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Ok. So. I was with my girlfriend and we thought we were gunna do it. I took her into her room to get her ready. I took the hitachi magic wand vibrator from her drawer and put it on. Five seconds after using it she orgasmed. I was so surprised at how a girl can orgasm so fast. Nickie was surprised as well. Nickie and I went to the doctor to see if there was anything wrong. She was actually perfectly fine but she had more nerve endings in her clitoral area than any other girl. After the doctor gave us some time she felt embarrassed but I didn't mind. The said she could be tested and it wouldn't hurt and in fact it would be pleasurable. Both of us agreed. Nickie got undressed and the doctor took us to a special room. The room he took us to had a table as usual but with ropes in the limb areas. Nickie got a little worried but the doctor explained that its just the vibrator they would test on her was powerful so it was so she would not hurt anyone.

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   This relieved her and the doctor asked her to lie down on the table. He went outside the room and brought in the vibrator that would be used. He walked over to Nickie and strapped her in. He applied the vibrator to her clitoris. The doctor told me to stand back for my safety and he made sure all restraints were secure before activating the device. He then took the remote and turned on the vibrator and ran away from Nickie. He turned around when he reached a safe distance and saw a screaming Nickie. She was giving minor screams and jerks but then a huge pulse hit her and her waist shot up. When she lowered her waist she shot up again but this time started to ejaculate. Nickie looked like she was in pain but nobody dared to get near her because of her vicious body movements. Nickie gave a couple of more big screams and then the doctor stopped the machine. He walked over to Nickie and said that she is extremely vulnerable to clitoral vibrations. And she is also extremely sensitive. The doctor recommended if she uses vibrators to use them over panties for non direct contact. I asked if he could test her one more time.

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   He obliged but he said "I think its written in stone. " This time he amped up the vibrator to turbo speed. He pressed the button but he forgot to maintain this distance from her and Nickie jumped up in surprise. The doctor got scared and he ran out of the examination room. I look at the power cord and it is shaking nonstop while she is on the table acting like a monster. She pulled hard enough that she snapped the ropes and she tore off the vibrator. The doctor walked in and was simply amazed at Nickie. He called her over to get dressed and talk to him. They talked for 18 minutes and then we left. During the car ride home she told me what the doctor told me that this new vibrator company just opened and their name is venom vibrators. They just created an instant orgasm vibrator and he wants me to be the test subject. I asked her "How much are they paying you?" $5,000 and a free product. I agreed. She used a vibrator day after day. The time finally came.

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   We drove to this special place and there were about 18 people from countries all over the world. We looked inside and there was a gurney with chains. The man who was demonstrating the vibrator had glasses and was wearing a tuxedo. He called over to Nickie and he introduced her to the people. She walked in and she was very nervous. Dr. Goldman asked Nickie to remove her clothes. Underneath the audience saw her 36D cup bra and her pink panties. She removed her bra and panties and she also had a nice belly button piercing. The assistant brought in a pair of black panties with a tube flying out of control. They made Nickie put it on and then they placed her on the demonstration table. They chained her down and they plugged her into this power unit on the side of the table. He forced on a pair of leggings onto Nickie for vibrator purposes. The doctor snuggled the vibrator into Nickie's leggings and turned the knob to "Max Power. " Nickie said "I don't think thats a good idea" The doctor says that the previous doctor told him about her abilities and said everything will be fine.

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   He lightly taps the remote button to get it started. Nickie screams with pleasure as everyone watches its power. When the demo is over we go home and we did it. I told her that I didnt care that she did all that because nothing would make me change the way I feel about her. .



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