My Boyfriend likes to expose me - part 01


My Boyfriend likes to expose me

or perhaps it should be called

The exhibitionist in denial

by Vanessa Evans


All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when the events took place.


Part 01



Hey! My name is TT; well that’s what most people call me, my full name is Tanya Bethany Turner. I got the TT nickname from one of my friends in school. After my friends started calling me TT some of the boys started calling me Tiny Tits or Tit-less Tanya (when no teachers were around). I always used to get embarrassed and ashamed of my little breasts when one of them called me that.


I’m now 23 years old and am still quite small and skinny. I’m only 4 feet 9 inches tall and weigh 94 pounds – when soaking wet. My figure is 28AAAA – 22 – 30. I have light brown shoulder length hair and have to carry my passport everywhere I go so that I can prove how old I am.


My body stopped growing just as I started puberty. My breasts never got passed being little bumps. Fortunately my nipples grew quite big and I’m quite proud of them. My pussy developed in a perfect way (well to me anyway), I have small labia (never really grown from when I was a kid) and nice big clit that sticks out most of the time. One thing that my pussy might be slightly different to other girls is that whenever I spread my legs wide and my labia open, my hole is open just a bit as well. If the air is cold I can feel it going inside me.

My pubic hair never even started growing and the skin all around my pussy is the same colour as the rest of my body.

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   My butt is small, but bubbly. I often wonder if nature couldn’t decide if I was going to be a boy or a girl.


My parent are devout catholic and they tried to bring me us the same. It didn’t work out that way and I now haven’t been to church since I left home to go to university. I still have some of that horrible catholic guilt that they ram down young girl’s throats.


Even though I have virtually no breasts my mother insisted that I wear a bra all the time. The only ones that she could get to fit me were little girls training bras.


Another thing that used to annoy me was tights. They always had to be nude colour. I couldn’t see the point because they were see-through and you could see my legs and granny style knickers.


After reading that lot you’ll probably realise why I didn’t have any boyfriends at school.




My University Days


I was really glad to move out and go to university. Just after I had got accepted I came across an advert for someone to share a house with other university students. It was within easy walking distance of the university so I jumped at the chance; and moved in 2 weeks before my course started.


I shared that house with 2 second year male students (Harry and James); 1 first year male student (Ryan); and Sophie, a first year girl.

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   I was dead nervous when I first moved in, but all of the others are really friendly, and I soon relaxed and started to enjoy myself. It was sooo good to get away from my over-bearing parents. Harry and James were a great help to us first year students, telling us just about everything that we needed to know.


After a couple of months we were all best of friends and were forever going out together and having our own parties.


One thing that we did agree on quite early on was that none of us would try to hit on any of the others; we would stay as friends. We thought that life would be less complicated that way. It was a bit of a shame really because I thought that Ryan was quite cute.



Anyway, after about the 10th night out boozing we all rolled back to the house and someone suggested that we play cards – strip poker. We thought it would be a laugh and Sophie told me that she was good at poker and that we’d soon have the lads naked. It was a good job that I had drunk quite a bit; if I’d been sober I would never have agreed to play.


Guess what? Sophie was as bad at it as I am and it wasn’t long before I was topless. Even in my drunken state I was sooo embarrassed when I had to take my top off. You see, when I moved out of my parent’s house I decided to get rid of all my bras. My 28AAAAs don’t need any support and I was rebelling against my upbringing. In those days I used to wear thick, baggy tops to hide my small breasts and nipples that always seemed to be hard.

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   One other thing that I did as soon as I got to university was to go and see the university doctor. I had been suffering painful periods for years. My mother said that it was ‘God’s will’ and that it was a cross that I’d have to bear for as long as God wanted. I’d read on the internet that going on the pill could sometimes help and I wanted to try it.


That was the only reason for wanting to go on the pill. I never imagined for one minute that any man would want to go out with a scrawny, short, flat chested girl like me. The other thing about the pill was that I was hoping that it might trigger a growth spurt, both in height and breast size. Sadly it didn’t.


