My Indian Friends, More Fun


Rahnee called me and had such a sweet voice, "Can you come visit for the weekend?" she asked me. "Sure' I told her. "Good, we want to let you see some very beautiful pregnant nieces and some other fun things too. " she said. "I will be there' I told her. Friday early I drove to their store and was greeted my Rahnee at the door. There were two very pregnant young nieces with her and they hugged me and stayed near me. Her husband smiled and said hello and Rahnee took me to the back where they had the room for breaks and other things. Rahnee dropped her clothes quickly and threw her arms around me. "We have decided that I want to be pregnant too. " she said kissing me. The girls were near by hugging each other and their clothes were coming of revealing lovely brown pregnant teens.

Rahnee was laying down and puling me to her and she slipped my cock into her. She was already soaking wet and so I had no trouble getting in. We were there as we both watched the teens eating each other out and sucking milk making tits.

It made me harder seeing then and Rahnee had her legs around my hips.

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   I filled her pussy and she did not let me off her but kept watching the girls and so soon, I filled her again. She moved me out and kept her hips in the air to keep the cum in her and the girls came to me, sucking and cleaning off my cock. Seren came in and said, "We are closed for he weekend and came to me from behind and had his arms around me. He had stripped quickly and his cock was growing between my ass cheeks and the women were all sitting playing with each other and watching him. "Can we have a good fucking?" he asked and i said sure why not. We laid on the mat and he soon had his mouth on my ass rimming me good and then a finger and then the head of his good sized cock was at the entrance of my ass. He grabbed my hips and slipped into my ass making me moan loud. After several strokes hs was deep in me and reaching around pinching my nipples. My cock got hard again and his wife was under me in a second moving so that I could fuck her while he fucked me. The girls watched and played with each other and after a while he swelled up and filled my as with his cum.
    Right after that I did the same with Rahnee and she again took a load to get pregnant.

    Rahnee moved around and touched my head to suck her tits and so I had a mouth full of her tits as Seren got hard again and this time offered me his cock to suck on. He moved to have it in my face and my cock found his face somehow and soon we were sucking each other. Before I was to cum he slipped my cock into his wife and I unloaded in her.

    That was the beginning of the weekend.

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       None of us wore clothes and so we all enjoyed each other.