Me,My Friend’s Wife Savita And Her Daughter Pooja – Part 1


Let me introduce myself to you, I am Pratik a 26 year old entrepreneur and I owe a medium scale software firm at Pune.

It was around 9 am on a very chill winter morning and I had just reached my office. As soon as I stepped in office my assistant told me that my neighbour Anil is waiting for me in my cabin.

Anil who is in his mid 40s is my neighbour since past 12 years and he lives with his 43 year old wife Savita and 19 year daughter Pooja and he often used to visit my office. I greeted him ‘‘morning” after entering cabin & suddenly he started crying loudly. I was bit puzzled but I somehow managed to calm him down and I enquired why he was crying.

Anil to me,

“Pratik, My home EMIs are pending since past 2 years and now bank is asking me to leave my home if I don’t payback the EMIs. EMI of Rs. 5 Lakhs is pending and I don’t have any money left with now. I want you to help me financially. Please!!”

Me to Anil,

“You already owe me 2 Lakh rupees since past 4 years and now you want 5 Lakh more?? Sorry buddy I cant help you this time. ”

Anil to me,

“Please I am ready to do anything . ANYTHING”

I told him that I will let him know about it and he left my cabin. For the next 20 minutes I was thinking about him and suddenly his beautiful wife pooped up in my mind . It has always been my fantasy to make love to an MILF. Suddenly A devilish offer appeared in my mind and for next 1 hour all I could think was to make love to his gorgeous wife Savita.

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I knew that no one will help Anil financially in such times and he would have no choice but to accept my proposal.

I called Anil to my office again and he showed up in an hour,

Me to Anil,

“You said you were ready to do anything for money”

He hurriedly replied,

“YES,YES I DO . . !!!”

And I told him,

“You want 5 Lakh rupees but I am thinking about giving you 18 Lakhs but only on one condition”

He was confused a bit and asked me what was the condition.

Me to Anil,

“ I will give you 18 Lakhs provided that your wife Savita and your daughter Pooja spend a week with me at my Lonavala farm house. My offer is clear. Now It is upto you whether you have to accept it or reject it. ”

Anil was shocked after listening to my offer and it left him speechless.

I further added,

“Your one wise decision may just save your flat as well as It will ease your financial troubles for coming years. Take your time and let me know your decision by tomorrow morning”

After thinking about my offer he told me that he will tell me his final answer tomorrow in the morning and he left my office. My mind was totally occupied with the thoughts of making love to both of them and I could barely focus on any work on that day.

Next day Anil showed up at my office,

Anil to me,

“After discussing with Savita and Pooja, we have decided to accept your offer but we need 25 Lakhs for this. ”

I said YES without giving any much thought to amount of money involved.

So the deal was DONE.

Savita and Pooja will be my sex slaves for whole one week at my Lonavala farm house and in return I will be paying 25 Lakhs to Anil.

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We went onto fix the dates to next friday for our ADVENTURE and I headed for shopping to buy lingerie and some sex stuff for the lovely ladies.

As soon as our date was approaching I was getting even more excited and was feeling even horny with each passing day.

Finally the date had arrived and at Friday afternoon after finishing my office I picked up the ladies. I asked Savita to sit in front with me while Pooja hopped up in the back seat and we headed to my Lonavala farm house. It was around 1 hour drive.

Savita was wearing a blue kurti and she is just like every teenagers dream MILF. She is tall around 5 feet 7 inches with 34 D boobs, Fairish in colour with long thick black straight hairs stretching upto her big round ass. Her hairs were tucked up with the help of a pencil revealing her bare milky white backneck.

As soon as I saw that bare back-neck, I had an instant hard on. she was looking damn hot with her goggles on. I always wondered how a hottie like Savita ended up with a guy like Anil.

On the other hand, Pooja is just like a very hot college going chick.

At 19 years of age, She is 5 feet 8 inches tall , slim with comparatively smaller but firm 32 B boobs and medium sized ass. She is very fair, kind of milky white with a very cute face. Her Hairs were just like her mother’s long thick staright and black stretching upto her bum but looked more silky and shining.

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She was wearing a short black one piece which was clearing revealing her long legs and some part of her thighs.

Her black shiny shoes made her look like a glamorous model from TV . Lip gloss on her lips was literally begging me to taste it ;-) . I could literally feel my tongue licking her bare thighs. Her Khule hairs were giving my dick really hard time to control the feelings. Thoughts of making love to these lovely ladies were surely very tempting and my dick was giving affirmative node for the same.

As we got onto Pune Mumbai Highway, There was strange silence in the car. I was finding it hard to control my feelings and I started moving my hand on thighs of Savita. She was reluctant and was hesitating a bit. Pooja was watching me play with her moms body and I guess she was enjoying the show.

