My Day as a Pool Boy


"Dylan is grounded for two weeks. "

"Grounded? Isn't he a bit old to be grounded?"

"Mom found a bag of pot in his room and she went nuts. She wanted to turn it over to the cops to teach him a lesson. Dad came up with the idea of grounding Dylan instead. He can't go anywhere and none of his friends can come over. He's got a long list of projects to do around the house. "

I sighed. I had been looking forward to talking with Alex, but my sister Emily was embarrassing me in front of her long-time best friend. I continued brushing our pool and pretended to not hear my sister talking.

Alex was a tall, thin beauty with shoulder-length light brown hair. This was my favorite time of year to talk with her. She was incredibly smart and incredibly driven. Saturday, she would graduate valedictorian from my sister's school. During the school year, she didn't give boys the time of day. Once school was over, she flirted like crazy until she found a boyfriend. I enjoyed flirting with her.

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   Because she was so smart, she was great at word play and could keep up a constant stream of innuendo and double entendres.

Alex walked over to me.

"Not the best start to your summer, Dylan?"

"I would consider you being here a good start. "

Alex smiled. "Let me really give you a good start. " She grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and slowly pulled it up, exposing her long sexy stomach. A little higher and her small red bikini top came into view. She flashed me a smile when I mimicked a wolf whistle. She pulled her shirt off then turned around. The back of the bikini top was two strings. She slowly slid down her shorts, revealing a thong bikini bottom and her small ass. Alex ran regularly to keep in shape. She shook her ass at me as continued sliding her shorts all the way down.

"Down boy, don't you have some pool brushing to do?"

I had forgotten the pool while watching the show Alex gave me. I glanced at my sister Emily.

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   She was applying sunscreen and giving me a disgusted look. My sister was good looking as well - dark brown hair that tumbled down past her shoulders, dark brown eyes, long dark lashes, a pretty face and a body with many appealing curves. She was wearing a white bikini that I considered on the skimpy side, though it had a lot more material than Alex's.

"So Dylan's going to be our pool boy today?" smirked Alex.

"I'm almost done here, then I've other chores. " I had already mowed the front and back yards, and pulling weeds was next on the hit parade.

"I've always wanted a pool boy," said Alex as she gave me a sexy pout.

I continued talking with Alex, acting the straight man to her constant flirting. Emily had told me a few summers back that flirting was how Alex blew off steam after the school year and she got upset when a guy took the flirting to mean that it was open season to hit on her. Alex liked being in control of her relationships. Emily was laying out on one of the four chaise lounges and listened with amusement to our banter.

Emily had invited her three best friends to spend the day hanging out around our pool. They were off from school because seniors didn't have to take finals. They had tomorrow off too, then would do some pre-graduation events on Friday and graduate from high school on Saturday. I had done the same last year.

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Emily got a text, checked it, and announced that Dakota was here. She went into the house to let her in.

Alex said to me in a sultry voice, "Be a good pool boy and I'll make it worth your while. "

I smiled and continued brushing. Worth my while? That sounded hot, but I knew she was just flirting.

Emily's friend Dakota came out to the pool and Alex left me to join them. My sister happily told Dakota about my being grounded. I smiled to myself because Emily didn't know the whole story. Mom had indeed freaked out when she found the bag of pot, and she really had almost called the cops to "teach me a lesson. "

Yeah, a couple of years in jail and a criminal record would make a great lesson.

Fortunately, Dad had been there to calm her down. Dad pulled me aside and told me he didn't consider that I smoked pot a big deal. "I smoked pot at your age. " However, he had been very disappointed by my bringing pot into the house. "Cities can try to seize the house when cops find pot.


   Pot doesn't have the owner's name written on it and you put all of us at risk by bringing it home. " Dad then had told me if I accepted the punishment and did a good job on the projects around the house, that he would pay me for the work.

"Jesus, you were stupid," Dakota said to me. That was Dakota - she said whatever she thought.

I shrugged. I had been stupid. "Why aren't you guys laying out at your pool?" Dakota's parents had money and their house was much nicer than ours. They had given her a Beemer convertible for her sixteenth birthday.

"The pump and some other equipment are out. The parts are on order. The repair company will come out next week to fix it. "

I nodded and went back to work. I brushed some sections twice so I could be around when Dakota stripped down to her bikini. Dakota took off her shirt and shorts to reveal a bright orange bikini. She also had bright orange fingernails and toenails.

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   Impressive color coordination. Dakota had a very toned body as she had played on the school's volleyball team. Dakota was average height like Emily. She had blond hair cut short and a perfect smile. Sadly, her nose was too big so she wasn't as good-looking as the other girls. Still, I would leap at the chance of going out with her, but I doubted that I have a chance - she seemed only interested in guys who had cars at least as nice as hers.

I finished cleaning the pool, dove in to cool off and was putting the pool things away when Faith arrived.

"Hi, Faith!" I said with genuine enthusiasm.

Of Emily's three best friends, I liked Faith the best. All of them were smart and good-looking. However, Faith was very sweet and mature and made me feel good every time I talked with her. Nothing got her excited or angry. The few times I had had big fights with Emily, I had called Faith for advice on how to patch things up. I had never had a chance to date Faith as she had been dating the same guy for the last three years. He was finishing his junior year in college.

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   Faith was a little on the short side without much in the way of curves. Her black hair came down almost to her waist. She had a really cute face that made her look a few years younger than eighteen.

I toweled off and headed into the house as Emily once again told the story of my being grounded. I hadn't stuck around for the reveal of Faith's bikini as she wasn't the type of girl that I felt good about ogling.