When I went to see the doctor I didn’t think that he would want to physically examine me, I just thought that he’d ask me a few questions. I was so embarrassed when he told me to strip, get on the table and put my feet in those stirrup things. I was so tensed up that he had to use lots of lubrication to get that speculum thing inside me.


Anyway, back to the poker. I sat there with my arms crossed not wanting anyone to see me.


Before long, Sophie was down to her thong and bra and I was down to just my small see-through knickers that revealed that I hadn’t any pubic hair. It was a good job that I was drunk.

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Ryan and James were down to just their boxers, but Harry hadn’t had to take anything off.


When I lost again, I got my knickers off; then bolted for my room. Even in my drunken state I couldn’t just sit there naked while the others played on.



The next morning I stayed in my room until everyone else had left and then went and retrieved my clothes. I still tried to hide as much as I could that evening. It was Ryan that talked me round. He made me feel better by telling me that I have a beautiful body that I should be proud of. He said that he bet that I was ashamed of my small breasts, and told me that I shouldn’t be. He said that most men really like small breasts; that all this talk about big breasts was just male ego talking.


I decided that I liked Ryan.



One night the following week after another night in the pub, we played strip poker again. I ended up naked again, but I stayed until there was only 1 piece of clothing left on anyone. Harry managed to keep his boxers.


I spent most of the time that I was naked, with one arm across my chest and the other in front of my pussy; and with a bright red face. I was surprised that Sophie didn’t get embarrassed at all.


   When the time for her to take her bra or knickers off, she just quickly did it and never once tried to cover her bits.


I got to see Ryan and James’s hard cocks and started to have dirty thoughts.


That was a night for a couple of firsts for me. It was the first time that I’d seen a naked man in the flesh and the first time that I’d seen an erection (Ryan). When I saw Sophie’s bald pussy I didn’t feel bad that my pubic hair had never even started growing.


To cut a long story short, we often played strip poker and I was so crap at it that I was always naked first, and for the longest time.


One thing that came out of the games of strip pokes was that everyone started wandering round the house in their underwear every morning (sometimes evening as well). I got used to seeing the boy’s morning woodies tenting their boxers. Sophie started coming down to get her breakfast in her undies as well. It was usually a bra and a thong, but sometimes it was just a thong.


One morning when it was just a thong Harry called her an exhibitionist. Her response was to tell him to get over it; saying that he’d seen her naked lots of times, so just a thong was positively decent.


I always wore a T-shirt and knickers and frequently wished that I was as brave as Sophie; or permanently drunk.



Another game that we played a lot was truth or dare. It was during that first game of truth or dare that I revealed that I was still a virgin.

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   Guess what I was dared to do quite early on in the game? Yes, I had to strip naked. Why was it that my first dare during each game was always to get naked? Okay, the other often ended up naked, but I was always the first one that had to strip. It was a good job that I’d had a few drinks.


I was always the ‘embarrassed naked female’ trying to cover my rock hard nipples and bald pussy with anything that I could, whereas Sophie did whatever she was dared to do, acting as if she still had clothes on. I wouldn’t say that she was flaunting herself, or teasing the guys, just acting as if she was fully clothed. Two or three times that I watched her I cursed my upbringing and wished that my embarrassment would just go away.


I remember one time when most of us were naked, Ryan was dared to French kiss me for 5 full minutes while we were standing up. Ryan’s hard-on was pressing against my stomach the whole time and I got feelings that I’d never had before. Okay, I’d experimented like all girls, and masturbated and had lots of orgasms; but this was different. A naked man’s hard cock was pressing against my naked stomach. My pussy had never been as wet as it was that night.


The dares that Sophie and I had to do got crazier and crazier. One night I had to run to the end of the street and back, naked. I was really glad that it was 2 o’clock in the morning. Twice I was dared to wear a miniskirt and no knickers for 24 hours.

