This is as true a story. This really happened. There is no fiction and or any embellishments at all in this story. The names of the individuals are their real names. If I have failed at all, it is in giving you all the details that comes back to mind as I share this story with you. I decided to put this back on the web again as a few more details came to mind. Here we go:

It was a very boring cold winter Monday night in Stowe Vt. in March of 2009. It was about 9:30PM and three of us were playing pool at a small bar that picks up lots of action on the weekends around midnight when the locals start to come in. The three of us, Ken, John and me (John) were just not into the beer or the pool. Let's face it there are times when that happens - February, weekend over, Monday night, boring!! The weekend was party time and now it was about time to put up the cues and go our way.

The only people there were the three of us in the bartender. Then we noticed a couple come into the bar and sit on the barstools facing us. No big deal. The woman was very attractive, about 5 feet two at the most, maybe 100 pounds and I’d say around 40 years old. She took off her coat and put it next her on another stool.

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  She was wearing a short green mini skirt and black top which is unusual for Stowe that time of year. Her boyfriend was at least ten years older than her.

As we were finishing the game she would occasionally swivel on her bar stool and look directly at us into our eyes from about 20 feet away. Ken was 35; both John and I were 27. Ken whispered to us "she isn't wearing any underwear". We decided to play another game and waited for her to swivel around and look at us again - hopefully.

I said "let's have another beer, just one more, I'll buy". We always like looking at fresh pussy if Ken was right?Her boyfriend was talking to the bartender and not paying attention to his girlfriend or wife when she turned toward us again looking right at us. I decided that I was going to go for it so I walked to the bar ordered the beers and directly asked her "I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but are you wearing any panties?" She had a beautiful smile and said no. I kiddingly said would you show my two friends, especially the one at the pool table that he was right. She smiled and right in front of me gave them a great view of her pussy. She lifted he legs up from the bar stool to her hips and just spread her legs wide so there was no doubt that it was just her cunt, and was it cute. I know because I was looking at that pussy from just a few feet away. Man was that something.

Again, she was about 5'2" tall, 100 pounds and very very attractive.

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I shook my head and walked back to the pool table and all three of us just shrugged our shoulders and said "Holy shit did you see that? That was so fucking horny. "

After about 20 minutes the couple left and we thought they had taken off. Man were we disappointed. It was below freezing outside and we could see them talking outside in the parking lot. He left here and went to their car and I said "I don't I don’t give a shit, but I have to talk with her. " As I got in the lot, she turned around toward the bar.
That's when I said "hi" I'm John what's your name? She said "hi John my name is Michelle". We had some small talk about how dull it was in the bar. It was fucking freezing. I gave it a try with nothing to lose and said "look my jeep's right here, let sit in it for a minute while we talk and get warm. " I thought she would pass on this invitation, but she said "let's do it. " As you know it took about 10+ minutes to get some decent heat. In the meantime, while we are in the car out of nowhere she starting to ask me questionslike "do you like to fuck and do you fuck a lot? Do you have a girlfriend? Does she like to fuck?" This was more than small talk it was pure sex talk and I was beginning to get a hard on. I could see her boyfriend sitting in his car in my rearview mirror. When the heat came on she threw her coat off, didn't say a word, no making out or anything just unzipped my jeans and went right down on my cock.

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   But there's more, a lot more. While she was sucking and slurping on my cock she reached under me a put her finger completely up my ass. No one spoke at all. All I could do was moan in pleasure and disbelief, and she was sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. She was getting to the point where she was almost taking all my cock in her mouth. You could tell she really like I mean loved sucking cock.

Then all of a sudden, there was a knock on her side on the window. It was her boyfriend who seemed out of it at that point. I thought "the blow job is over" and he might be very pissed off. She just rolled down the window a little and said "everything is fine and I'll meet you in about 20 minutes in the bar wait for me. " He didn't say a word just backed off and went back to his car. She immediately got back into sucking my dick as if her life depended on it. I am about 5 1'2 inches hard which is not great but she took most of it in her mouth and could hold it there. Like I said pure joy.

