My Brother-in-Law, My Lover


For as long as I can remember, I've desired my sister's husband, Joseph. He was my forbidden fantasy, my secret desire. He was the guy I would've wanted to take my virginity, if I haven't already given it away to some schmuck who was half the man he was, who was just interested in spilling his seed all over me without a care if I came or not. FYI - he was the lousiest lay I ever had. Not that I had any seconds after that encounter. But still, my point stands. My first time sucked. After that, I never wanted to have sex ever again. Not that I ever lacked offers. There were many. I just wasn't interested in them. Not after that lousy first time. I figured, if I was ever gonna try again, I might as well as go for broke, and not settle for any sloppy seconds.

But when I met Joseph, I wanted to get fucked out of my mind. I had that sudden urge to just lay there, open my legs, and invite him to pork me over and over. He was that hot.

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   Plus, he was so smart. That tidbit I discovered later, when I got to know him better. Which just made me more mad with desire for him.

So my whole world fell apart when after that few seconds of sexual fantasy of letting him pork me over and over flashed through my mind, my sister came from behind him and said, "Hi sis, this is Joseph, my boyfriend. "

Not "new," just "boyfriend. " "New" would've implied she had one before, which she did not. Joseph was her first. So as you can imagine, it was a tragedy of epic proportions.

I tried to smile through my shock, though I imagine my smile looked so forced.

"Hi," he said. "Mary never said she had such a pretty sister," he smiled as he offered his hand to me. His smile was so gorgeous. I wanted to melt right there and then. I shook his hand stupidly. When his hands touched mine, I had that sudden urge to put his hands inside my pants and let him finger fuck me.

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   Thankfully, that urge passed. But my desire for him intensified.

I was 18 that time. Now I'm 21. In the three years since, he and my sister have married, making my life even more miserable. He was my dream guy, that guy I wanted to wake up with for the rest of my life. And my sister had him all to herself. FML.

I tried to content myself with sexual fantasies of him - him going home drunk and mistaking me for my sister. Or me having enough courage to go to their room when it's just the two of us alone in the house (yes, I lived with them. Me the poor, single sister). But I never was able to go through with any of my fantasies. I was content with watching him while he was sleeping with just his boxers on, his raging boner bulging through his briefs. During those times, I picture myself kneeling in front of him, pulling his boxers down, and just taking him in my mouth. I would bite my fingers, put two of it in my mouth and just suck it, imagining it was his penis.

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   I would then go into my room and masturbate to my heart's desire.

I tried to seduce him when it was just the two of us in the house. I would wear skimpy shorts or skip wearing a bra. I would pass beside him, and then bend down to expose my ass to him. None of it seemed to work. He seemed oblivious to me.

But then he and my sister started having fights. It wasn't anything serious. It was just him getting tired of my sister being eternally irresponsible with spending. But those fights got him looking at me. I would catch him passing by me and looking at my ass. Secretly, I was thrilled. But I wanted him to do more than that. So when I get a chance, I push out my ass as he passes by me to give him a chance to make a pass at me. There were times when I felt like he touched my butt.

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   But it was so brief as to make me doubt if he ever did. So when it was just the two of us, I made it more overt and really bent over more than normal. Still, he would just briefly touch my ass and then go on. I was going crazy with desire! I wanted him but I didn't want to make the first move. I was deathly afraid of being rejected. What if all of it was just in my head?

So one time when it was just the two of us in the house, and I was really going mad with desire for him, I called him over. I asked him to get something for me that was high up in the cupboards. But instead of moving aside so he can get it, I stood there blocking his way, my back to him. He tried to get it awkwardly without touching me. I could feel his breath at the back of my neck. I shivered as I pushed out my ass back to him. I bumped into his boner. He was hard as a rock. I moved my ass up to get his boner between my butt crack. He moaned with desire and gripped my hips.

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It was my turn to moan.

I held his hand and shifted my head towards his. He was breathing heavily.

"Joseph," I whispered.

"Violet," he whispered back.

And just like that we found our lips locked together. I turned hungrily towards him and tried to devour him with my kisses. I was so thirsty for him.

"Fuck me," I was breathless with desire. "Fuck me please," I begged as I pushed down his boxers and grabbed at his rock hard penis. He pulled down my skirt and panties down to my knees and in one swift motion, used his foot to slide it down. Then he lifted me up and sat me atop the sink and thrust inside me. It was like tasting my first chocolate. Pleasure burst all throughout my body. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he rocked in and out of me.

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   I kissed him like a madwoman, sucking his tongue and biting his lips. I moaned every time he would hit my g-spot.

I embraced him tightly as I began to feel my orgasm coming. I felt my pussy tightening involuntarily. "Not yet," he moaned as he tried to hold back his own orgasm. But I was past my breaking point. I let out a long, loud moan and called out his name. That pushed him over the edge. He started coming in sharp, quick spurts, his cum very hot inside me, filling me with its volume. I closed my eyes and let myself go, moaning on and on, calling his name and saying "Ohh, ohh, ohh. " My orgasm was travelling throughout my body, raising goosebumps all over my skin. I was shaking all over as he emptied the last of his cum in me. He gave me one last hard thrust and then fell all over me.

He was breathing hard, trying to catch his breath.

I was just happy and warm all over.

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   I hugged him and kissed him softly on the lips. He kissed me back and then lifted me without pulling out of me. Then he brought me inside their room and laid me down on the bed, all the while taking care not to pull out of me. We were continuously french-kissing while he was bringing me inside the room. When he has laid me on the bed, he broke our kiss and said "Now, for a proper fucking," his smile promised all the fantasies I've ever had of him.

And he didn't disappoint. Not by a long shot.

That was nine years ago. Now we're still catching a tryst now and then without my sister ever being the wiser. I could never own him fully like my sister owns him. But at least I could be content with the knowledge that he owns me fully, heart and soul. And he could fuck me anytime he wants, how many times he wants. I would give him my whole life if he would ask for it. For now, he's just content in taking what ever my body could give him.

And I've given him all he's ever asked for - and more.

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   I've sucked him dry many times than I can count, and I've loved every drop of him. I've swallowed every cum he gave me and let him fuck me like a dog. I'm madly in love with him. I know we can never be more than just secret lovers and I'm fine with that.

And I hope you who's reading this realize what I've realized that first time me and Joseph fucked: life is short. Don't let it pass you by without giving in to your heart's desire. You never know what might be waiting for you. It might not be what you imagine, it might not be as perfect as you want. But it might just be enough to give you a taste of happiness, no matter how fleeting. Don't let that chance pass you by. Grab any chance at any kind of happiness. You might never get that chance again. .



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