My Mega-Squiring Ex


Basically this is more of a brag than a story, but I've got to tell someone because I’m sworn to secrecy by her so can’t tell anyone I know.

Her name is Emily (commonly known as megajugs to most people). She is about 5"6, brunette, and had perfect breasts. Not massive, but nice, big, firm and round. I loved her boobs, but not as much as her squirting talent.

I had never experienced female ejaculation before her, but what a way to start! She squirted unbelievably. It would just literally constantly pour out of her. And she would squirt from other things than vaginal stimulation. Once she started squirting because she was turn on giving me a tit-wank, another time all I did was rub her bumhole gently, and a 2 second stream of cum shot from her pussy. I used to love making her squirt, partly cus it was so early, and also because there was so much. She also has a massive fetish for everything involving squirting, such as a huge fetish for squirting with her panties on, squirting on herself (clothed and unclothed), and drenching me in her cum. One of her weirder fetishes was squirting out of our window on to the street in daytime, just to try and hit a random person. Btw she could squirt for distance as well as for quantity.

But one of the best ever squirting experiences I had ever had was this time.

We had both came in from being out with mates, and we had both had a few drink. It was late at night so we both went upstairs and i start to get changed, I sat down on my bed just in my boxers, and Emily came over and started taking my boxers off.

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   She then got on her knees and started such my dick.

I could tell she was horny right from when we got in the flat, and sweet God was she horny. She hadn't taken any of her clothes off so she was sucking my dick, in a black, figure-hugging, short dress. She had a black thong on too, and pantyhose. Only about a minute after she started sucking me off i could hear her starting to moan. I looked down and liquid was pouring from between her open legs and on to the wooden floor, it had drenched her pantyhose and legs. This had all happened without her even touching her pussy.

I noticed a bucket that I had been using earlier in the day to do cleaning, so I moved Emily off my dick and grabbed the bucket. In this short time she had started rubbing her pussy through her skirt and I could hear her cum splashing on the floor. I spread her legs and put the bucket under her. She found this really horny, and start masturbating like crazy, moaning loudly too. I sat back on the bed and her mouth and both her hands were wrapped around my dick again.

The bucket started to fill up. I was so turned on I'm surprised I didn't cum. After about 5 mins of BJ'ing i looked down to see the bucket half full with her clear girly cum, and she was still "power-squirting" through her panties and pantyhose.

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   I was so freaking turned on. I pulled her off my cock and put her on the bed, on her back. I looked at her soaking wet thong, soaked pantyhose all the way down her legs, and her soaked dress. And the best thing about this moment was that although she wasn’t touching herself in any way and i wasn’t touching her, she was still squirting slightly, a small moving wet patch on her thong was in good flow.

I started to stroke her squirt-soaked legs and i could she was enjoying it because the squirt patch started getting larger. I started kissing and licking her legs, up to her pussy. She was moaning slightly, so I started to suck and lick her panties through her pantyhose. We were both so turned on it was unreal. She started squirting harder again, all over my face. I was loving it. I pulled apart her pantyhose and started licking her sopping wet panties. Emily was squirting hard and starting to wriggle around now. She was moaning quite loudly too.

I moved her panties to the side a little to fit my fingers in, and I had two fingers in her pointing upwards, and with every thrust to the g-spot the squirt stream from her pussy increased hugely. My hair was very wet by now, and my face was drenched.

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   This increasing squirting with every finger thrust continued for about 18 minutes, by which point the bed was drenched right through to the bottom. Then she sat up and asked me, panting heavily, to start sucking me off again, for a break. I couldn't refuse. I got up, dripping face down with her warm cum. Then she got up and unzipped her dress and took it off, she also removed her pantyhose, but kept her SOAKED! panties on.

She was stood in front of me with cum dripping from her panties and all down her belly and legs. All she was wearing was her cum-soaked panties and her tight boob hugging (and currently dry) bra. Her boobs were so lush, just perfectly round, big enough, and nice and close together. She got on her knees and placed the half full bucket between her legs and started sucking me dick. She was amazing, really going for it. And I was really trying hard not to cum.

I could hear the bucket starting to fill up again, this time at a much faster rate than before. Emily was also moaning more. Though this didn’t last for long as I soon got bored and got us into a 69’er, Let me tell you now, this is the best sex in the world when your girlfriend squirts like mine does and she has still has her sopping wet panties on. I led down on the bed and she starts to climb on top of me, but instead of going straight ahead with the 69’er, she just pressed her pussy and bum into my face.

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   I started licking like crazy, and within 30 seconds she was squirting again. She was also rubbing her wet panties too, which helped the flow very well. Her cum-soaked panties smelled so good against my nose. She then proceeded to start slowly rocking forwards and backwards on my face, and began moaning lots. Every time she rocked backwards a small jet of cum poked through her panties and on to my chest. This went on for a couple of minutes before she finally got onto her knees and started sucking my bell end. Her squirting pussy was right above my face, so for a few seconds I let her just gently drip cum on to me. Then I started rubbing her bumhole though her thong (it was quite a thick thong) and she began to get much wetter, then I buried my head in her panties, rubbing her clit with my other hand. I started getting mouthful after mouthful of her sweet sweet cum. I was in absolute heaven.

Then I stopped this and stood her up, over the bucket. She was a bit confused as thought I was enjoying this. I replied by saying I wanted her to fill up the bucket with her cum, and that I would turn me on beyond belief. She exclaimed that the bucket was almost 4 litres in size, but I told her I had faith in her that she could do it. She was shocked because she had never even peed that much let alone squirt that much, (trust me I’ve witnessed her big pees too).