As I reached for the door handle, I heard Alex's voice. "Pool boy! Could you get us some drinks?"

I ignored her and went inside. I got out a pitcher of lemonade and poured myself a glass. I thought about something else Dad had told me. "Emily dated this football player for a while and she hasn't been the same since. She's not the happy, bubbly girl she's always been. Your mom and I have tried to find out what's wrong, but she always denies that there's a problem. While you're home, do what you can to make her happy. " I had only been home a few days from college, but I had noticed the change and it made me sad. I loved Emily.

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   Yes, we fought like every other brother and sister, but for the most part we got along very well.

Drinks? What the hell. Hopefully if I brought out drinks for her friends, it would make Emily happy. I pulled out five plastic cups, filled them with lemonade and took them out the pool.

"Lemonade!" I announced to the delight of the girls. As I gave Faith hers, I checked out her bikini - it was a blue one with a conservative cut.

The girls were sitting or lying on chaise lounges. I was left with a chair. I mainly listened as I drank my glass of lemonade. Whenever I said anything, Alex would twist it into an innuendo, much to the other girls' delight. Alex's chaise lounge was next to my chair and beyond her were Emily, Dakota and Faith.

"Have fun! I'm off to pull weeds. "

I pulled weeds in the front yard until I got hot, then I went in the back and dove into the pool. When I got out, Alex called, "Pool boy! More lemonade please. " She held up her cup.

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   "See, I marked the cups so you can keep them straight. "

I snorted. I was tempted to tell Alex to get it herself, but decided to make everyone happy. "Okay, another round. "

I took the cups inside, filled them with lemonade and brought them out.

"Thanks, pool boy," said Alex while batting her lashes at me. What could she have meant by making it worth my while?

Again, I sat with them as I drank my lemonade. Again, Alex amusingly twisted my words whenever I said anything. I went back to the front yard and pulled more weeds. When I had finished pulling all of them, I dove into the pool again. When I got out, Dakota asked, "Dylan, could you get us something to drink with more kick than lemonade?"

"You mean like beer?"


"No. If I gave you any of my dad's beer, he'd notice and I'd catch hell. "

"Please, Dylan?" asked Emily. "It would nice to catch a little buzz while we lay out. "

I sighed.

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   Emily seemed to be having a good time and I didn't want to put a damper on her party. "I have some wine coolers hidden in the garage. " That brought smiles to the girls' faces. "I was going to pull them out when I saw Megan next, but I can't see her for two weeks. But! Wine coolers aren't cheap. You're going to have to pay me for them. "

"Okay," said Dakota.

"Megan?" asked Faith.

"My girlfriend from college. I'll show you a picture in a minute. "

Megan lived 45 minutes from me and I had planned on having her over today before Mom found my pot. I had placed the wine coolers with some ice in a cooler so they would be cool when Megan got here.

"So no nookie for you for two weeks," said Alex.

I ignored her and headed out to the garage. I pulled out the cooler from underneath some of my other stuff.

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   I went in the house and got my phone, then went out to the pool. The girls made a circle around my chair so they would be close to the cooler.

"I've got eight wine coolers. I'm drinking two, so some of you aren't going to get a second. "

"I'll pass," said Faith, "so there'll be two for everyone. "

I took a swig of the wine cooler then pulled up a picture of Megan on my phone. "This is Megan," I said as I handed Faith my phone.

"Are you two serious?" asked Faith.

"No. We aren't serious at all. "

Faith passed my phone to Dakota.

"Wow. I thought you would be dating someone better looking," said Dakota.

"Dakota!" said Faith.

No filter with Dakota.


   "Yeah, I could do better. " Megan was short, a little heavy and didn't have much in the way of tits. "I began dating her as a rebound after Chelsea dumped me. " Chelsea had been my girlfriend my senior year. She was a year younger than me. We had kept dating my freshman year at college, then she had hooked up with someone at a Halloween party and had dumped me. "But we have fun together. "

"She's good in bed then?" asked Alex. She was holding my phone now.

"I can't complain about the quality or quantity of sex. " Sex was what kept the relationship together.

"Would you dump her to go out with one of us?"

"For a date? No. "

"What about for more than a date?"

I didn't want to go there, so I decided the best answer was to ignore the question. "How about I tell you guys what it's like at college?"

"Yeah!" they all said. All four were going to go to college, though at different schools.

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"It's really different than high school in lots of ways. The biggest difference is how people treat you. Teachers in high school don't get paid a lot, so I think most of them teach because they like teenagers and want to see them succeed. Professors, they don't give a shit about you. They are at the college to do research and every minute they spend on students is a minute wasted. To the other people who work at the college, you are an annoyance. Yet another problem they have to deal with. If you decide to party hardy and get behind on your studies, nobody will care. Just don't make a mess when you throw up. The only people who give a damn about you are your fellow students. Find some friends at college like the four of you, friends who want you to do your best and will help you out when you need help. It took me a while to learn to steer clear of the partiers except when I wanted to blow off steam. "

I told them stories of college as I drank my wine coolers. Once everyone was done with theirs, I put all the evidence of the wine coolers back into the cooler then put it back into its hiding spot in the garage. Then I went out to the backyard to pull weeds.

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I listened to the girls talk as I pulled weeds. They talked about everything - guys, other girls, celebrities, movies, music. From the conversation, Faith was the only one with a boyfriend currently. Alex sounded like she was ready to start looking hard for a guy. Dakota was open to dating, but wasn't in a hurry. Emily expressed no interest in guys.

