My first time with older girl


My name is Lou, I am a man. My story is about the first time I had sex. I was living on a small island close to Africa. I was 18 at that time, very shy and never had sex, I did not know how to approach girls, I had a sort of inferiority complex. However, I liked dancing and at that time, there were no nightclubs, there were dancing parties by invitation where all the girls sit around the hall and the guys standing talking among themselves, when the music starts, the guys will go around and invite any girl to dance. There were some people with favourite dancing partners, in my case I was alone so I would
invite any girl who is free to dance.

Among the people who were regular to those dancing parties, there was a girl older than me, she was 26 and engaged to a man who was working on contract in Africa. That girl used to come to the dancing with her parents, she was a very good dancer and as her fiancé was in Africa, she did not have a partner, so many times I invited her to dance, it was ballroom dance that time. We lived in the same street.

Where we lived was walking distance to a mountain, at the foot of the mountain there was a garden, people coming there especially on Sunday afternoon because there was a beautiful view of the town from there. I used to go and sit there to relax and enjoy the nice view.

On a Sunday afternoon a day after a dancing where I danced few times with the girl, as usual I went to the garden and sat on a bench just away from the crowd. Suddenly I saw the girl walking towards me, we said hello and she sat on the bench next to me. We had general conversation also talked about the dancing party, she mentioned that she likes dancing with me because I dance well, I replied it is same for me that she is very good dancer. Then she asked me why I am always alone, why I don’t have a girlfriend. I replied that I am too shy to approach a girl and I would not know what to do.

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   She asked me if I had never kiss a girl I said no. Then as a joke I said may be I need someone to teach me, she laugh then I walked back with her until her home which was not far from mine. We were to meet the next Saturday at the last dancing before the lent.

The next Saturday, as usual she was with her parents at the dancing, I had the first dance with her, while dancing she asked me to wait for her at the garden the next day (Sunday) afternoon, she said she cannot tell more now, I said ok. We danced few times together, I was curious to know what she will tell me.

The next day earlier as usual I walked to the garden sat on the bench waiting for her. She came and sat on the bench next to me, we talked then she asked me if I really want someone to teach me what to do if I have a girlfriend, I replied yes but depend if I like the teacher. Then she said whether I would be happy to have her as teacher. I accepted immediately saying that I am ready to start anytime. She then told me to come at her place the next day, her parents will go to the country, there is only one train going there in the morning and back in afternoon, she will be alone all day. She asked me to come at 10. 00am she will leave the side door open. I was really nervous I could not sleep well that night.

The next morning, I was very nervous, I walked to her place, the side door was opened, I went in and closed the door behind me. She was waiting wearing a nice blue robe, she took my hand and brought me inside the house, we sat on a cough, she told me to relax that we have until the afternoon to slowly go into everything.

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She started to kiss my face then my lips and told me to do the same with her, while kissing her lips, she opened her mouth and touched my lips with her tongue, that gave me a good sensation, I did same with her, our tongues touched, it did not take long time for me to have tongue kiss with her. We continued to kiss, the more we kissed the more I enjoyed it and I could feel she was enjoying too. She then opened her robe to show me her boobs, not big but firm, she showed me how to play with her breasts and also how to suck her nipples, while doing that, she started to rub my cock over my trousers, the more she rubs the more I was getting hard and excited. After few minutes, she took my hand and brought me into her bedroom.

When in bedroom, she asked me to undress but keep my underwear, she did same keeping only her panties. While in bed, she told me to caress her from head to belly not to rush with the bottom part, this is why we still have our undies. She showed me how to kiss and caress her starting from her head down to her navel same time having long tongue kisses. Then she asked me to start caressing her pussy slowly over her panties same time she played with my cock over my underwear. My cock was very hard and she started to moan while I rub her pussy over the panties.

Then the big moment came when she asked me to take off her panties and also my underwear. For the first time I saw an adult woman naked, the hair around her pussy was well trimmed, she showed me how to rub her clit and slightly finger her pussy, my cock in her hand was very hard. I was very excited,
She said she believes I am ready and we should do it, she laid on her back, her knees in the air, her legs spread. She gave me a jar of nivea cream and asked me to spread on my cock’s head and with my finger to put some cream in her pussy entry. She then asked me to position myself between her legs with my cock touching her pussy, she moved slowly to put herself into the right position under me and with her hand she hold my cock and put the head in her pussy entry, while still holding my cock, she told me to push slowly inside her pussy, when the head of my cock was completely inside her pussy, she stopped holding my cock, she told me to continue pushing slowly same time she moved her body in a way to guide the penetration of my cock inside her pussy. She was very wet, I started the in and out slowly, she hold me tight and synchronise her movement with my in and out to make sure my cock did not go out.

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   It was a nice sensation for me, she was moaning much saying that she may cum soon. I could feel my cock vibrating like going up and down inside her pussy, she knew that I was ready to cum, she asked me to in and out faster, her moans were louder and I felt my cock like exploded and with a big AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH from both of us, I cum inside her pussy. She said for my first time, it was very good, she had a good climax and she could cum same time as me.

It was still early around 11. 30am, we had until the afternoon, so we had a shower together, something to eat then we started again. She taught few more things like sucking pussy and also sex positions like standing and doggy. We did fuck two times again before I left her place by 3. 30pm.

The following month, I went to her place again. I remember she said she will let me do by myself because last time I did well. Anyway she still taught me many things that day. She told me that I should find a girl friend, she also told me that she won’t be able to see me the following month because her fiancé will be back from Africa and they will probably get married soon after he is back. She said she was happy to help me and she enjoyed it very much.

Her fiancé came back the following month, they got married three months after, then they migrate to England. I listened to her advice, my youngest sister had a friend, she was our neighbour, she was same school as my sister and almost everyday after school she came home to do the school homework together with my sister.


   I started approaching her and it did work well. This could be the next story.