My Daughter at the Family Farm


I'm Gary and a single father at thirty-seven years old.
I have a daughter Jodie that just turned eighteen and I
have to admit that I find her terribly sexy. And I have
to admit that I've jerked off dreaming about fucking her
pussy and other nasty things.

Jodie and I decided spend the month of July at my
mother's farm since I was just laid off from my job. My
mom is Dee and she lives alone on our family farm. My
mom is fifty-six years old and still a knock at her age.
She's a petite woman with blonde hair small butt and
small tits. I have to admit that I've had jerk off
fantasies about her while growing up.

On mom's farm is a horse that she loves to ride. She
also has a German Sheppard that she keeps for

So it was now Friday night and Jodie and I have been on
the farm for three days now. During the past two nights
around two in the morning, I noticed that Jodie would
slip out of the house and head off to the barn. So
tonight I decided to see what she was doing in the barn
so late at night.

I left the house and gingerly walked to the barn.

I quietly slipped through the cracked barn door and saw
a small light that was turned on in the stall of Rusty
mom's horse.

It was quiet in there and I couldn't see Jodie anywhere
in the barn.

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I quietly walked closer to the stall and I heard someone
moaning in Rusty's stall.

I quietly stepped into the empty stall next to Rusty's
and peeked between the wooden slates. I had to rub my
eyes to make sure I was actually seeing what I thought I
saw. I saw Jodie, bare ass naked bent down and she was
stroking Rusty's huge cock. She loves horse cock! I said
in my head and smiled at that thought. Because seeing
Jodie naked by that horse was a fucking turn-on.

I couldn't resist so I stripped out of my clothes.

I gingerly walked naked over to the entrance of Rusty's
stall where I saw Jodie still bent over but now she had
the head of Rusty's cock in her mouth. She moaned while
she sucked on that huge meaty cock. It was such a turn-
on that my cock was now a seven-inch boner.

"Hey baby," I said.

Jodie's eyes widened when she recognized my voice. She
looked and immediately took Rusty's cock out of her
mouth. She stood there speechless and her face turned
red with embarrassment. "I, ah, I," Jodie stuttered.

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I now go the chance to see her full naked body. She had
a sweet pair of B-cup tits that were perky. I saw that
she kept her pussy hairy and I loved that. "It's okay
baby. I love seeing you like this," I said and pointed
at my boner.

Jodie looked at me and if finally dawned on her that I
was naked with a boner. "Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yes baby. It's a huge turn-on to see you suck on a
horse cock. Please continue," I said while I walked into
the stall.

Jodie smiled and she really wanted to finish off Rusty.
So she leaned in, grabbed Rusty's cock and started to
suck on the head of his huge piece of meat.

While Jodie sucked on his cock, I walked up behind her
and looked at the crack of her sweet ass. I couldn't
resist and I ran my tongue up and down the crack of her
ass. She moaned with a mouth full of horse cock.

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spread her ass cheeks apart and saw her puckered asshole
that looked so tasty. I buried my face into her ass
cheeks and started to run my tongue all around her
asshole. She moaned with a mouth full of horse cock.

After a few seconds of licking her asshole, I stuck my
the middle finger of my right hand into my mouth. I got
that finger wet then I shoved it in her ass. She moaned
with Rusty's cock in her mouth.

I fingered fucked her asshole for a few minutes then I
pulled my finger out. I stuck that finger in my mouth to
taste her ass. It tasted great.

I leaned down and spit on her puckered asshole. I
pressed the tip of my cock against that puckered hole
and Jodie didn't move away.

I slowly pushed the tip of my cock into her asshole and
it slipped in. Jodie took Rusty's cock out of her mouth.
"Yes daddy, fuck my ass. I want my ass fucked," she
cried out.

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I shoved my cock deeper into Jodie's tight asshole while
she put Rusty's cock back into her mouth.

"Your asshole is fucking tight," I moaned out.

"My first time. I'm a virgin," moaned out Jodie then she
returned to sucking on Rusty's cock.

So there I was ass fucking my daughter while she was
bent over sucking on the cock of a horse.

I started pumping her ass faster.

"Fuck my ass. Yes, yes, fuck my asshole, daddy," cried
out Jodie.

After a few seconds of pounding Jodie's ass. I could
feel it coming. "FUCK!" she cried out having an orgasm
from me pounding her ass

Then it came Rusty's turn. He spurted out globs of his
cum into Jodie's mouth. And I couldn't hold back longer.
"I'm CUMMING!" I cried out and I dumped my load of my
hot cum into my daughter's ass.

