My First Lessons In Sex


This is the story of my first sexual experience, though not the most conventional. I have grown up as a heterosexual man, but this experience made a lasting impression on me.

My friend Connor was over at my house, and we were playing video games. He was eleven; I was ten. I didn’t know anything about sex or girls at the time –seeing as how my parents never even let me see PG-18 movies, and we didn’t have cable – but Connor did have those things, and he learned a lot from them. My mom was leaving to go to the store. She said that she would be gone for a couple of hours and told us not to get into any trouble (she had no idea what kind of trouble Connor had in mind – nor did I, at least not completely).

“Bye mom,” I said, as she walked out the door. Connor and I had been planning this for weeks – well, it had really been Connor’s idea – but he promised to show me what sex was (he knew because he had watched a porno at his uncle’s house while he was asleep).

“Are you ready,” Connor said, as he began to disrobe.

“Uh . . . yeah,” I said tentatively.

We were going to climb the big Maple tree in my backyard – naked. I guess I had a streak of exhibitionist in me, which I realized later.

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I felt awkward getting undressed in front of Connor, but I was exhilarated at the thought of being outside, in public, naked. To expose myself to the whole world for anyone to see; it just made me so horny.

“Come on, David, take your pants off,” Connor said, as he pulled my boxers to my ankles, revealing my semi-hard penis.

“Nice pecker,” he said, as he headed for the door.

I stood in the doorway like a diver on the high board, the open in front of me; the nakedness I felt was incredible. I shivered as I took the plunge and walked out my backdoor, completely naked. I scampered up the tree with adrenaline pulsing though my body. I got to the top quickly with Connor coming up right below me.

“This is awesome,” I exclaimed, as the wind whipped my face and naked lower extremities.

Up there in the tree I was free and terrified all at the same time. I was horrified that one of my neighbors might see me and report back to my mom, but the ecstasy of being so unbridled overtook me and I just enjoyed exposing myself to the world.

“So are you ready to learn what sex is?” Connor asked me.

“Sure. Ya. What do I have to do?” I responded.

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“Well first, why don’t we get back on the ground,” he instructed. I was reluctant to leave my post of exposure, but my want to lean about sex overcame and I climbed down.

When I was on the ground, I watched Connor climbing down. He was concentrating hard on gripping the tree since he didn’t have much experience climbing it. I admired his body as his muscles flexed from the strain of lowering himself from branch to branch. I also had a great look at his balls as they swayed back and forth in his sac, slapping his thighs as he descended. His penis was small and coiled, as was mine from the cool breeze – but that soon changed.

“Well for your first lesson, I’ll teach you what oral sex is,” he said, stopping on a low hanging branch and sitting facing me. The branch was actually quite low, putting my mouth on a level plane with his cock and swinging sac.

He continued: “Now what you have to do is put your mouth around my penis and suck and swirl your tongue around,” he explained. I was nervous, worried that we could be seen more easily at ground level; a flittering in my stomach erupted.

“Are you sure we can’t do this in the house?” I asked Connor.

“No,” he responded flat-out. “Look if you don’t want to learn what sex is---”but I interrupted him:

“Sorry. Look, just show me.

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  I really want to know. ”

“Well you are going to have to promise to do whatever I say from now on –no matter what,” instructed Connor.

“Alright, I promise to do whatever you want,” I answered.

“Good. Then put my penis in your mouth, David, if you want to learn,” Connor said slyly.

I approached the tree branch and Connor’s genitals carefully. He changed his position as I approached, settling himself over two branches on his stomach. The branches ran parallel to each other, and they supported him at the stomach and just above the knee, leaving me with quite a view of him from underneath: his ball sac and soft penis hung down towards me, like noodles dangling from a spoon. I lifted my lips up to Connor’s penis and began flicking it with my tongue. As I got more comfortable with it, I began to take his penis into my mouth, gently suckling his hardening penis like a popsicle.

As I continued sucking his penis, it hardened and grew considerably in my mouth; I no longer had to stand on my tippy toes to reach his dick with my lips. I was just beginning to enjoy the taste of his precum when he instructed me again:

“You should put my sac in your mouth, too; that’s what they did in the video,” Connor requested.

His wish was my command. I was in a state of excitement and nirvana as I made my first sexual discoveries. I loved the feel of Connor’s cock hardening in my virgin mouth, enjoying the change in texture and girth as his dick filled my mouth with his luscious flesh.