Dakota shocked her friends with, "I'm getting a nose job this summer. " They talked about that for quite a bit, discussing all the details. Dakota was going to have the surgery just before she went off to college. As Dakota's parents had the money and her nose really did detract from her looks, it made sense to me.

Emily was having a good time, so I was happy. The girls went inside for lunch. Faith came out with a sandwich and a glass of lemonade.

"Thanks for getting us the drinks. "

"I was glad to.

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Faith was so sweet. She went back inside the house and eventually the girls came back out to sun some more. I was almost done weeding when Faith dropped a bomb.

"Elijah and I are thinking of getting engaged. "

"No way!" said Dakota. "You're eighteen! That's way too young to get engaged. "

"We've been dating three years now and we love each other. He's the guy I want to marry. I don't see the point of waiting any longer to get engaged. "

An animated conversation followed. Dakota felt strongly that Faith was too young to get engaged. Alex's opinion was similar to Dakota's, but not as strong. Emily had her doubts, but was generally supportive of Faith.

Once I finished weeding, I dove into the pool then got everyone another round of lemonade. I chatted for a while and fortunately no one asked me my opinion of Faith's possible engagement.


   I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

When my cup was empty, I headed to my next project - a thorough cleaning of the garage. I was to take everything out, clean the floors and walls, throw out what should be trashed then put everything else back. I wouldn't be able to finish the project today as I needed Mom and Dad's input on what to keep and what to trash.

The garage was on the right side of our house. To its right was a gate to the side yard, which led to our backyard. Our fence was nine feet high and neighbors couldn't see into our backyard. It didn't take me long to get hot and dusty so I headed for the pool. When I rounded the corner from the side yard, I got a surprise - Alex was sunbathing with her top off. I stopped in my tracks.

Alex waved me on. "Come on! You've seen tits before. Only not as big. "

They had moved the chaise lounges and my chair to the other side of the pool to get the afternoon sun and they were all in the same order. I walked to the edge of the pool close to where Alex was sunning.

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   She was smirking at me.

"Emily's tits are bigger," I said, then dove in.

I don't know why I said it. Probably because I felt like taking Alex down a notch. It had just come out.

I surfaced and headed back to the edge where I had dove in. As I was pulling myself out, Alex said, "So you've been checking out your sister's tits?"

I shrugged as I headed towards my towel. "I've seen her in bikinis and night shirts often enough to know that she's bigger than you. "

I gave her a defiant look as I toweled off. She looked super hot with only a tiny bikini bottom on. Did she shave? I didn't see any crotch hairs.

"Next time you come to the backyard, pool boy, call out before you turn the corner. "

"Okay. "

I went back to garage. Was showing me her tits her way of "making it worth my while"? Was she interested in me? Was she just cockteasing me? I didn't know.

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Pick up, carry to the driveway, set down. Pick up, carry to the driveway, set down. Lot of the stuff was covered with dust. There were lots of paint cans. I opened all of them as most of them were dried out. I found two sets of training wheels - I didn't think Emily or I were going to need them again. I tried to organize things on the driveway so the review process with Mom and Dad would go quickly. I made sure my cooler was buried under stuff. I was ready for another dip.

I made the hike down the side yard towards the pool. I stopped before I turned the corner and called out, "Pool boy!"

I heard some rustling then Alex called out, "Come on!"

Alex was still topless, though she was lying on her stomach this time. I guessed that at least one other girl had been sunning topless but had put her top back on. I dove into the pool and when I got out, it was Dakota who talked to me.

"Would you please go get us some more wine coolers?"

"I can't drive anywhere. My parents noted the mileage on my car.

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"I could let you drive my car. "

Her Beemer? Damn. "No. "

"How about if all of us showed you our boobs?" suggested Alex.

I cracked up. It was nice of her to volunteer the other girls to show me their tits too. "Still no. For three reasons. " I sat down in my chair and faced Alex. "Number one, you can't make that offer as Faith isn't going to show me her tits and as serious as she is with Elijah, I don't want to see her tits. "

I smirked as I had caught her out. "Number two, having you guys drink wine coolers now is too risky. It's past two. How much longer are you going to be here?"

"Two hours," said Alex meekly. I had finally gotten her back on her heels.

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"Then you go home to see your parents. What if they smell alcohol on your breath? What if a cop pulls you over for drunk driving? The shit would hit the fan. "

It was probably Dakota's idea to drink some more wine coolers, but Alex had been the one giving me grief all day so she was the one that I was going to tell no.

"Number three, I screwed up. I agreed to this punishment and I'm not going to cheat on it. I'm not driving anywhere for two weeks, even if you offered to let me drive Dakota's Beemer with all of you topless. No more wine coolers today and if you want wine coolers tomorrow, you'll have to get them yourself. "

"It's not as easy for girls to get booze. "

I didn't know what to say. I felt like I had done enough. I stood up and said, "I need to get back to the garage. "

* * * *

The next time I called out "Pool boy!" while standing in the side year, I heard words instead of rustling.

"Come on!" called out Alex.

When I turned the corner, everyone but Faith was topless. Dakota was lying down on her stomach on a chaise lounge, so I only saw a little more of her back.

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   Alex and Emily were lying on their backs. I noticed that I had been right - Emily's tits were a little bigger than Alex's. I knew it was wrong to check out my sister's tits, but they were so nice - big and proud with large, brown nipples. Alex's nipples were smaller and pink. I walked over to Alex and tried to check out Emily's tits out of the corner of my eye. Alex gave me a knowing smile. Did she know I was secretly checking out my sister's tits? Or did she think I was checking out her tits and wanted to encourage me?

