Mixed experience with first Black Guy.......Part One


Hi I was a reasonably happily married women of 6 years. I married early and was in my late 20's. I had only ever slept with 3 guys including my husband.
Then out of the blue at my regular cafe near work I started running into a tall black guy. He seemed very happy tall goodlooking and informed me he had was here from the US because of baskeball. We struck up many conversations over the next few weeks. I started to really look foward to seeing him and the takeaway coffees started to sstop as we'd sit over lunch and chat. Like me he was maried. Suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about him and fantasising about him.
Then after a month of our chats we had started discussing our attraction for each other. Now mine for him was obvious as he's tall black with a great body and a great smile. I'd even gone to a game to watch him without my husband knowing. No my husband was benifiting from my new attraction as I was always horny and wanting sex however I was always imagining my new "friend". My three previous lovers were good lovers but only average in size compared to some movies i had watched with my husband. I was suddenly obsessed with the thought of seeing and feeling his cock. I hoped it was all i was imagining.

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Finally I decided to explore my fantasy as he had told me several times he wanted me. I am a size 8 brunette with long hair to my waiste. I started to let my hair down at lunch so he could see how long it was. I also started to wear tops showing cleavage.
After pulling out for a couple of weeks I finally agreed and told my husband I was having drinks with my sister (who new all about my plans) after work on the Friday night. I went to a hotel and went to the room he'd texted me the number. He opened the door. I was so nervous. He grabbed me and kissed me. I was surprised but I just went with it. I imagined sitting having a drink being really nervous so this was actually somewhat of a pleasant surprise. We moved to the bed and he just seemed so good at removing my cloths. Wow before I knew it i was naked. Then he stood up as I had only managed to remove his shirt. I was loving running my hands over his abs.

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   Then he unzipped his pants and removed them. I sat up on the edge of the bed. His cock was semi hard. Already much larger than I had ever been exposed to. I grabbed it and stroked it before putting the head of it in my mouth.

I was so wet and excited. I started to slide my tongue over it and then take it in my mouth. I kept stopping and stroking it so i could look at it. This large black cock had me wanting it so bad. I had given head to my husband many times but this was the most excited i had ever been about having a cock in my mouth. I sucked and stroked him for quite a while when he said i'd better stop as he wanted to enter me before he came. Gee I agrre i thought.

He turned me around on the edge of the bed so i was on my knees. Gee i didn't expect to get the biggest cock that had ever entered my doggy first. I didn't speak.

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   I knew I was very wet. He started to eat me from behind driving his tongue into me. This felt so damm good. Suddenly he stopped and he grabbed my hips as I felt the head of his cock spreading my pussy lips. I was expecting to be in pain but i was in heaven as he slide further and further into me. Before long he was sliding this big cock faster and faster into me. I was really enjoying it as he was getting deeper into me. Then he said he was about to cum. What I was so disappointed. I wanted more of this. I tried to move forward to help him withdraw. He then thrust into me again. He was moaning as he climaxed. I suddenly had mixed feelings. I hadn't thought about this as I had just expected him to cum over me.

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   He said how great it felt. I asked him why when I moved forward he came in me. He said because I was sexy. I was annoyed. He said he always tries to blow in sluts. His attitude changed so much. He dressed and said if any I want any black cock give him a call. I was now worried how many girls he fucks and about what he might have given me. I layed there crying and angry with myself. I was a fool.
I saw him around near work and he'd just smile. I got tested and was ok. It was such a relief. I was so angry with myself for ages. Strange thing was whenever I saw him part of me wanted him to fuck me again.

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   Over the next few weeks I started to fantasise about him just fucking me in an alley way or taking me quickly in a hotel again. I couldn't believe I started to think about this heaps. Our conversations got longer. He appologised for his behaviour. I told him that I knew that was the real him. He asked why i was talking to him then. I was speachless. He then asked if I liked what I got and wanted more. I smiled. Maybe was my reply. . .
I'll tell you about our next encounter soon.