My Fantasy Turns Real


Mary and I had been married for three years, I’m Joel, I am 30 and Mary is 26. My wife was not a real prude but acted very conservative and prudish publicly. In the bedroom, she loved sex and was a wild fuck, she loved for me to fuck her in several positions all over our house. The only sex Mary didn’t want to have was anal, she had a gorgeous round butt and I wanted to pop her virgin ass, every time I got close, she said “NO”. Mary’s favorite sex toys were her 18-inch vibrating black and white cocks, she loved to play with, she named the black cock, Joe Cock and the white Sam Cock. Mary would never tell me, but I knew she secretly desired a bigger cock in her pussy, or why would she buy 18-inch vibrating cocks, I really don’t blame her, after all, on my best day, I think I had a 7-inch erection. Sometimes when I’m getting her real hot, she will ask me to give her Joe or Sam, she will insert the cock head in her pussy while it’s vibrating, it drives her wild, sometimes I tell to put in all the way. She says no, because Joe and Sam are too big, she just loves the width of the cock heads and the vibration. I sometimes ask her, are ever going to try the real thing? Mary always give me the same answer, don’t bet on it, or that will never happen. I started doling into swinger’s magazines and websites, after watching Mary really get turned on by her huge buddies, Joe and Sam, I really loved the idea of sharing Mary. I suddenly had fantasy of Mary taking lots of big of big cock. I was now on a quest, to turn my fantasy into a real thing, make Mary, a whore.

I wanted Mary to dress sexier as part of strategy, so I started by one day telling Mary, we are very young, but you like to dress in skirts that are longer than most young women, please wear shorter skirts, I love to see your legs and I am proud to show off my wife. I want other guys to see what I’ve got, that they can’t have. (I thought to myself, I’ve got to start somewhere, maybe progress and convince her to wear miniskirts and start giving guys good views of her panty clad pussy and eventually make you easy pussy for any guy to fuck. ) It took me about a year, of me asking, but l had finally succeeded, she was now wearing miniskirts almost daily, sometimes she had periods of doubt and would revert to her more conservative attire.

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  Mary looked hot in miniskirts, every time I looked at her, I thought to my next step, I want her to start letting guys feel her up. When we were walking in the mall, I made up stories like, see that guy over there, he thinks you look sexy, because I caught staring at you while you were looking the other way.

I have a very close friend name Steve and I confided in him that I wanted to turn Mary into a cock loving whore, he said, fuck yeah, if you let me fuck the slut, I’ve had hot dreams of driving my cock in that whore’s pussy. I said, well your hot dreams are about to become real, let me tell you the truth about Mary so you understand a lot more. You know how Mary acts in public, rather conservative, well she is not that way in the bedroom. Mary is a total whore in the bedroom, she loves to fuck and suck cock, she will do anything for a cock in her mouth. She loves to give blow jobs or just lay back and let me fuck her mouth as hard as I would fuck her pussy and she loves to swallow lots of cum. Mary loves to be fucked all over the house in any position you can fuck her. The only sex she says she has never done and doesn’t plan to do is anal, I have been wanting to pop her Cherrie ass, but she always refuses to even try. Steve replied, hey buddy, can I try? I would love to pop her Cherrie and drive my 18-inch cock up her ass, get her real loose and ready for lots of ass fucking. I said, I was planning to the one to pop her Cherrie ass, but if you can get it, go for it and ram that pole hard up her ass, make her love cock in her ass, after all whores take cocks in any hole.

I told Steve, we plan to go to the mall tomorrow so wait for us to go downstairs, just follow me lead from there, you will know what to do or say based on what I say or do. Tomorrow I will text you what stairway we will be walking down so you can wait at the bottom and you can look up and take a good look at under Mary's short skirt, make it obvious you are looking up her skirt, I want to make it real obvious to Mary that I am O. K. with you looking up her skirt.

