My Pet, anywhere anytime...


As you work making the truck orders sitting at your desk, Jessica brings you a small package and says someone just delivered it.
You ask who and she says dont know was just told to give it to you. You close the door as Jessica walks out looking back over
her shoulder with a questioning look on her face. You untie the red bow, and start to remove the wrapping paper. Inside is an
envelope. you have an excited look on your face as you know it is from your master, the love of your life. In the envelope as
you open it reads "I own you and you know it, I want you to take off your uniform, and put on what I sent. You will know why
when you receive your next package. I want you to change now and continue working until instructed to do otherwise. " You set
the note aside and pull open the wrapping, in it you find first a butterfly to wear on the pussy belonging to your master. Next
you find a set of nipple clamps and a padded bra to cover them. Next is a chain to attach the nipple clamps to the butterfly. You
do as instructed, thinking in your mind somehow I know he is watching me and slowly start taking off your clothes, you close your eyes,
as you imagine me undressing you. You start with unbuttoning your light blue thin shirt, the top button first and then the second one,
you take you hand and rub the exposed flesh as your other hand continues to undue the buttons. You imagine my hands running down over your
newly exposed white covered bra breasts. As your shirt comes open from the last button being unsnapped you take a deep breath as the cool
air hits your tummy.

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   You take a moment and lick your lips, your breath starting to become a pant. You slip your hand under the cups of your
bra and gently rub your fingers over your nipple, it immediatly becomes erect sending a shiver straight to your very wet pussy. You reach behind
your back with your right hand and unclasp the bra letting it flow off your shoulders in a almost an inate motion. You take a deep breath as your
now almost painful nipples are as hard as a rock and your hand runs down the center of your chest to the button on your black slacks,
you dont even notice the button coming undone or the zipper sliding down as you get lost in the fantasy of me touching you. You know I did
not give you permission to have release so you avoid touching your pussy as you suddenly snap back to reality. You stand up and bend over
to remove your shoes. You imagine me standing behind you staring at your ass as you slowly take your shoes off, giving me a longer show.
You then slip your pants down along with your white lace panties. For the first time you realize the enormous wet spot you have created.

You then shake your ass as if I was sitting there enjoying the strip showrunning your hands up your calfs, and up between your thighs,
running your fingers lightly over your pussy as you return to a standing possition. Now fully naked, you first grab the nipple clamps and
realize there is no rubber over the ends of the aligator clips, the teeth seem very sharp, but as instructed you take and gently place the
first clamp on your right nipple, you gasp as the teeth sink into your erect nipple, you almost orgasm at the feeling of sharp intense
pain, and the feeling of intense pleasure it gives your sensitive nipple. You grab the other clamp and place it on your left nipple and again
relive the previous moment. You then grab the butterfly and slide it up your legs and tightly over your masters pussy, the feeling on your clit
and the pain from your nipples is exilerating, the thought crosses your mind of how you are going to finish the next 4 hours without screaming
and having to hide the pleasure you are going thru. You then attach the thin link chain to each nipple, and down to the butterfly, and as if I was
watching, the butterfly comes to life and starts vibrating, the chain starts to shake and your nipples are going thru hell as it vibrates them ever
so slightly, you throw your head back and you have to bite your tounge to keep your scream as silent as you possibly can. I could not be further
inside your head as if I knew you were about to cum and it suddenly goes off.

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   Your breathing is heavy and very sharp, you are starting to sweat and you
realize you have been locked inside of your office for 23 minutes. You then take and slide your panties back over the butterfly, and then your pants, you
slide your bra over your reddening and painful nipples, the sensation is intense as you fasten it. You slip your blouse back on and just as your start to
button it up, the vibrations return, with the constriction of your clothes the feeling is so much more intense, you throw you head back again your eyes
rolling back in your head as you think I know he is close. Just as suddenly as it started, it stops again. You waste no time finishing the buttons
of your shirt, throwing the package in the trash, and putting the note in a drawer, you open the door to your office and head straight to the door to
get some fresh air. You quickly learn how to move to lessen the sensations you are feeling, without drawing to much attention.

You reach the door, open it and quickly move outside and towards your car. As you open the door, and bend over to grab a cigarette, you feel the vibrations
return once again, you prop your hands over the console and just stand there enjoying and hating the sensations with an applied passion. Your phone rings,
you somehow manage to pick it up, without looking you open it and hear masters voice. "I see you did as asked, you are handleing this quite well my little
slut. For doing as I asked I will reward you by letting you have an orgasm. Do you want to have an orgasm my little slut?" You mumble "yes master" "Then
because you have done what is asked of you, you may cum now!" Just as I get the words out of my mouth you scream out "Oh My God Master
Thank you Master, Oh Fuck master" in a magnificient orgasm. You dont realize the phone is dead, as I had hung up when you first started cumming.
Suddenly the vibrations against your clit go as dead as the phone.

