My Daughters


Two Daughters
March 2001
The light was still on as I walked into the kitchen. I
sat down and looked at the papers, old photographs,
and envelopes scattered on the table. I thought back
to the time almost a year ago before my world changed
and fell apart and then came back together again. I
picked the envelope with Marla's name on it. 'For
Marla on her 16th birthday' was printed on it.


August 2000

Like many couples today, my wife June and I work long
hours just to keep our house together. This would have
been even more difficult if we hadn't managed to get
different shifts so that we didn't have to pay for

My wife worked as an executive assistant from 8:30 AM
to 5:00 PM. I tested mainframe computers from 6:00 PM
to 2:30 AM. Good childcare in the Twin Cities is very
costly and if we had not been able to work different
shifts we would have slowly gone broke. That doesn't
excuse what happened but it does explain how it

As I was saying, I get home about 3:00 in the morning
and my wife leaves at about 8:00. That means that I
have to at least try to be awake when she leaves so
that I can watch our daughter.

I was dead tired that morning when my wife June kissed
me goodbye. "Mark, try to get supper ready before you
leave tonight.

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   I promised to take Becky shopping for
school clothes and if I have to cook, we'll be pressed
for time. "

"Sure thing, dear. " My brain felt so fuzzy I didn't
care what I agreed to.

Mornings tend to be pretty unstructured in our home so
Becky was still dressed in her usual cotton nightie
and panties. I was still in my under shorts and
bathrobe. I parked Becky in front of the television
and went to take a shower to try to wake up. It didn't
work all that well. I wrapped a towel around my waist
after I was done and checked on Becky. The childrens'
shows on public TV still had her enthralled.

I lay down on my bed to catch forty winks. I didn't
even bother dressing first. I was only going to sleep
for a half hour or so and then get on with my daily

One other side effect of my wife and I working
different shifts is that our sex life is almost non-
existent. Maybe that's just another attempt to shift
the blame but I feel I ought to mention it.

Anyway, there I was spread out on my bed, with a towel
around my waist, sawing logs and having a very
pleasant erotic dream.

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   My 8-year-old daughter was in
the living room watching Barney or some such cartoon
character. I had the normal male reaction to an erotic
dream. I ejaculated all over my belly. My nocturnal
emission could not have come at a more inopportune
time (pardon the pun). I shot my wad shortly after my
daughter came into my bedroom. Well actually I don't
know how long she watched before I creamed all over my

My towel had come undone and was not covering any part
of my anatomy. My erect penis was lying on my belly
pointed directly at my chest. Becky watched me shoot
cum all the way to my chin. Most guys will tell you
that they wake up when they start to cum and that's
just what I did. I woke up to see my innocent daughter
staring at my crotch as glob after glob of cum
splashed on my chest.

My first instinct was to yell at her to get out. I
fought that completely normal reaction and tried to
think how I could get her out of my room without
traumatizing her. She had seen me naked when she was a
couple years younger but 8-year-old girls should not
see their fathers cum. It was too late now.

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"You should knock before you come into mommy and
daddy's bedroom, Becky. You know that. " I calmly
draped the towel over my rapidly deflating penis. "Is
there something you need, honey?"

"Could you make me a cheese sandwich, Daddy?" Becky
was looking at my cum drenched chest instead of my

"Why would you want to be a cheese sandwich? Don't you
like being a little girl?"

This was one of our games. We both found it to be
extremely hilarious and this word play seemed like a
good way to remove the tension from the situation. It

Becky giggled. "I don't want to make ME into a cheese
sandwich, Daddy, I want you to MAKE a cheese sandwich
for ME to EAT. "

"Sure, honey. You go to the kitchen and put the bread
and cheese on the counter. I'll be out in a minute. "

I breathed a sight of relief as I watched her cute
little butt exit my room. That's not how I should be
thinking of my own daughter. But that's what I
remember thinking.

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   I could see the lighter colored
shape of her panties under the thin cotton nightie. I
watched her hips sway girlishly as she walked to the
door. She turned when she got to the door. She stood
sideways for a second. One perky little nipple poked
at the front of her thin nightgown. My cock was
getting hard again.

"Hurry up, daddy. I'm getting hungry. "

"Be there in a minute, dear. "

I tried not to think about my reaction as I dressed.
Fathers are not supposed to get erections when they
look at their daughters.


