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There were things my bitch of a wife couldn’t do and there were things she wouldn’t do. She couldn’thold her alcohol and she couldn’t swallow. She wouldn’t do anything sexual except for missionary, wouldn’t offer a BJ except once or twice a year and then she wouldn’t swallow—she always made me pull out. And, she would never even think about allowing us to consider a 3 way.
We had a corporate dinner this Friday night. You know, the black tie event where the annual awards are handed out and half the ladies are in skin tight little gowns that leave little to the imagination and the other half more than fill out their size 14, or 18 or bigger gowns. My wife was right in the middle. She sported a size 10—she wasn’t fat, but her 36 D’s just usually couldn’t be stuffed into a size 8 gown. She filled it out nicely, and this year, her gown actually showed a little cleavage!
The booze is free and from years’ past, I knew my wife would drink the evening away—I just hoped she wouldn’t drink herself into a drunken state where she couldn’t walk. There was a fine line between her having the “right amount” and it was usually just one final drink that sometimes sent her over the edge to not being able to stay awake.
The evening was a success—I even got an award. The coolest part was that it came with a $500 cash bonus. I was stoked!As the evening began to draw to a close, my wife was extremely tipsy, right on that edge where it was good for me to help her walk straight. Most of her words were still audible and tonight, she was actually a funny drunk.
When we got back to the hotel room, it was customary for me to actually get laid on these types of evenings. We would bring a couple of drinks to the room, and she would allow me to help her get undressed, then have some fun.

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  Tonight was no different. “Let’s just get it over with” she muttered. How romantic, but with that invitation, I unzipped her gown and held her upright as it slipped down and off of her. She really didn’t look that bad for being in her late 30’s. Tits were huge—a little saggy, but still very nice. She never really totally recovered from having two kids—the tummy wasn’t as flat as it used to be. But sitting there on the bed in just her strapless bra where the boobs were hanging out, her bikini and her stockings, she actually looked pretty hot.
“Babe, before we get started, I’m going to grab some ice so the water is cold when we get finished. Trust me, I’ll hurry cause I don’t want you to pass out. ” She said ok, and as I left, I simply put the door latch out so the door didn’t shut all of the way. I ventured down the hallway to the ice machine.
As I got close to getting back to the room,a mostly naked co-ed was running down the hall and burst into my room. I quickly stepped up my pace and got there just 60 seconds after she did—she was already under the covers screaming. “What the fuck is going on?” My wife answered, “Lock the doors—hurry. Her boyfriend is trying to kill her.

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  ” I repeated, “What the fuck?” My wife repeated what the co-ed told her. Her room was down the hallway. He intercepted a text from an ex boyfriend on her phone and went beserk!She said he was throwing things and said he was going to kill her, then go kill the ex.
I offered to call security, but Suzie (the co-ed) came out from under the covers and said no. She was afraid that they would call her parents when they found out she was only 18 Damn, a topless, HOT 18 year old teenager next to my semi-nude wife in bed!The girl began to cry and my wife instinctively put her arm around her, pulling her close. Suzie’s crying went to a little sniffling, as her head was resting between my wife’s arm and her tit. Suzie sat up and said, “those are some big breasts! Maybe my boyfriend doesn’t like me because of my small ones. ” Suzie was probably a B Cup, but they were perky and very appealing. “Don’t be silly Suzie, I’m sure he likes them. Guys like boobs no matter how big or how small they are” my wife replied. “Honey, tell her they look good. ”
I was shocked. “Suzie, your breasts look great. I’m sure he likes them, I know I do. ” My wife’s mouth dropped open.

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  Suzie replied, “But there is no way you could like them like you like your wife’s. Look at them, they are so big and so perfect. Can I touch them?”My wife looked at me—not knowing what to do. “Sure sweetheart, you’ll see they are just like yours. ” With that, I went over and unfastened my wife’s bra. Her D’s plopped out and Suzie just starred. She reached over and began massaging my wife’s boob. As she played with the nipple, my wife closed her eyes and let her head rest against the headboard. Suzie continued to play and before long, she was actually sucking one nipple while her hand played with the other one.
My prude of a wife seemed to really be enjoying this. I was rock hard already but decided to help Suzie and as I approached the bed, I got beside by wife on the other side. My hand first joined Suzie’s and they jointly massaged my wife’s tit, spending ample time on the nipple. I took Suzie’s hand and as I began kissing my wife’s tit, my and Suzie’s hand found my wife’s panties. I held them to the side and Suzie began to massage my wife’s clit, then slide her finger up and down the already wet slit. “What a little slut” I thought to myself.

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  Suzie repositioned so that her lips found mine and we were there, each of us massaging one of my wife’s tit’s with one hand, and jointly using our other hands to finger fuck her while we kissed.
My wife began squirming, I knew she was getting close, so I told her to lay down. As she did, Suzi removed her panties as I took my wife’s off of her and then removed all of my clothes. As I held my wife’s legs up, I easily slid in that soaking cunt of hers and as we got a rhythm going, Suzie climbed on top of my wife and put her pussy in her face. Without so much as a word, my wife began eating out this little 18 year old. Damn, what a sight. My prude of a wife was eating pussy while I fucked her!It was all I could take, and I shot my load right then and there as I just looked at my wife lapping up Suzi’s cunt juices.
Before long, Suzie started moaning and she exploded all over my wife’s face. Not the first complaint though—amazing!When Suzie climbed off, my wife said, “Am I the only one who doesn’t get to fucking have an orgasm tonight?”“No sweetie, we’ll take care of you. ” Suzie hadn’t even finished uttering those words and she was in between my wife’s legs, licking my jizz and my wife’s juices like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t just watch, I had to be part of the action and found myself behind Suzie and a semi hard cock springing forth as I found her pussy lips and inserted.
Another incredible sight as my dick disappeared below the ass cheeks of this little teenager while she ate out my wife!I certainly didn’t want to have to worry about getting the little girl pregnant, so when I knew I was about to cum, I pulled out and went to my wife’s face. I stuck my cock in her mouth and as Suzie had her on the verge of an orgasm, I began to face fuck my wife. It felt so good!She actually looked so incredibly sexy right then and there. She tried to moan as Suzie took her over the top, but at that moment, I exploded in her mouth—her oral virginity got lost at the same time as her lesbian virginity!
She came up screaming at me, “YOU BASTARD!YOU KNOW I DON”T SWALLOW!” Suzie intervened, “but it tastes so good, let me help you.

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  ” Suzie began kissing my wife, sharing my spunk with her. She would suck some out and swallow. She would suck more out, then let it drip back down into my wife’s mouth. In the end, my wife agreed that it wasn’t as bad as she had feared.
Hours later, Suzie woke me up as the three of us had just collapsed and fallen asleep. She asked for a shirt, then as I walked her to the door, she kissed me and I gave her the $500. “Anytime you want an encore, I’ll even reduce my rates—in fact, I’ld probably do it for free next time!” As I shut the door, I just smiled as I knew there would be a next time and hoped I wouldn’t have to get my wife drunk in order for her to agree to it. Who would have thought—get your wife drunk and she not only would have a 3 way, but suck me off, swallow, and eat out a little young girl!Damn, my original plans hadn’t shot high enough,but it was the best $500 I had EVER spent!



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