I pulled my cock out of her ass while Jodie removed
Rusty's cock out of her mouth.

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She stood up and turned around. I saw she had some of
his cum around her mouth, on her chin and down on her
sweet tits. I couldn't resist so I reached out, pulled
her to me and hugged her. I then kissed her on the lips
and shoved my tongue into her mouth. We French kissed
and I could taste some of Rusty's cum. I was surprised
how good it tasted.

But was Jodie and I didn't notice was that my mom saw
the two of use. She headed back to the house while we
stood there kissing.

Jodie and I got dressed and headed back to the house.

We went to our separate rooms and she decided to sleep
with Rusty's cum still dried to her body.

Three hours had passed and I was sound asleep in my bed
on my back.

I felt the covers suddenly move off my body. I felt
someone rubbing my cock and it rose to the attention it
was receiving. Then I felt someone's mouth on the head
of my cock. I was receiving a blow job in the wee hours
of the morning.

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   I thought it was Jodie and smiled
feeling her warmth of her mouth over my cock.

"Suck it baby," I moaned out while my cock was deep in
her mouth.

I soon felt her moved and she placed her pussy on my
mouth for a 69 position. Her pussy was dripping wet with
juices and she rubbed it against my lips.

While I sucked on her clit, I reached up and grabbed her
ass cheeks. But they were smaller than what I saw in the
barn. "Jodie" I called out.

"No, it's me," another familiar voice said then I could
feel this person get off me and lay next to me.

I looked and there laying naked next to me was my mom,
Dee. "Mom? What are you doing?" I asked while I could
see her naked body. She had a hairy pussy and small
perky A-cup tits. "Mom?" I said again and rubbed my eyes
to make sure I wasn't having a wet dream.

My mom rubbed her pussy. "I saw the two of you the barn.
I want in on some of this," she said while the rubbed
her clit with her hand and then moaned.

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   "Come fuck me,
Gary," said my mom.

My cock was throbbing at the sight of my naked mom
playing with her wet pussy. Since I always obeyed my
mother, I climbed on top of her.

She immediately guided my cock into her pussy and it was
so fucking wet. She wrapped her legs around my waists.
"I've been wanting to fuck you ever since I spied on you
and saw you jerking off," she moaned out while the
entire length of my seven inch cock was buried in her

"And I dreamt of fucking you, mom," I said, and started
pumping her pussy.

While I fucked my mom I brought my face to hers and we

So there we were, my ass humping up and down with her
legs wrapped around my waist. She moaned and the sound
of my cock sloshing in and out of her soaking wet pussy
was hot.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me," my mom cried out in rhythm
to my pumping her pussy. "Fuck your mother," she cried

Her legs unwrapped from my waist and she pointed them up
at the ceiling. "FUCK!" she cried out having an orgasm.

Hearing my mom use that word was hot and I couldn't hold
back any longer.

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   "I'M CUMMING!" I cried out, I wasn't
going to give her the opportunity of where she wanted it
deposited. I just let my hot cum spurt out of my cock
deep into my mother's pussy.

After I was done spurting, we stayed on top of her. She
wrapped her legs around my waist and we French kissed
with our tongues wrapped around each other.

After a few minutes of kissing, I got of my mom.

She got up off the bed and stood by it. She reached
under her pussy and some of my cum dripped out into the
palm of her hand. She licked her hand clean. "Taste
good. You'll have to cum in my mouth before you leave,"
she said then blew me a kiss.

I watched my mom walk away and the sight of her small
but still firm ass cheeks looked inviting. I wanted to
ass fuck her sometime.

I went back to sleep.

The sun rose and I heard "Breakfast" being called out by
my mom.

I out of the bed and went down stairs where Jodie was
already at the breakfast table with mom.

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We had a nice pancake breakfast with mom's famous
coffee. Jodie was in cotton pajamas and looked prim and
proper. Mom wore her robe and who knows what underneath.

After breakfast mom summoned Jodie and I into the living
room. Jodie and I sat on the couch per her order.

"Now, since you're staying in my house, you'll obey my
rules. Do you understand?" mom said while she paced back
and forth in front of the couch.

"Yes," Jodie and I replied in unison.

"Good. Now I know what happened last night in the barn,"
said mom.

Jodie turned all shades of red with embarrassment.

Mom saw this in Jodie. "Don't worry dear. I approve. As
a matter of fact, I also love Rusty's cock in my mouth
and pussy," she said.

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Jodie's eyes widened in shock with what she just heard.
"You and Rusty?" she said.