Becky was sitting at the counter when I walked into
the kitchen. The kitchen was already hot from the
August sun streaming in through the sliding glass
doors that led to the patio. I sat on the stool next
to Becky and grabbed a couple slices of bread.

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many slices of cheese, Becky?"

"Umm, two. "

"Mayo or butter. "

"Mayo. "


"Umm, no. "

"Gopher guts?"

Becky giggled. "Daddy! We don't have any gopher guts
for sandwiches!"

"I could go get some. "

That brought another fit of giggling. I continued to
make the sandwich through all of this back and forth.
I handed her the sandwich and went to wash the dishes.
Becky seemed not at all traumatized by what had just
taken place.

Becky finished her sandwich and went to watch more TV.
I couldn't let it rest, though. I followed her to the
living room. I sat on the couch next to her. Some
cartoon character was trying to teach Spanish words to
the audience.

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   I muted the TV.

"Becky, I want to talk to you about what you saw in
the bedroom. "

"O. K. , Daddy. "

Now that I had started this I wasn't sure how to
proceed. I took a deep breath. I needed to keep this
low key and non-threatening. "Now, you know that your
supposed to knock before you come into my bedroom. "

"Yes. " She spoke very quietly.

"O. K. Tell me why you're supposed to knock. "

"Because you want to be in there alone?


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   And I might not be dressed and want to dress
before you come in. Like today. "

"I know, Daddy. I'm sorry. "

I kissed her forehead. "I know you're sorry. I just
wanted to be sure you understood. " I took another
breath. "I also want to ask you to not mention this to
Mommy when she gets home. "

"Why not?"

"Well, it was an accident but Mommy might not
understand how it happened. I should have been awake
and dressed when you walked in not asleep and
undressed. "

Becky shrugged. "O. K. , Daddy.

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I sighed with relief. I hadn't realized how tense I
was until now. "

"Daddy. "

"Yes, honey. "

"What was that stuff that came out of your thing?"

That was one question I hadn't expected. "Why do you
ask, honey?"

"Welllll. " Becky seemed reluctant to tell me why she
wanted to know. I started to wonder if I had affected
her after all.

"You can tell me, Becky. I'll be honest with you, if
you're honest with me. "

Now it was Becky's turn to sigh. "O. K. Daddy, I'll
tell you. Marla says that white stuff comes out her
Daddy's thing when she touches it.

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   I just wanted to
know if that's the same stuff. "

That set me back. Becky's best friend Marla was
playing with her Dad's penis and watching him cum.
Jack and I were friends. His wife Betty had died a
little over a year ago and Jack had gotten pretty
depressed but he seemed to be better lately.

I was their daughter Marla's godfather. They had lived
right across the street from us since before our kids
were born. Our families had eaten at each other's
table so many times I couldn't count them. Betty and I
had had a short-lived affair before the kids came
along but our families' friendship had survived even
that. Was Jack really molesting his daughter or rather
having his daughter molest him? I had to be really
careful here.

"Yes it is the same stuff. Just what did Marla tell

"Last year her Dad got sick after Marla's Mom died. He
stayed home from work for a long time and Marla
watched T. V. with him.

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   One day he took out his thing
and played with it until the white stuff came out. Her
Dad told her not to tell any one because he might get
into trouble. After that her Dad would play with his
thing every day while they watched T. V. Then one day
her asked her to play with it. The white stuff
squirted way up in the air and some landed in her
hair. Her Dad made her swear not to tell anyone. She
still plays with his thing almost every day. "

"If she promised not to tell anyone why did she tell

Becky looked at me like I was dense. "Because Me and
are bestest friends. We tell each other everything. "

"So you'll tell Marla about what you saw today?"

Becky shrugged. "Maybe. We talk about a lot of stuff. "

"Has Marla's Dad asked her to do other things?"




"You can tell me, honey. I won't tell anything that
should be a secret. "

Becky sighed again. "He's also touches her on her
chest and between her legs. And last month he told her
to put her mouth on his thing. The stuff squirted into
her mouth and she spit it out. She said it tasted
awful. Why would he ask her to put her mouth on his

"Well, honey, for most men it feels really good when
their girlfriends do that to them. I think it was
wrong of her Dad to ask her to do that, though. Does
it make Marla feel bad when her Dad makes her play
with him?"

"It did at first but now she says it makes her tingle.
Especially between her legs. She doesn't know how she
feels about it. "

"What have they taught you in school about this,

"The teachers said that if anybody touches you in your
private places you should tell somebody right away.
But Marla doesn't want to tell anyone about her Dad.
She doesn't want to get him into trouble.