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   Each time I had a nerve wrecking time being paranoid that everyone was trying to look up my skirt. Whenever any of the others saw me at the university they would grin and embarrass me by telling whoever I was with that I was going commando. Even Sophie embarrassed me. One time she pulled my skirt right up to my waist, right in front of a group of lads. I ran off with a face redder than a London bus.



We also did some stupid bets for a while. It was always girls vs. boys, betting on things like football matches or car races. Of course Sophie and I knew nothing about these things and we always lost. Our forfeits always included us being naked. I’d sort of got slightly used to my house mates seeing me naked, but I got real pissed one evening when our forfeit was to serve drinks and snacks, whist naked, to the lads while they watched a football match on the television. What they hadn’t told us was that they’d invited 4 other guys over to watch the game with them.


Sophie took it all in her stride and was even teasing some of them with suggestive comments and bending over in front of them.

I wasn’t so happy, and tried to keep away from them as much as I could. Ryan came into the kitchen at one point and tried to cheer me up by again telling me that I was beautiful and that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body and small breasts.

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   It helped a bit.


Another time our forfeit was to go to the local park with them and streak from one end to the other. It was a frosty day and my nipples were almost blue and so painful. On the other hand, my pussy was hot and throbbing.




After about 6 months in the house, the bathroom door lock got broken. We contacted the landlord and he promised to come and fix it. The only problem was that it look him 2 months to get round to it. In the meantime everyone promised to knock and wait for a few seconds before going. This worked fine most of the time. One time I heard Sophie shout at Harry to get out, and another time I got a shock when I went in and saw James in all his glory. He had a cute morning woody.


Another time I was in the bathroom and had just finished having a shower. It was my period and I was stood facing the door, naked, with one foot up on the side of the bath un-wrapping a tampon when Ryan came in.


We just stood there for a few seconds looking at each other. I was about to shout at him to get out when I saw his towel start to get a large bulge in the front.

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   The way that Ryan had wrapped his towel round himself meant that his erection created a tent near where the towel over-lapped a bit.


As I stared at the bulge, the towel slipped off his erection and it sprang free. In those couple of seconds my nipples went rock hard and I got that wonderful, randy tingling in my pussy.


Ryan broke the moment by saying,


“You know TT, you really are quite beautiful. ”


My embarrassed, red face went even redder. I was going to shout at him to get the fuck out, but what came out was completely different. I quietly said,


“I think you should leave now Ryan. ”



I think that it was at that moment that I realised that I loved Ryan.




We continued doing stupid things for the whole of our first year at university and (apart from the humiliation and embarrassment), I really enjoyed myself.



At the end of that year everyone was planning what they were going to do over the summer break. I had no intention of going back home and planned to stay in the house on my own.




Three days after everyone else had left I was in bed one morning when I heard noises from downstairs. I was only wearing a very short, tatty, old T-shirt; not even any knickers because I hadn’t done any washing for ages.


I slowly crept downstairs with my heart pounding. I was relieved when Ryan came out of the kitchen.

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   I ran to him, put my arms round his neck and hugged him. I was so relieved. As I started to calm down I realised that my T-shirt was high up my back and Ryan’s hands were on my bare flesh.


We went and sat on the sofa and talked. Ryan confessed that he had missed me being around and wanted to be with me. I told him that I felt the same. We kissed (properly) for the first time. After a few minutes getting over the euphoria of what was happening. I suddenly realised that I was exposed from my waist down. Ryan looked down and smiled as I tried to cover my pussy. He got hold of my hands and moved them out of the way, then held the hem of my T-shirt and lifted it right off me.


My heart was pounding, my nipples throbbed and my pussy gushed. Ryan stared at my naked body for a minute or so; then he took my virginity.



We spent the next week having sex in every position we could think of. I learnt how to take Ryan’s cock down my throat and he became good at using his tongue and mouth on my pussy.


   We only put clothes on when we had to go to the shop for food.