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  And as I removed my mouth from his cock in order to suck his balls, I thought about this scene: two young boys: one laying naked, face down in a tree, with his sac dangling in the wind as another boy on the ground reached up with his young lips to envelop the other boy’s ball sac. The thought of it sent my flag pool to full mast.

I explored Connor’s sac with my tongue. I could feel his wrinkled skin, and as I sucked his sac, I felt each ball shift within it, like a pair of marbles in a leather bag. It took me another two years to learn that Connor was tea-bagging me, but in the meantime I continued eagerly. I took his sac completely into my mouth and had room left over to lick near his ass hole. He jumped a little when, with tremendous effort on my part, I slipped the tip of my tongue inside of his backdoor. I was having a blast standing naked using my mouth as a receptacle for Connor’s balls.

“David, suck my cock some more,” Connor groaned as I was snapped out of my musings with Connor’s sac in my mouth.
“Ok,” I responded, and promptly did as I was told. I let his balls swing freely in the cool air, watching them for a second before devouring Connor’s cock once again.

“Now, David, if you did this right, you’re supposed to get stuff to cum out of my penis,” he told me between moans of utmost pleasure. I didn’t stop to tell him I understood but just kept on feasting on his rock hard dick. Saliva was dribbling down my chin and neck now as I strained to get as much of Connor’s dick in my mouth as I could on my tippy toes.

I pushed my face right up against Connor’s naked skin.

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  My nose was mingling with his newly grown pubic hairs. They brushed my nose and I could smell his scent in them, that musty aroma of a penis and balls being caged in underwear all day. But now they were in a confinement of a different kind: my warm mouth. Suddenly, I felt a push on the back of my head as Connor’s hand urged me closer to his crotch, mashing my face against his pelvis.

“Oh shit! This is amazing,” he exclaimed as his dick twitched in my mouth.

I felt a warm fluid flowing from the hole on the tip of his cock inside my mouth; it overwhelmed me. I gagged as the liquids in my mouth mixed and then overflowed, sending my best friend’s seamen cascading down my naked body to my own jutting erection. However, Connor kept a firm grip on the back of my head, using my hair as a handle while he forced me to engulf his cock. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and Connor let up for me to get a breath – but just at that moment another tremor rang through Connor and he pulled hard on my head, lifting me up to him. In that moment, my throat was open, trying to take a breath, and his dick slid part way down it. My gag reflex had been tricked. Now Connor had total control of me, using my throat to fulfill his desires. I felt a spurt of cum slid down the back of my throat as he finished.

As Connor climbed out of the tree, I enjoyed the cum he had shot into my mouth as I downed the jiz in one gulp.

“That was awesome; just like in the video.

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   You did a good job, David,” Connor lauded me.

“Did I really? I hoped I was doing it the right way,” I answered him meekly, head down, eyes averted.

“Ya, you did perfect. Now let’s go inside, and I can teach you some more about sex,” he added.

We walked into the living room, and I sat down on the leather couch.

“You stay here David,” Connor told me, “I’m going to get some lube. ” I didn’t understand what he meant by “lube,” but I got the general idea when he walked back into the room carrying my mom’s hand lotion.

We were both still completely naked as Connor pumped liberal amounts of lotion from the bottle into both of our cupped hands.

“Now what we are going to do is stoke each other’s penises,” Connor instructed me.

Connor reached for my penis first, and I was startled by how cold and clammy his hands felt covered in lotion. I think Connor was waiting for me to copy him on his own dick, but I was overwhelmed. Then I didn’t know what was controlling me, but it felt natural. I leaned over and began to kiss Connor deeply, though I had never kissed anyone before.

Connor responded by pushing his tongue into my mouth and massaging my own. I figured this technique was yet another of the useful things he picked up from his uncle’s dirty video.


  His tongue was warm in my mouth, just as his sac and cock had been, and suddenly I was filled with that same lust once again. In an instant I broke our kiss and dove headlong for Connor’s dick, nestled between his legs in his lap. I slurped his dick with reckless abandon while Connor, in ecstasy, continued stoking my slippery steel rod.

As I sucked his dick, Connor slid his left hand up and down my shaft, while his right hand came to rest on the back of my head, while I attacked his lap. Just as before, at the moment of climax, Connor held my head down, refusing to let me come up for air. It was less of a shock this time when I realized I was running low on air, and this time it excited me, not knowing if I would pass out with Connor’s cock lodged in my throat.