I dove into the pool and swam some laps. I had swum on the swim team in high school. It felt good to stretch out my muscles. I had finished clearing everything out of the garage. I needed to do some more organizing and make some notes to go over with Mom and Dad, but the physical labor was done. Our pool wasn't big enough for me to get much of a stroke work out before I had to turn, but it felt good to empty my mind and think only about my stroke mechanics.

When I got out of the pool, Alex, Dakota and Emily were all lying face down. No tit show this time. I dried off and headed towards the house.

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"Pool boy!" I heard Alex cry. "Would you please put some sunscreen on me?"

What a flirt!

I chuckled and walked over to Alex's chaise lounge. I picked up the bottle of sunscreen and ran a small line up one of her calves. She had nice legs. Dakota had the best legs of the four but Alex's legs were nice. Her legs were far nicer than Megan's.

I did both calves then moved up to her thighs. "Be sure to get sunscreen on all my skin," said Alex. Given where I was, that was an open invitation to run my hands over her ass, which I did. She had a nice, firm ass. I rubbed sunscreen under her tiny bikini bottom.

My cock was rock hard in my swim trunks, uncomfortably so. I didn't feel like I could adjust it as at least Emily was watching us. Dakota and Faith were out of my field of vision. I was trying to act casual and turning to see if Dakota or Faith were watching would have been too obvious.



I continued on, doing Alex's back, shoulders and arms. Alex flipped over without saying a word, showing me her tits up close. They looked SOOOO nice. I moved to the bottom of the chaise lounge, began on her feet and worked upwards. When I got to her bikini bottom, I slipped my hand under the material only in areas away from her cunt. I surreptitiously searched for crotch hairs and saw none.

As I moved up her stomach, my eyes were drawn to Alex's tits. On her back like this, they had sunken back into her body for the most part. Her nubs were standing up - my applying sunscreen must be exciting her. Was she going to let me put sunscreen on her tits? As I got close, I looked at Alex's face and she was smiling at me. I took that as permission and rubbed sunscreen all over them. They felt wonderful - compact and firm.

Alex suddenly grabbed my hands and pulled me down to her.

"Did that make being a pool boy worthwhile?" Alex whispered into my ear, then pushed me back up.

I nodded and smiled, then continued applying sunscreen upwards.

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As I was doing Alex's right arm, I noticed Emily's face. It was a combination of anger, horror and disgust. Oh, shit. I wanted the day to be great for her and now I may have ruined it by getting a few seconds of jollies. I felt like crap as I finished applying sunscreen.

I stood up and asked everyone, "Another round of lemonade?" They all said yes. "Emily, would you mind helping me?"

In the kitchen, I pulled out the pitcher then faced Emily. Fortunately, Emily had put her top back on so I wouldn't be distracted when I talked to her.

"I'm sorry, Emily. I shouldn't. . . "

"Don't apologize. Everything you did with Alex was what she wanted you to do. I just couldn't believe that you would fondle her tits and ass in front of me and my friends.

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"I didn't. . . " Emily gave me a withering look. "Okay, I got carried away. I'm sorry. I wanted today to be a good day for you and I'm sorry I messed it up. "

Emily smiled at me. "It's been a great day. You've been wonderful. All my friends have commented on how thoughtful you've been. We all appreciated you giving us a straight talk on college. " She paused, a little embarrassed. "I should apologize to you. I shouldn't have blabbed to all my friends about you being grounded.

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   You had every right to be pissed off with being grounded and how I acted, but you were so sweet all day. "

I smiled. "Like I said, I wanted you to have a good day. "

"Would you mind if I had my friends over again tomorrow?"

"No. It would be nice. I've enjoyed hanging out with them. " Maybe I'll see Dakota's tits tomorrow.

"The wine coolers were a big hit. Would you please get some more for tomorrow? Alex spoke the truth when she said it's not as easy for girls to get booze. "

I sighed. "After I serve the lemonade, I'll make some calls. I'll do my best to have some brought over tomorrow morning after Mom and Dad leave. "

"You're the best brother ever!" said Emily as she moved to me to give me a hug. As we hugged, I faced the door to the pool. The center of the door was glass.


   I saw the door close and Alex sashay topless towards the pool. Had she been eavesdropping on my conversation with Emily? Why would she do that?

We went out to the pool and I handed out the lemonade. I joined the conversation for a little bit, then went back inside and up to my room. I called someone who was 21 that I knew from high school. He agreed to buy a dozen wine coolers and deliver them tomorrow morning for a nice tip. As it was Dakota's money, I was generous.

I went back outside and finished up what I could do on the garage project. When I went back inside, it was almost four. Four was when the pool party was supposed to break up. When I entered the kitchen, I saw Alex looking at me through the back door. I started cleaning up the counters, putting things either back into the pantry or into the dishwasher.

I heard the back door open and I looked up to see Alex coming into the kitchen. "Hi!" she said. She had put her top back on.

Jesus! She has me so wound up that her coming into the room gets me hard.

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I continued putting things away. When I turned around, Alex was bent over a kitchen counter with her bikini bottom pulled aside to reveal her shaved pussy.

"Drop your shorts and fuck me. "

I was shocked, but I quickly got over it and yanked down my swim trunks. I shuffled over to the counter and placed my cock at her entrance.

"Go slow. It's been a while for me," said Alex.

"Whatever you want. "

I pushed forward a few inches, sliding into her tight pussy. She wasn't very lubricated, so I took my time with the push.

"That's it," said Alex. "Nice and slow. "

I pulled back then slid forward some more.

"Mmmm. .

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  . " she purred.

I continued slowly plunging deeper and deeper into her until I was all the way in.

