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This happened during another business trip of Dad. This time he was gone for 3 weeks, which meant more action between Mom and Roshan Uncle. I was getting excited at this thought and yanked off thinking about the last time when they made me a part of their lovemaking It was a windy Saturday night, 2 days after Dad left, and I was in a movie with my friends. Mom sent me a text message saying that dinner is on the table and she's out for a party and would be late. It was around 8 when this happened. My heart began to pump, I knew there was to be action tonight. The movie finished at 9, and by 9:30 I was home. I parked my bike and made a dash to Roshan Uncle's place and entered through the backyard, as usual. I could see Mom sitting on the bed sipping onto a glass of wine and next to her was Roshan Uncle with his glass…. . and to my amazement, there was a 3rd human being too, sitting on the other side, that slimeball Shankar Rai, Dad's Boss. Bloddy Hell!!! This was going to be fun Shankar moved closer to Mom, he placed his arm around her neck and began to kiss. As they continued kissing, their tongues danced in each others mouth, Mom's legs became unfolded but remained pressed together as he laid her on the bed.  Roshan Uncle was caressing her thighs and sipping on to his wine, lucky bugger!!!! Shortly after, Shankar broke the erotic session of kissing and looked at Mom running his finger over her face, down her neck to her breast. One by one he began to unbutton her blouse, Roshan Uncle moved to the chair opposite the bed and started undressing too Shankar's finger traced the entire edges of her bra on both sides of her breasts and , finally, unsnapped her bra, exposing her large excited breasts. He cupped his hand over one, slightly squeezing and gently pinching the nipple, then the other He then moved his hand off her breasts and started to tongue and lick her nipple while at the same time began moving his hand on her leg, sliding farther and farther up her trousers.

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   Mom spread her legs letting his hand slid up her leg and over her crotch, he unbuttoned her trousers and his finger went in and out of hole. Mom was moaning and panting continuously as his finger worked on her pussy, saying, "Oh God, yes. Don't Stop. I'm gonna cum!" Her body was shivering and shaking trying to cum but yet holding off as long as she could. Then she let go, exploding into, what seemed as a never ending series of orgasms, both vaginal and clitoral orgasms. Shankar got off the bed and began to undress, while she continued lying, and Roshan Uncle stroking his own monster vigorously Shankar returned to the bed moving Mom up on the pillow, and crawled between her legs which opened automatically, and pulled down her trouser and then her panties. He lowered his head and began running his lips over the length darting in her already very wet hole. He finished licking and then leaned over Mom placing his huge size cock at her hole and with slight difficulties slowly eased in until every inch was inside of her. Mom began moaning from the second he started to enter her. Mom was moaning louder as Shankar's pumping increased as he thumped his huge organ faster and faster in her, her legs tightly wrapped around him. Shankar began panting, slowing down a bit, and then he cummed in Mom, "OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh," Shankar laid breathlessly panting on my Mom, slowly moving his cock in her, then got up leaving her on the bed and went to the bathroom. It was Roshan Uncle's turn now. Mom pleaded that she take a short break, but he was up and pumping hard. The slut look on her face, drove him wild and he jumped onto her and they started kissing, Mom feeling his hard cock. Slowly she began running her finger over the shaft of his hard cock.

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   She got down and moved her lips to his cock sliding her tongue over the tip head licking off the large drops of semen. As Roshan Uncle now caressed her breasts with his mouth his hands moved around her waist slowly sliding in a finger in her pussy. They french kissed for a short time feeling each others body, and mom specially feeling his cock, sliding her fingers over the slimy drops of semen that oozed out, while he, had his hand inside her pussy fingering her hole and clit. After the short but erotic kissing session, they moved around and in a 69 position, immediately Mom took Uncle's cock into her mouth, sliding her lips up and down the entire shaft, while at the same time, Uncle's tongue worked its way into her pussy. Roshan Uncle's tongue moved over every inch of her cunt, darting in and out of her hole. After only about 18 minutes of making love to his cock with her mouth, he began moaning, then BOOM, as he shot his hot load into the back of mom's throat. Mom swallowed every drop of cum that entered her mouth, just then, as she reached the point of no return the bathroom door opened and Shankar walked in. She was still on top of Roshan Uncle, sucking the head of his cock, and licking her lips. She looked at Shankar as he walked over to the bed, and said, "Ummmmmmmmmm, tasted so good. " Shankar Uncle again had a raging hard on. He spread Mom's legs and immediately started pounding her again. Roshan Uncle now sat up moving behind Mom and his hands started caressing her breasts. His hand moved down to her cunt as Shankar's cock slid in and out of her hole, till once again Mom and Shankar cummed heavily. Shankar then moved off and Roshan uncle sat up grabbing his cock jerking it off and came, shooting his load all over Mom's face, in her mouth and neck and tits, she reached up rubbing the white thick liquid all over her face and lips licking her fingers, while Roshan uncle smeared the cum over her tits with his cock and putting it in her mouth to lick off. .

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