My Oldest Fuck


My Oldest Fuck

Well I've finally set myelf a new record although I don't know how I'm going to top it.

It started one lazy morning when I was just crusing through one of the online sites where people meet to fuck. When I received a message from a couple wanting me to fuck the wife. Me being me of course I was up for it so I sent a message back asking for details as I couldn't get a good look at their photo as it was tiny but what I could see looked good. A headless body laying on her back tits sticking up and a pair of lovely legs spread wide with her hands spreading apart a nice pink pussy yummy.

I'm thinkning to myself sweet as got myself a nice hot fuck. When I recieved their reply I was stunned by what I read. They where a 60 yo Male and his 55 yo wife and he wanted to film his wife being fucked by a hot young stud and to cum inside her so he could film it coming out of her pussy.

Now I've the sorted bloke that has pretty much fucked every body type and have no real worries about age hell I'm Bi as well so that should give you an idea of what I've been up too.

The Hubby didn't want to play he was just there to film and take pics and he said he loves to watch. He also told me that they had done this before bout a yr ago and they both loved it and wanted to go again.

I sit in disbelief for a few minutes as I sit there and ponder if I was tempted, I've fucked mature people before and had a couple of casual fuck buddies one was 46 other was 53 so I'm no stranger to the mature lady. They can and usually are more kinky and get off in bed better than alot of younger women I've shagged. Besides from the look I got of her photo I liked what I saw.
So I agreed

We made plans to meet and fuck in a couple of days time when we all were free early on a firday morning. I asked for some more pics saying that I really couldn't see much in the tiny one they had posted up.

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They said yes and sent me a couple of proof pics with their next email just to prove that they where for real. it was a pic of her lovely breasts and a note written to me with a time and today's date.

I sent them mine as well as they pleaded they wanted to see me naked. So for you I'll describe myself I'm27 years old, 6 foot 1, have a decent amount of body hair but do keep it trimmed and neat'n'tidy, have a beard, I workout out regulary although I'm not cut and full of muscles I do have some definition and short wavey dark hair.
Well to my suprise over the next couple of days I was recieving e-mails and to every e-mail was attached a pic or picsof lets call her Jen in all sorts of sexy lingerie they even asked me if I wanted her trimmed or shaved. I replied shaved as I much prefer to eat a shaved pussy compaired to a hairy one. But then I'm not overly fussed will still eat her out.

They went on to discribe some of the different antics that they'd been up to how'd they had a guy fuck her long and hard and cummed in her twice before leaving the motel. Also how they'd go to a local nudist beach and give everyone there a good view.

Needless to say between the e-mails and the pics I was getting very turned on and the fact that they didn't want me to wear condoms and when I came it had to be inside of her and I could fuck her all I wanted just so long as I always finished inside of her.

On the friday morning I recieved a last e-mail from them that they where on their way to my place and that I could also use my camera to film us together, seeing as I pretty much always have mine set up was greatly over joyed to hear that. I was also told that Jen would be wearing nothing but a lovely set of lingerie and a long coat that was just until she got in the door.

I was one of the longest 30 mins I've had time slowly slipped by until I saw their car pull into my driveway.
All through the e-mails and pics I only got one that had her face she wasn't the prettiest looking but then all I was after was a good fuck session with a tight pussy and besides she had awesome breasts from what I could see.
I met them at the door and invited them in, I hadn't seen the hubby before but he was the standard old bloke and busied himself with pulling out him own camera.

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   Sadly I was right about her face not the prettiest but she smelt great and when she took off her overcoat man I was right and she did have a great set of tits. They where small only a B cup but they weren't the usual old lady tits in fact they where quite perky and held up well considering her age just a nice lovely handful of soft supple breats flesh for me to devour.

She was wearing a sheer light blue baby doll that just covered her shaven pussy that was covered in a tiny G of the same colour and material with a white lace garter belt and sheer black thigh high stockings with a little red bow. She had an awesome body for a 55 yo and if you block out her face very very yummy and fuckable not at all like I thought she might be. So real saggy bits a decently taught stomach, her pussy stood out proud pink and proud.

I let Hubby get himelf all set up and ready as my eyes roved over and devoured his wife Jen. When he gave me the all clear that I could start well I was likea horse chomping at the bit ready to run. But I could tell she was slightly nervious so I held myself back and started slowly.

I started by kissing her neck and lightly dragging my fingers across her shoulders and back, up and down her arms slowly working my mouth around and down her neck towards those lovely breasts. with one hand I slid the should strap from her shoulders and down her arm as she pulled it out of the hole. My other hand was lightly grazing her thighs never touching my teasingly close to her pussy as I wrapped my lips around one of her nipples and sucked it gently into my mouth. My other hand came up and softly squeezed her other breast as I flicked her nipple with my tounge. As I moved off her breast and slowly made a bee line for the other as I slipped her other arm out of the babydoll, I could hear her moans of pleasure and feel her starting to shake.