"Yes, Rusty and I," said mom.

I looked at her and had always suspected that in mom. I
over at Jodie and saw a smile grow on her face. She

Mom also saw the smile on Jodie's face. "Now, since
you'll be staying in my house, from this moment on, we
will not wear a stitch of clothing," said mom then she
untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. She stood
there naked.

I smiled and nodded at Jodie that it's okay. So we both
stood up and stripped out of our pajamas. The three of
use were now bare ass naked.

Mom looked at Jodie's naked body. "My, you're grown into
a sexy young woman, Jodie," she said her eyes focused on
Jodie's hairy patch of pussy hair.

Jodie looked at her grandmother and smiled.


still a sexy woman, grandma," she said with a horny

"Thank you darling," said mom then she got this look in
her eye. "Jodie, I want you to suck on your father's
cock," she said with a tone that made it sound like a
direct order.

Jodie looked at my cock that was now erect. She smiled.
"With pleasure. "

"Get on your knees," said mom.

Jodie obeyed and got down on her knees in front of my
crotch. She grabbed my cock and didn't waste any time
shoving it into her mouth.

"Mmmm," I moaned while my cock was deep in my daughter's

"Is she good?" asked mom.

"She's a good cocksucker," I said and loved Jodie's warm
mouth all over my cock.

"She's like the rest of the woman in our family. We're
all good cock suckers," said mom while she watch her
granddaughter suck on her father's cock.

Jodie grabbed my ass cheeks and started to move my hips
to fuck her mouth.

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This was too much to handle. "I'm cumming!" I cried out.

Jodie kept my cock in her mouth and she waited. Globs of
my cum spurted out of cock into Jodie's waiting mouth.
She accepted it all like a good daughter.

I was done cumming, and pulled my cock out of her mouth.
Jodie opened her mouth and showed her prize still

"Don't swallow," said mom then she got on her back on
the floor. "I want some," she added and opened her mouth

Jodie knew what this meant and leaned down. She let some
of my cum drip out of her mouth into mom's waiting

After they were done, mom and Jodie French kissed with
their tongues swirling around in their mouths tasting
all of my residual cum.

Jodie and mom got up off the floor.

"Everybody go upstairs and take a shower. We have some
more fun later today," said mom then we followed her up

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2: Fun in the Sun Afternoon

It was two in the afternoon and mom placed a large
blanket out in the backyard. It felt so good to be
outside in the sun bare ass naked. I haven't done since
I was a teenager and mom was out in town shopping.

Mom got down on her back in the center of the blanket.
"Come Jodie. It's time you eat some pussy," said mom
while she patted her pussy with her right hand.

Jodie smiled as pussy was also on her To Do list since
she was fourteen.

"Sixty-nine," said mom when Jodie got on her knees.

Jodie repositioned herself and placed her pussy over
mom's face then buried her face into mom's pussy.

It was hot to see my daughter and mom doing a sixty-nine
position eating each other's pussy.

Mom's tongue ran up and down Jodie's wet pussy slit
while Jodie ran her tongue up and down mom's wet pussy
slit. My cock got hard watching that site.

It only took a few minutes of the two gals to lick their
pussies when they both cried out in unison having an
orgasm. I thought I was going to automatically spurt out

Mom glanced at me and saw my cock.

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   She got a smirk. "I
want you on the bottom," she told Jodie. So Jodie and
mom switched their sixty-nine position and went back to
eating their pussies.

After their second orgasm, mom looked up at me. "I know
you looked at my ass when I left your bedroom this
morning. So I want you to fuck me in my ass, Gary," she
said then wiggled her ass cheeks at me.

I looked at mom's small ass cheeks and knew her ass was
smaller than Jodie's. "Are you sure you're not too

"Of course not. I've been fucked up my ass many times. "

I knelt down and started at her small ass checks and
asshole. I imagine a cock being shoved up there for

"I'm cumming grandma," cried out Jodie then she arched
her pussy up into mom's mouth and her body shook when
she had an orgasm.

"I'm also cumming," cried out mom and she pressed her
pussy harder on Jodie's mouth and her body shook when
she had another orgasm.

"Lick it first," cried out mom and she wiggled her ass
cheeks at me.

I leaned down and she moaned the second my tongue hit
her puckered asshole.

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   "I love having my ass licked," she
said and pushed her ass into my mouth.

After a few seconds of licking her ass I spit on it then
pressed the tip of my cock against her asshole.

"Come on, fuck my ass," cried out mom.

