Topic: MY DESTINY 3 More facts, maybe!
 I never dreamed hubby would let me and Richard had talked about sexual fantasy. I never in my wildest dreams realised he"d actually not only go along but actively encourage me to enact them for real. This door fully opened when he watch his bestman fuck me the first time. I know he was enthusiastic about watching the flirt stuff,but to see me take Den"s sperm into my belly over and over that morning convinced me Rich" would ok anything I fancied. From the moment our bestman had his wicked way with me,only the second cock to go there,I knew I was nothing but a cum slut in todays terminology.
 The chance of pregnancy,in fact the very thought of it mattered none. (Unlike most women I loved that part anyway) I needed spunking,you know real spunking where it shoots as far as the current cock in you can get it,none of this,oo god we better use a condom crap. I wanted every man to hit his baby juice stroke and to put it where it could count most. HIGH in my WOMB! The excitment each month of whether or which had scored a bulls eye never left me. Rest assured some did an-all.
 So,having an element of guilt about adultery with our best man of which I"m sure most women would have taken a different path than I,then again,how many of your husbands would have given you the nod in the first place? We all have to play it as to what best suits the individual couple. Yeah? This just happened to be our way. (More popular known now as swingers I suppose) So the stage was set for Richard to feel his cock inside another pussy,well not altogether set yet. It was down to me to present the furry thing for his controller or beast as he called it, to try.
 It seemed so unfair my friend Moira deserved better. When alone she"d confided,to cumming off by finger on clitoris but not the orgasm a cock can follow up with,poor cow.

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   I didn"t over play this because I knew Richard given the chance would pull more than one orgasm out of her pussy given the time in which to do so. It being down to me to coax her onto his cock. So later after swimming that Sunday,Moira appeared more saddened. . . GET DIYing RICH,me and Moira need to talk. . . Rich was gone like a scoulded cat. . .
 He"s gone off to cricket again the bastard,its bad enough putting up with that Dragon all the week,you"d think he"d stay around on a Sunday. He had all day yesterday and I"ve given up going with they snooty cows with their crustless sandwiches and probably crotchless bodies. They might not but I"ve got needs in my crotch so there, sorry Jack,he"s just a bastard.
 I plunge in,about getting caught if you had an affair.

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   What if you could get what you"re after with no chance of getting found out? "I know that just couldn"t happen" Ah! not without Jackie"s help no,but with Jackie"s help,all things sexual are possible. "Stop it Jack,that"s cruel" Mo,would I do that? course not,listen,I have a way of getting you as much cock as you want with absolutely no possible chance of being found out. "Go on then,HOW?" I"ll just let you lone Richard! "Fuck,that"s crazy,he"s your husband"
 Yeah,but what if I told you he lets me! "What? lets you,you know!" Yeah! "How? Who with? Why?" First,promise this is only between us,yeah" "Course,what do you think I am?" A starved pussy in distress! "Yeah,well,go on then" Its with our bestman! "WHAT! is that,that bloke with the bike that calls in?" Yeah it is. "He"s dishy like your old man,sorry,but Rich is,dishy, I mean,they"re like peas in a pod as well. I just thought he was Richards brother" Not when you"re on the ends of their cocks,I can assure you!
 "So,he unknowingly lets you do your bestman by not being here" No! he has been here and watched it! "Fuck off Jack I know you"re kidding around now,still it took my mind off my lot anyway" No,no kidding he got me too and watches,but what he doesn"t know is after he said I could providing he was here to watch.
    I done it without him knowing. "Why?" It was the first time I"d tried another blokes cock,I just thought it should be private,you know,just us two! "Do another cock feel any different then,because I"ve only had one as well. Wouldn"t want my bestmans though,a right stuck up prat he is! Cricket asshole as well"
     Right,lets forget about my luck,what about yours. Would you like Richard to screw you when you feel like it,no pressure,just as your needs require. "Fuck Jack,I"m tempted but I haven"t a clue how to get it started if I said yes. Talking like this is making me melt,my groin is hot as hell" And mine is thinking about your satisfaction just waiting out in the DIY file. Ha! Ha! "If I did,when? How?" How would tomorrow sound? leave it with me,Rich don"t know yet,but he"s on holiday tomorrow,I"ve just decided. Got that purple underware of yours clean? "Yes,why? just wear that and the dress Rich keeps looking down and when we"re together do that leg across the knee thing you do and the slide down the chair bit that pulls your skirt up by your ass. "I didn"t know I did any of that" You do and Rich loves it,that"s why he sits opposite when you"re here,he thinks I don"t notice so don"t let on just be normal. He"ll do the rest,I promise and don"t worry when I go out.

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       Moira left apprehensive but with a smile she seemed to have lost before we"d first made friends.
     The stage is set for "A friend in need" Now for Richard"s adulterous adventure!
     More to come.



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