Mom goes away for a week


*This story is completely fictional

My name is Taylor, and I’m 18 years old. I play football for the school team and I like to just hang out with friends and what not. My dad died when I was young, my mom got laid off from her job and now does odd jobs to get some money, but she recently got a job that will require her to travel. I have two little sisters, Kate and Jillian. Well, about my physical properties I’m 200 lbs, 5’9”, and large around the shoulders, arms and legs. My dick is just over 9 inches. Kate is 110 pounds, 5’6” and has the most amazing tits. Last time I asked she said they were Cs. She’s got a cute little ass that’s not too big but isn’t flat. Time for the story.

I had just got home from school and no one was home. I thought, “awesome!” and popped down in front of the TV and turned on the xbox ready to lose myself for an hour or two in the video game. About a half an hour into my gaming mom rushes in looking flustered, ranting on about “getting ready”. I turned off the game and got up asking her what was wrong. She said that her new job was requiring her to take a trip down to Florida to go to a meeting. She had to leave tonight.

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   She didn’t have time to call a baby sitter and I’d have to feed me and my sisters for a couple days. I assured her everything would be alright and that I’d take care of the house and my sisters. She slapped down her credit card on the counter and rushed off to her room to pack.

Kate walks in wearing her volleyball uniform, walks over to the fridge and bends over looking for a snack. I can’t help but keep my eyes off her beautiful ass in those too-tight spandex shorts. She stands up and I advert my eyes. She asks “whats up girlie man?” I explain to her mom’s situation. She smiles and says “PARRTTAAAYY!!” I laugh and tell her; “keep it down, were lucky were getting this chance, don’t spoil it. ” She gives a cute giggle and bounces off to go take a shower, I watch her ass all the way till she gets to the stairs. By now I have a huge hard on, it was easy to hide though, since I was wearing jeans. I look at the clock and realize I have just enough time to escape to my room and pleasure myself before I have to go pick up Jillian. I go to my room and lock the door, then sit down on the bed. Since im pressed for time I pull out a pair of my sister’s panties I had stolen a week back and start stroking them up and down on my dick, envisioning her giving me a blow job with her sparkling blue eyes looking up at me. After about 18 minutes I shoot my load into the panties and put them back in the hiding spot. I zip up my pants, grab my keys and run out the door.

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When I got back with Jillian Kate is sitting in the kitchen munching on a power bar and doing some math. She turns around as we walk in and says “moms gone, says to use the credit card only for food, we can order a pizza tonight and one other night. ” “how long is she gone?” I ask. “an entire week! WOOO!” I laugh and pick up the phone to order the pizza. After dinner I’m sitting down in the living room watching some TV. Kate comes in and bends over to get her headphones from the floor. I look over and see a black thong poking over her jeans. I was wearing sport shorts so I had to grab a pillow to hide my erection.

After I had put Jillian to bed me and Kate were watching a movie, she was curled up close to me since it was a horror film. “gosh, im glad tomorrow is Saturday…im not going to be able to sleep tonight!” “sure you will, this is all fake, you don’t need to worry about it. . ” after the movie she announces she’s going to go try and sleep. I mumble a goodnight and head off to my room, which is right next to hers. I get on my computer and start looking for some porn. Feeling kinky I looked up some beastality.

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   I found a video of a girl getting rammed by a horse and I start rubbing my cock up and down, after awhile the horse cums, spraying her face with cum and I explode along with. I clean up and shut down the computer, then I hear a soft voice coming from the other side of the wall. I get curious and go to Kate’s door to hear her moaning. Her door is cracked slightly and I look in to see her with a dildo up her cunt. I get embarrassed and go back to my room to find I have a raging erection again. “damn sis, you shouldn’t be getting me this hard” I whisper. I sit down on my bed and pop in some music. A plan formulating in my mind.

After two hours I get up, quietly and take off all my clothes, standing there in the nude I take a deep breath and head out of my room. I creep the door to Kate’s room open and tip-toe to the side of her bed. I look down at her, the blankets thrown off. She’s wearing a cute white and red bra and not wearing any panties. Just looking at her like this my dick gets rock hard. All 9 inches sticking straight out. Kate is a very heavy sleeper, so I say in my normal speaking voice “Kate! You awake?” she doesn’t even stir.

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   I take my hand and slap them together hard. She still doesn’t move. I reach over and shake her shoulder. Still, nothing. I smile and sit on the edge of the bed, reach around and un do her bra, throwing it to the floor. I sit there and take in how sexy my little sister is. I reach over and take one of her perfect tits in a hand and squeeze. Oh my god they felt amazing. I played with the nipples a little and then lowered my head to take one in my mouth sucking and licking. She sighs deeply and I get scared and bolt out of the room. I come back realizing she was still asleep to see her legs spread out. Her pussy was soaking wet. I sit back down on the edge of the bed and put my hand on her pussy. I start rubbing up and down. I look back at her face to see her head tilted back and her mouth slightly open.

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   I stick a finger in her hole and her body tenses up. I think “shit…she’s a virgin!” so I pull my finger out and play with her clit for a while. She starts to moan in her sleep and I stop. I get up on the bed between her legs and rub her pussy lips and clit with the end of my dick. I start grinding back and forth , her juices getting all over my dick. She arches her back and lets go a stream of girl cum, getting all over my dick. “oh my god she’s a squirter” I thought. Just the thought of my little sister squirting made me cum. I shot my load all over her belly and tits. A little got on her chin. I smile as I grab a washcloth and start gently cleaning it off. I head back to my room and fall asleep smiling.