I slowly lowerd her onto my lounge suit so she didn't fall down as I worked tirelessly on her body with my mouth and hands slowly working my way lower down her body to get to herpussy that I could see through the sheer mesh of her G-string.

As I got closer to my mark one of my hands pulled aside the her G-string so I could kiss her pink lips and taste the juices starting to flow out of her in her excitement.

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   I really didn't expect her to get that wet but the surprise was well worth it as I covered her tiny pussy with my mouth and sucked it all in.
Meanwhile every now and then I could see the tell tale flash of a camera as hubby took his photos and did his filming.

I teased and tantilised and ate her out until she came shuddering into my mouth, her juices flowly freely and her bucking in pleasure as I made her first orgasm last as long as I could.
Once she had settled down somewhat I picked her up and made my move into my bedroom and lay her down softly onto my bed. My camera was already rolling from when I hit record when they first arrived and now it was its turn to film part of the action.

I slowly stripped her of the her baby doll and peeled away her G until she was just laying there in her garter and stocking her high heels on the floor next to my bed.
I stripped my self after I finished taking care of her my cock fully erect and want some attention. Sadly she doesn't do head but I did have a lovely wet wonton pussy waiting there just for me to slid my hard cock into and fuck until I explode deep within her.

Now hubby had mentioned that she had a nice tight pussy which frankly who would believe, seriously a 55 yo with a tight pussy HA!. But another suprise was coming my way as her pussy WAS very tight and I had to implae her with a couple of fingers first to loosen her up a bit so I could get in. I lubbed up my cock with her juices and put the head of my cock at the enterance to her pussy and pushed softly until the head slipped in.
    As I started to work the rest of my cock inside of her all I could hear was her moaning and feel her shudder underneath me. With her legs wrapped around my wasit and my hands on her hips I slowly pushed my cock all the way in. Now by no means am I big in that area my cock is of average thickness and almost 7inches in length but I swear I bottomed out inside of her tiny 5'2 frame never had I experienced that I tell you even with other tiny girls.
    I started to slowly rock my way in and out of her pussy wih my cock hard and wet with her jucies.

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       Her pussy opened under me like a flower as she became accustomed to my cock. I was thinking to myself sheesh hubby must be small if she's having troubles with my cock.

    Under most cercumstancies I can usually last a long time and fuck for hours but with every thrust I could feel myself getting closer, so I flipped her over onto her hands and knees and took her from behind one hand reaching forward to grab and squeeze her breasts and nipples the other one I gave her a light slap on her arse. Just as I pulled my hand back for another light slap I hear her moan to do it again as its gonna make her cum. The first words out of her mouth apart from OMG and fuck and the moaning well I did the only thing I could in that situation I slapped her arse again and at the same time pinched one of her nipples.

    And she exploded into a shuddering orgasm, her pussy thightened even further around my cock griping it like it didn't want to let go, I could she her shake and shiver in pure pleasure as her orgasm rocked through her tiny frame, it was the final straw.

    With her pussy so tight and sucking me in I could feel the very walls contracting around my cock getting tighter and tighter it pushed me over the edge of no return. With me thrusting even faster and my hands moved to her hips and I pulled her back into me as I slammed forwards into her and exploded deep with that wonderfuly tight old pussy still keeping up my thrusting so as to keep her going we came together in one big shuddering climax.
    I could hear hubby behind me breathing heavily and almost wimpering himself all the while the flash of a camera going off, the knowledge that my own is capturing it on film and the thought of the close up that hubby would be getting with his own kept me on that high for a good couple of mins.

    Unfortunetly Jen was spent her whole bady was racked with shudders her eyes closed and almost curled up into the fetal postion she just kept moaning. I was there behind her my cock still trapped inside of her tight pussy with that awesome after glow of great sex and a wicked orgasm.

    I slowly pulled out and my cum followed me out hubby got a close up of my hot cum leaking out of his tiny wife. I bent down to the task at hand and cleaned her up wiht my tounge and lips and got her off again with more shuddering and a wimper from herself this time she begged me to stop. She'd cummed enough and couldn't go any further.

    A few minutes later redressed in her lingerie and high heels over coat thrown over the top they left, but with the promise that we'd meet again soon and I could cum again inside of this gorgeous body of a 55 yo 5'2 size 8 woman shuddeing before me.

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    Hope you enjoyed the story of my oldest fuck this is a true story and the facts are real apart from the wifes name of course. Needless to say it was a wonderful morning fuck session with a very hot bodied old chick. Hubby has already sent me some of the pics he took and I can't wait to exchange video footage.

    Till next we meet,have fun



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