The weather was warm one day and we went out into the back yard and had more sex out there.


It was the best week of my life.




Mobile Home on the Coast


Ryan got a phone call from his parents one day, and after explaining everything (well not about the sex) to them he hung up then phoned one of his uncles and asked to use his mobile home on the coast for a couple of weeks.


We packed a few things and left. The thing was; Ryan didn’t want me to take any shorts, trousers or knickers. I was so happy that I would have agreed to go naked if he’d asked.


We got the train to the coast and found the site. On the way there Ryan got me to sit with my legs open so that he could see my pussy. Every time that someone walked along the corridor I shut my legs, whispering that I didn’t want them to see my pussy. Ryan told me that because all the skin around my pussy was the same colour as the rest of me and that I didn’t have any pubic hair; people wouldn’t be sure what they’d seen. I wasn’t convinced, but I eventually agreed to keep my legs open and really got flustered when one or two people had a look.


I was sooo embarrassed and didn’t want to expose myself like that, but Ryan wanted me to, so I did it. I really struggled to keep my legs open. The strange thing was that my body seemed to be enjoying having strangers look at my pussy.

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   It got all wet.


Ryan could see that I was embarrassed but he just grinned. He told me that it was just my religious guilt that was causing the embarrassment and that I was enjoying it really. He said that my wet pussy proved it.


After a while the frustration was too much and we sneaked into the toilet and Ryan fucked me as I sat on the front edge of the sink.


As we straightened our clothes, Ryan rolled the top of my skirt over a couple of times. I tried to stop him, but he just asked me if I loved him. I knew that I was going to have to be very careful when there were strangers around.


When we got to our destination I was half way up the stairs to go over to the other side of the rail track before I remembered how short my skirt was. I looked round and saw a couple of youths staring up at me with big grins on their faces.


I moved in front of Ryan.



The mobile home was great. The site was right on the coast and Ryan’s uncle’s home was in the far corner of the site right next to the path to the beach. When we went out of the back door we could see the beach and sea. As soon as we got inside Ryan was taking my clothes off and we fucked for ages.

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That night we went to the food store and to the bar for a drink. Ryan had me wear just one of his T-shirts – nothing else but shoes. It just covered my butt and I had to be real careful when I bent down in the shop. In the bar we sat at a table with our backs to the wall just near the entrance. Ryan wanted me to sit with my legs open. I got a little upset saying that I would be too embarrassed; but he asked me if I loved him and if I wanted to please him.


Of course he got his way; I would do anything that he wanted.


It was embarrassing; about 7 or 8 men looked over to me when they went out to the toilet, and again when they came back in. Each time I got all embarrassed and had to fight hard to keep my legs open. My body betrayed me again and my pussy got sooo wet.


When I told Ryan he asked me to rate how aroused I was. He called it my ‘arousal factor’ (AF). I told him it was a 5, and getting higher.


As more and more people looked at my legs and up my skirt, Ryan kept asking me what my AF was. When I told him that it was a 9, and that I needed him to fuck me very soon, he decided that we should leave.

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   We quickly walked back to the home and he fucked me just inside the door.



The next morning (student time) when I woke up, Ryan wasn’t beside me in the bed. I wandered around and found him sat out the back enjoying a cup of coffee and the sun. He was naked. About 18 feet away, people were walking passed on their way to the beach.


I was naked as well, and didn’t want to go outside like that. As usual, Ryan won and I ran out and sat on his lap. He laughed at me and told me to stop being so shy.


“It’s alright for you; you didn’t have religious guilt rammed down your throat for years. ” I said.


“Don’t worry TT, we’ll work on that. ” He said, then, “Can you get me a refill when you get one for yourself please?”



I had to get up and go and get the coffee. When I came back both my hands were full and I couldn’t shield my privates. There was no one on the path when I stepped out, but no sooner than I was out, a man and a couple of little kids walked by. What’s more, the man looked at me.

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As I went bright red, the man just kept walking; but he did have a grin on his face.