Then slowly I moved my hand onto her hairs and removed the pencil from her hairs and now Savita looked even hotter with Khule baal. Heavy air flow coming out of car Ac was making her hairs move onto the eyes. I slowly tucked them behind her ears. Savita & Pooja did not know how to react to these antiques of mine.

We reached farm house at around 5 pm,farm house is located just near the base of the hill and it has 3 bedrooms 1 big living room 1 kitchen along with a big lawn, one medium sized swimming pool and an attached bar.

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Savita and Pooja were awestruck after looking at the sheer beauty of the farm house. We then moved our bags to one of the bedrooms and we decided to sleep in master bedroom. I Parked my car and locked the farmhouse main channel gate so that there wont be any disturbance to us for next one week.

Savita to me,

“Will you be sleeping with both of us together or one by one?”

I had a devilish smile on my face and I told Savita,

“Well that depends on my mood”

Then I asked both of them to sit in living room and I went to Kitchen and prepared some hot coffee for my both soon to be sex slaves. After finishing the coffee it was now the showtime.

I had decided to enjoy them one by one first and later to have threesome with them. One of the most difficult things was to choose whom should I go first with ;-).

After giving some thought to this I decided to enjoy the daughter Pooja first. I told the ladies about my plans and asked Savita to take a stroll in the garden lawn till I enjoy her daughter and she obeyed my orders like a good girl

As soon as Savita left for the garden, I went closer to Pooja & she knew what was coming, she was shivering a little bit so I decided to calm her down a bit. I started discussing about sex and other stuff with her. While discussing, She told me that she is a virgin and has not even kissed any other guy and she has not watched any porn yet.

After 18-18 minutes of conversion she felt bit relaxed but now I was finding it hard to control myself.

I started to move hands slowly through her hairs. I grabbed her hairs and tooked her to master bedroom where all the arrangements were already made.

    I made her sit on the big king sized bed and I closed all the curtains and turned on deem lights to create the proper environment.

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       I was about to take away the virginity of an angel.

    I got into bed grabbed her face with my both hands and drilled my toungue deep into her mouth. Lip gloss tasted sweet and salty ;-). I kept on kissing her passionately and wildly.

    Then simultaneously while kissing her I slowly inserted my right hand in left cup of her bra and felt her warm boob and then pinched her nipple . As I pinched her left nipple she let out a huge cry.

    “AAaaaHHhh !!!”

    I turned me ON even more and I ask her to get out of the bed and stand in front of a big 8 feet mirror just beside the bed. Now it was the time to remove her cloths. I stood just behind her. She was looking like a dwarf in front of my 5 feet 18 body.

    Just to make things hotter I called Savita in the bedroom, she showed up in couple of mins and I asked Savita to sit on a sofa just near the mirror. She sat there not knowing what was to come. I wanted Savita to watch me undressing her 19 year old daughter.

    I wanted to make both of them wet. I started slowly moving my hands through Pooja’s hairs and then moved them in front exposing her bare milky white back neck along with the long chain of her black one piece.

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    I placed my left hand on her left shoulder I slowly started pulling the chain down which exposed her back. I started kissing her back neck and then moved down kissing her back.

    As my tongue danced onto her back she kept giving out slight moans. .



    Then I removed her black one piece and there she was standing in front of mirror is just black bra and black panty. I must admit she is one of most fairish girl I have ever seen in my life. I groped her bums with my hands and I slapped her bums hard she let out another big cry.

    Then moved her hairs behind her back and turned her towards me. She was now facing me. Her curves looked like the best sight in this world.

    I gently moved my fingers onto her curves and then again grabbed her face with both of my hands and started kissing her everywhere on her face nose forehead chicks neck. Then I sat on my knees and started licking her thighs placing kisses everywhere on her knees thighs legs.

    Then I got up and slowly inserted my fingers in her black panty. She was damn too wet. I rubbed her clit for 20 seconds and moved my fingers out of her panty.

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    Then I grabbed her hairs and moved her to sit on sofa near Savita. Now both of them were sitting on the sofa.

    As Pooja sat on the sofa I let her hairs go and Then I grabbed Savita’s hairs. Now It was time to undress Savita as Pooja sat watching me undress her mother.

    I made Savita to sit on the edge on the bed with her feet touching ground. I grabbed her face and whispered,

    “Time to taste momma now” and my toungue started dancing on hers. As we were kissing I moved my hands everywhere on her body. I asked her to move her hands up and I removed her kurti as she moved her hands up and then removed her leggings too.

    Now the mom Savita was sitting in just magenta coloured bra and panty in front of me.

    Then I moved her in bed and got on top of her. I wildly took off her bra and panty exposing her big firm breasts and Large ass. seeing her big firm breasts I could not resist & I started feasting onto them

    I gave a devilish look to Pooja and told her.


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    Next part of this sex story will be submitted in the next 3-5 days. .

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