My christmas misdemeanour.


I escaped by the skin of my teeth.
As an office team leader,in past years I'd tried to come up with something for a laugh at the xmas party. Oh Shit! Did I get it so wrong last Christmas. - Well,sort of anyway!

Here I stand,before heading a year later into the managers office. No she was no man hater or for that matter any type of office dragon. Far from it,some of the male employees myself included would dearly love to get inside her knickers. But what with all this feminist shit and sexual harassment crap,the few males amongst all these women staff now gave the impression of being office Eunuchs. So in the year gone by when the after hours party was sorted,I came up with what I guessed would get a bit of a laugh. It did but it also got me right in the shit.

So now heading for my bosses office I knew I was going in to get a warning about last year. I glanced around to see other workers didn't see me heading for the naughty chair, - All clear - I slipped in and there before me was my boss. - "Ah, you're here,get and sit down then,I want a few words,that's all" - Apprehension still with me,I sat my hairy ass down and waited for my bollocking and warning before this years party. - "That last year thing,remember?" - Oh shit,here it comes. To digress,the only thing that saved me was it happened outside of office hours,so I got let off. - So as she was now saying, - "this time if you're planning any other funny as you saw it sexual exhibits,just remember,don't leave me out this time,I'm human you know and I tell you, all woman is hidden under this cloak of respectability that I feel necessary for my position. Thought I'd quietly make you aware of that,but not one word goes outside of this office mind.

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   See you tonight at the party and have fun!"

I came from that meeting completely dumbfounded. Was that a come on or am I imagining she's up for it? . . . I'd better give you the details of what I'd done to be singled out for such treatment. Understand,the few office blokes had of late been very careful about any advance on the females,generally speaking the old party theme that all females getting pissed were fair game was being denied to us,but some of the females didn't approve of the new ways either. . . Comments like, - Bet old Sid will still be the letcher of old this year regardless of the office notice-board,anyway,it shouldn't count after work. Should it Sid,shouldn't count at the party we reckon!

This is what happened that past year:
While trying to sidestep the various comments,I still had a yen for the dirtier side of office parties,so I came up with a party offering. Armed with my thoughts and patting myself on the back for such an original thought,off I went to the local flower and veg' market nearby. I spotted what I was after,A much berry covered Mistletoe spray. Paid my money and headed for another shop picking up a pair of fun antlers. So with my goodies in a wrapping and a tube of tippex from the office I headed home to prepare. Seen a couple of my companion workers now in much shorter skirts than they had on in the office.

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   I caught, "High Sid" - then as they went on their way, "He's up too something randy old sod,bet that notice doesn't stop him from trying to get a feel or two" He! He! He! "Good old Sid. . . Good on you Sid" One called back, - "Don't be surprised if we're already tipsy!"

Thinking,good oh! I went on my chavenist way. Now having shaved showered and got into much more light hearted attire,I experimented with my plan. . . Simple really,the antlers on my head with mistletoe spray on each horn, - I emphasis 'EACH',a strip ofblack tape around my forehead with tippex used to write 'Horny old stag' Plus the surprise. When the time came off I went but only after putting a couple of rubber bands round my soft penis. - I'll come to that later.

At the party all was rather gentile to start with and all acted clean and upright,yes there were the odd peck or two under the mistletoe. The evening rumbled on and with some free booze supplied by the firm people began to loosen up. A peaches and cream girl started by showing she'd had more than her capacity of alcohol as she tumbled about supposedly dancing and in wobbling into a heap,turning over to recover her equalibian a very naked expanse of thonged ass cheeks were displayed for some considerable time before another old letcher got to her before me to help her to her feet while groping the said white moons of her bum.

Wiggling her finger in the most provocative way in the old letchers face, she gabbled, "That's naughty the way you picked my bum up before my body" the nearest who clocked all this laughed, males and females, A comment coming from god knows who, 'Pity we're no longer holding this at the office,remember the year before last when Sid got that other peaches and cream bird and locked himself in the safe with her for an hour,Remember that Sid?" - I raised my glass,uttering, - "Its implied slander,we only kissed and cuddled a bit,I was old enough to have been her father" - A different voice joined the first, - "Yeah Sid, and young enough to fathering was your aim and we reckon you hit her target" Much giggling followed and humorous jabs at my torso close in. Then a sweet little voice peeped in, - "Shame Sid's lost his touch,those antlers are definately below parr for the party" - I responded, "Give me a mo' I'll be back" - A chuckle of Swartshenieger impressions followed.