I felt so exposed sitting there not knowing if anyone passing was going to look over to us. Ryan seemed to enjoy my humiliation and he soon got a hard-on. It wasn’t long before he got me to go stand up then sit down again, but with his cock inside me. Although I was enjoying it I just couldn’t relax enough knowing that at any time someone could look over and see us fucking.


In the end, Ryan lifted me up and carried me in to the sofa where we satisfied each other.


After a couple of days fucking, eating and more fucking, we decided that we should really get out a bit. We wanted to go swimming, in the site’s pool, and the sea. Ryan could get away with wearing his boxers, bit I had nothing so we decided to go to the nearest town and see what we could find.


There were 3 things that we wanted from town; food that we couldn’t get in the site’s small shop, a swimsuit for me (Ryan said that he’d use his boxers) and a vibrator. Ryan, and I, wanted to experiment.


On the bus into town Ryan suggested that I go for the groceries while he went and got me a swimsuit. Then we’d meet up and both look for a sex shop. I wasn’t too happy letting Ryan chose a swimsuit for me; I had visions of him getting a skimpy bikini or a full one piece. Ryan persuaded me that he knew what I wanted, and that he wouldn’t disappoint me.




When we met up to go looking for a vibrator Ryan wouldn’t show me what he’s bought. He just asked me if I trusted him.


It took a while, but we did find a sex shop. I was so nervous going in, and my face felt like it was on fire. Anyway, we did find a vibrator that we both liked. It’s a remote controlled one. That both scared and excited me. On the one hand I loved the idea of Ryan being able to control my orgasms; but on the other hand I was scared as to where he’d do it. I was also scared that we’d lose it inside me and have to go to the hospital to get it removed. The humiliation of that thought terrified me


We rushed back to the mobile home to try it out. My pussy was dripping as Ryan slowly pushed it up my hole. When he switched it on it was ecstasy.   I’d never felt anything like it.


After 2 orgasms I told Ryan that I needed to find out how easy it was to get the thing out of me. We spent the next 2 hours with me practicing squeezing it out or Ryan delving in with his fingers to get it out.

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   Ryan suggested that I give myself 4 orgasms then jump up and down with my legs wide open. He said that I’d be so wet that gravity would take over and it would just fall out. I tried it after 3, but it didn’t fall out. In the end I was quite confident that I’d be able to squeeze it out on my own.



That night Ryan persuaded me to wear it when we went for a drink. He took the remote control in his pocket and didn’t touch it until we were on our second drink.


Ryan had told me to keep my knees open a bit, but when he suddenly switched the vibrator on I clamped my thighs together and had to supress a scream. I was sure that half the pub looked at me. You can’t imagine how embarrassed I was; especially when Ryan kept it switched on.


Ryan kept asking me what my AF was. When I told him that it was an 8, I also asked him to turn it off. When it got to a 9 I asked him if we could leave. His answer was to turn the vibe up to full.


I had my first public, humiliating orgasm that night.


As we walked back to the home Ryan told me that he was really proud of me and that he loved me so much.

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The next afternoon we decided to go to the site’s swimming pool. It wasn’t much, but it was a chance to take a rest from the fucking, and have a swim.


I wanted to see and try-on the swimsuit that Ryan bought me but he wouldn’t let me; he told me that it was a surprise. He told me that I’d have to go to the pool wearing just a towel, and he’d give me the suit there.


I wasn’t happy but I went along with it. I didn’t feel too happy as we walked there.


When we got there we grabbed a couple of sun loungers and Ryan had me flash my pussy to him. Then he wanted to sunbathe for a while before we swam. He said that he’d give me the suit just before we went for that swim.


We lay on those sun loungers with me wearing just that towel for about half an hour. My pussy was feeling the fresh air, but Ryan said that no one could see up the towel. I wasn’t convinced and caught a couple of boys looking at my legs.