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I should have called Child Protection immediately. Why
didn't I?

"Let me think about this for a bit. Could you invite
Marla over this afternoon? I'll talk to her about it.
Maybe we can work something out. "

"Sure. We were planning to go to the park this
afternoon. We'll come over here first. "

"Good, honey. All right, then, go get dressed and
let's get the housework done. "


The morning went by pretty quickly. I managed to work
side by side with Becky without once getting an
erection. Maybe I wasn't a pervert.

I still hadn't decided what to do about Jack. I
guessed I would wait to hear what Marla had to say.

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Marla came over just before lunch. The girls were
dressed in flower-patterned halter-tops and denim
shorts. They looked almost like sisters.

I served the girls chicken soup and tuna salad
sandwiches while we chatted about inconsequential
things. After the dishes were washed and set in the
dish rack to dry, I cleared my throat.

"Marla, Becky told me some things today that I feel
you and I need to talk about. "

"I know. She told me on the phone this morning. "

"Are you willing to talk to me about your Dad?"

"I guess so. Dad told me not to tell anyone but you
already know so. why not?"

"Do you want Becky to be with us while we talk?"

Marla hesitated. "No. I'll talk to you alone. "
"Fair enough, Marla. Let's go to the family room.

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Becky, why don't you play in your room for a while?
I'll use the intercom to call you if Marla wants you
to come down stairs. "

"O. K. , Daddy. Come up and get me when you're done

Marla sat on the couch and I sat in my rocking chair.
She was so short that her little legs stuck almost
straight out. I still didn't know how to proceed. I
decided to get facts and hope something occurred to

"Tell me what your Dad wants you to do to him. "

"Becky already told you. He has me take out his thing
and rub it up and down until he squirts his stuff. "

Marla watched her feet intently as she kicked her legs
back and forth. I felt that Marla had more that she
wanted to say. "What else does your Dad make you do?"
I asked quietly.

"He makes me to put my mouth over it and have the
stuff squirt into my mouth, it tastes kind of yucky,
and he puts his hand on my boobs and on my cunny while
I do it makes me feel kind of weird but sometimes it
feels kind of nice.

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  . "

"Do you want him to stop?"

Marla kicked her legs up and down for a few seconds
while she looked down at her lap.

"Sometime he makes me do it when I don't want to. Like
last night he came into my room while I was asleep. He
woke me up and made me do it to him. He didn't even
call me Marla. He called me Betty. I think he thinks
that I'm Mom. "

"I think you might be right Marla. The important thing
now is to decide what to do about it. I could talk to
your Dad and tell him to let you be if you'd like. I
could also take you to a social worker and they could
have you live with someone else for a while until your
Dad can get some help. Do you know what you want to

"I don't want to go live with someone else, that's for
sure. You talk to him first. Maybe he'll stop.

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"I'll talk to him as soon as he gets home. You have my
word. You and Becky go play now. Come back here when
you're done playing. Don't go home first. Your Dad
might be upset that someone knows. "

"O. K. " Marla crawled off the couch and ran up stairs.
I stayed in the family room for a few minutes trying
to figure out what to say to Jack. I heard the back
door slam a few minutes later. Jack should be home
early this afternoon. I had about an hour to come up
with something.


The confrontation went even worse than I had imagined.

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Jack denied everything at first. I told him that Marla
herself had told me about it. I mentioned all the
things that she had told me. He admitted some of them
and then denied that they were as serious as they
sounded. He had exposed himself accidentally. He had
jacked off in front of Marla. Marla had asked him to
let her do it. He hadn't touched Marla. He had touched
her after she asked him to. The man was just losing
it. It became obvious that talking to Jack was a lost
cause. I told him that I was going to have to call
Child Protection if he couldn't promise to stop
molesting Marla. He cried and finally said that he
wouldn't do it anymore. He was lying of course. I
could see it in his eyes.

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   I finally told him that I
wasn't going to call them. He could see that I was
lying. Halfway across the street I looked back at the
house. The whole house seemed dark and deserted. My
stomach tightened.

I picked up the phone as soon as I got home. It was
already 4:00. I expected the girls to be back any time
now. I was just starting to call when Becky and Marla
walked in the front door. I quickly hung up the phone.
I couldn't call with Marla in the room.

"Did you talk to my Dad?"

