Meeting in New Jersey: Part 3


We left the movie theater in total heat. I had just given him a few blowjobs and a hand job in the theater and he was still hard when we left! I guess the thought that we could get caught at any moment kept him hard.

Good thing we just got back to the hotel room because I could see he wanted me, just from the major tent that had formed in his pants. And I was so wet from the movie theater still, that I was aching to continue our fun.

We wasted no time getting busy. He pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me and kissing down my body. As he got lower he could tell I was really horny and just gave a smirk.

He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He kissed me and laid me down on the bed with him between my legs. I couldn't take it anymore as he was teasing me by playing with my breasts, that I pushed him off me and flipped our positions.

I wasted no time in going for him. I stood at his feet and unzipped his pants and pulled them down and everything with it and released his aching, rock hard member.

Since I had already given him a blowjob at the theater and now I wanted it in me. So I stripped down to nothing at all and straddled him. I warned him that I'd be really tight since last time I had sex was with him a year ago, and that I hadn't stimulated myself at all since then. He nodded and I proceeded to bring myself down on him.

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I finally had him in me and we could both feel that I was tight. He moaned as it felt good against his cock and started pumping in and out slowly. His pace got quicker after a few minutes and I was not as tight. This proved great because I could feel he was about ready to blow.

I told him to wait, as I was about ready to have an orgasm as well. A few minutes later, with him as deep as he could be, he shot into me, spurting just as much as he did in the theater. I could feel how hot it was as each long spurt kept going into me. If it wasn't for the fact that I blew him earlier, he probably wouldve gone all night at this rate.

Luckily, he ended his strands and I got off of him. With his cum dripping down he put his face in between my legs and started down on me. He lapped up his cum while licking and nibbling at my clit. He said it tasted salty, which I had to agree with.

He started licking my clit again, slowly, but with enough pressure to keep me on edge. As he started to quicken the pace, I had that feeling at the pit of my stomach that I was coming close to an orgasm. I told him I was close, but he kept going.

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   I reached my climax and had to release. I sprayed his face once again and he lapped everything up.

Now we were both finally spent. He climbed up into bed and laid on his back and I laid next to him with my head resting on his bare chest. With him playing with my hair, I gave him one last kiss before falling asleep on him. As I fell asleep, the last thing I heard him say was " I love you " and that made me feel so much more special, that I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Part 4 coming soon!.