My daughter-in-laws dilemma pt3


Delay of this part was because of birth; So to get back to where part 2 had left us. . . I hadn't gone round to my daughter-in-law for nearly a week,not because I had fucked her,but because I felt it better if she progressed at her own pace in this some may think sordid bit of lust.

I'd by now centred my entire sexual activity on re-living the moments of my pulsing cock delivering my sperm deep up her vagina and the desire to making her pregnant at the first available opportunity. But I knew we needed to get past the birth and then some before she'd be ripe for impregnation,always assuming she was still inclined to have me father her next baby.

A phone call at the moment of my wanking and being in the throws of spurting cum all over the floor,which delayed me from answering resulted in me having to track back from whence the call came. It was her, my answerer messaged,come round for the weekend,bring shaver but no sleeping gear. I chuckled to myself - Was this because she had no intention of letting me sleep,or did she mean,she is so hot,that laying in bed with her and PJs would make me melt.

I responded to the phone call and intending to ask about which of my smutty thoughts were right,I completely forgot them when by what could only be telepathy to my mind,she on answering beat me by saying - 'Bet you were wanking yourself off thinking about having my pussy,you dirty old horny dad-in-law' - Guiltily I said -"No! No! Honest,I was in the shower. - "Oh yeah,I never said where you were doing it" - What could I do? I just chuckled, - "No! seriously,what are you saying?" - "Just that,come round and stay with me for the weekend,I need you. . . You know what I mean!"

Good job I'd just pumped my meat,or I'd have been hard all day thinking of what she meant,she wanted another good fucking! I casually arrived virtually empty handed, - "You brought your shaving stuff,yes?" - "Why,was that really important?" - "Of course,you always wet shave,I know that much" - 'course she was right but up until this moment,I'd not related that to anything,but I did immediately she put such emphasis on if I had it with me. - With that lump under her tits she intended to get me to shave her cunt!

Putting my mouth very close to her ear, - "You horny young bitch,you want me to shave your pussy" - Grinning widely she responded, - "There'll be payment for doing it" - I thought,fuck darling,getting to shave your cunt is all I'd want,but said nothing. I wonder what she means,by - she'll pay me to do it? Having enjoyed her bathing and helping her as before,she said,I expect my pussy hairs are all soft and ready for shaving,I hope it doesn't make your hand go shaky,while drawing her hand down across my face and kissing me full on the lips.

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I tried to respond with a sexy tongue job on her but she giggling pulled her lips on past while letting her tongue tip trail across my bristley cheek. - "Keep your mind on the job in hand" - All wet and sitting on the closed lavatory seat she leant back and pulled her pot like belly up to let me see her pubic area. - "Squirt your lather on me,then rub it in like you do on your face" - I had no alternative but to pull my hardon about in front of her face in order to allow me to squat down to lather her pussy area.

I smoothed the stuff all over and well beyond her pubes while making my finger slide into her slit everytime I got near it. - She looking suspiciously at me said, - You know there's no hairs that far in,keep your mind on what you're doing" - "Trouble is,that's just what I'm doing" - "Do you think you can see to do it like this?" - " I can the first bit,you know over your belly and mound,but I think standing may be better when I get near the slit,that way I can pull you from side to side like I do with my nose"

I done what I could,but couldn't resist a quick kiss to her petals as they closed back equally in her slit. She giggled and pointed, - "Ha see,you've got shaving cream under your nose from doing that" - I also noted,overriding any scent of the shaving cream,I had the aroma of her fruity pussy slit where my nose pressed between the lips of her cunt when kissing the petals. I felt precum at my cock end. If this goes on much longer,I'll cum off inside my pants.

"I want my bum groove and between my groins and pussy shaved right as well" - "You'll have to help me with this,I haven't a clue how to place you for doing that" - "Lay the largest towel down for me" - I did and she struggled to get to the floor,when there she lay sideways and lifted a large thigh straight up then let it plonk against the wall. - "There hows that?" - Although her cunt lips were sticking closed because of her juice, I placed some cream right along the groove of her groin and rubbed all over including the cunt flap on that side. - I knew she was being a tormenting bitch when she said, - "I bet you wish that was real cream and I'd asked you to lick it off for me with a large strawberry placed right there" - Her two fingers popped in between her lips and opened them right where her hole was.