"Yes I did, Marla, but I don't think it did any good.
I think I'm going to have to call a social worker. "

"Do you have to? I don't want Daddy to get into
trouble. "

I dodged the issue.

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"Why don't you stay for supper, Marla? I'll call them
right after supper. "

A really loud bang prevented me from hearing her
answer. A chill went through my body before my brain
even registered what the sound was.

"Stay here, girls. Don't open the door until I get
back. "

I ran across the street before they answered.

Jack's living room was a mess. He had used his
shotgun. I felt sick as I closed the door and went
back to my house.

"Girls, I want you to go up to Becky's room. Close the
door and stay there until I come up to get you. " As
soon as I heard the door close, I called 911. I stayed
on the phone until the police showed up.

I hadn't seen the note Jack left. It was addressed to

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   Jack said he was sorry for all that he had done
but never got specific. The police wanted to take
Marla to a children's shelter for the evening but I
persuaded them to let her stay with us for the night
since June and I were her godparents.

June got home in the middle of all the mess. I told
her that Jack had committed suicide but left out the
sexual activity between Jack and Marla. That secret
could die with Jack.

Jack's will left everything to June and me. I know we
had agreed to be designated as guardians for each
other's children but Jack had seen to it that we had
enough money to care for Marla.

June and I went through the papers in Jack's house
after probate was complete. The financial papers we
dealt with immediately. The family papers we set aside
for Marla to go through when she was older. June put
most of the papers and photos in our deposit box.

Jack hadn't spent any of the insurance from Betty's
death and that coupled with the insurance from his
suicide meant that I could afford to change careers. I
had been testing computer systems but wanted to get
into software design so I quit my job and became a
full time househusband and part time consulting
programmer. I could do almost all of my work from home
and was able to care for the girls during the day.

Marla needed a lot of caring.

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   She was very clingy due
to the death of her father just a year following the
death of her mother. Two or three times a day she
would stop playing and frantically search for June or
me. She would get more and more panicky as she ran
from room to room looking for one of us. Our
pediatrician recommended a good child psychologist and
I took Marla to see him.

After only four sessions, he asked to speak with June
and me alone. I suspected that he had discovered Marla
had been molested by Jack. I was wrong.

He just wanted to tell us that Marla was behaving
normally for a girl who had just lost her parents and
tell us what to expect in the future. The clingy
behavior would lessen as the months passed but
periodic lapses could be expected. The anger at her
father could also be redirected at me. I would
probably be blamed for anything and everything in the
next couple years. He didn't warn me about Marla
attempting to recreate all the aspects of her
relationship with her father.

February 2001

It was about six months after the suicide. Becky and
Marla had just gotten home from school. After hanging
up their coats and boots they disappeared into the
family room to watch cartoons and do homework until


   A few minutes later Marla came into my home
office. She was wearing her regular outfit of blue
jeans and white blouse.

"Do you like me, Jack?"

"You know I do, Marla. Why do you think I don't?"

"You don't do the things with me that my Dad used to
do. "

"What things do you want me to do?"

Marla blushed. "You know. Like we talked about the day
that my Dad. You know. "

"It would be wrong for me to do those things with you,
honey. Besides, you said you didn't like it and you
wanted me make him stop. Why do you want me to do them
to you?"

"I just wanted you to make him stop doing them some of
the times. Like when I'm sleeping. Some of the times I
really felt good when we were doing those things. Can
we do them?"

Why didn't I say no immediately? I don't know. Maybe I
don't want to remember why I didn't.

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   I do remember
looking at Marla and not seeing just a little girl. I
saw a little girl who was starting to develop a
figure. Her breasts were forming distinct mounds under
her blouse. Her hips were beginning to fill out her
blue jeans in a manner that was not as childish as it
was only last summer. When had I started noticing
these things? Had I ever not noticed them? Marla was
still waiting for an answer.

"What things exactly do you want me to do to you?"

"Wellll, I sorta liked it when Daddy rubbed me between
my legs and when he rubbed my chest. If you do that
for me then I'll rub your thingy. "

"Honey, you can rub yourself if you want. You really
don't need me to do it for you. "

"I know. I've tried doing it but it just doesn't feel
the same. Maybe you can show me how?"

I steeled myself to give the answer that I knew was
the correct. "I told you, honey. That just isn't
something I can do. "


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   I really like the way that makes me feel

She looked so pathetic and sad as she pleaded with me.
My brain was on fire with the thought of putting my
hands on her hairless twat. I felt my resolve begin to

I patted my lap. "Come sit up here, Marla. "

She situated herself on my lap. I turned her so that
her back was against my chest with her legs on the
outside of my legs.