Ryan decided that it was time for the swim and told me to stand in front of him and close my eyes. I did, and I heard the rustle as he opened a bag. He then told me to lift my feet, one at a time, and I felt something being pulled up my legs.

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   I was facing Ryan and no one could see my front.


Ryan continued and pulled the suit right up. Something didn’t feel right, and the next thing that I knew, Ryan had pulled the towel off me.


One arm went to cover my little breasts while I looked down and saw that I was wearing a thong. Not only was it a thong, but it was a see-through one that had tie-sides. I was virtually naked, in public, and with lots of people around.


This was not the type of swimsuit I was used to wearing. I was quite good at swimming when I was a kid; I even got a life-saving certificate, and I always wore a one-piece.


I quickly sat down (still covering my boobs) and asked Ryan for the bikini top. He grinned and told me that I was wearing everything that he’d bought for me to go swimming in.


“You can’t be serious; I can’t walk around like this, I’ll get arrested; not to mention my embarrassment (my face was already showing that), I said.


“You’ll be fine!” Ryan said, “Look around. There’s a woman over there wearing a thong, and 2 women over there that are topless. ”


“Yeah,” I said, “They’ve got tits, all I’ve got is a couple of tiny mounds with nipples; I look like a little 12 year-old girl. ”


“Okay, what about those young girls over there? Most of them are topless, and 2 of them are naked.

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  ” Ryan said.


“They’re kids Ryan; I’m 20 years-old. ”


“You keep saying that you look like a little kid TT; how about pretending to be one for a while? Ryan asked.



He’d got me there. I looked at the kids then thought about what I’d seen in the mirror that morning. There wasn’t much difference between how we looked. I looked at the kids again then looked around at everyone else there. No one was even looking at me. I slowly moved my arm from in front of my boobs.


“There,” Ryan said, “nobody’s looking at you. ”


He was right. I looked down at the front of the thong. I could see my slit through the yellow material.


“Tell you what,” Ryan said, “let’s go for a swim. If you see anyone staring at you we’ll grab our towels and leave.

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That made me feel a little better so I agreed. I felt sooo naked as we ran and jumped into the pool.



We messed about for a while and I relaxed. Ryan kept grabbing my little tits and butt. I almost forgot that I was just about naked.


After a while we got out. I was half way back to the sun loungers when I remembered what I was, or wasn’t wearing. My hands moved to cover my bits.


When I lay on the sun lounger I looked down at the thong. It was completely see-through; it may well have not been there. What’s more, it had moved forward and the bottom of the triangle had worked its way between my lips.


I quickly adjusted it.



“That was fun wasn’t it?” Ryan asked.


I had to admit, I had enjoyed swimming virtually naked. It felt good.





We soaked up the sun for a while. I even relaxed and let the sun get to my little breasts. When I turned over and lay on my stomach I forgot that my butt was exposed.


Ryan took great pleasure rubbing the suntan lotion on me. I had to push his hands away from my tits a couple of times when he started playing with my nipples; and I got sooo wet when he rubbed the oil all around my pussy. I’d both wanted him to, and not wanted him to finger fuck me when his hands were rubbing the oil around my pussy.


Later on, we went for another swim. I was a bit more relaxed walking to the pool. In the pool Ryan got his hard cock out of his boxers and ran it along my slit from behind. I sooo wanted him to fuck me in the water, but not there with all those people around.


We started messing around again, and all of a sudden Ryan swam to the side and got out. As he climbed the steps he said that he needed some more sun.


I followed him and I was back on the sun lounger when I looked down and saw that my thong was gone. I was naked; and what’s more I had walked from the pool naked; with all those people around.


My hands moved to those places again, I blushed and looked round.

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   No one was looking at me; but Ryan had a big grin on his face. As our eyes met he opened his fisted hand. My thong fell out.


I went to grab it, but Ryan was too quick. He said that I had to lay there naked for a while. He told me to look at the little girls at the other side of the pool.


Four girls, all about 18 or 12 were spread out on sun loungers and all were naked. No one was taking a blind bit of notice.


