My brother my lover


Hello boys and girls. My name is Sweta. I am of 18 years and i live in mumbai. The first sex which i experienced was with my own real brother. His name is Anshu. He became my lover. This encounter started when i was in 12th standard and he was in second year of engineering collage. Let me introduce my family. In my family there are 4 members. I, my elderbro, mother and father. I am good looking girl with fair body, big ass, long hairs till my ass, and a maintained figure of 32-24-34.         I am not proud on my killing beauty but anyone can fall in love with me. My father had his job in Dubai so he comes twice or thrice in a year.   My relation with Anshu was not so strong or we can say it was little bit bad. It was because of me,because i use to harass him a lot,argue with him,we have disputes or we fight with each other(not physically). Even i use to talk with him rudely.

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   We share one room and one double-sheet bed. Our mom sleeps in another room which is downstairs.    I always want Anshu as my lover. when my friend meet him she said that "Sweta pls make my affair with your bro Anshu". I felt so bad after listening that words. . . because i feel jealous if any one wants to be his girlfriend. He is only mine. My dream comes true one day. Ok back to story ,i must have bore you till now.           One day in school one of my friend which was twins and had a brother. she told me that her brother fucks her hard. I was inspired by her experience. She gave me a hindi sexstory book to read.

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   When no one is in my room i use to read that story book. But one day something changed. I was reading that book and mom called me to help her in kitchen. Then i kept that sex story book below bed and went downstairs to help mom. Mean while Anshu came and had his lunch went in our room. After helping mom i went in hall for watching tv. I forgot to read story book,then suddenly my mind strike that i had left sexstory book just below bed and if Anshu will see it then. . . . .           Then immidiately i rush upstairs in our room and to my surprise!!! the book was in anshu's hand. I was nervous and affraid. He shouted on me: "sweta, what the hell is this!! are u reading such dirty books. "I replied twisting my fingers: "No bhaiya ye book meri nahi hai.

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  "He: " Toh kya ye book me laya. . . juthi me abhi mummy ko batata hu. I: "no. . no. . . sorry bro pls dont let mom know this all. . pls. He: "Chal hat !!!!!" Saying this he was helling towards mom with that book and i try to stop him by pulling his hand and i said: "bhaiya muje maaf kardo plz forgive me i will nt do this again. . .

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  pls have pitty on me. H: " Oooh !! abhi bhaiya bhaiya kar rahi hai, jab me tumse kuch help mangta hu to muje ignore karti hai. . . . . " I was litterally crying and told: "Pls bro. . . . dont go, i beg you. Pls"Then he convinced and told me: "accha thik hai nai bataunga. "His heart melted seeing my tears. He cant see tears in my eye. He then hug me and sat on bed with me and wiped my tear  with his handkerchief.

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   Then i said: "bro tum bohot acche ho, agli bar me aise galti nai karungi. Aur ha kisi ko is book ke bare me batana mat. "He: "thik hai nai bataunga lekin vada karo ki tum mujse kabhi jagada nahi karogi. "I: " ok bhai abse hum dono ek acche bro sis bankar rahenge. . "From that day we became much closer to each other. We had a strong bond between us. Sometimes he use to hug me very tight that my boobs presses       his chest. We even kiss each other and we never mind it.                  One day mom told me to hand over our blanket for wash. and i gave her. Now there was only one blanket to share at night. It was good chance to seduce him for sex. Then the night begans, we both we both slept on bed with one blanket. He than tightly huged me from my ass.

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   Then i said :" Bhaiya aesa nai karte tum muje yaha touch nai kar sakte"(i said smilingly)He :"kyu??"I :"kyu matlab !!! Mai ladki hu aur ladkiyo ke ass pe touch nai karte. "He :"par muje to tumhare butts bohot pasand hai. I really like ur ass. "I :"U r a naughty guy. Jante ho muje tumhari body me se kya pasand hai. . . "Then i touched his dick and gave him answer "this" . He closed his eyes and asked me "tumhe kya pasand hai!!! ?"I again replied touching his dick. This time he was sure about what i am talking. Then he kissed my lips and then we smooched each other. Then he started touching my boobs. ooohhh!!!!! it was an awesome movement. Then i removed his boxer and i was just staring at his huge dick it was too thick and long. It was around 7 inch or may be more than it.


   Then i took his dick in my hand. Wow it was so hard and warm i cant explain u in words. Then we kissed each other wildly. Then i asked him: "kya tum mujse se* karna chate ho ?" He: "yes i wanna fuck u; its my dream and you are my fantasy. "I: "then fuck your bitch as much u want tonight. "Then he told me to suck his dick and i did it. I gave him a good blowjob. He asked me: "sweta is this your first sex; i mean r u virgin?"I: "No my first sex was with my x bf but he breakup with me. I did not enjoy him very much. what about you bro. "He: "Its my first sex with you. "I: "okay now lets start. Fuck me. "Then we both became naked. He first suck my pussy.

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   Then he came upon me and i was below him. Now he was pushing his inside my pussy and it went imsde. He was giving me wonderful shots. Ooh gosh. . . !!! it was very erotic. I was moaning in pleasure "aaahhh ohh hhmm!"While he was giving shots i said to him: "bro i was waiting for your dick since years,and now u got me. "He: "really. " I said yes.                And then we were reaching our climax. He said "sweta i m going to cum. . . .

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  . !"And he cumed in my pussy. I moaned "aaahhhh wwwooow. . !"It was a great plesureous movement of my life. That night he fucked me 2 times. We both enjoyed too much. We lied naked on each other till morning.          On the next day he thanked me for last night. And he said: "i love u sister,you are the best ever sister in world. " I was very happy with his words. He was so carring and loving about me. We enjoy sex from that day till today. I never got pregnant as i took pills or he sometimes were condoms etc. .

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       Friends  this is not a fake incident,its really true. If you like my story then pls pls pls comment on my email shahv338@gmail. comAny boy or girl want to do incest chat can also contact my email. Good bye. .