I took her hand in mine. "I'll show you how I do it to
girls. " I placed her hand against her crotch and
covered it with mine. I started moving her hand up and
down her jeans covered crotch.

"I can't feel anything through my jeans. Let me take
them off. "

Marla wriggled out of her jeans and placed my hand
against the thin piece of cloth that covered her slit.
My erect cock pressed into the crack of butt cheeks.

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broke out in a sweat as I felt the crease between her
pussy lips. My hand began to caress her slit
automatically. My mind had ceased functioning.

Marla's body started responding. Her panties got wet.
Her breathing grew rapid. Low moans came from her
mouth. My hand speeded up. My finger slipped between
her pussy lips. Faster. Marla's hands pressed my hand
harder against her crotch. I closed my eyes and
abandoned my self to the sensations.

Minutes passed. Nothing existed outside of her hot wet
pussy and my flying fingers. Marla's body began to
spasm against my sopping wet fingers.

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   I clutched her
to my chest and continued to massage her gushing cunt
until she was limp. I kissed the top of Marla's head.
Both of us were exhausted.

"Marla. Daddy. " I heard Becky calling from the stairs.
Her footsteps were slowly ascending.

"Get dressed!" I whispered frantically into Marla's
ear as I lifted her from my lap and stood her on the
floor. I dashed to the door and closed it quietly. I
braced the door closed with my foot as Marla slowly
got dressed.

Becky's voice was right outside my door. Marla was
tugging her jeans over her hips. "Daddy. Marla. Are
you guys in there?"

"Just a minute, Becky.

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  " Marla was taking forever. She
zipped up her jeans. She still looked like a girl who
was basking in the afterglow of an orgasm. She smelled
like one, too. I hoped Becky wouldn't notice.

"What do you need, Becky?" I said as I opened the
door. Marla looked as if she had been hit with a

"What are you guys doing in here? I thought I heard
Marla crying. "

"We were just playing, dear. "

Marla moved to the door like she was in a dream. "Can
we play again tomorrow, Daddy?"

"Sure, Marla. "

I shut the door behind the girls. My cock was aching.
I had just molested my goddaughter and had an erection
that wouldn't quit. I didn't know whether to wash my
hands or jack off.

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I jacked off and then washed my hands. I froze as I
was drying my hands.

Marla had called me Daddy. My eyes filled with tears.


I tried to tell myself that that would be the end of
it. I would just be firm and tell Marla that we
couldn't do those things anymore. The propensity for
man to delude himself is limitless. I knew it was a
lie even as I thought the words.

I was not surprised when Marla came to my office again
a few days later. I said all the appropriate words in
my head but they never made it to my mouth. Marla
closed the door and stripped off her jeans and panties
before crawling on my lap and placing my hand on her
bare pussy.

I closed my eyes and surrendered to my passions. My
fingers worked their magic on the flesh between
Marla's legs. One finger found her clit and began to
tease the nubbin hidden between the lips.

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   My mouth
watered with desire to place her sex at my lips and
drink her juice.

Marla's breath once again grew ragged and labored as I
pleasured her. My free hand stole under her tee shirt
to caress a nipple that did not yet need a brassiere.
Marla wriggled her ass against my stiff cock enough to
stimulate me. I wanted remove my pants so that the
bare flesh of penis could nestle itself between her
cheeks, but that would have required stopping, but I
couldn't bear the thought of stopping now.

Marla and I swam in our own ocean of desire, bounding
from one wave of pleasure to the next until at last
both of us were limp. Her orgasm had drenched my
fingers with her juice. I lifted my fingers to my
mouth. I inhaled the scent of her sex as I sucked her
juices from my fingers.

That's how Becky found us.

Marla, naked from the waist down, sitting on my lap.
Me, with one hand still under Marla's shirt, caressing
a small breast and the other hand in my mouth licking
her juice from my fingers. Becky walked into my room
and this time there was no way to disguise what Marla
and I were doing.

Marla lazily turned to face Becky. "See.

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   I told you
Daddy was doing it to me. It really feels great,
Becky. You have to try it. "

"But Daddy said it was wrong. How come you started
doing it to Marla, Daddy?"