I loved being under his control; I didn’t have to worry about anything but sucking his dick. He would decide everything: when I breathed; how far down my throat his cock would go; how long his strokes inside my mouth would be; and if I would ever see anything else but his lap ever again. It was the same kind of freedom I felt when I was naked outside, in public, in my Maple tree. I wanted to feel that way forever, and it seemed that Connor was willing to give me just that, because he continued to use my throat as own personal pleasure passage.

Connor and I came at the same time. As he tensed up inside my mouth, he started stroking my cock very rapidly, sending us together over the edge as he came in me and I deposited a spout of sperm onto his hand.
“Thank you for teaching me all this Connor,” I said, as we collapsed together on the leather couch, which was now slick from the mixture of sweat and spunk that was on it. We laid there for a few minutes just breathing hard and hardening once again as we thought about what we had just done.

“Well, there’s one more lesson I have to teach you, David,” Connor said in a teacherly tone, as he sprung up and headed for my room.

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   “Com’ on. Let’s go to your room for this lesson. ”

I followed Connor up to my room, peering between his butt cheeks when they parted as he climbed the stairs. Little did I know my butt cheeks were the ones that were about to be inspected.

“Ah,” Connor said, pulling up the chair from my desk, “this should work for this lesson. Ok, now, David,I need you to stand in front of the chair and put your feet there,” he said, indicating a spot on the floor, “but then, while keeping your feet on that spot, bend over, and put your hands on the seat of the chair. ”

I got into the awkward position: bent over the chair with my ass poking out into the air. I felt quite exposed, and even though I had been naked for the better part of an hour now, this new position somehow made me feel vulnerable: once again subject to the will of my more experienced friend. Also, my room had large blindless windows on two sides, which once again exposed me to the world.

“Ok, now just stay in that position while I find something to loosen you up,” Connor instructed.

The phrase “loosen you up” puzzled me, but I soon found out what he meant as he lathered my backside with lotion. I couldn’t see Connor from my position, which I kept obediently, but I could hear him rummaging through the draws in my desk: pens rattling and paperclips shifting. He then came into view as he searched though my room, and I noticed his dick was hard and glistening. Apparently, he had put lotion on it, but I couldn’t figure out why.

“This should do the trick,” Connor said, carrying a Sharpie marker in one hand and the bottle of lotion in the other.

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   “This may be a little cold but hold still. ”

I did hold still as Connor rubbed lotion right on the puckered lips of my anus. I tensed up as his fingers, slimly with lotion, touched my sensitive asshole.
“Now, David, you need to relax and let the marker in,” Connor told, me as he put the back end of the marker to my butthole and began to apply pressure.

The marker penetrated and inch or so, and my world was tuned upside down. I had no idea my body could give this kind of pleasure as Connor pushed the marker further into my ass and then began a slow in and out motion with it.

“Oh! Connor!” I gasped, “Go deeper . . . please!” As he pushed into my anus, I thrust my ass closer to his hand enveloping the entire marker down to the cap. I even felt the tips of Connor’s fingers.

“Whoa!” Connor exclaimed, “That took a lot longer in the video. ”

I had “loosened up” better than any porn-star in the video.

“Now you’re ready for my penis, David,” Connor explained, “open up. ”

With those words Connor replaced the marker in my ass with his throbbing dick, and I was so loose that within three strokes he was impaling me right down to the hilt.

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  He couldn’t push deep enough. I accepted his cock like a seasoned anal veteran: letting him explore my shit cavity with his member. The lotion provided ample lubrication so that Connor was able to slip in and out of my ass with ease, taking long sweeping strokes in and out at a tremendous pace.

“Oh! Shit! This is it!” Connor yelled.

Then he grabbed hold of my hips and hung on for the ride. He pulled me tight to him and penetrated me deeply with his quivering cock and spasmed as he climaxed deep within my bowels. I could feel his seamen shoot into me as his cock twitched and softened; however, he stayed inside me for nearly a minute, too exhausted to pull out.

I never forgot the lessons Connor taught me that day, and they came in handy in my own sex life. As I said, I have grown to be a heterosexual man, but every once in a while I look down on my cock and wish I could taste it just one more time.