I wake up next morning, first awake. This never happens. I make myself some breakfast and send a few texts seeing if any one wanted to hang out today.

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   No replies. I guess im the only one awake today. I start to watch some TV and Kate comes in. she has a worried look on her face and I think “shit shit shit shit shit shit. ” She sits down and turns to me. “Taylor,” she says “can I talk to you?” I say “sure? What about?” “well, this is really hard for me to talk about and you can’t tell any one else, ok?” I assure her I wont. “well…. i think I had my first wet dream last night…I woke up and I had a very strange feeling…down there…and when I looked the bed sheets were soaked!” I stare at her for a minute and ask “you’re a virgin?” she replies “I’ve never even had a boyfriend! Geeze!” I blush and apologize. I tell her it’s nothing to worry about and to get her sheets l’ll throw them in the washer for her. She thanks me and runs off.

That night I decide to cook some mac n cheese. Jillian is spending the night at a friend’s house so it was just me and Kate. We eat dinner and sit down again to watch a movie. About half way through the movie Kate pauses it and turns to me. “Taylor, whats a penis look like? I mean, I’ve seen them in the sex-ed pictures and stuff, but I’ve never seen a real one…” I blink my eyes and decide to throw caution to the wind and say “well…would you like to see one?” she nods her head yes.

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   I take a deep breath and unzip my pants and fish my flaccid cock out of the hole in my boxers. “that’s IT?” she asks. “I laugh and say “well, it’s not hard right now… you know that, do you know how to make it hard?” she giggles and says yes. She stares for a minute and then whispers “make it hard. ” I look at her and say “YOU make it hard. ” She looks up at me and blinks then she reaches over and grabs it. She starts moving her hand up and down, my cock getting harder by the second. Then I say “know what would make it really hard?” she just stares at me, so I say “if you licked it. ” She blinks again but nods her head and leans down and licks the top of my dick, I get so hard I feel like I’d explode there. Kate starts poking and feeling it, “wow! Its really hard” she whispers. “it tasted good too…” she whispers quietly. “well, Kate, you can taste it all you want…lick it like a sucker, or… if you wanted you could put it in your mouth and suck on it. ” “like a blowjob?” she asks “yea, like that” I reply. She gets a funny look on her face and then gets off the couch between my legs and says “ok, guide me through this tell me what to do, ok?” I smile and tell her I would. “ok, just stick it in your mouth as far as possible.

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  ” She puts the head of my dick in her mouth, then pushes it in more, she gets about half way and then looks up at me. “ just suck in and pull it out until the very top, don’t take it out of your mouth though, and then go back down again, just keep doing that, go at your own speed. ” She sucks in and pulls it out slowly then goes back down on it, after awhile she starts going faster, and then starts working her tongue all over it. After awhile I say “Sis. Im gonna cum. Im gonna cum, oh my god im gonna cum in your mouth!”her eyes widen and she tries to pull it out but I explode in her mouth, as she pulls it out I shoot a load onto her cheek and then one on her chin. I moan in ecstasy. Kate just sits there, cum dripping off her face, she has an odd look on her face so I say “whats wrong kate?” “the taste…its…different…I like it” then she reaches up with a fingerand scoops a glob off and puts it in her mouth. I smile and ask “so… you liked that? Do you want to go further?” she nods and lets out a small yes. I tell her to take off her clothes. She does, standing there naked I strip my own clothes. I tell her to sit down on the couch. I position myself between her legs, my rock hard dick at her pussy lips. I tell her “This is gonna hurt for a minute or two…ok?” “w-w-wait! Not ye-“ I cut her off as I shove mydick deep in her pussy, breaking her hymen. Her eyes get really big and she screams.

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   She sits up and throws her arms around me, her nails biting into my back. I just leave it there for a minute and then start humping back and forth. Her pussy felt amazing. It was so tight I had trouble pulling it out and then pushing it back in. her arms loosened around me and she fell back onto the couch. “oh my god…that feels so good Taylor” she moans. I grin and say “oh yea? Get ready for this!” I thrust in as deep as I can and pull out again. I start humping in and out fast, I grab one of her tits and start massaging it, pinching the nipple. “Tell me to fuck you harder. Call me your brother. ” I growl. “fuck me harder brother! Oh fuck me with your big cock brother!” as I fuck her pussy my balls slap against her ass hole. Kate was moaning so loud I thought the neighbors might hear. I say “Kate! Listen to me! Are you on the pill?” “yesss! Fuck me more! Yes im on my pill brother! Don’t stop fucking me!” she screams. “hehe, good.

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  ” I thrust in and shoot my seed deep in her, she moans and arches her back, her cum seeping out of her pussy and onto the couch. I sit there for a minute and then pull out. My cum comes flowing out, mixed with her cum and blood. “oh…my…god. . ” she whispers. “you should get cleaned up sexy. ” I say “I…can’t move” she whispers back. I get on my knees and start laping at her pussy, the mixture of all the juices tasted so good. “oh my god, im gonna cum Taylor!” kate screams. She cums all over my face and I sit back grinning. I pick her up and carry her to the bathroom, turn on the shower, set her on the floor and then close the door, leaving her to clean up when ready.

…To be continued

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