Milly inseminated


Becoming a mere incubator for childless couples to have just the type of babies they desire.

Here at the Clinic, our Doctoress Dragonmage explains to a young couple.   


Milly inseminated


"Ah Mr and Mrs Jameson. I'm Drss. Dragonmage, but my friends call me Misty. "

"Hi I'm Don and this is my good wife Melinda. "

The handshakes were firm and purposeful.

"Please take a seat, while I explain the procedure to you. "


She waved towards two chairs across her desk. "Would you like a coffee before we start?" "I'm too excited for coffee I'm afraid. " Melinda giggled.

Drss. Dragonmage smiled. "That's perfectly natural, after all it is your first time.   Now as you already know we aim to ensure that the host is as perfect a match as possible. Which is why we have been taking tissue samples from you Melinda for the last few months.

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   Well I'm delighted to be able to report that the host is a perfect symbiont and now your genes occupy her eggs. In other words whenever she has a baby it will be your baby genetically. "


 The young couple held each other's hands and beamed happily. The Doctor smiled back. 'What a delightful couple'. She thought. "As you know from our brochure the host is always a virgin. The authenticity is on record and you will, of course, be able to check for yourself later Don. She is also extremely fertile at present, thanks to the fertility drugs. In fact today is her peak. So if you are prepared then we can impregnate her straight away".

She paused waiting for their answer. The young couple looked at each other and then Don spoke nervously.

"Er. I'm er not sure about the er procedure"


Misty Dragonmage was famous for her bedside manner which was why her cosmetic, surrogate, pregnancy clinic was one of the most popular on the East Coast.

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   Now she used her devastating charm to its best effect.

"There are two methods of conception. We call them induced and natural. The first is where the semen is injected into the host using a surgical procedure. We prefer the natural method as it tends to have more positive results and can be <another smile> a shared experience"

"This er natural method is it. . . . . ?" Melinda's voice trailed off.

"Lovemaking I think you mean to say. Yes it is. However you will be there and will be a full participant. In other words it will be a mutual experience much like natural conception. We try to do things as naturally as possible here.

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  " The look of puzzlement caused her to continue. "Let me explain. The host is constrained in a special rig of our own design. This spreads her legs wide and back which pushes her vagina high and makes it accessible. She is then covered except for her mouth and genitals. These are left clear and her head is constrained in a special harness which ensures that her mouth is always available.


The female, which is you Mrs Jameson <another smile> straddles this harness facing your husband. In this way you can both be sexually satisfied by the host. Please rest assured that she has had an intensive course of training and will be able to pleasure you both. The training was designed to ensure that you both achieve orgasm simultaneously which, our tests have found, will increase the amount of sperm and hence the chances of successful implantation. "

"Can she er see us?"


"Oh dear me no. That would never do at all. At no point during her pregnancy, including the conception and the birth, will she ever see either of you. You may view her and the progress of your child, through a one way mirror at various stages and of course you have full access to the ultrasound scans so you can see junior progressing in the womb.



"That sounds good.

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  " Don again. "But how do we er know that er she only er. . . . "

It was a common enough question.

"Simple Don. After conception she is fitted with a specially designed belt. Rather like a high technology chastity belt. Of which there are only two keys. You will have one and the other, kept in case of premature labour, is held by me in my safe. So please rest assured that the only male member she will have access to will be yours. "

 She paused and flipped through the case notes. "I see that you have applied for three children. Two boys and a girl in that order?"

They nodded in unison.

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"Fine. One of the questions that is frequently asked is what happens to the host afterwards, I mean you wouldn't want her having more children with your genetic makeup would we Melinda? Let me put your mind at rest. After the successful production of the third child she will be sterilized. Then she will be sent to work in a portside brothel in Africa in which we have a controlling interest. A percentage of her fees will be remitted back to you to help in the upkeep of the children. Small children are so very expensive aren't they and it is only right that she should share in the burden of their upbringing. She will not earn very much per act but we ensure that she is worked hard so you will see a fair return for a year or so at least. "


A look of relief flitted across Melinda's face. She knew she was right to insist that Don came here. She'd heard so many horror stories of other women who had used other C. S. P. Cs and had seen their host, years later, carting a baby around. This was much more clinical and the extra income would come in handy. She hoped the host would be worked very hard.

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   Children were expensive and, although Don was rising quickly through the ranks of his company, they could still use the extra income.

Drss. Dragonmage continued to flip through the notes held on her clipboard.

"Ah yes. The medical Insurance. Yes that seems to be in order. Your company is paying I presume?"


Don nodded. "It is standard practise in my company for executives. The company believes that wives have a very special role in entertaining clients and it can be a bit off putting if she can hardly move around the kitchen, or she's forever rushing off to pee. The company also pays for cosmetic surgery so any minor blemishes can be corrected. In that way <he looked adoringly at his wife> she can look ravishing all the time"


'How sweet' thought Drss. Dragonmage. "There is one small point that I think I should put your minds at rest about straight away. That concerns the colour of the host's skin. You may be surprised to learn that she is white, a natural blond too as you will discover for yourself Don.

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   That in no way will effect the outcome of the children. They will be the same rich coffee colour that you both share, she has no genetic part to play in their makeup. They are guaranteed 100% to be your offspring. She just carries them. "

She put the clipboard down on her desk. "Everything seems to be in order. Now which method of implantation would you prefer?"

Melinda blushed. "I er think the er natural way"


"Very wise. I know that this can be a fairly daunting prospect so we have a special suite of rooms that have been set aside for you. There you will be able to indulge in a candlelit dejeuner a deux, the Chef is French you know and will have a certain something added to help you get into the mood. Then just let nature take its course. The host has been strapped into place already and has a vibrator stimulating her vaginal fluids continually so you may proceed whenever you feel the time is appropriate.

Don't worry about the time, you have the room for as long as you want. Incidentally the drugs we will be giving you will enhance your libido considerably so as to ensure a successful coupling. In fact you may be pleasantly surprised at the number of times you will be able to inseminate the host and the enjoyment is profound.

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   My partner and I have five lovely children and each time we stayed in the room for a full day. Mind you we slept the clock around the next day. "

She laughed and mopped her brow in mock exhaustion.


"One last question please Doctor?" Melinda again.

"Go ahead"

"Will the er host get any pleasure from it?"

"Oh no we don't allow that sort of thing here. She has been er altered so she can feel no pleasure ever. She is here to do a job and she wouldn't be able to keep her mind on it if she was orgasming all over the place. Plus, of course, many of the mothers to be would be very uncomfortable with the idea of their husbands pleasuring another female, even if they are present. I hope that clears that little point up to your satisfaction Mrs Jameson?"

"Perfectly Doctor. Thank You. "

"Excellent then please allow me to show you to your room. Oops I nearly forgot here is the belt key. I think you'll be needing that"

"Thank you Doctor". They chorused.


 'What a delightful couple.

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  ' Thought Drss. Dragonmage as she led them to the impregnation suite.