I didn't waste any time and I pressed the head of my
cock against her asshole and it slipped in. Mom moaned
then returned to licking Jodie's pussy.

Mom was right and my cock easily went all the way in her

So I'm there on my knees pounding my mom's ass with my
balls inches from my daughter's face. While I ass fucked
mom, Jodie would occasionally move her mouth away from
mom's pussy and would lick the base of my balls. In all
my dreams I never thought this moment would actually

After a few minutes of my crotch slapping against mom's
ass cheeks, she couldn't hold back. "FUCK!" she cried
out and had another orgasm.

Then I couldn't hold back any longer. "I'M CUMMING MOM!"
I cried out.

"In my ass," said mom and she moved her mouth away from
Jodie's pussy to savor this moment.

"Ahhhhhhh!" I cried out and spurted out my globs of hot
cum into my mom's ass.

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I pulled it out and stayed on my knees.

Mom got off of Jodie. "Suck his cock clean of my ass,"
she ordered.

Like a obedient daughter, Jodie got up and proceeded to
suck my cock clean of my mom's ass.

    "Let's go inside for some iced tea," said mom while she
    got up.

    Jodie and I held hands while we followed mom into the

    The Evening of More Fun

    Mom did her magic in the kitchen and cooked us up
    steaks, mashed potatoes and corn.

    While we ate dinner, the phone in the kitchen rang.

    Mom got up from the table and answered it. "Hi," she
    said and her eyes lit up knowing the caller. "Yes and
    we're having a great time so far," said mom then she
    listened. "Yes tonight," she added then listened to the
    caller. "Okay. Love you," said mom then she hung up the

    "Aunt Janelle sends her love," mom said while she sat
    down at the table.

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    Aunt Janelle was mom's older sister. Aunt Janelle was
    also small but her ass was much larger than mom's. But
    she also inherited the small breasts that all of the
    women in mom's family had.

    We finished our dinner and relaxed in the living room
    and watched TV.

    Nine that night rolled around and the movie was over.

    Mom looked at us and smiled. "It's time for some fun
    with Rusty," she said with a horny grin.

    Jodie smiled as she loved sucking on Rusty's cock like
    what she had done the past three days.

    Mom got up of her chair and Jodie and I got up off the

    We followed mom out of the house and into the barn.

    Mom flicked on the light to Rusty's stall.

    "Hey Rusty. You have to horny women that want some cock
    tonight," said mom while she entered Rusty's stall.

    Jodie entered the stall and I stayed outside of it just
    to watch.

    Mom and Jodie started to rub the side of Rusty.

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    "Yeah boy. You have some virgin pussy to fuck tonight,"
    said mom while she reached down and started to rub
    Rusty's balls.

    It didn't take long for Rusty's cock to dangle down at
    the ground.

    "Lick his balls, Jodie," mom urged.

    "Yes," replied Jodie then she knelt down under Rusty and
    ran her tongue all around the horse's balls. She liked
    the feeling of it on her tongue.

    While Jodie licked Rusty's balls, mom opened her mouth
    and started sucking on his cock. I got an instant boner
    watching this.

    Mom pulled his cock out of her mouth and glanced at me.
    "Grab that small angled table in the stall to the left,"
    she ordered me and returned to sucking on the horse

    I went into the stall and saw a small angled wooden
    table and brought it over to Rusty's stall.

    Mom took it and placed it under Rusty with the higher
    end closer to his cock. She looked at Jodie. "Lie on
    your back on this table with your pussy aimed at his
    cock. "

    Jodie saw the table and she knew what to do.

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       What I
    didn't realized what that Jodie had watched some videos
    of girls fucking horses and seen this before.

    Jodie got on her back on the table and scooted up.

    "Perfect," said mom then she grabbed Rusty's cock and
    rubbed the tip of it up and down the slit of Jodie's
    pussy. Jodie moaned.

    I watched while mom pushed the tip of Rusty's cock into
    Jodie's pussy.

    "FUCK!" cried out Jodie when she felt his cock penetrate
    her pussy.
    "It hurts," she cried out and cringed.

    "It'll feel better in a minutes," said mom while she
    shoved more of Rusty's cock into Jodie's pussy.

    Jodie started humping on Rusty's cock after the pain
    subsided. "Feels good," she moaned out.

    I heard some footsteps coming up behind me. I turned
    around and my eyes widened when I saw Aunt Janelle bare
    ass naked walking up to me. She looked so hot with her
    wide hips swaying when she walked or I guess I could say
    waddled. And I also loved that hairy triangle of black
    pussy hair. I was so happy that the women in my family
    didn't shave their pussies.

