My Nephew and My Wife having sex infront of me.


My wife Dian is 12 years younger than me. She was 29 at that time when we went to attend a wedding of my cousin in Hawaii. We left our daughter with her mom and it was supposed to be a romantic trip. But I have always been fatigued. Dian is a very gorgeous beautiful Canadian blonde. I was divorced in Germany when we met in a University in Boston. She was only 18 and just as she graduated at 21 we got married. She never had experience with other men. Her mom wasn’t so fond of me.

My sister and my nephew Mark also boarded the same flight to Honolulu. I seldom met up with them so I asked to sit by my sister to talk and Mark traded with me so he sat with Dian. We were in the middle while Dian and Mark and a third passenger were on the side. At first I wasn’t looking at them but when my sister falls to a nap, I started noticing how Dian and Mark seem to get along well, laughing together. They’ve been good friends since we marry and Mark was just a kid. Now Mark is 17, slim but masculine and energetic. He is fair skinned and good looking.

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   I felt a little jealous watching them.

Anyway we arrived in Hawaii and the wedding went well. The next day at the beach there was an informal gathering. Games were played and everyone was supposed to participate. Dian was so gorgeous in her two piece bikini. She is 5’6” medium built and in a very great shape with all the right curves, her skin is soft and smooth and the sunlight and heat made her color pinkish white. She had the perfect size breast, round and firm and very proportionate with her body. Diane is so beautiful, it’s hard to believe she had given birth once.

After all that was going on the announcer got into us and they want the couples in the group to play a game. I felt too old for that and I said I want to pass. But they insisted so Dian stood up. Since I refused, the announcer smilingly asked me if I would let Dian partner with another male and hinting that the game involves some skin to skin rubbing, as if to challenge me to participate. But I was firm not to get there and I said Dian could have another partner. The announcer asked me if I’m sure and I laughingly said go ahead.

The announcer asked Dian to choose a male partner and she chose Mark.

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Three games were played, the first was the common apple in between the forehead, then dance on a circle that gets smaller and smaller. I felt a little bit of jealousy but I could take it. Dian and Paul survived to the third game with another couple. The third game is to resolve the winner. It was a daring game and the announcer smilingly asked me if it doesn’t bother me that Dian will play it with Mark. It was embarrassing to say no so I said go ahead.

Dian was to stand up bending backwards while Mark will guide a coin from Dian’s forehead into her navel using only his tongue. The first one to finish wins a seafood dinner. It was a very sexy game. Mark already had a bulge in her crotch ever since they started, and the bulge became so huge, but everyone pretended not to notice. The game started and Mark slowly pushed the coin, it looks like he was licking Dian’s face then the neck and she started giggling. When the coin reached Dian’s chest it went into her cleavage. Mark stopped and looked at me as if asking if he could continue. Dian was laughing and said go ahead we are winning. I didn’t want to sound like a jealous old man so I played along and nodded.

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   Mark maneuvered her tongue on Dian’s cleavage. It was a very sexy scene which made me both jealous and aroused. Dian was giggling trying to hold the ticklish sensation from Mark’s tongue. Finally Mark got the coin into Dian’s navel. But the other couple was a second ahead so they didn’t win.

That night at our hotel suit just after dinner we took a shower, relax watched tv and was getting ready for bed. I was a bit horny and I can sense Dian was horny too. We started drinking beer, Dian doesn’t drink but she took half a glass this time. Soon as I was about to start kissing her someone knocked on the door. It was Mark. They will be on a different plane on the return trip the next day so he wants to say bye and chitchat a bit. We started talking about just anything. Mark refused the beer since her mom was in the next suite. I was getting aroused watching Mark and Dian again laughing. There must be something with my wife and my nephew.

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   I switched the tv to a music channel that was erotic. I told them to dance. They refused. I prodded Dian, finally she casually said OK and she took Mark by the hand and they started dancing to a slow tune. Her arms were around his neck and his was around her waist.

It was kind of weird that I was so aroused watching them. Dian was wearing her bath robe and Mark was wearing her Hawaiian polo and shorts. As they went on we all became aware that the three of us are horny. Mark asked if he could kiss her aunty Dian by the lips. It took me a while to respond but I nodded and he kissed her. Dian was not responding at first but then she slowly started kissing back and they were French kissing right in front of me. It was a mix feelings of arousal, awkwardness and jealousy. Then Mark asked if she can disrobe Diane. At that point I was so aroused, I nodded and she disrobed Dian, he then took off his shirt and shorts. Soon they were standing in front of me naked, with their arms around each other and French kissing.

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   I didn’t know at what point should I stop my wife and my nephew.   Mark had his underpants still on while Dian had her panty. Mark stopped and looked at me. He asked if he can touch Dian’s boobs. At that point I didn’t answer but Mark went ahead. He fondled Diane’s breast with his hands and he started sucking her luscious breast alternately. Dian’s nipple were very erect reddish brown. Both of them were so aroused and so I was too. They got so carried away almost forgetting that I was watching them. Mark was sucking and licking Dian’s breast and then his tongue run to her abdomen and his fingers went to underneath her panty to her pussy. Dian was breathing heavily and moaning in whisper. They were both shaking. Finally they moved to the bed and Mark just fucked Diane in missionary position, pumping her so hard that it seems like the whole suite has vibrated. I had never penetrated Dian that deeply. The rhythm got faster and faster and the breathing went so fast.

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   Finally Mark trembled as he manage to pull out his cock and sprayed his cum on Dian’s thigh.  Dian climaxed too. I was so horny that though it was unsanitary I followed and shove my cock on Dian, after just less than 18 seconds I cum too inside her.

Mark went out of the door without saying a word. Dian and me lay in bed. We both can’t believe what just happened. Not much was said about that.

After that when we meet on family occasions the three of us go on with conversation casually as if there was nothing that happened. It’s kind of weird.