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Before telling the story let me tell you a bit about myself, my name is Majid and I'm 26, the story I'm going to share with you is 100% true and it all happened to me a year ago. After my Studies I got a job and in the process i have been tranferred to Lahore and I have to come here, as I haven't any place to live here so I started looking for an accommodation here with the help of a friend of mine. We saw many houses together after reading from newspaper and all that but whenever people saw that I'm a single male they refuse to rent out their house or portion to me.

After a month or so I saw an add in newspaper about an upper portion available in a home, so I went there and talked to the owner but the situation was same but after an hour discussion I was successful to convince him that I'm a gentleman and an educated guy and he will not face any problem because of me. So he hesitantly agreed and finally I got shifted from my Sister's home to the upper portion of that house as paying guest. After living a few days I came to know about those people living in lower portion, they were a couple with a baby boy of 1 year and the mother of that man. I never made any problem for them and use to go to my office and return at 7:00 in the evening. I have just seen those people very rarely. They were very happy about me and liked my routine and manners, and after about two months I came to know from the owner that he had got a very good job in Out Of Country and he is moving there soon, but they have not allowed him to take his family with him.

So he departed after a few days and life was normal as usual for me, one day the wife of the owner called me downstairs and that day I saw her closely for the first time, she was about 32 and very gorgeous, her complexion was very fair and she has got large tits and a nice ass and she was about 5' 6" , her name was Iman and she was asking me to bring her a few medicines from the market as her baby was not feeling well.

I brought her medicine and again had a chance to see her closely. When she turned around to go inside I got a chance to see her ass, it was round and full and looked great under the shalwar kameez she was wearing, She was just beautiful. After that I use to think about her a lot and tried to have a look of her whenever I got a chance, but she usually don't go out a lot. From my room upstairs I can she the backyard of their house where she use to wash clothes and all that, so I use to watch her doing this, she usually don't care much about her dress while washing clothes and I got a good look of her tits as she use to bend to pick up the clothes from the washing machine, and also was able to see her nice ass which I wished to kiss and grab from behind. I use to masturbate after looking such scenes. One day I came early from my office and was taking rest in my room when I heard her calling my name from downstairs, I came downstairs and saw her standing out of her room and she was looking very beautiful and sexy in a blue Shalwar kameez.

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   She smiled looking at me and said, Majid are you free at the moment there is some problem with my TV, I'm trying to play a movie but its not working, can you fix it, I said OK, let me see whats wrong, I went inside their home for the first time, I saw her mother-in-law sitting there and I said Salam to her and started looking into the matter , after a few minutes I made it working as their was a little problem with the tuning of TV.

She told me that they have brought a new movie and she asked me have I seen this I said oh!! it's a good movie someone told me but I haven't seen it yet. She instantly asked me would you like to watch it right now with us if you like, I was a bit hesitant but when her mother in law said yes why don't you watch it here, you must be feeling boring alone, so I said OK. And sat their on a sofa she made a cup of Coffie for me and we were looking towards each other during the movie, and whenever there comes a sexy or romantic scene she use to look at me and smile. After an hour or so, her mother in law said ok, now I'm going its too late and I have to take rest now and by saying this she went to her room for sleeping, now both of us were sitting there and watching movie but I was thinking about her and looking at her beautiful Body whenever I got a chance, her Dupata was not on the right place and I can see her Body Parts underneath the Kameez and I think she also noticed this thing, her baby was lying near her and after a few minutes she decided to feed the baby, I was surprised that she started feeding the baby in front of me and I saw a glimpse of her tits but for a fraction of a second and during feeding her child went to sleep and she laid him on the couch near her and asked me that can I put the lights off as the baby is sleeping now , I said OK as you like and she done it. Now it was dark and I can just see the outlines of her sitting there. But that was not enough, because after some time she came close to me and sat down on the same sofa I was sitting, and started talking to me about different things about my job, friends etc and then she asked me whether I have any girl friend or not etc so I said no.

She said why is it like this a handsome man like you must have a girlfriend and by saying this she came close to me and now I can smell her perfume, she was doing magic to me, and I was very nervous, suddenly she took my hand in her hand and started creasing it, and suddenly she placed my hand on her left tit and pressed a bit, I was shocked and tried to get away but she said oh where are you going it will be good, please press them I in a state of shock and fascination started moving my hands on her boobs over her blouse and also stared pressing them. By the time I was turned on and my dick was getting hard in my Jeans, she stared producing sounds like " ah ah press hard". And then she kissed me on cheek and placed one of her leg on my thigh and turned her face to me and kissed me on lips and I reciprocated her as I was confident now and also feeling much better and enjoying the situation, so both of our tongues touched each others and we kissed deeply for a minute and then I started kissing her face neck and lips, and also placed my hand under her blouse and tried to grab her tits underneath and there was her bra, I touched her tits and kissed her once again , she said in my ear lets go to the bedroom and she took me to her bedroom and bolted the room from inside, after sitting on the bed we started kissing again and she had placed her hand on my jeans right on my dick,which was very hard now and she unzipped my jeans and took out my dick from my underwear and started stroking it, I got a great feeling and I removed her Kameez and she laid down in my lap and I unhooked her bra and wow , there were her tits in front of me very beautiful , big and white with brown nipples, It made me mad and I started sucking her hard nipples like crazy, and grabbed her tits very hard,she stated making sounds and said "ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh,ahhhhh. . . . . ooooo.