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    "Don't stand there with your mouth opened in shock. Give
    your aunt a kiss," she said when she walked up to me.

    I gave her a kiss on her cheek.

    "I mean on the lips," said Aunt Janelle and she wrapped
    her arms around me and started French kissing me.

    While we kissed I could hear Jodie moaning louder while
    more of Rusty's cock was deeper in her pussy.

    Aunt Janelle pulled away from and glance down at my
    cock. "Sweet," she said and I could sense she wanted my

    "FFFFUUUUCCCKKK!" screamed out Jodie having her first
    orgasm with horse cock in her pussy.

    Aunt Janelle smiled at the sight of Jodie fucking Rusty.
    She looked at me and dropped to her hands and knees.
    "Fuck me, Gary," she said and wiggled her big ass at me.

    I couldn't resist and I dropped to my knees behind my

    I didn't waste any time and shoved my cock into her
    already wet pussy.

    "That's it, fuck your aunt," said mom while she saw me
    doing her sister doggie-style.

    "AHHHHHH!" cried out Jodie while she had another orgasm
    with Rusty's cock.

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    I started pounding my aunt and the sound of my groin
    slapping against her fat ass cheeks sounded so hot.

    Rusty made a sound and I looked over at Jodie.

    "He's cumming," said mom.

    I looked and could see horse cum spray out of Jodie's
    pussy while she filled her with his sperm. Seeing that
    was too much. "I'm cumming! I cried out and wasn't going
    to give my aunt any options. I pounded harder and shot
    glob after glob of my cum into my aunts pussy.

    Aunt Janelle remained on her hands and knees for a few
    minutes until my cock popped out of her hairy pussy.

    Mom helped Jodie get off the table and out from under

    The girls watched while his cock started to shrink and
    go back to its hiding place.

    We left the barn and went back into the house.

    Once we got inside the house, mom made a fresh pot of
    coffee. Se sat around the kitchen table naked and drank
    and chatted.

    Ah hour had passed and we all went to bed.

    Aunt Janelle and mom slept in her bed while Jodie wanted
    to sleep with me in my bed.



    Jodie and I cuddled naked in bed and fell fast asleep.

    3: It's Morning Again

    It was four in the morning and I woke up. I looked to my
    left and saw Jodie on her back sound asleep.

    I thought about all that happened recently and I got
    horny again. The sight of Jodie sucking horse cock, me
    fucking her ass, Jodie sucking my cock, her eating my
    mom's pussy and then being fucked by that horse got my
    cock hard again.

    I reached over and grabbed Jodie's limp right hand. I
    placed it on my cock that was hard again. I started to
    rub her hand up and down my cock.

    Jodie opened up her eyes and she looked over at me.
    "Feels nice," she moaned then she moved her hand down to
    my balls and started to rub them with her finger tips.

    I looked at her and smiled.

    Jodie smiled back. "Fuck me, daddy. I want to feel your
    cock inside my pussy," she said spread her legs wide

    I leaned over and sucked on her tits for a few seconds.

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    Jodie moaned.

    Then I climbed on top of her and she guided my cock into
    her pussy.

    It was in and I couldn't believe that I had my cock in
    my daughter's wet pussy.

    "Fuck me," she whispered in my left ear.

    I started humping her and she wrapped her legs around my

    "I've dreamt about this since I was fourteen," she said
    and wrapped her legs tighter around my waist.

    "I jerked off thinking about you, baby," I moaned out
    while I pumped her pussy faster.

    After a few minutes she let loose. "FUCK MEEE!" Jodie
    screamed out having an orgasm that had her shooting her
    legs up in the air with her sexy toes pointed at the

    "I'm cummm. . . " was all I could get out, when globs of my
    hot cum shot out of my cock into my daughter's pussy.

    Jodie wrapped her legs back around my waists and didn't
    want my cock out her pussy.

    After a few seconds, I thought about something.

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       "Fuck, I
    hope I don't get you pregnant," I said and started to

    "Don't worry daddy, I'm on the pill," she said then
    kissed me.

    While he kissed we heard Aunt Janelle scream from an
    orgasm of mom eating her pussy.

    We both chuckled and I stayed on top of her with her
    legs wrapped around my legs.

    The rest of the month at mom's house was glorious with
    all kinds of sex between the four of us. I decided I
    wasn't going to leave.

    Author’s Note:I would love to email/chat with women, especially married, that have an incest/bestiality fantasy. I’ve chatted with married in the past and it was great. No contact just chat. So email me.



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