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I disappeared,then returned with great flourish as the group acted the goat about the return comments. Would the sweet voiced young thing present herself at the old stags table for her inaugeration. There was movenent but no female appeared until a sexy young woman I knew as Beatrice,helped by her friends came into the middle of the group. Now all bold and giggly she stood not knowing what to expect but determined to face me down. "A kiss dear damsel a kiss for Santas horny most loyal reindeer" She grinning,staggered on her high heels and had no problem kissing me square on the lips. Now standing away slightly, "See nothing to it" Her pert tities stood proudly showing a young firm cleavage. I took the liberty of kissing first one and then the other breast cleavage. She stood cheekily, "What next then?" Turning to her friends giggling,as she turned back round her eyes opened like saucers, "OH NO! NO! I'm not that drunk" - The group chipped in, "Go on,Sid's antler needs a kiss! A kiss, Sid's antler needs a kiss!"

I'd unzipped and cheekily slowly pulled my third antler from my trousers with the rubber bands holding a neat piece of Mistletoe at the back of my helmet with kiss me delicately written on the knob head. The look on her face was a picture to behold and made my cock harden to a half hard state as her friends came to her rescue. "Let me Beat' I'll kiss the ugly horny old gett" It was one ofthe two cheeky young things I saw in the street earlier. Without further ado,she stooped and gave my cock a kiss,then seeing the three berries on my mistletoed knob, "I 'spose it gets three like your trimmings?" She kissed two more times making the last one linger as she held me long enough for her fingers to register my growing size. "Go on Lucy,you have ago,its getting harder" Bravado kicked in as Lucy also kissed my dick three times then followed more than I had bargained for one after the other women followed them kissing my cock. Now fully hard Lucy had goaded Beatrice into kissing it and the last kiss was more a sucking action.

Giggling back to her mate, I heard her say, - "I can't believe I done that,did you see me,I actually sucked a man's penis,god it was all warm and hard" - It was and some of these horny bitches were having more than there share. "Enough! Enough" Its having more effect than you realise! OH SHIT! The smarter one's knew where this was leading, In moments I heard, "We're making him going to cum,which in seconds changed too, "We're going to make him cum,we're going to make him cum!" I was deserted by the blokes as these horny married women desended on me as though they were at a male strippers do.

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   My trousers disappeared across the floor and so did the Mistletoe adorning my cock. More than one hand was wanking me off and I had no say in the moments leading up to my orgasm. what dealt me the final blow was the original peaches and cream girl crouched before my eyes with a full view of that gorgeous naked ass on show and knowing the current hand winning pride of place on my hardon was, - as shot after shot of my cum tumbled in spurts across this delicate fist, - was hers.

A big cheer went up, With some indelicate remarks like . - "The old reindeers cum his luck,another year without a fuck" I took it in good part as with my cock dripping the odd drop of cum I with face all hot and red retrieved my trousers and adjourned to the men's room to re-dress. On my return I got a cheer and all quietened back to the usual tom-foolary. Unknown to me,the boss had missed all this and hence my being pulled in by her when we reappeared after the holiday.

Now at this year I was completely flummoxed,was it an offer by my boss or did I imagine it was! Do I go over the top as she indicated she'd missed but regretted not seeing my last years antics. Am I on a promise,will she let me get into her knickers and do I need to play my usual self to get her fruity and let her hair down or do she want me all for herself? The answer came unexpectedly, Word went round secretly that because I'd gotten in the shit as everybody suspected,the women were going to make the fun instead of the men. So the resolve was us men were in for a treat and the women would get their kicks from going over the top for a change. They did,after a certain amount of alcohol consumption,the married women started the proceedings by dancing around in knickers,,stockings and suspenders at the bottom and see through bras' they high kicked and danced,joking if only their husbands could see them they'd all be looking for new lovers. Not to be out done the younger women done what I suspect was an impromtu catwalk. OOPS! THe boss was at the mic? While not taking part in the wife thing making me wonder if perhaps she wasn't after all married as us blokes thought. She started off, "And for all those old perv's like one in particular who shouln't be named this year,we present a spontaneous catwalk" With that the what I choose to descibe as teen prick teasers started to strut their stuff.

Peaches and cream and her mates started out followed by the rest of last years damsels.