"That feels so fucking good," moaned Alex.

I didn't know what to say. My mind was blown. Here I was fucking Alex with three of her friends just outside the door. Where we were in the kitchen, the other girls couldn't see us but we couldn't see them either. One of them could walk in on us at any time.

I pulled back slowly. Her cunt grabbed at my cock as it retreated, sending thrills up my spine.

"Yeah, Dylan. Nice and slow like that. "

I slowly pushed forward again as I shook my head at the craziness of it all. I had been friends with Alex for years, but she had never seemed interested in me before.

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   She had been merely one of Emily's friends this morning and now I was fucking her.

"You're sooooo good. Keep taking your time. "

I slowly fucked Alex. She moaned during each stroke. It wasn't a great angle and her bikini bottom kept rubbing against my cock, but the craziness of fucking her on the kitchen counter after she had been flirting with me all day made it the hottest fuck I'd ever had.

"Pull out," commanded Alex suddenly.

I pulled out of her and backed away as Faith entered the kitchen with Emily a few feet behind her.

"Thanks for being such a great host," said Faith as she waved to me. Alex came out from behind the counter to give Faith a hug. I felt ashamed standing behind the counter naked. If there was anyone who I didn't want to embarrass with my nakedness, it was Faith. I managed to keep the counter between myself and Faith. The girls continued through the house to the front door. I pulled up my swim trunks as I heard Emily and Alex wish Faith good-bye.

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   I was frustrated and confused. Had Alex known that Faith was close to leaving?

Emily and Alex came back into the kitchen. Emily continued towards the back door while Alex drifted over to me. Once the door closed behind Emily, Alex had her tongue in my mouth and her hand on my cock. After a few seconds, she stepped back.

"We'll continue that fuck after Dakota leaves, but you have to do exactly what I tell you. The first thing you have to do is break up with Megan. Understood?" It was a command.

"Understood. "

Alex went out the back door, leaving me stunned in the kitchen. I finally gathered my wits and went up the stairs to my room.

Megan was very understanding about my breaking up with her. I suspected that we had lasted a lot longer than she had expected. I told her I had enjoyed every minute of being with her. We reminisced for quite a while.

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   I was a little sad to end the relationship with Megan, but I was under Alex's spell now.

When I came downstairs, Emily and Alex were talking in the kitchen. Dakota had left. I had hardly joined their conversation when Alex said to Emily, "We left the cups outside. "

"I'll get them!"

Once the back door was closed, Alex turned to me. "When she gets back, tell her you're going to go work in the garage for a while. Go out, then come back in ten minutes and quietly enter her room. Understood?"

"But. . . "

"It's important. You have to trust me. Understood?"

"Understood," I said with resignation as Emily came back in with the cups.

I told Emily that I more to do in the garage and left. I was uncomfortable lying to her.

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   I went outside and continued to feel uneasy. The sneaking into her room in ten minutes gave me a bad feeling. I didn't understand what was going on.

When the ten minutes were up, I quietly climbed the stairs. When I got to Emily's door, I could hear Alex moaning. I turned the knob slowly then gradually opened the door. Emily and Alex were naked on Emily's bed. Emily was lying on her back with her feet towards me. Alex was straddling her face and was holding on to the headboard with both hands. I could hear lapping sounds. Emily was obviously eating out Alex.

Alex looked over her shoulder and saw me. "A member of our pool party has come back. You know I'm not much for pussy eating, so I asked our mystery guest to eat you while you eat me. " Alex jerked her head, indicating that I should come to the bed.



Alex obviously wanted me to eat out Emily and I wasn't going to be able to fuck Alex unless I did. I had already committed myself to Alex by breaking up with Megan. If checking out my sister's tits was wrong, then eating out her pussy was really, really wrong. Alex had Emily pinned in a position that kept her from seeing it was me. I could leave now and she may never know I had been in her room.

But, damn!, I did want to fuck Alex. And she had said that it was important and to trust her. She had been Emily's best friend since they were little kids. Alex would mess with guys every day of the week, but I knew she would do nothing to hurt Emily.

I decided to do what Alex wanted. If it went wrong, I would blame Alex. I quietly slipped off my swim trunks as I crossed the room to Emily's bed, where I buried my head between her legs.

Emily spread her legs wide. She wanted to be eaten out.

"Emily loves a good pussy eating," purred Alex.

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   "I just can't keep her satisfied. "

I dove in, running my tongue up and down her slit. I thought I heard Emily moan, but it was hard to hear her.

"Emily likes that," said Alex.

I continued running my tongue around her pussy. Megan had loved to be eaten out and had taught me a lot about how to eat pussy. I knew the clit was the key to making a girl cum, but it was best to start slowly, get everything excited then focus on the clit at the end.

"God, this is so hot," moaned Alex. I looked up to see her undulate on Emily's face. Her ass looked great. I returned to the task Alex had given me.

Alex was a loud one. She continued to moan and tell Emily how good it felt. "I'm almost there, Em! I'm almost there!" Shortly thereafter, she let out a loud "Ugghhh!"

I continued lapping at my sister's pussy. I wished I could get some feedback.

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   I did what I would do for Megan. Emily had stopped eating Alex and I could hear her panting now. Alex kept her position on top of Emily, blocking her from seeing who was eating her.

"Are you getting a good pussy eating?" asked Alex. "You must be. You look close to cumming. Are you going to cum hard for our guest pussy eater?"

I didn't hear Emily's response, but I was determined to make her cum hard. My tongue was everywhere around her clit. I wiggled just the tip back and forth as I slowly danced it around her clit bump. I could hear Emily's pants get longer and harder. I continued my tongue's dance.