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   I don't want my plan to take forever, the faster I break down her conservative sexual inhibitions, the quicker I can turn Mary into the slut wife I want so I can share her with other men. I have lots of plan for my little bitch, for starters, the plan is to make her the entertainment at our Friday night poker meets, I want to get her to dress up in sexy lingerie, and pass her around, let all the guys enjoy the entertainment. Once she gets used to taking strange cock, I want to take her to adult theaters and get her to spread her legs and let any guy that wants a blow job or fuck her mouth, pussy or ass just let them bang the fuck out her. I want her to understand from now on, her role is to be a whore, and take cock from any guy that wants to use her or whatever hole the guy wants to use. Mary’s new role is just to spread her legs and take cock up her pussy or ass from any guy that wants it.

Mary and I were at the mall, I started texting Steve the stairway we were going to be walking down. We were walking down the stairs while Steve was downstairs looking straight up under Mary's very short skirt. Steve was getting an eyeful of Mary’s red panties. Mary leaned over to me and said, I think Steve is looking under my skirt, it’s embarrassing. I said, why are you embarrassed, you shouldn’t be, you’re a beautiful young woman. Mary, if you look around, most young women have on short skirts, I don’t think they are very worried, they too, walk on downstairs and use escalators, we got to the bottom of the stairs, I purposely asked Steve outright, did you like what you saw? (I wanted Mary to know, I was O. K. with other guys looking at her or even touching her) Steve replied, I love those sexy red panties Mary is wearing, Mary didn’t say anything and looked down. I said, that’s why I buy her sexy clothes, I like Mary to look red hot and we did high five and headed for the car.

I walked with Steve about 20 or more of steps behind Mary, she opened the trunk and leaned over to place her packages in the trunk, while she was bent over, we both got eyeful of her tiny red panties, I had never seen an ass look so fucking hot.

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   Steve turned to me and said, now that’s a fucking hot ass, hey Joel, you really don’t mind if I’m the first to put a cock up that fine ass, do you? I replied, Steve, like I said, if you can get it, fuck that ass, I told you I want to turn Mary into a whore and service lots of men, you can come over and drill her ass anytime you want, bring your buddies, and share the whore. Steve said, that’s what I’m talking about, I sure will be visiting a lot, and I’ll make sure she takes lots of cock. I replied, do it man, just do it, let’s make this bitch a total whore, Steve quietly said, oh yeah, and we high fived.

We walked up to Mary and we got in the car, Mary sat between us, her skirt rode very high and her milky white thighs were very visible, she looked fucking good, I wanted to fuck her right there, but I was driving. I said, hey Steve, you already took a good peak at Mary’s red panties when she was coming down the stairs, check out those milky white thighs, what would you do with those milky white thighs if you had a chance?Steve replied, man, if Mary weren't here, I would tell you what I would do with those gorgeous legs, if I ever got the chance at them. I said, go a head and tell me anyway, Mary isn’t a virgin, I’m sure she has heard it before.

Steve did not answer, so I took my right hand and laid it high on Mary’s thigh, I slid my hand further up intending to finger her pussy. Mary placed her hands on mine, trying to stop my hand from moving further up, I thought, FUCK, I have come a long way trying to convert this bitch into my whore. I swung in to a deserted ally and parked and immediately put my right arm over her shoulders and started to passionately French kiss her, while quickly moving my left hand under her skirt, she immediately grabbed my hand with her two hands trying to prevent me from going any further, but I was much stronger than she was, I was not going to let anything stop me, my left hand finally found its target. As I passionately kissed her, I started moved her panty crotch to one side and started to slowly finger her pussy, I knew Mary loved to fuck, when she got hot, she was a pretty wild fuck. Once I started getting her pussy hot, I knew her resistance would quickly start to break down. Mary in a low trembling and moaning voice was saying, please don’t, not with Steve here. I thought to myself, (whore, Steve is going to be fucking you in a few of minutes). Mary was now slowly bucking her very wet pussy against my fingers as she moaned, noooh, ooooh, oooooh, ooooh, she said, moaning Steeeve, is heeere, oooh, oooh, oooh. Mary’s pussy was so wet, there was no resistance when I inserted three fingers in her pussy, her body was now fully giving away to her sexual desires.