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  . . . " please slowly its paining suck my boobs and these words from her were making me more crazy, and also I can taste the milk coming of her swelled nipples and I placed my hands under her heavy tits, it felt so good and after some time she asked me to undress completely and I done it in a flash and also took off her Kameez and placed a hand on her Shalwar but she placed my hand on her cunt from above the petticoat and I started feeling it then she placed one leg on the other pressing my hand in between her legs and on her cunt, it was really hot down there I took my hand out and put off her petticoat exposing her beautiful legs, round ass and beautiful cunt having hair on it.

She placed my hand on the clit and started saying "Araaaaamm say, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, " and her dirty words were making me really turned on, I stared kissing her all over her body and kissed her cunt lips and played with her clit with my tongue and it made her crazy when I was sucking her there, she was moaning loudly and I inserted my two fingers inside her cunt and she got mad by now and tried to bite my shoulder, I put those fingers in her mouth and again stared kissing her ,she took my rod in her hand and kissed its head and after that started sucking it, that was incredible as it was my first time and I have only seen such things in movies I was getting crazy, and after a few minutes of sucking she laid on her back on the bed and asked me to come over her and when I was there she kissed my lips and placed my dick on her pussy lips and asked me to insert it in, I did so and slowly my dick went inside her tight pussy, it was very hot and moist inside and I started thrusting her, in and out. She was crying now and said " uhhh. . . . aaaaa. . . . . ahhhh.

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  . . . . Araam say. . . . kuri chod aram say. . . . oey ma maar dalaaaa. . .

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   meri phudiiiiiiiiiiiii. . . . . ahhhh. . . . ummmmm. . . . han zor say or zor say chod. .

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  . . " fuck me hard, what big dick you have, your dick will tear my cunt, fuck me fuck me hard and by doing it suddenly I felt something happening inside and I realized it was her orgasm and her pussy was contracting inside and she came for the first time and right after that I also felt that I was coming too so I took my dick out and came on her belly and tits.

She was smiling looking at me and then after a few minutes in this pose she got up and went to bathroom and cleaned her belly and tits. She came back and I was lying there on her bed, she came there and laid beside me and turned her face to me and started kissing once again , I placed my hands on her ass and stared replying her kisses and also grabbing her ass cheeks, and I found out that my dick was again getting hard and she noticed it too as it touched her belly above her pussy, and she said "ohtumhara lund tu phir khra ho gaya hai. . . . chalo mari cunt ko thunda karo" and I placed my dick once again inside her pussy and stared moving forward and backward she was also doing the same and we started enjoying again , after a few minutes like this she laid me on my back and sat on top of my dick and started jumping up and down getting a deep penetration and it was great , and she was saying " oh ohhh. . . . ahhhhh oey ma tumhara to bhot mota hai, mjhy bra mza a raha hai. . .

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  . . . . . . ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . tera to mary husband say bhi mota hai. . . . .

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  . . . oey maaaaaaaaaa. . . . . . . . . . ma mar gai. .

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  . . mar dala salay nain. . . . . . . . " ( oh. . you have big dick than my hubby, i am enjoying it very much, i won't leave your dick), and then she placed her arms on the bed making her ass high in the air Doggie style and asked me to enter her from behind , I placed my dick inside her and stared with a great force this time and she started crying once again, and I grabbed her tits which were moving quickly, and placed my one arm around her belly and she came for the second and third time in a short period of time, and I came too all over her ass this time, she turned to me and kissed me and said thankyou for a nice fuck she was missing since her husband had gone abroad.

After that day whenever we got a chance we used to fuck and nobody came to know about all this I had enjoyed her company for more than four months and one day her husband sent her visa etc. and she left for foeign, and she asked me a night before her departure to fuck her and we spent the night together that I still remember, also I ass fucked her that night and it was a brand new experience for both of us, anyway we enjoyed it a lot.

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   Any women or girls want to have fun in real living in Sialkot. . or nearer Lahore. . . . . Nearer mail me they are welcome. here is my mail id: jessamins@gmail. com. . . . . .

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  . . . . .



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