I was still feeling good from my sexual arousal. I
just grinned at Becky. I focused on her cute little
buds poking through her shirt. My cock twitched with
renewed desire. "It just feels so good, honey. Do you
want to try it?"

Becky hesitated. She still remembered my telling her
it was wrong.

Marla crawled off my lap. She gingerly touched her
swollen pussy lips. "You just can't believe how great
it feels, Becky. You've got to try it.

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Becky took off her jeans slowly. I half hoped she
wouldn't get on my lap. She came over to me in her
Wonder Woman panties.

"It's better if you're not wearing panties," said
Marla helpfully.

Becky obligingly removed her panties and assumed
Marla's place my lap.

I ran my fingertips along Becky's smooth slit. I
couldn't believe that I was actually touching my
daughter in this way. Several of my adolescent sexual
fantasies ran through my brain as I pressed my fingers
between those puffy hairless lips.

"Just relax, honey," I whispered. "I won't hurt you. "
My fingers began their slow sensuous massage of
Becky's virgin pussy.

Marla watched intently. She had always been on the
receiving end of this treatment. Her hand copied my
movements as she stood watching Becky receive the same
pleasure that she had received only moments before.

"Get on the chair across from us, Marla.

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   Lay back and
copy my movements. You can do this for yourself any
time you want. "

Marla did as I instructed. I watched hungrily as she
mimicked my motions. Her pussy lips glistened with her
natural lubricant.

Becky's lips became slicker as her juices began to
provide the necessary lubrication. Her breathing
became more ragged under the onslaught of my fingers.
One finger slipped between her pussy lips and followed
the path from her clit to the entrance of her vagina.
The other fingers stimulated the folds between the
outer and inner lips. Becky moaned with delight.

I slipped a hand under her shirt. Her stiff nipples
grew harder under my caresses. Becky's arousal had me
just as stiff.

Marla squealed as she achieved her second orgasm of
the afternoon. Her hand ceased its motion and cupped
her pussy.


   She would learn soon enough how to prolong
an orgasm. I was sure that I would be the one to teach

Becky humped her crotch against my hand. I lightened
my touch and quickened the strokes. Becky moaned and
writhed with arousal. She was getting hungry for
something she had never experienced. She didn't know
what it was but she wanted it desperately. I kept her
on the edge for several more minutes by slowing and
speeding up my manipulation of her clit. She began to
sob with each stroke on her clit. I increased the
pressure slightly and at last she found the release
she sought.

I clasped Becky to my chest as I cupped her pussy.
With no further stimulation, the orgasm passed and
left Becky limp in my arms.

Marla had recovered by this time. "How was it, Becky?"

"It was wonderful. " Becky whispered.

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   "I never realized
I could feel that good. "

The telephone interrupted our quiet recovery from the
sex play. I answered it lazily. "Hello. "

"Hi, honey. This is June. " That got my attention. My
hot sweaty body turned into a cold sweaty body as my
stomach tied itself into a tight ball. Bile rose in my

"I just want to tell you that I'm on my way home now.
I should be there in about thirty minutes. I got off
early because I have to pack and leave for LA
tomorrow. Ms. Jefferson has a deal that's about to
fall apart but thinks she can save it with some face-
to-face persuasion. "

"I'll start supper now and it should be on the table
by the time you're home.

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"Thanks, dear. Bye-bye. "

"Bye. "

I put Becky on the floor. "Girls you need to wash up
for supper. And, uh be sure to wash uh, between your
legs. You also both need to promise me that you won't
talk to Mommy about anything that we did in here
tonight. If she asks what you did after school, just
say that you did home work and watched T. V. Will you
promise me that girls?"

"We promise, Daddy. " Both girls spoke simultaneously.

"Thank you Becky. Thank you Marla. Now go wash up. I
have to start cooking.

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The girls picked up their clothes before running off
to the bathroom bottomless. I watched their cute
little bare butts all the way down the hall. I had
never needed an orgasm so badly.


I had the table set and was putting dinner on the
table when June got home. We all chatted about the
day's activities while we ate. Well the girls and I
did keep quiet about the afternoon's activities.

June was excited about the trip. Her boss had enough
confidence in her abilities to ask her along. She was
to take notes during the meetings and do research in
between. She had even brought home a thick folder of
papers concerning the companies involved in the
negotiations. She wanted to start going through them
as soon as she was done packing.

She went upstairs to pack as soon as she was done
eating. The girls helped me do the dishes before
settling down to finish their homework.

