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I have been married for a bout a year and a half to my beautiful wife Beth. About two years ago I went to her house to have dinner with her and her parents. At the time we were pretty recently engaged.
I showed up at their house and her mom answered the door. She was wearing a sexy black dress that was so short that I could nearly see her pussy. She told me that Beth should be home shortly, she had to go to the store and grab some things then pick up her dad and then they’d be home. I called Beth to see how long she’d be and she told me about an hour or so. I was kind of curious what I was going to do for an hour with just me and her mom there.
We were making small talk about college life and my relationship with Beth. She then told me she’d be right back and went into her bedroom. I sat there for about five minutes looking around at pictures of their family and trying not to feel too awkward.
I didn’t know what she was doing so after a few minutes I decided to go check to see if she might need help with something. As I opened the door I saw her standing there in a black bra and thong. I felt really embarrassed and said "Oh my god I'm so sorry!" She surprisingly responded by asking me "Do you like what you see?" I could feel my cock getting harder and harder as I said "Of course you have a very nice body!" She then asked me "So when did Beth say she would be home?" "About fifty minutes" I replied.

She then asked "How many times can you fuck me in fifty minutes?" Very shocked I replied "Um I'm not sure. " She then got on her knees and pulled out my throbbing cock and said "Well lets find out.

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She took off her bra and thong and immediately got to work sucking my extremely hard dick. I could see her dripping wet pussy and she swallowed my entire dick down to the balls. I was about to cum just from her sucking me because I had such an adrenaline rush. I then proceeded to lay her on the bed and spread her long beautiful legs, I began to eat her extremely wet pussy. Her soaking wet pussy tasted so good and she was about to cum any minute. I ate her pussy until she came and squirted all over my face. She then begged me to fuck her from behind.
I pulled her up and bent her over the bed. She was still moaning from the orgasm my tongue had just given her. I didn't waste anytime and slid my cock in her from behind. She was pretty tight and extremely wet. I was already close to cumming from the blowjob she had given me. I started pumping her harder and harder as her moans got louder and louder. And she started screaming "I'm cumming I'm cumming!" I didn't say anything as I shot my hot load inside her pussy at the same time she came squirting her juices all of my hard dick. After we both came we just laid on the bed completely out of breath.

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Not ten minutes later she was ready for round two. She leaned over and took my cock into her mouth again and started sucking my juiced covered dick. She was still so wet from the orgasm she had before and this time begged me to fuck her in the ass. I had never had anal sex before but I always wanted to try it. I fucked her pussy a bit to get my cock wet and easier to stick in her ass. I pushed my cock inch by inch into her hot ass and she moaned with every inch that went in. As I fucked her in the ass she came again squirting all over my legs and the bed. She begged me to stop because she couldn't handle another orgasmn, but I ignored her request and kept fucking her tight asshole. A moment later I felt my body tense up as I came in her ass.
I was ready for another round shortly, but the clock told me no. Beth was scheduled to be home anywhere between five and ten minutes, so we both got dressed and her mom tried to clean out my cum out of her pussy and asshole. We had a great dinner that night and I have been fucking her mom every chance I get! 



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