is sliding my dick in and out of a nice tight man ass. What in the world am I going to do now?

    Email me at ErotiqueWriter@yahoo. com to let me know your thoughts on this story. .

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