That done it for me,I felt my cum ooze from my cock but kept any sounds controlled while I rammed at the spot she indicated and stuck my tongue straight in as far as I could. Her instinct was to clamp her thighs shut but with one up and against the wall,All I got was - A gasp followed by - "You old bugger,you never miss a trick" - "Stop prick teasing me then you fucking young whore. I think you only got me shaving your cunt to see if you can get me to cum off!" - "I succeeded as well didn't I" - "What makes you think that?" Her hand squeezed my cock, - "This,its soaking thro' your clothes" I looked,sure enough,cum was all thro the front,plainly this wasn't precum. Far too much lay there.

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She turned and I done the other side. - "The bum?" She turned to a kneeling position and went flat,lower than I would have thought possible with her bump but it opened her ass crack much more than I could have imagined. - "See cream it,hold one side open then the other - NO I didn't say anything about hooking one finger in the hole" I chuckled and pulled the knuckle out of her.
    - "You bastard,don't you realise how this is making me feel" - "Of course! you're going to swill off in the bath,then get out,dry and ravish my cock"

    That's what happened,she just took me on to the bed and said,this is your pay. before I answered she had my cock in her mouth and hard into her cheek as she bobbed her head giving me a gam. Between bobbing,I'm - Not going - to make - you cum. I want that up there!" - She'd turned and with her large thighs either side of me she plonked her cunt straight onto my face smothering my nose and making me snort into her slit. - "Suck baby suck!" - She had a shock next tho' as I lifted her ass up and quickly threw my false teeth on one side. In the next instant I had my gums sucking her cunt like you wouldn't believe.

    Slurping and gasping,she didn't know what had hit that wide open slit,but I scored as my spunk shot into and down her throat because of the orgasm she was having,forgotten was the - "I'm having it in my pussy"- Her lump collapsed onto my belly as she gasped with the pleasure my gums had just given her. - "Fuck dad,what did you do to me then,If I hadn't have felt it,I'd have never believed a man could do that to a woman's pussy"

    I recovered my teeth without her realising and chuckled as being pressed between my and her guts the kid started kicking the shit out of us. - Not now baby,grandad just made mummy nearly faint,dirty old grandad!" I kind of liked that. I also realised that where as up until today,her/my approach had been sort of medical, this had turned into pure animal lust,daughter-in-law just wanted sex as lust and I was chosen to give her it.

    We continued like this until she was born,son had come and gone with little interest,which sealed his fate I suspect,but said nothing. It was obvious post natal had kicked in but she found solace in me using all her womanly charms to satisfy my passion until her post baby pussy problems deminished, She was making far more milk than the baby could manage but rather than expressing the surplus she brought my gums into play.

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       Baby on one breast and me on the other. She said baby was soothing,but I made her pussy tingle. Then our day arrived, - "Its now" - "What time for me to go home and only call in when needed!" - "NO! Remember what we talked about,you and me! the next one. MAKE A BABY IN ME -- START FUCKING ME,MAKE MEPREGNANT DAD. I WANT YOU TO DO IT TO ME"

    I just pulled her knickers off of her hips and as she lifted herself to help I held her kissed her and rammed my cock gently but firmly straight into her open uterus. - "Jiggle it just there,you're in my womb" - After six weeks of jiggling she smiled as she showed me my score, I'd hit a bulls eye. - "You randy old grandad,you got me that time" I received a great big sloppy wet kiss so did baby, as she said,do you want a brother or sister? perhaps both eh? grandad has certainly supplied enough of his body to make it two" - Providencial words,she's having twins a boy and a girl in the next couple of weeks,its all I can do to feed two babies at he same time but I'm working on it right now. "Get up there pump her full my beauty,that's it, lots of cum from daddy for mummy!" Three ejaculations a day,but I'll manage! --- Oh! Son? well he drifted and sent her a text about being in new guinea I think it was. she hasn't said as much but I think he's history,but we wont fall out over it. .


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