From one of the bar windows, Ken and John could see me getting a blow job in the jeep.

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   They decided to come to the jeep and waited to say hi after I shot my load down her throat. They ordered shots of stoly's and waited.

It got to that point when I could not hold anything back and I shoved my cock as far down her throat as I could and I pulled her head down so she couldn't do anything but suck my cock and take my cum. I then shot my fucking load as far down her throat as I could. She swallowed all my cum and sucking and sucking on it. She stopped for one second looked me in the eye and said I want every single drop of your cum and she got it all. It wasn’t too long when the tip of my cock was so sensitive that I lifted her head off of it and said “holy fuck, that was unbelievable Michelle. ”

Timing is everything, then Ken and John opened the back door on her side and got into the back seat of the jeep. I knew they wanted some of this action. Michelle did not notice or pretend to notice anyway because her she was now making out with me and french kissing me. Tasting your own cum can be very different, but in this case it was fantastic.

When she did notice them, they laughed and said "surprise". They said "they were freezing there asses off watching her give me a blow job and they needed to get warm. " When in fact they were in the bar watching and not outside.

I introduced Michelle to them and Ken hey Michelle "come in the back seat and say hi to me".

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   She said maybe for a minute. She looked at me and said to me "don’t go anywhere because I have other plans for you later. I said "it’s OK Michelle go visit the guys. She slid between the seats and as she did her mini skirt was halfway up her ass and you could see her cunt and full bush. We just stared at each other in disbelief looking at that pussy. Ken helped her into the back seat and immediately kissed her, put his tongue in her mouth and stated rubbing her ass and palming her cunt and clit. She didn’t resist at all and started moaning which was a great sign.

They began to make out big time. Ken had his fingers in her cunt, on her clit and moving his fingers up and down the crack of her beautiful ass. We could tell that Michelle now expected Ken to fuck her in the very tight quarters of the backseat of the jeep. But out of the clear blue Ken spread her legs and moved them toward John. Michelle looked at Ken while having her head on his lap and said "aren't you going to fuck me?" Ken said take John first and then believe me I'll fuck you right after him. She looked a little surprised but made no objections when Ken lifted up her skirt around her waist which showed her cute ass and snatch and said "just be a good girl and you won't regret a thing. It’s going to be a very very long night " John had just pulled down his pants and had a rigid Hardon. Two things to mention.

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   It was very crowded in the jeep especially with three of in the backseat and John more importantly had the biggest cock of all three of us. It really was a big cock.

My friend John was having a hard time getting in her cunt. She was very petite and her cunt hole was very tight. He used some spit and wondered if Ken should have fucked Michelle first. But we could tell she was doing everything in her power to help john blast through her and into her cunt. And then it happened, she let out a loud scream and gasp as all the air left her lungs and john let out a yell at the same time and totally impaled her right through her cervix. She took a number of deep breaths and said to John “ just give me one second only one second. ”The fucking then began slowly and picked up major speed. Michelle was on her back legs up around his waist, and at times over her head taking a huge pounding in her cunt and was making so much pleasure noise that we were little worried about being heard since we were close to the bar, yet no one was there.

John fucked like a total maniac for at least 30 minutes, and I mean 30 minutes, we counted. He was just pounding and pounding her pussy. Michelle, as small as she was, never backed off for a second and was moaning as loud as he was fucking. She would tell him to "fuck her harder faster deeper and don't fucking stop, don’t stop. " Then we finally heard John say somewhat angrily "god damns it, fuck!!" We thought there was a problem but he just could not hold his nut back any longer.

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   He didn't want to let it go but there it was filling up her cunt. She grabbed him even tighter French kissed him and kept screaming to John to leave every single drop of his cum inside her cunt. Every bit every drop "She loved his cock and cum. " Those were her exact words.

He lay on top of her for a minute, she looked up at him and again french kissed him and said "my God I’m still dizzy and full of your cum. " Ken now was pulling on John, who still hadn't yet gotten his pants back up into the front seat, as he made way for Ken to get into the back seat. Ken’s belt was already unbuckled and his pants half way down. Michelle was just lying there in the back seat looking very sexy with a blushed red face and freshly fucked look.