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   I admit to a beat from the start. Self support stockings,the slim and not so slim white thighs gleaming under a strange florecent lighting. Only two knicker clad bums,the rest had thongs and I thought for a second peaches and cream was naked until in the outline I realised she had a flesh coloured thong. It was only some bows at the hips that gave it away because she must have known her thong was deep into her quims crack. Tormenting little prick teaser,she stopped no more than eighteen inches from my face, "Remember last year?" then smiling she turned and touched her toes showing me in particular the thong coming thro' from her ass crack and tightly pressing into her cunts crease all the way through. Boss Giggled, "Specially for you Sid" Clapping followed. It dawned on me,it wasn't totally impromtu because somewhere the young teasers had discarded their skirts and they'd certainly been in them when the married women started their part.

Now lining up by each other in a corner,they all whipped their tops off and disappeared through the door to the powder room almost before any of us had a chance to realise the whole lot had exposed their firn young tits devoid of any bra' support. I needed to get to somewhere fast to help my cock sort itself out. I hadn't followed my bosses movements after the mic episode,but as I left the room she was immediately outside the room with my and her own coats at the ready. "Hold on my Stag,this is where you get off,follow me" Clasping my coat as she led me away like a horse with a bridle. She putting her coat on as she allowed me too. - "Where are we off too?" - "Not far I have plans for you" - Now outside she led me down the path and had nestled into my arm like a couple of lover. - She coo'd "That enough pussy and tit to get you horny was it? I arranged that as a reprisal, I want what they had last year and I want it now!" - I found myself in a park area and stood now by a very large tree.

I had the shock of my boss unzipping my fly and pulling my still hard cock from where it still nestled rather uncomfortably.

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   "I like sex in the open,especially on a cold night like this,I bet you'd like that girl Beatrice to be pulling at your cock right now?" - I responded quite sincerely. - "No Megan at this moment you couldn't be more wrong,to be honest,I've lusted after you since I first clapped my eyes on you" - "Really,you're not just saying that?" - For an instant the reasured classy woman sounded completely vulnerable. . . "God,you really mean that,I can tell" - She craned her neck to kiss and I responded as only a man in love with his boss could. She wrapped our lips together as with expert movements she wanked my cock. Stopping and gripping me like a vice, she wriggled her pencil skirt up while in the faint light she grinned up at me. I knew her skirt was only high enough to let me feel her pussy and immediately started to fondle it thro' her silk panty's a wet spot was not long in coming. - "Am I going to make you cum?" - "You will doing it like you are" - She pulled away and smiling pulled at her pale blue silk knickers. They dropped to her ankles,bending she neatly picked them up and shoved them into her purse. In the moment I took in the almost porcelain ass cheeks of my boss or more like now my lover.

The warmness of her naked pussy came into my hand and again she went about wanking me. Slowly now but as her own orgasm rose I felt her speeding up. "I need to do it now or I'll cum" - In haste, she stopped and pulled her skirt completely up saying - "Me too" - Coming together again,I pushed my throbbing cock at her vagina and as it sunk deep up her vagina she covered a scream with a giggle, - "God,I've cum already" - Disregarding this I pounded at her pussy and in moments she orgasmed as she received my offering of sperm. Thrusting and hanging my cock in the very top of her cunt we lingered locked together in our first sexual embrace.

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   - Looking me in the eyes she offered, - "Good, that Beatrice really did make you want a fuck" - Smiling sensuously into her eyes now. "No,you have to believe my lust was for you,but its in fact love,I really do love you" - A soft smile came across her face, - "And you'll come to my place for christmas and stay?" - "Of course I will,why would you have any doubt of that?" - Her answer, - "I assumed you were married" - My reply "As did I,about you! but you could have looked up my status in records,you have the authority" - "I know but I was to scared too in case you were" A tighter smooching now followed, lots of kissing while I pulled her skirt down in place.

"I didn't have the opportunity to check about your maritial status,but thinking about it I think I would have chickened looking in case you were as well" - "How stupid we've been,we could have done this last year if we'd known. - "Better get a move on,we got a whole year to catch up" That got my cock a squeeze - "OOH GOD! I forgot to put it way" - Giggling like a young girl, - "We could have been walking along the street with your penis exposed and a policeman would have arrested you" - I now chuckling, "Hark at her,with her vagina all exposed walking the street at night,She deserves to be put against a tree and fucked" Ha! Ha! - "They'd be too late mate,somebody already did! anyway you pulled my skirt down,if it had been left too me,I'd have left it where it was in case you felt like another quicky" Giggling and swinging on my arm she hopped about in an excited state.

I didn't have to turn up on christmas day at her place,having just gone home to her place from the party and stayed making up for that year wasted. . . But that's another story!.