June was busy reading when I got upstairs.

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   "How long
will you be gone, honey?"

"Two days at most. Ms. Jefferson said if we can't wrap
things up by then it isn't worth it. "

"Well, how about a little adult playtime before
bedtime tonight? Just to remind me what I'll bee
missing while you're away. "

June looked up from her papers. "Come back in a couple
hours. If I don't put this stuff away when you get
back, rip the clothes off my body and ravish me on the
floor. Just don't get any cum on the papers. I don't
think I could explain that to Ms. Jefferson. "

I fondled June's breasts as I nuzzled her neck. Her
nipples responded to my touch. "You've got a deal,
honey," I said as June shuddered with delight.

The girls were watching T. V.

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   in the family room when I
got downstairs. I checked their homework and settled
down to watch with them. Becky sat on my right and
Marla sat on my left as we watched some dysfunctional
sitcom family sort out some improbable domestic
problem. The fear of being caught by June prevented me
from continuing our afternoon sex play.

After a couple more sitcoms it was time for bed. The
girls kissed me and went to their bedroom with no
protests. I watched T. V for another half hour and then
went to check on them. They were both in bed with the
lights out. I briefly considered the possibility of
once more touching the bear flesh between their legs.
Instead I just bent down to kiss each girl good night
and quietly closed the door on my way out.

I returned to the family room to watch a little more
but was too horny to sit there. I was about to turn
off the television when June came into the family

Her hair was wet and she was wearing her robe. "You
should have told me you were taking a shower.

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   I could
have helped you wash your back. "

June sat beside me on the couch. "If you were helping
me wash, we would still be in the shower. "

I put one hand under her robe to caress a naked
breast. It felt huge under my hand. Somehow I had
expected it to be the same size as Marla's or Becky's

We kissed hungrily. She was just as eager as I was. I
was startled when she abruptly broke off the kiss.

"I don't want the kids to catch us. Let's go to the
bedroom. "

"They're already asleep. I just checked on them. " I
untied the sash of June's robe.

"Are you sure?" June's fingers fumbled with my belt

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I slipped the robe from her shoulders to expose her
breasts. "Absolutely. "

"Good. " June unbuttoned by shirt.

We were both naked in record time. I looked at June's
neatly trimmed pubic hair. I mentally compared it with
the two hairless pussies I had seen earlier that day.
"Have you ever though of shaving off all your pubic
hair?" I asked June as I placed a hand on her crotch.

June inhaled sharply as my fingers found her clit.
"Not really. Why?"

I didn't answer. Instead, I pushed June backwards
until she was lying on the couch. June made sure that
her robe was under her hips. My mouth briefly suckled
a breast before moving down her belly to the light
brown hair that hid her pussy lips.

June's fingers gripped my hair as I began to work my
tongue into her honey pot.

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   Again I compared her to the
girls. She tasted the same as she had last week.
Neither of the girls tasted better than her. They were
just different.

In short order June was writhing with pleasure. My
erection was aching for release. I rested my jaw for a
second and caught a flicker of movement out of the
corner of my eye.

I instantly knew it was one or both of the girls. I
considered what to do as I reapplied my mouth to
June's pussy. I didn't care if the girls watched but
June did. Well if June saw the girls then she could
decide what to do.

June shrieked as she had her orgasm from my tongue. If
the movement I saw wasn't the girls then I'm pretty
sure that her shriek of pleasure would wake them.

I moved so that I was kneeling on the floor beside
June's head. "Suck me," I said to her.

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   She took my
cock into her mouth and I arched my back as I lost
myself in the moment. I was too close to cumming.

I put my hand on June's head. "Hold it. I'm about to
cum. I want to cum inside you. "

I sneaked a look out of the corner of my eye as I
changed positions. Both Becky and Marla were peeking
around the doorway.

I got between June's legs and positioned the head of
my cock at the entrance to her cunt. June was already
well lubricated with a mixture of my saliva and her
own juices. June guided me as I slid into her. I
sighed as I felt the walls of her cunt embrace my
cock. I love that feeling of first penetration.

We made love slowly and gently. I was still close to
orgasm and wanted to help June to achieve her second
orgasm before I shot my load.

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June came in only a few minutes. Maybe it was the
atypical location for our lovemaking. Maybe it was the
increased chance of being caught by the girls.
Whatever the reason, her orgasm came on hard and fast.
She sobbed and gasped as her muscles spasmed. The
girls were getting an eyeful tonight.