Emily arched her back suddenly and I knew she was cumming. She twisted back and forth as her orgasm took her. Alex kept her head pinned in place. The twists slowed then came to a stop.

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"That was a good one," said Alex. "Time for our guest's reward. " Alex rolled off Emily and flung herself down on her back while spreading her legs. "Fuck me, Dylan. "

I clambered up to mount her. Alex grabbed my cock and guided it to her cunt.

"Dylan!" I heard my sister cry.

I plunged into Alex. She was sopping wet and I encountered no resistance.

"Fuck me!" Alex wailed. "Fuck me hard!"

I slammed into her, pulled out and slammed again. It felt great, like a dam of lust was breaking inside of me. All the sexual tension that had built up through the day was finally getting released.

"I'm out of here," I heard my sister say.

A couple more strokes then I felt cum explode out of my balls.


   It was too soon! I had barely begun fucking!

"I'm sorry, Alex. "

"It's okay. I suspected that would happen. " Then Alex yelled out, "Come back, Emily. We're done here for a while. "

I moved to one side of the bed as Alex moved to the other. Emily appeared in the doorway.

"Come here, Emily. Come on. The usual position. We have a lot to talk about. "

Emily paused by the door for a moment, then came into the room. Alex stood up and guided Emily onto the bed. Alex laid down on her side and Emily leaned against her. Alex wrapped her arms around her.

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   Both were facing me.

"I can't believe you had my brother eat me. "

"He did a good job and you enjoyed it. " said Alex very tenderly.

"The way you said it, I thought it was Dakota or Faith. "

"I meant for you to think that. I'll explain why in a minute, but first let me explain what's going on to Dylan. "

The way Alex held Emily and the way she talked to her, I could see the care and concern. It was almost like a mom and a small child.

"For homecoming," Alex said to me in a normal voice, "our football team's star wide receiver Cody Taylor asked Emily to the dance. Emily was so excited and all her friends including me were happy for her. But none of us knew that Cody was a total asshole. He popped her cherry in the backseat of his car after the dance. He did nothing to make it enjoyable for Emily and it was quite painful. It was practically a rape.

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   Cody bragged about popping her cherry to everyone at school the next day. "

Tears were flowing down Emily's face. Alex continued to hold her tightly. "That's how their relationship continued. It was all about Cody getting his rocks off and he did nothing to make sex enjoyable for Emily. He was verbally abusive to her as well, calling her his slut and his whore. After Thanksgiving, she told me about how bad it was with Cody. It took till January for me to convince her to break up with Cody. After they broke up, he told every guy at school that she was frigid. "

That explained the change in Emily's personality.

"After Cody, Emily was convinced that sex was vastly overrated, that it wasn't enjoyable at all. I'm bi, though I prefer guys. I decided to show Emily that sex is normally a lot of fun. We've been having a little affair ever since. During the school year, I don't have time for guys so I enjoyed taking breaks from studying to do a little cuddling and a little sex with Emily.

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  " Alex kissed Emily on the top of her head. "Now that the school year is over, we have a problem. I'm ready for some fucking and Emily is convinced she's gay. "

"I am gay. "

"No, you're not. You're bi like me. You might even be straight. You just had a bad apple turn you off of guys. "

"Or maybe I had a good apple turn me on to girls? I'm gay. "

Alex sighed. "Anyway, Emily gets upset at the idea of me being with a guy. "

"You're going to dump me. "

"I'm not going to dump you. I love you. " Back to me.

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   "I've been trying to think how to get everything straightened out. I had already thought of having a guy sneak in and eat Emily out while she thought it was a girl. But I couldn't think of a guy to do it with. When we were discussing guys earlier today, it was like, 'Nope, Nope, Nope'. Then you said Emily's tits were bigger than mine and the whole plan fell into place. "

"So you used my brother. "

"I didn't use your brother. He's my boyfriend now. I've always liked Dylan, just not enough to go out with him. But he was different today. College matured him a lot. Also, he hit that sweet spot of putting up with my stupid shit without letting me push him around. And most important, he really cares about you. "

"It didn't work. I'm still gay.

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"Did you enjoy Dylan eating your pussy?"

"I thought it was Dakota or Faith. "

"Did you enjoy Dylan eating your pussy?"

"It wasn't a fair test. "

"Would you like for Dylan to eat your pussy again while I kiss you and play with your boobs? Would that be a fair test?"

Emily sighed. "Okay, I enjoyed Dylan eating my pussy. But he probably didn't enjoy it. "

"I loved it. "

"You're lying. You're saying that just so you can fuck Alex, who's going to dump me. "

"Tell her the truth," said Alex.

"Look, I started eating you only because I knew I had to do it if I wanted to fuck Alex. But after a while, I got into it. I was glad to please you. I was really happy to give you a big cum. "

Alex gave me a huge smile. "See.

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   And you know as much as I love to kiss and cuddle with you and have you eat my pussy, I'm not much for eating you. Now, Dylan can eat your pussy while you eat mine, then I'll fuck him silly. We'll all be happy. "

"It's wrong. He's my brother. "

"What is wrong is what Cody did to you. He hurt you very badly. We both love you and we're trying to undo that damage. This is two wrongs hopefully making a right. You can let us try to heal your pain, or you can go see a shrink. Your choice. We'll support you either way. "

Emily thought for a while. "Wouldn't a shrink be expensive?"

"I would think so," said Alex.

If there was one thing that our parents didn't have with me in college and Emily about to go, it was money.



"Do the two of you love me?"