“If they can do it, then you can. ” Ryan said.


“Yes, but they’re about 18 or 12,” I said, “I’m 20. ”


“With those gorgeous little tits and bald pussy you look about 12 to me; and I bet that everyone else here will think the same. ”


I sulked a bit.


Ryan tapped my head with a finger and said,


“You may look only 18 or 12, but there’s more to you than that gorgeous body; I love what’s in there. That’s what makes you, you and I love you.

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That made me feel better. That smile on his face melted my bad thoughts.



We stayed there for a while and I eventually relaxed and let my hands fall by my sides. I’d closed my eyes and was dozing when I heard Ryan say,”


“Go get us an ice-cream please TT. ”


I opened my eyes and saw a 5 pound note held in front of my face. Without thinking I got up and walked over to the little bar. It was only as I was getting served that I realised that I was naked.


I blushed and my hands started to move to those places. They’d only just got there when the man behind the bar said,


“There you are little girl,” and he handed me 2 ice creams and my change.


I had no choice; I had to use my hands to carry the ice cream.   


As I walked back to Ryan with a flushed face, I looked round at all the people; no one was looking at me.


I lay back on the sun lounger and Ryan came and sat at the bottom of my sun lounger. I had to raise my knees so that there was room for him. While we sat eating out ice creams Ryan ran his spare hand up and down my legs. It felt good.

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Ryan’s hand got closer and closer to my pussy each time it went up and down, eventually touching my pussy. The next time his hand got to my pussy, he pressed on my clit for a second. A bolt of pleasure shot through me just before the hand disappeared. The next time it did it again and I shook and moaned. It was a good job that we’d finished my ice cream.


Ryan did it again, this time slipping a finger inside my pussy.


I moaned again.


Ryan stood up. I could see his cock bulging in his boxers.


“Come on, were leaving. I have something that needs to be taken care of. ” He said.


Ryan grabbed all our things, pulled me up and started pulling me towards the exit.


“Ryan,” I whispered, “I’m still naked. ”


“It doesn’t matter, let’s go.

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  ” He said, and tugged on my hand.



We quickly walked back to the mobile home with me looking all around to see if anyone was watch me. We turned a corner and 2 teenage boys were walking towards us. They both looked directly at me, or should I say my pussy. All of us just kept walking.


We just got back inside the mobile home when Ryan turned to me and started kissing me. We never made it to the bedroom; Ryan fucked me as I bent over the dining table that is just inside the door.



We got a drink and Ryan took me out the back to sit on the chairs and watch the waves. He wouldn’t let me put any clothes on.


“Did you see the faces of those 2 teenage boys?” Ryan asked me.


“Yes I did. They were staring at my pussy. If I hadn’t been so desperate for you to fuck me I’d have been sooo embarrassed. ” I replied.


“I told you that you had a nice body, you shouldn’t get embarrassed, those 2 lads really enjoyed looking at you.


  ” Ryan replied.


He turned to face me and continued,


“We’ll have to show your body to more people, I bet that they’ll all enjoy the sight. ”


“No! I can’t, it’s too embarrassing. ” I said.


“Yes you can, trust me, it’ll be fine. I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it, and the sex afterwards will be magic. Push that religious guilt to one side and enjoy yourself. ” Ryan said.


Now I love and trust Ryan, and will do anything for him, but I wasn’t convinced that I’d enjoy being naked in front of people. But it was for Ryan, so I just knew that I’d do it.



After a while, Ryan went back inside and came back out wearing a pair of boxers. He threw something at me and told me to put it on because we were going for a walk along the beach.


I looked at what he had given me. It was his blue string vest. I hadn’t seen him wearing it for ages, and had missed it.

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   It shows his chest and abs off quite well.


“You want me to wear this?” I asked.


“Yeah, put it on and let me have a look at you. ” Ryan said.


I put it on and smoothed my hand down the front. One of my nipples was poking through one of the holes and I.