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   She started bucking her hips faster and harder against my fingers, moaning very loud, OOOOOH, OOOOOH, OOOOOH. Mary looked into my eyes, her lips and body were trembling, she knew she was so ready for good fucking. Mary was so hot she did not even notice that Steve had unzipped his pants and had pulled them down to his knees, he was getting ready to be the first strange cock in Mary’s pussy. As I kept fingering Mary, I leaned over and whispered in her ear, I’m going fuck you right now, I said I know Steve is here, he’s a big boy, I’m sure he’s seen this and more, and then I told her, I’m going to let Steve fuck you first. She looked into my eyes again, she was so hot her lips were trembling and didn’t know what to say, she kept bucking her pussy hard against my fingers. Mary knew she was going to get strange cock in her hot pussy and couldn’t do fucking nothing about it, her pussy was on fire, she wanted cock.

I kept on fingering her vigorously, while Mary stared into my eyes, I didn’t her a chance to say anything, I quickly took my left hand and raised Mary’s skirt to her waist, then I grabbed the top of her panties and pulled them down, I took a whiff of soaked panties and threw them at Steve and said, here’s a souvenir. You said, you always wanted to fuck her, here your chance, I spread her legs as wide as I could, Steve wasted no time, he vigorously started fingering Mary with three fingers. Mary started to buck her hips hard against his fingers. Mary turned to look at me and rolled her eyes backwards, then closed her eyes and rested her head on my right arm resting on the car seat. Mary’s skirt had fallen down over her legs, Steve took his left hand raised her skirt up all the way her waist, He had Mary so fucking hot, moaning loud, OOOOOH, OOOOOOH, AAAAAAAAH, OOOOOOOH. Steve took her hand and guided it over and placed it on his fully erect 18-inch cock, he guided her hand up and down his shaft for a minute, then he removed his hand while Mary kept jacking off Steve’s cock by herself. Steve gently turned her face towards him and asked her, do you like that big cock? Mary looked a Steve’s huge cock and started to jack it off faster. Steve grabbed her face and started French kissing Mary, while she frantically kept jacking off his big cock, they broke off the kiss and Mary stared at Steve’s 18 inch very thick cock as she jacked off his cock. Steve place his left hand on the back of Mary’s head and slowly started pushing her head down on his shaft, Steve said out loud, SUCK IT SLUT, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE COCK IN YOUR MOUTH, WE ALL KNOW WHAT SLUT YOU REALLY ARE, TAKE ALLMY COCK DOWN YOUR THROAT.

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Mary opened her mouth and inserted Steve’s huge cock head, she took it out and said, it’s so big and reinserted his cock head back in her mouth and started slowly bobbing her head up down. Steve said, come on, lick it whore, put your tongue to good use and lick my hard rod, Mary obeyed quickly, she stuck out her tongue and started licking his huge shaft going up and down at times making slurping noises, Steve said, Oh yeah, that’s it slut, now take that cock let’s see you how good you can put that cute mouth to good use. I was about to see a side of Mary, that I had never seen, she inserted his cock head in her mouth and started to bop her head up and down very fast and started making all kinds noises, goooph, guuumph,uuuuug, ooooh, guuumph, goooph, ooooh ,uuuuug, Steve said out loud, HEY JOEL, LOOK AT THIS FUCKING SLUT GO, Mary was now taking a lot more cock in her mouth and was moaning very loud, OOOOOH, AAAAAAH, OOOOOH, she was also making loud slurping noises, SLUUURP, SLUUURP, SLUUURP, LOOK AT HER JUST TAKE ALL THE COCK, YOU’RE RIGHT JOEL,THIS BITCH LOVES TO SUCK COCK, SHE’S A DAMN GREAT COCK SUCKING SLUT, YOU’RE RIGHT JOEL, THERE IS NOTHING CONSERVATIVE ABOUT THIS BITCH, SHE’S A HOT SLUT. In a loud voice Steve told Mary, COME ON SLUT, TAKE ALL MY COCK DOWN YOUR THROAT! Steve 18-inch cock was very thick Mary started to slowly go down on his big shaft, her mouth was being stretched very wide to a point of distortion, so she could fit all his cock in her mouth. Mary very slowly worked her mouth up and down Steve’s cock, every time she went down, she took another inch in her mouth. I was just mesmerized, I had never seen Mary in action like this, it was an amazing hot scene to watch, Steve and I looked at each, Steve made a face like he was yelling, saying FUCK YEAH and we quietly high fived!

To be continued…. .