"Yes!" I said quickly.

"You know I love you," said Alex as she kissed Emily's head again.

"Okay. I'll trust you," said Emily.

Alex hugged Emily. "We won't disappoint you. " She released Emily, hopped off the bed and walked around to my side. "My new boyfriend and I haven't had a proper fuck yet and it's time to remedy that. "

"I'll leave you two alone. "

"Stay," said Alex as she took my cock in her hand. I rolled onto my back as she knelt down next to the bed.

"I don't want to. "

"Please. I promise to do anything you want after Dylan and I are done. Including kicking Dylan out of the room.

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Alex inhaled my cock and slid her lips all the way down to its base. It felt heavenly.

"Why?" asked Emily.

Alex slid her lips back up the full length of my cock then her mouth made a loud pop as it released my cock. "Because it gets me hot having you here. " Alex wrapped her hand around my cock and slid it gradually upward. "And I want to give you some lessons on giving head. "

"I don't want to give head again. It was awful. "

Alex told me, "Cody rammed his cock into Emily's mouth and told her to suck it. "

"I gagged. It was so awful. Then he laughed at me. He would keep gagging me with his dick until I begged him to fuck me just to get it over with. "

Jesus, what a monster.

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   I wanted to beat the shit out of him, but I knew that I couldn't take him and his football buddies.

"Giving head can be lots of fun," Alex said in a sultry tone. She gave one side of my cock a long, wet kiss. "Though I prefer fucking. "

"My mouth is too small. "

"My mouth isn't big. " She gave the other side of my cock a long wet kiss. "Some techniques take practice, but other techniques can be done right away. "

"Why don't you show me with your next boyfriend?"

Alex had taken my cock back into her mouth. She did swirls around my cock head as she pumped my base with her hand, then once again she took her mouth off my cock.

"I'm not going to offer you lessons with any other boyfriend. With any other guy, I'd have to worry about him dumping me for you. " Alex gave me a Cheshire cat smile and went back to slowly pumping my cock up and down with her hand. "Dylan, what do you think of my being bi?"

I shrugged. "I'm still trying to get used to the idea of being your boyfriend.

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   It's part of the package, isn't it?"

"I've never told a guy before that I'm bi. Only Emily and my first girl know. Do you mind if I have sex with Emily?"

"No. "

"Even when you aren't around?"

"Anything you do to make Emily happy is fine with me. "

"Would you be willing to cover for us when we have sex? I don't want to have to explain to people I'm bi and Emily isn't comfortable with people knowing about our relationship. "

"I'd be happy to cover for you. "

Alex looked at Emily. "See. I'm not dumping you and my boyfriend fully supports us. "

I felt so manipulated. It wasn't fair of Alex to ask me about continuing her affair with Emily in front of her. What could I say? That Emily was shit out of luck? We should have discussed her and Emily after Alex and I had dated for a while. I was still sore over Alex manipulating me to lie to Emily, to sneak into her room and to eat her out. Alex probably manipulated Emily to sun topless and show me her tits. All this manipulation had to stop.



Then I was hit by another thought - how many dates should we have had before Alex told me she was bisexual? Wasn't that something better to tell me upfront? Her being bisexual meant that she would need time alone with her female lover just like I expected her to spend time alone with me. If I couldn't handle that, it was best to end the relationship before it started so there would be no hard feelings.

How many dates should we have had before Alex told me that she was having an affair with my sister? Who was really in need of a positive heterosexual experience?

I realized that Alex had manipulated me not for her benefit, but for Emily's. It sounded like she had been carrying Emily for months and Emily was asking for more from Alex than she could comfortably give. If Alex's only concern had been landing me as her boyfriend, she could have done that easily. I was hers for the taking. She then could have kept her affair with Emily a secret or broken up with Emily. But she wanted me to be her boyfriend in a way that Emily could handle. That required manipulating us to accept a romantic set up that both of us would have rejected if it had been our free choice.

What if she had broken up with Emily? Emily probably would have plunged into depression. She was so fragile as it was. Had Alex hit her limit of support she could give Emily? Had she decided that she needed me involved in order to provide support also? That would explain why she leapt into our relationship rather than play the field like she had done in prior summers.

I wanted my happy, bubbly little sister back. I would do anything for that. My plan of walking on egg shells whenever I was around Emily would have gotten old fast.

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   Now, I knew the cause of Emily's personality change. Now, I was involved with her at that level. Now, I could have frank conversations with Emily and Alex about what it would take to make things better. If it took me eating my sister out regularly to get her to feel good about herself again, then so be it.

I realized that Alex had her hand around my limp cock.

"Have you decided to rejoin us?" Alex asked.

"I'm sorry. " I had to pick my words carefully. "I was thinking about how rushed the changes in our relationships have been. " I reached out and grabbed Emily's hand. "And how glad I am to be here with the two of you. "

"I know I pushed things way too fast," said Alex, "but I really wanted you. "

Alex sucked my cock into her mouth and had me hard in no time. She created a symphony of pleasure using her mouth, tongue and fingers. No girl I had been with came close to giving head as good as Alex could.

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"Come on," Alex said to Emily. "Try a taste. "

"No. "

"He ate you. You should return the favor. "

"No. " Alex and Emily stared at each other. "You aren't going to stop badgering me until I say yes, aren't you?"

"You got that right, girl. "

"Oh, okay," Emily said with exasperation, though the exasperation sounded forced.

Alex showed Emily two things - the wet kiss up and down each side of my cock, then swirling the tongue around the crown of my cock. Emily got them down quickly. I praised her constantly as she worked my cock, doing my best to build her self-confidence. When Alex had first mentioned teaching Emily how to give head, I had doubted the wisdom of the idea. But now, I could see Emily had been scared of my cock and now was comfortable handling it.

