My punishment for cheating Part Two


Jenny looked down at me and smiled looking back to her brother, "Jeff I think he is enjoying his punishment to much,what do you think?"
" Ya sis, his cock is as hard as a rock he is going to come any minute. " replied Jeff as he slowly pulled his hard cock out of my ass.
"Well he won’t learn his lesson that way. " Jenny said. She stood up and walked around to my ass. Down came the riding crop across my back.
"Ahhh!" I cried out pushing forward against the coffee table.
"Quiet! I said you could not talk! You deserve this. I think I am going to have to be more strict with you, maybe we were to gentle. You don’t seem to be learning you lesson very well. " Jenny said. "Jeff tie him to the rafter again, I will be right back. "
Jenny turned and went back up the stairs. Jeff grabbed my arms to help me up. He untied my arms and led me over to the gym area again. He tied my hands infront of me again and then pulled the rope though the ring again, stretching me up till I was standing on my tiptoes.

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   Jeff tied off the rope again and came around to stand in front of me again. He reached down and started to rub my cock. God his hand felt so good on my cock, I pushed forward attempting to get some relief from the burning need to get my rocks off. Jeff just laughed a softly and pulled away. He walked over to the bar and got a second towel and walked over to me and blind folded me.
I heard Jenny coming down the stairs.
"Oh, good idea Jeff. Now can you give me a hand here?" said Jen.
I heard Jeff walk over to Jen. I could not tell what was going on but I started to get nervous again. Suddenly a sharp sting pain came across my back.
"Ahh" I cried out then gritted my teeth not to make anoth sound. The pain came again and again without pause. I could hear someone starting breathing hard as they brought the crop down across my back and ass time and time again. Suddenly they stopped.

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   I felt Jenny’s hands caressing my chest and little kisses raining down on my abused back. Then I felt something nudging my asshole again. I realized Jeff had to be getting ready to fuck me again. I took a deep breath and spread my legs a little to make it easier for him. "God he wants to get stuffed with a hard cock Jen, look he is even giving you easier access. " said Jeff some where in front of me. I started to get nervous again. . If Jeff was in front of me what was rubbing my asshole? Suddenly something was being pushed hard up agenst my ass. I realized it was a lot bigger then Jeff’s cock. It had to be Jen with a dildo I had bought her one Valentine Day. It was 2 ½ inches around and 9 inches long. My ass started to give… It felt like I was being ripped wide open. My ass was on fire and I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain.
"Ahh, oh God please stop.

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  . I can’t… it’s tearing me in half!" I cried out.
Jen said, "You said that you would take your punishment rather then have me leave… Have you changed your mind?"
"Oh god no Jen, I can not lose you but god this hurts. " I whimpered.
"Well now you are getting an idea what it felt like when I opened that door and seen you with our cock in another woman. " Jen said with a savage push she breached my ass rim and shoved the dildo to the hilt.
"Ahhh Nooo" I screamed as I hung there with what felt like a huge cock in my ass. I felt a hand on my cock again.
"He doesn’t look like he is enjoying him self anymore does he Jeff?" asked Jenny. Slowly she ran her hand up my chest and then back down to my cock. I felt a warm breath against my cock and then she took me in her mouth.
A burning pain radiated from my ass but at the same time her warm mouth was working magic on my cock… Slowly I started to respond to her gentle sucking and playing. Jen ran her one hand up my chest and around to my back and down to my hips, pulling closer. With her other hand she cupped my balls and tickled them just the way I loved to be touched. Slowly my cock started to grow and stiffen in her warm, wet mouth.

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   I felt a second pair of hands on my back. Then I could feel the dildo being slowly pulled out of my ass and then pushed back in. I moaned as the pain eased up and started to become pleasurerful.
"Well sis remember that pain is a great deterrent but pleasure will keep him coming back for more," said Jeff from behind me.
"Yah you might have a good point there, Jeff, untie his hands and remove his blind fold. He has been good about taking his punishment like a man. . Let’s give him a little reward. " Jen replied.
I felt the rope loosens and I was able to lower my arms, I gently caressed Jenny’s head as she took me back into her mouth. Off came the blind fold and I looked down at my beautiful wife kneeling in front of me.

    "Jen lay back on the carpet. " Jeff said as he pulled the dildo out of my ass. I groaned as it came out of me and fell to my knee’s and dove down on Jenny’s pretty little cunt. I started at the top and worked my way down her sweet slit.

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       I played with her clit rolling it gently between my teeth and then stroking it with my tongue. Jen squealed in delight and instantly came again for me. I felt her hands pulling on my hair, attempting to pull me up her body. I slid up and kissed her deeply and shuddered as she guild me into her cunt, it felt like I had finally come home. Slowly I pistoned in and out of her trying to hold back till she came again. I looked at her face as she started to come again " Yes baby that’s it come for me. Scream for me Jenny. Come on you can do it again, come for me again…" I encouraged her as she hit one peak after another. I bite my lip trying not to come as her sweet cunt clamped down on my cock each time she orgasmic again and again.
    "God Mike please fuck me harder!" Jenny cried
    "Jeff untie my hands," I asked holding them above Jenny’s head as she ground her pelvis against mine again. I looked up and saw him smiling and he quickly undid my hands. I reached down and grabbed Jenny’s knees and pulled them both up and over my shoulders. Then I started to thrust harder and deeper into Jen. She screamed and dragged her nails down my sore back as she came again. I felt something wet and hard at my ass, gentle pushing in passed my abused rim.

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       I felt Jeff’s breath on the back of my neck and heard him whisper into my ear "I was right about you…. You still love her… now come for her and let her know you still want her as much as you did when you married her. " Jeff thrust hard against my ass causing me to lose what little control I had left. I lay there looking in Jenny’s eyes and emptied my load inside her, just as Jeff was coming in my ass. I lowered my head and shared a sweet gentle kiss with my wife, knowing that I would be glad to take what ever punishment she felt like dealing out as long as it took to earn her trust back.



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