She said to Ken “hurry up I need another cock need to keep fucking. ”She readjusted herself between the door and the backseat spread her legs as wide as she could and lifted her them to make way for Kens cock to go right into her cum filled cunt some of which had dripped from her cunt down her ass and onto to plaid seat. She reached under her ass to grab Ken's cock and at that moment he shove it right up her cunt as she gave another big gasp, wrapped her legs around him and they started the fuck session. While fucking her ken took off her top and bra and left her mini skirt wrapped around her waist and John and I reached over into the back seat (remember we are both named John) pulled off her thigh highs.

John mentioned that had to be one of the best fucks he had ever had with anyone, girlfriends, bar pickups, college and the like. Ken fucked Michelle at the same intensity as John and about 20 minutes later I asked him how much longer he was going to take. I was getting horny after my blow job just watching them fuck but it was too intense to watch that long without getting some pussy.

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   Ken said relax in about an hour if you’re lucky, we knew he was kidding hopefully it was however he kept fucking Michelle for at least another 18 minutes - so he had fucked her for 35 minutes then you could hear him start to moan and fuck even faster than he started to stiffen up and force Michelle further back into the seat holding each of her knees as open as possible Michelle was doing the same had her hands on Ken’s hands helping him to pull them back as far as possible as she could to let Ken cum in her as deep as possible . She was straining her neck to stare at Ken's cock drilling her cunt. She seemed entranced looking at his cock from that angle. There was no doubt about her love for fucking and cum. She was insatiable Ken came and came and now there was even more cum flowing out of her cunt down her as and onto the seat. The sweat was pouring off his face he was breathing very heavily and said there is no way this pussy is leaving here tonight without 9 to 12 loads of cum in that cunt.

As I was letting Ken by into the front seat he said "I am going to move the jeep to the far end of the parking lot out of the lights. Though there was no one in the bar, but there could be later and we didn't want to fuck this thing up at the point. As I was burying my cock into Michelle's cunt Ken was driving us about a hundred yard to the back side of the parking lot. Michelle said oh it’s you again, I miss you fuck me right now, right now I need it. ”

The conversations watching while one was fucking was very very interesting in that we were just a foot or so away from watching our friend's cock going in and out of her cunt with cum now all over her ass and the seat. It actually was pooling on the seat below her ass.

This situation was too good to believe and we were still not sure how this was happening. Michelle would talk "major fuck talk" while fucking us. She was very concerned that she was satisfying us and were really enjoying fucking her, really enjoying her.

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After about 20 minutes I came, the 2nd round began. Michele had a double shot of vodka which took her 3 or 4 swallows since she was not use to downing hard liquor. We could see the strafe marks on her inner thighs which was scarlet red from our gangbanging. And her pussy was raw and red and we never heard any complaints.

We all agreed that 20 minutes would be the max for the next three fucks unless Michelle couldn’t take it anymore. John started then Ken followed by myself.

Same story as above, Michelle on her back head right up to back door on the passenger side legs splayed. Same position only more cum on her ass and on the seat which became a talking point since it looked a perfect circle with a 3/4 inch diameter. Just before round 2 started Ken and I were in the front seat watching John cock incessantly pounding Michelle's cunt which by now was so red an raw it was making us even hornier. Like I said we now could see the strafe marks on her inner thighs getting even redder and redder and her pussy and clit totally beet red from the fucking. Our cocks were beginning to get sore, but we didn’t care at all.

I then heard a knock on the window driver's side and it shared the shit out of us. We just were not ready to end this girl's party. It was her boyfriend or whoever standing there looking drunk and asked me if I had seen a middle aged attractive woman wearing a long green coat in the parking lot. I looked in the back seat as well as he did to see a pair of women's legs wrapped around a John's waist while his cock was reaming the shit out of her, and right over the gear shift was a green coat.

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I thought to myself "what the fuck man are you blind", but I looked at him and he said "no sorry we didn't see anyone. " He looked bewildered looked back at the fucking, seemed dazed and said thanks anyway and walked back to his car again about 50 yard away and just sat there while John kept right on fucking Michelle and never missed a stroke. After about 18 minutes he started his car and left and he didn't show up again.