My balls tightened against my body. Cum surged from my
cock and flooded into June's cunt. I seemed to cum for
hours, though it must have been only a few seconds. I
had been waiting for this since I had fingered the
girls that afternoon.

I collapsed onto June's chest. Both of us were sodden
with a rapidly cooling glaze of sweat. I casually
turned my head to the side but was careful to keep my
eyes closed. The girls quickly dodged out of the way.

I knew I would weigh too much for June to bear my
weight for too long so I rolled off of June and sat on
the floor so that my body blocked her view of the


   I opened my eyes just enough to see as I let
out a little theatrical snore.

The girls took the bait and peeped around the corner
again. I put one finger to my lips as I opened my eyes
and waved them away with my other hand. Becky smiled
at me and tugged Marla away from the door.

I gave the girls a few minutes to get into bed before
I shook June's shoulder. "Let's go to bed, Honey. "

June groaned and protested weakly. "Let me sleep
here. "

"Do you want the girls to find you naked and freshly
fucked tomorrow morning?"

She groaned again but slowly sat up. She looked down
between her legs. "God you made a mess. You must have
emptied a quart of cum into me. "

"Well clamp your legs together on the way to the
bathroom so you don't drip onto the carpet. "

June covered her pussy with one hand as she stood up.
I helped her into her robe.

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   She kissed my cheek and
said, "I'm going to clean up and check on the kids.
I'll meet you in the bedroom in a minute. "

"Just be sure you're ready for another tongue
lashing. " I patted her on the ass and followed her
down the hall carrying my clothes.

After June closed the door to the bathroom, I poked my
head into the girl's bedroom. "Mom's going to check on
you in a minute," I whispered. "Be sure you're asleep
when she does. "

"Yes, Daddy," whispered Becky.

"Goodnight then. " I closed the door and went to bed.

June crawled into bed with me a few minutes later.
"Now what were you saying about giving me another
tongue lashing?"

My only response was a yawn and a peck on the cheek.
Both of us fell asleep almost immediately.

The alarm rang way too early. June was already
finishing her morning coffee when I dragged my ass
downstairs at seven o'clock.

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   We had two hours to get
to the airport that was an hour away.

The girls joined us thirty minutes later. Both were
dressed and ready for the bus. This was a distinct
improvement from most days when they showed up half
ready and complaining about having to go to school.

They wolfed down breakfast and kissed June good-bye as
we headed for the car. I would miss have June next to
me for a few nights. I always did. It usually took me
three nights just to move from my side of our bed. I
felt lonely and excited at the same time.

Even though I would miss June, I would also have a few
uninterrupted evenings with Becky and Marla. I wasn't
sure how far our sex play would go but I wanted to
explore this newly revealed side of my own sexuality.
I had never considered myself a pedophile or one of
those men who show up on the news charged with
molesting their own daughters but it was pretty plain
that I was in that group.

We parked in the ramp and took the tunnel to the main
building at MSP. There were a lot more people
traveling than I expected.

June got her boarding pass at the e-ticket machine
while I checked the monitors for her gate.

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   Why is it
that every time I go to the airport my gate is at the
far end of the concourse?

Ms. Jefferson was already in the waiting area when we
arrived. She was shorter than June by at least six
inches. Her blonde hair was cut short in a typical
professional woman's easy to manage bob. She was
impeccably dressed in a gray business suit jacket and
skirt. She projected an air of confidence and looked
ready to take over the reins of any company on a
moments notice.

Ms. Jefferson was polite and charming as June
introduced us. I liked her immediately. She came
across as a dedicated businesswoman.

I started feeling uneasy. Something didn't feel right
but I couldn't put my finger on it. It wasn't Ms.
Jefferson. I don't know what it was.

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   I mentally
shrugged and let it go.

I had intended to wait with June until she had to
board but Ms. Jefferson wanted to start reviewing
their papers and strategy before the flight. June was
also eager to go over what she had learned while
studying the papers last night. I kissed June good-bye
and shook hands with Ms. Jefferson. The uneasy feeling
didn't go away.


The day passed surprisingly swiftly. I got a lot of
work done and was taking a break when the girls got
home. They came bounding into my office.

"Hi, Daddy!" shrieked Becky as she jumped onto my lap
to kiss me. Marla came in just as swiftly though much

"Hi, girls. How was school?"

"Boorring!" they said in.

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  . . .