My Buddies Little Niece


I have a confession.   This summer I was out to eat with my gf(I’m about 26, she’s 25) when my buddy(around 28) shows up at the restaurant with his little niece(she’s probably 15, maybe 18 at most, extremely innocent seeming, and probably a damn virgin), they both live in Canada and I’ve never met her before but she wanted to come down with him.   She has these just tiny little shorts and is rail thin, and has a tiny tanktop, and not really much for boobs but she’s cute.   She also has braces( which I don’t know why but something about that turns me on. ) They ask if they can crash at my house for the night while they are in town, so I said yes, told them it was unlocked and just to show up whenever I’d be home after we had dinner and got some stuff.   I get there, about 5 mins before my gf, and my buddy and his niece are drinking in the driveway (Canadians are almost too respectful sometimes as he won’t even go inside without me home).   She looks nervous as shit, and won’t even hardly look up, so he chimes in and is like yeah so she’s 19 man, its legal for her to drink where we live.   I started laughing and was like deon she’s 15, maybe 16, but I don’t care bud she can have all she wants tonight and I just grinned at her. So we go inside and the gf shows up and we all start playing cards and drinking, and me and his little cousin brush feet every now and then under the table and stop and look at each other.   Its about 11pm and the girl gets up to go to the bathroom, and as an ass guy I can’t help but watch her everymotion as she walks away and my eyes just follow her.   My gf totally catches me as I’m already half drunk at this point and she just smirks at me.   About 18 minutes later my gf says she’s going home to go to bed, and wants me to walk her out. . I get out to the car she gives me a little shit telling me to behave myself and that she’s underage and kind of winks at me, gives me a kiss and leaves.

  (she’s pretty awesome at not being some jealous bitch, and doesn’t care if I look, just isn’t into me really playing)We finish playing cards, and decide to go out back because deon wants to see my husky, so the niece says its chilly now so she wants to put on her hoodie and some yoga pants.   She meets us outside and stands next to me, while I’m kinda drunk now so I stumble alittle and happen to catch myself against her, and this poor girl is only about 3 or so drinks in, but she can’t weigh more then 90lbs, and she’s about ¾ in the bag also.

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    So she starts leaning on me on and off when deon isn’t watching. (he’s extremely protective btw, which I never really knew before, and he thinks she’s young and super innocent).   We end up out front by his car because he’d brought me a tshirt and they wanted to show me the shit that they’d bought at Walmart and mardens, somehow we ended up sitting in the trunk of the car just talking and drinking and having fun.   Well I start getting horny so I’m sitting between them in the trunk so I move my arm so I can start rubbing her lower back under her hoodie and she just kinda looks at me so I take it slow, because I don’t want her to say something and ruin this, as I know deon would run to my gf in heartbeat.  Fast forward another half hourish, and we get back inside, me and her sit at the bar, and deon’s playing darts,  and occasionally stops to talk to us, at this point I have my stool faced towards her acting like I’m interested in what deon’s doing but I really have my hand rubbing her back and I keep sliding it down into her yoga pants, and playing with and rubbing the top of her ass.   She starts shifting alittle bit making herself more comfortable  and to block deon’s view of whats really happening.   I get alittle braver and slide my hand up high quick and unsnap her bra.   Her eyes get big and she kind of startles for a moment and looks at me like she’s in completely shock because her boobs are now free and her uncle is right here in the room.   I just smirk and keep rubbing her back, and her ass and I can tell she’s getting turned on and right pissed drunk at this point as she starts slouching and pushing her ass back against my hand everytime I rub along the crack.  I finally get the break I’ve been looking for as my buddy says he needs to go take a piss, the second he gets around the corner and shuts the door I grab her and we start making out.   Without any more foreplay I just take my hand and start rubbing against her clit in circular motions knowing we only have a couple minutes before he gets back.   She starts and bucking back and forth against my hand, almost to much so I use my other hand to grab and play with her ass and to hold her I place as my right hand works her clit.   She starts biting at my lips, and whimpering, and I feel her pussy get extremely wet and hot as she’s right on the edge of cumming when we hear the toilet flush and the bathroom door open quickly, causing us to stop abruptly.  My buddy walks back in the room and we are trying to act like nothing is going on.   I kept kind of rubbing her back and she kept starting at me, I  noticed when I’d go to take a drink my fingers smelled like her young virgin pussy, which was driving me nuts.

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   I offered to set her up in a bed upstairs and let my buddy have the couch (hoping if I got her ass upstairs without him I could taste that pussy and then hopefully fuck her after hours of wanting too.   She said that the bed sounded like a great idea then she sat down on the couch so we could watch part of a movie, within about 18 mins she said she was tired and wanted to just sleep there on the couch, as she basically passed out.   The next morning she gave me a few looks and a hug before they left, but we didn’t get any chance to be alone.   Although I am debating going to see them in Canada as something about this young girl drives me crazy. .



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