After the second round I had to take a piss and mentioned it and Michelle said "I'll join you. " Remember it was below freezing out there. Bare ass naked, she put her heels back on, got out of the back seat, left the door open, leaned to the back of the jeep, spread her legs, bent down a little and started to piss. Man was she cute I stood next to her with my clothes on and I was frozen solid. They guys in the car yelled for us to shut the fucking door. All Michelle said was "I have never been this fucking cold or fucked this much in my life. Let's get back in get warm and get back to fucking. "

She hopped back in the jeep asked for more vodka and the heat was turned up to the max. We started to laugh about a few things and we asked her which cock she liked the best and she said "the one in me at the time. " We told her how she made this totally boring night in the best fulfilled fantasy of our lives. Nothing would ever come close. We asked her if she was okay.


  Michelle pointed out the embedded cum spot on the seat, and said can we make this bigger? We all looked at one another laughed and knew she was not going anywhere soon. Ken was in the back seat with her and she asked John if she could take a quick look at his cock. He said of course and she went right down of him leaning between the front seats for about 2 minutes when John said to Ken you're riding shotgun my friend, at least for a while.

Now we were staring round 3. We didn’t know how much where she could take and felt this would be our last fuck apiece so we decided to let it take its course and blow our nuts when we were ready to, and not before. We had talked about trying the cock ass mouth thing and felt she would definitely go for it, but we never got to it.

We couldn't get over the amount of our cum that was caked on her ass and thighs and some of it still leaking from her swollen cunt which we helped us to get back in her again. The smell of sex in such a small area was overwhelming strong, but a complete sexual turn-on.

And so the night went on. I don't remember how long each of us fucked her but it was for definitely well over an hour in total for each of us. By now it was 3am the bar was closed and Michelle was still in a "fucking frenzy", literally! We talked about taking her to Ken's condo actually she was up for but then that might create problems later with her boyfriend. Ken was the oldest and the most concerned about situations like this. So we decided to stay and fuck, watch, drink, all fuck her for the fourth time and enjoy this moment and hopefully her boyfriend would come back or we would have to take her home.

Michelle said she would do whatever but that she was not done fucking. She had already taken at least 9 loads of our cum in her cunt and 1 in her mouth, and we had been fucking us for hours.

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  And by the way by now our cocks were so sore it was unbelievable but we were not going to stop

Michelle smiled looked at her swollen shut cunt, caked on cum and the spot on the seat and laughingly said "I am a total fucking mess". But I’m really ready to give it one more time as long as all three of you do me.

This last time we only lasted from 18 to 18 minutes and speaking for myself when I came it felt great but there wasn’t the amount of cum from earlier in the evening but my cock didn’t care and I’m sure it was the same for ken and John.

We happen to notice that her boyfriend’s car was back in the lot which was a relief to us. When we told her she said that’s great I have a ride home.

She managed to put her coat on in the car. When we gave her back her thigh highs she said“keep them as a souvenir”then she reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a pair of crouch less panties rubbed them on the cum spot and said take these two and I hope we can meet again.

She gave us all a hug and a very sensuous French kiss and said "I loved fucking you guys, I really did. I don’t know if I can walk to his car. I may need help. My cunt has never been this sore”

She shut the door walked someone bowlegged over to the car looked at us and waved lifted up her skirt and showed us her pussy then got into the car. She had been fucked so much that it was more of a stagger than anything else. She certainly wasn’t drunk but had been fucked senseless and I mean senseless.

We all agreed that nothing like that had happened to us before that night, and never has happen up to this point in time, and probably will never happen like that again. As they say though it may sound trite "it was truly a fucking night to remember!" Ken said it better than anyone could I don’t know about you guys but my cock is so sore that I can’t touch it.

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  Guess what I’d still be fucking her even if I had to go to the ER room.

Again, this is an absolutely true story. This really happened and the names are not made up. We were from Stowe and Michelle was from Burlington as we later found out.