You now know I am close enough to activate the butterfly, But you have no idea where I am.

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   You finish you cigarette, wipe your head and think this is going to
be a very hard afternoon.

The rest of the day goes on without any more sessions, and you try your best to focus on work. As you start closing your store now all alone, there is a knock
at the door. As you get up to look, no one is there. There is an envelope on the floor just inside the door. You look around and see nothing and no one. You
pick up the envelope, and start to open it as you walk back to your office. You pull the note out of the envelope and read "At the back door is a package,
I want you to go and open the back door, grab the package, leave the door unlocked, You have 5 minutes to open the package and do what it says, if you are a single
second late, you will be severly punished. Hurry my slave, time started when you opened this envelope" You look at the clock and have no clue as to how much time
has passed, as hard as it is you run to the back door fling it open and grab the package, you rip it open to find inside the box is a set of leather wrist cuffs
along with a small hook and a blind fold. You have a puzzled expression as you open the note at the bottom of the box. It reads "You are 18 seconds late, to bad for you my
little whore, attach the cuffs and walk to the storeroom, hang the hook on the upper most shelf, put on the blind fold and place the cuffs on the hook. There you
will await. "

You hurry to do so as you know you have already disobeyed master, knowing he was not being fair, you knew you would not make the same mistake again. You put on
each cuff and buckle them tightly, you hang the hook on a metro rack in the back of the storeroom where there is pleanty of room for master to punish you,
you place the blind fold over your eyes and raise your arms to find the hook. Just as you hear the D rings clasp on the hook, the vibrations begin on your
pussy again.

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   I have been watching you do as you were told, as you squirm I make not a single noise. you wriggle back and forth not being able to unclasp
your hands as your knees go weak and you hang with you weight on the hook. I quietly walk up to you and rip open your shirt, buttons flying all over the store
room floor, you hear them as they hit the floor. I rake my hands down your tummy as you continue the assult from the butterfly. I grab you tightly from
behind and pull you tightly against my hard body. "you will learn this night not to disobey me again my slut" You feel something sharp move up your stomach
and all of a sudden your bra is cut off your chest. You are moaning and breathing hard now, as your breasts hit the cold air, all of a sudden you feel a tug
of the chain, pulling the teeth of the clips down on your nipples harder, the pain is exilerating as your pussy starts dripping down your thighs. "Didn't I
treat you right today, didn't you enjoy your orgasm, did I not please you today my slave? Did I not give you release, was I not leanient by not torturing you more than
I did? Answer me you little whore?" The vibrations stop and you hang limp. You reply quickly and out of breath "Yes Master, you were very kind, Thank you master. "
"Then why do you disobey me? Do I not take care of your needs? Do I not satisfy you? Do I not spoil you, as if you were Cleopatra" I think I do my little slut
and this is how you repay me! I let go of the chain and you feel a slight bit of relief on the torture of you nipples. I bite your neck and place my hand over
the butterfly. "I will teach you to be a good slave and to do as I obey! It seems you need a lesson, and a lesson is what you are in store for tonight my little one"
"If you cum without permission at any point tonight you will get even harder punishment, do you understand?" "Yes master" you answer quietly, "I said do you fucking under
stand me you litle slut?""Yes Master, I understand" You can sense the excitement in my voice, you know master is not angry, but rather playful and fiesty tonight. All of a sudden
you feel alone, not a single sound, not a touch. I walk over to my toy bag, and you hear the zipper. You know I have brought our toys, but you know not exactally

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   Without warning you feel a sharp point on your right thigh, the vibrations continue, and your pussy is once again being assulted. I drag the blade up your thigh
across the vibrations on your pussy and down the other thigh, I remove the nipple clamps somewhat forcefully making you shriek. Quickly you begin to feel a very cold and
wet sensation on your nipples, it is soothing after a day of aligator clips pinching them. You know it is ice, your nipples harden, and as quickly as they
felt soothing, they begin to hurt from the cold. I remove the ice and blow on them, you start to gasp and cry out in pleasure and pain.
"shhhhhh, my pet, I will always care for you, even when being punished"