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   But none the less she crouched over the bucket and started rubbing her panties, she started squirting inside her panties, but not much, only the occasional small thin stream. She said “ I just can’t do that”, “sorry”. I could see that she was annoyed so I said again that I had faith in her and that she could do it. I said if she could soak my hair right through then she could do this. I gave her a hug and our sopping wet bodies touched and slid on each other. I took off her panties and followed them all the way to the ground. We both moved over towards the bucket and I wrung out the panties in the bucket of squirt, which was just over half way full. Emily crouched over the bucket and said “You’re going to have to give me a helping hand. . . literally”. I started rubbing her pussy with her wet panties but soon discarded them when she started to gently flow.

I moved on to inserting two fingers in her, in the superman position. I started off gently finger fucking her, to build her up to this amount of squirt. She closed her eyes and started repeatedly squirting.

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   I increase the speed at which I was fingering her, and she started a small quiet moan, and the fluid flow from her urethra (that’s where squirt comes from too btw) of her perfectly shaven pussy was increasing. This lasted for about 15minutes (quite a long time in our books) and she was moaning, squirting a lot, and starting to get muscle twitches. I could tell she was close to an orgasm. A very powerful orgasm indeed.

I increased the power and speed of my fingering to the highest I could go, and she was loving every second of it, squirt was coming out of her and going all over my hand and arm, and it was starting to run up her legs and bum cheeks. I could feel her g-spot swelling up. I was finger fucking her so hard now, and her pussy was squelching very loudly. Then all of a sudden she went very quiet, and stopped squirting, I carried on fingering her, until she took a deep breath, pushed my fingers out of her and had a huge orgasm. She was literally screaming at the top of her voice. But strangely she wasn’t squirting at all. Then after about 5 seconds of screaming, a huge smile came across her face and massive gush followed by a solid stream of cum squirted from her perfect pussy. She was moaning and laughing at the same time now. I put my hand under the stream of squirt and felt how powerfully it was coming out. It was like a power washer.
    Seriously, it was pushing hard against my skin.

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    The bucket started filling up fast, and this is when I realised that she had been squirting solidly non-stop for over 18 seconds. I started counting how long she was squirting for, and I counted to 67. 67! It probably wasn’t 67 seconds, but I felt like forever, I’ve never seen a squirt like it ever. And my lord I wish I had filmed that eventful night.

    She looked at me after it happened and then looked down to the almost full bucket of cum below her, and then collapsed to the floor. I led next to her and we started to kiss. I said that there was no word to describe how amazing what had just happen.

    Then I got up, and picked her up in a fireman’s lift and said, “Well it’s not over yet; I’ve got to do something with this bucket of cum”. Then I took her and the bucket to the bathroom, and laid her in the bathtub. She exclaimed “oh God, what are you going to do?!?!” She looked genuinely frightened when she looked up at me, in just her tight black bra, with her pussy swollen and throbbing. I picked up the bucket of squirt, and said “time to cool off!” to which she harshly replied, “You are not going to pour that over me. ” I dunked my head in the slightly warm bucket of her fresh sweet pussy juice, and took a mouthful. I sprayed the mouthful over Emily and said “that’s for you, the rest is for me!” she look up and said “thank God, but I actually kinda wanted you to pour it over me”. “That’s lucky” I said “I was going to anyway”. And with that I made sure the bath tub was plugged, and started pour her own cum back onto her, I started at the legs, then moved towards her pussy, which she opened up for me to pour the squirt into.

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       Then I moved up her belly and onto her breasts. The bra that was previously about the only dry piece of clothing we had was now soaked too. I could see her erect nipple through it. Then I moved towards her face, and she shouted “no, not the face, NOT THE FACE!” So I did anyway, and it went all in her long brunette hair, in her eyes and mouth, and all of her makeup was running down her face. I still had a little bit left in the bucket so I stepped in the bathtub over her and poured her beautiful pussy juice all over my cock and balls, which subsequently landed all over her bra.

    I knelt down and started rubbing my dick all over her soaked boobies. She grabbed my cock and laid it between her breasts and started giving me a bloody great tit-wank. Having my cock pressed between her boob flesh and wet bra was amazing. I looked behind me to see her squirting a little more. MORE! I took my dick from between her titties and began caressing her soaked boobs. She was enjoying this a lot more than I would have thought, and she started squirting. . . again. This time she was fingering herself with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other she started squirting heavily whilst I played with her boobs.

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       I removed each boob from the bra and removed her bra, and rubbed it up and down my body. Then I started sucking her tits, but before long I knew I had to get my cock inside her and fuck her silly.

    So I did. In the bathtub, with an inch or two of squirt covering it, I slid my rock solid cock inside her pussy. Immediately she was squirting away with every thrust. It was spraying all over me and herself, and she started rubbing the wetness into her body, especially her boobs. I knew I couldn’t hold on any longer, but I want her to orgasm first. So my quick thing told me to grab the electric vibrating toothbrush and hold that to her clit. And holy hell did that work well within 30 seconds she was at full squirting power again and orgasming hard. There was squirt flying everywhere, and she was moaning real loud, as was I. I saw her have one last mega-blast squirt, which almost hit me in the face, and I pulled out and ejaculated many times over her stomach.

    She was coming down from an intense high, heavily breathing, giggling and shaking. So I crouched over her and said “one last treat”. And with that I started rapidly fingering her tender pussy, and got the electric toothbrush on her clit and within 18 second she was making a hell of a noise, shaking and bending violently, with a look of only pure ecstasy on her face, and she let out a massive squirt, it hit the ceiling, and sprayed all over the tiled walls. She was wobbling whilst spraying so she actually did spray it over the entire bathroom, all over me and all over herself.

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       As she was calming down after this, she soon passed out from exhaustion.

    And that was my amazing ex-girlfriend.



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