My older gay lover...


    This story is also a true story.   I was just a few days over 18 when I was doing my usual daily masturbation after school.   I would get home, take off my clothes, get on the computer, and go to various chat websites and get on AIM.   I am very bi, but when I am really horny I go for guys, more specifically older men.   I love men that are between 35 and 50.   I would go into the chat room requesting them, and if I found somebody I would turn on my cam and do whatever they wanted me to.   Some guys just wanted to see me rub it off, others just wanted to look at my face, and some even had me get my mothers clothes on, give them a stripping "lap dance" until I was butt naked except for some high heel boots and a wig.   Those are my favorites.   Usually the other guys "didnt have a cam", but once in awhile I was lucky and had somebody that did.   This particulat day was a very lucky day.
    He told me his name is Mike, he is a 38 year old male with a wife and 2 kids.   He loved to get on with younger guys for fun, so he wanted me in my moms clothes then wanking off.   I started to do this, but as soon as I was butt ass naked we just started to talk.   Not typing, but his cam was on now and we were actually talking.   He showed me some pics of his wife and kids, and I showed him every square inch of my body.   He told me he really enjoyed talking to me and wanted to climax with me.

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    So we both started going at it, and it was wonderful.   It was almost like he was here with me, except it was my own hand.   Afterwards I usually rush out, but I just stood there naked with cum dripping all over me, and we continued to talk.   I really liked him, but how would I tell him?  Well, luckily he made the next move.   We exchanged emails with eachother and I told him he better give me an email soon otherwise I would just have to keep my pants on next time I ran into him in a room.
    Three days passed and no such luck, not a single new letter from the man of my dreams.   I was starting to get depressed, when I signed back on and there he was.   He sent me a message right away apologizing for not sending anything, but he wasn't sure if I meant it.   He asked if I wanted to go at it with him again, and I wanted to sooo badly, but I said no.   I told him I really wanted to be friends and have him email me.   I then signed off and didnt get back on that day.   The next day when I signed back in, I had 6 new emails, all from him.   He apologized, sent me pictures of him, and said he felt something to.   I knew it was him, and I wanted him badly.   I got on that night, and we spent 7 hours naked talking, wanking, talking some more, and giving eachother little shows.

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    By this time I was wondering what was up though.   He said he had a wife and 2 kids, but he is able to be naked in front of the computer with me for hours on end?  His only answer to that was that he was actually divorced.   I have no idea if thats true or not, but I really dont care.   The whole cheating aspect really lured me in, but I was so hooked by now that it didn't matter.   We continued to chat and cam for weeks on end, until last month, December 2007, I received an email from him saying he would like to meet me.
      What would I do?
        I was scared shitless so I didnt respond to him for awhile.   Hell, I didnt even mastrubate for a week or so. I wanted to meet him so badly, but I was also scared of the bad things that could cum. I told him I needed more time, and couldnt have this distraction during school.   I agreed to meet with him as soon as school is out this June, and he told me he would think about it.   He was more of a now or never guy, but I couldn't risk it then.   We still keep in touch, and still go at it once or twice a week, but the flame seems to be dying slowly.   The last time we cybered was one of the most marvelous though.   I got on, and asked him what he wanted today.   He told me to bring my laptop down to the pool table, and play strip pool with myself, then when fully nude to use the poolstick as a dildo.

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        I wasn;t sure what to do, but it sounded exciting.   I was fully erect right away, and he was already naked touching himself.   I hooked it up to the big screen, and then I started to play.   It was nicely erotic, and I have to admit that the poolstick felt incredibly good.   I got onto the pool table, started to finger myself, then shoved the stick in, and moaned like i have never moaned before.   This was true pleasure.   I forgot he was there watching, I forgot about everything.   I jsut lay there, with one hand on my penis, the other holding the stick.   I had to have been there for atleast an hour on that table, because when I finally got back and remembered I was camming with him, he was already gone, but he left one last message. . .
    "You owe me a pool game this summer!".
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