"Lie down, Emily" said Alex once Emily had mastered the tongue swirl.

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   Alex jumped over me and onto the bed. She hugged Emily around the chest while sticking her ass up in the air. "Fuck me, Dylan. Watching you and Emily has me so fucking horny. "

Alex didn't have to ask twice. I quickly lined myself up and buried my cock in her in one thrust.

"Yes! Fuck me, Dylan. Fuck me hard. "

I grabbed her around the waist and began pounding her. She met my every slam with gusto.

"Oh! Oh! I love it! Oh, God!"

Alex kept up a stream of comments, cheering me on. She clearly loved me fucking her.

I looked at my sister. How was she taking my fucking her best friend literally on top of her? Emily had Alex wrapped up in a hug. When I made eye contact with Emily, she smiled at me.

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   What was she thinking? Was she happy that I was giving her best friend such pleasure? I felt somewhat like I was fucking Emily too. Did Emily feel the same? Did she enjoy that feeling like I did?

There was no doubt what Alex was thinking. "Oh! Oh! I'm close to cumming! Keep fucking me! Oh, God! Oh, God! OOOOHHHH!"

I felt Alex's body quake as her orgasm swept over her. I kept pounding her.

"I need a break," said Alex as she rolled away from me and flopped on to her back. My cock slipped out of her as she rolled. "That was so good, let me catch my breath. "

Then Alex gave me a big smile. "Fuck Emily. "


"Fuck Emily. Give her a small taste of what a good fuck is like. "

I looked down at Emily. She was lying on her back in the middle of the bed. She didn't say anything. She didn't protest but she didn't invite me.

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   I really wanted to keep fucking.

I walked on my knees towards Emily until my cock was near her cunt. She had a look of fear, but did nothing to stop me.

"Are you okay with this?" I asked her as I rubbed my cock up and down her shaved slit.

She gave me a small nod.

Emily looked so beautiful, so vulnerable. Her dark eyes were pools of innocence. Her hair made a halo around her head. Lying there like that emphasized her big tits with their large nipples. They kept their shape more than Alex's did so they were standing up proudly. I had to have her.

I slide the tip of my cock into Emily. She bit her lip, but made no complaints or protests. I slid a little bit more into her. She was wet, but not sopping like Alex had been.

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   I pulled back then slowly pushed forward until my cock was halfway into her. Emily closed her eyes and tilted her head back in what looked like pleasure. I pulled back then slowly pushed forward until my cock was all the way inside of her.

"You want me to continue?"

Emily gave me another small nod while keeping her eyes closed.

"I love you, Emily. "

Emily gave me a small smile.

I pulled back slowly, looking for any sign that Emily wanted me to stop. She gave me none. I thrust forward, going slowly again. I felt Emily's legs wrap around me, pulling me further into her. Her eyes were still closed. Her anxious look was softening into one of pleasure.

I did two more slow cycles of in and out of her. How much was a taste?

Alex asked Emily, "Do you want to stop and I'll take over?". Alex was now kneeling on the floor with her head next to Emily's.



Emily lightly shook her head no.

"I'm going to slide you over to where I can hug you," said Alex. She wrapped her arms around Emily's chest then rotated her on the bed so that her head was close to the edge of the bed. "Are you liking it so far?"

Emily nodded yes.

I continued to pump slowly in and out of Emily. It was so different fucking her. With Alex, she drove me wild with lust and I pounded her like a dog servicing a bitch in heat. With Emily, I was as gentle as I could be. Each stroke was slow and smooth so that she could adjust to having me inside of her. I fucked her like I would fuck a virgin.

In some ways, she was a virgin. This was her first fuck where the guy wanted to make her happy. I was going to show her how lovemaking strengthened the feelings a man and a woman have for each other.

I moved up the bed to change the angle a little bit then increased my speed. Emily kept her eyes closed but was lightly panting.

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   Fucking her felt so good, but it also warmed my heart that I was pleasuring her.

Alex for once had nothing to say. She kept her head next to Emily's. Her hands glided up and down Emily's chest, stroking her skin. Sometimes, she played with Emily's nipples. Other times, she kissed Emily on the cheek. This fuck was an act of love for her like it was for me.

I kept increasing the speed. Emily was panting hard now and so was I. Alex flashed me a big smile. She knew we were both close. I fucked my sister as her legs kept pulling me into her. My love for her swelled in my heart as I continued to take her.

I felt her cunt clutch my cock as she wordlessly arched her back. She was cumming! I gave her three more strokes then I was cumming too.

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   I pushed into her one last time and stayed there as she rocked back and forth while my cum exploded into her.

When I was done cumming, I bent forward and gave Emily a kiss. "I love you, Emily. "

Emily opened her eyes and smiled. "I love you, too. "

I rolled off of her. In a flash, Alex was back on the bed and was cuddling Emily in her arms like she had before.

"Are you okay, Emily? I hope I didn't push you too far. "

"I'm fine," said Emily. "I enjoyed it. " Emily closed her eyes.

I laid on my side on the other side of the bed and held Emily's hand.

"You were right," continued Emily. "I'm not gay. "

Alex gave me a big smile.

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We laid like that for a while. I had never felt so satisfied after having sex. Everything felt right in the world.

Alex said, "I promised you that we would do whatever you wanted afterward, Emily. Do you want to continue cuddling like this?"

"I'd like. . . " My sister blushed. "I'd like to fuck Dylan again. "

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