My little sister after school


So me and my sister have always play fought since we were little. When we were older we still messed about. Now I often put the washing out so I know what my sister underwear looked like these days. I noticed she had a new white lace bra. It was a 34C and I noticed this was new to the collection.

I was home early from college and my sister had just come home from school. Now I was a bit bored and fancied messing around so I stole my sister's phone as she came in. This has always sparked the playful reaction and I ran upstairs to my room and onto my bed. She jumped straight on to me with her eyes fixed on the phone. Her legs were either side of me pinning me down and her arms we reaching over my head towards the phone. It was then I noticed her school shirt was tight against her C cups as her arms were outstretched. I dropped the phone forcing her to press against me. Her hips rocked against my crotch as she did this and I noticed myself enjoying it.

Once she had her phone again she playfully told me I was annoying. My eyes were fixed on her now slightly exposed cleavage. She noticed my gaze and rocked her hips once more.

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   I pretended to try to grab her phone again and my hand brushed passed her breast towards her hands. She rolled over and I followed with our hips still together. I went to half heartedly grab her phone all the while I was fixated on her breasts. I could see her white bra line through her shirt which drove me wild. She now knew I was getting hard and she must have felt it through my shorts. She stopped moving and then just rocked her hips once and asked what was that hard thing. She clearly knew but wanted me to say it. I didn't know how she would react so I lied and said nothing.

I stopped trying to play fight and I lay down next to her which I often did when I wanted to play again but catch her off guard. She was a little out of breath and I could now see slightly more of her cleavage. She again caught me looking and I went to go grab her phone. She rolled to one side and my front was against her back. I could maybe have grabbed it but I was enjoying this position a little too much. She pushed her bum against me to get me back but I could only press against her with my hard cock. She let go of her phone and it dropped to the floor but she still pushed against me.

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   I knew that she was aware of my erection and I made the bold move to cuddle her with my hand against her breast feeling her soft shirt against my hand. I moved it as if to get off but undid her shirt button with her not really noticing. I then went to cuddle her again but this time I put my hand down her shirt over her bra.

She seemed shocked as to how her shirt came undone but didn't move me away. I was now grinding against her bum and groping at her breast. She was still and didn't move her hips to meet mine as she did before. I didn't care if I was forcing her any more as I came closer to climaxing. I knew I was only a moment away from cumming myself so I became bold enough to put my hand down her bra and play with her nipple in my fingers. It was hard under my touch but I felt her put her hand on my hips as I gave a final thrust and uncontrollably finished. My cock head was now out the top of my shorts and with each spasm my cum flooded against her back over her shirt. She must not have known this and she let out an "Ewww, what is that". I didn't answer her as I was now embarrassed that I had groped and violated my younger sister. She got up and turned to me, her one breast was still out which I was fixated on. She noticed and left very quickly covering herself.

I showered and cleaned myself off after a short while.

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   My sister was now in her room texting but I noticed she hadn't even gotten changed. I told her she needed to wash that shirt before anyone got home but she just looked at me and stood up. I noticed her perky C cups in that cute white bra pressed against her tight shirt. This look got me hard as a rock again and I moved towards her. I pushed her back on her bed and she looked at my erection in my boxers. I didn't give her a chance to react before my hand was between her legs. I realised that we couldn't face each other as it was far too awkward. She must have thought the same because she turned around and stuck her bum towards me. I got onto the bed and put one arm under her head which meant my hand could grope her breasts. my other hand was now between her legs. She removed her thong and tossed it on the floor. I noticed she was dripping wet and I moved my finger into her. She let off a slight moan so I moved my finger harder. I slipped in a second finger while groping her breasts.

At this point she was bucking her hips to the rhythm of my fingers and my hand was exploring her nipples once more.

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   I felt her lips tighten around my fingers and she was close to cumming. I let her hips dictate the speed of my fingers and I slowly bought her to climax. She let out a whorishly loud moan which made my cock twitch. We lay there out of breath with my fingers still wet and her chest rising up and down.

I thought that would be it as I had returned the favour. She did not look at me but sat up straight. She then pulled down my boxers and released my hard cock. without looking to me she put her legs either side of me in a reverse cowgirl position. It was then I knew my little sister was more experienced than me. Her grey skirt was hiked up so I could see as she put my cock at her entrance. This was going to be the moment I would have sex with my sister who had lost her virginity before me. She dropped her hips into my cock and I was meeting her hips with my own. It was embarrassingly short as to how long I lasted and it wasn't many more thrusts until I saw my cum dripping down my cock from her pussy. I hadn't noticed she was rubbing her clit at the same time. She pressed against my spent cock which was still hard and kept rubbing.

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   I could feel her pussy griping my shaft as she climaxed for the last time.

She got off straight after she realised what we had actually done. I just left and didn't speak to her that day. After a few days we stopped avoiding each other. That was the last day we ever play fought for a while. .