The vibrations stop, just when you think you cant handle anymore, you recieve a hard smack across your ass.
    "Oh Fuck" slips out of your mouth. "What the fuck was that?
    Did you speak without permission, Do you not like your punishment?" Thwack again across your ass, you now realize I am using my paddle, One Two Three rapid smacks
    strike your ass, forcing you to beg me "Oh Yes Master please abuse me as you see fit, I am a bad little whore, I need your punishment, Please master Please, I beg for you
    to punish me, I deserve it master, Please. " "Do you belong to me my whore? Are you not my love? Are you not my slut? Are we not One?" Yes Master we are One?" Good Girl"
    I remove your arms from the hook and place the hook on a lower shelf, bending you over so your ass is high in the air. I walk around in front of you, getting in
    between your arms, and placing my cock right at your lips. You try and take it in your mouth. I grab your hair and pull you off. "I did not give you permission to
    have that yet, what the fuck? WHo the fuck do you think you are? You do not do anything without permission!!!" "Yes Master, I am sorry mastmmmmmfffff" I shove my cock
    into your mouth and to the back of your throat mid sentence. "You do not ever say sorry, the word sorry is for sorry fucking indivuals, low lifes, Are
    you a fucking low life, are you nothing more than a piece of meat? No you are my whore, my slut, my slave, YOU ARE MINE, and I do not have Sorry pieces of shit
    do you understand? You are better than a piece of shit, your opinions matter when you earn them, you will not ever use that work again, remember my little whore
    you are my property which means you represent me in everything you do, so if you are sorry that means I am sorry and I do not take lightly to being sorry
    I am not a fucking sorry piece of shit, and neither are you. " I remove my cock as you are gasping for air, you inhale deeply as if for the first time.

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    "I appoligize master, I am better, you are better, you are perfect" "You may now please my cock" "If you suck it good enough I will fuck that little pussy of mine,
    You have been craving that havent you?" You nod your head as you take my cock into your mouth and vigorusly suck.

    After what seems like forever, but in actuality 5 minutes of amazing cock sucking, I release your hair from my hands and again hit the button on the butterfly.
    Your pussy comes to life again, your clit throbbing, your begging for release, and I wont let you have it just yet, I pull my cock from your mouth, and walk away.
    You feel me behind you, by sense, you know I love your ass and you feel my eyes burning a hole in you. You feel something sharp on your ass. It is very prickly,
    It feels like a hundred little spikes it almost tickles, but as I apply more pressure you realize it is my spiked vampire gloves. I drag them down over your ass
    cheeks and down the back of your thighs, with just enough pressure to scrape the skin, the pleasure of your pussy vibrating makes it so you almost cant feel anything
    else, you want release and I am denying you, everytime you get close to orgasm I turn it off. I can sense your frustration, I rip off the butterfly, snapping the
    small strings that hold it in place and you wimper, I slap you ass on both cheeks and grab a firm grip as I shove my cock right into your pussy from behind, You scream
    as the pain from the gloves penetrate your cheeks. I grip firmly and thrust hard into your soaking pussy, my balls slap you clit making you jump. , I hold my cock
    all the way into your cunt and just hold it there, I can feel your pussy urning to cum, it is begging to orgasm without your knowledge, it is gripping my cock, milking
    it as it pulsates inside of you. "Have you earned an orgasm my little one?" "No Master I have not, unless you think I have" My cock is throbbing, I can't take any more
    and I start to weaken, you start to move your hips back and forth. "Yes my slut you have earned it, but if you want to cum you must fuck this cock and make it cum
    inside of my dirty little pussy, at precisely the same time your orgasm hits. " "Yes Master" you Say as your hips start rocking back and forth on my cock.

    You start pushing back, working your pussy, pushing my cock in and out, feeling it in your depths, I am striking the very most inside of your cunt and you rock back
    harder and harder. you are getting closer and closer to cumming, but know not to until I am ready.

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       You can feel my cock start to swell and you feel relieved, I smack
    my gloved hands back down on your ass first the right and then the left in rapid succession, over and over, as you start fucking me with a furious vigor.
    I tell you I am close and that you are going to have to have a strong finish to end your punishment. I hold steady as you work your pussy hard on my cock
    forcing me deeper and harder inside of you. You feel my balls start to tighten as I get ready to explode inside of your cunt. Sweat drips off both of us as we glimmer
    in this amazing moment. Just as I start to explode into a intense orgasm, you start shaking as if going into a siezure, your pussy tightens and we both cum together. After
    about a three minutes I colapse down over your back, my cock still inside of you, I drag my hands up your body and release your cuffs. "You have done well my love, you
    may remove the cuffs and you may look at me and thank me. "