Meeting in New Jersey: Part 2


We both slept soundly throughout the night, with me on the left side with him on the right. When we awoke, his arm was across my body, as into hold me close. I turned my head and gave him a kiss on the cheek before I got up to go get on some clothes.

I took a bit to get ready, as I have changed drastically from a tom-boy, to a mature young adult, who now wears tight clothing and some makeup. When he finally woke, I was all ready to go out. He on the other hand, still had bed head and in his boxers and tank top.

He was finally dressed and we went out to breakfast. We walked across the street to the buffet that the hotel provided and sat down to eat. We were there for about an hour, eating, talking and enjoying each others company again.

Once we left we didn't know what to do next. So, we started to walk, and while walking I saw a bill board for a new movie I wanted to go see. It was Prince of Persia, and it turns out that he wanted to see it too. So we got to the theater and paid for the tickets for the 7:25 PM show.

As we got our seats up at the top, the room started to fill and the lights started to dim, then go out. The previews rolled and then the movie finally began. As the movie started and started to get into the action, we were firmly watching the movie.

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   But, once he put his arm around me that's when it all changed.

Since he had his arm around me I could feel his body close to mine and I could feel we were getting a bit hot. I then snuggled up next to him anyway, still keeping my eyes on the movie.

He then started to play with my hair. Now, this is one of the things that I love the most. Having someone play with my hair. But for some reason, it got me turned on. He could tell too as I had my eyes closed and kept close to him.

While being so close to him I could see the tent rising up in his pants. After about a few minutes I put my hand on him and started to rub him through his jeans. He let out really soft and quiet moans, letting me know he enjoyed it, but not loud enough that it would draw attention.

He then whispered in my ear to go ahead and do it. I was reluctant since it was in a public place. But remembering from our last sexual encounter in Alaska, I knew I had to have it.

I leaned down and put my head on his lap, as to make it look like I was going to sleep.

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   So then I unzipped his pants quietly and got to his boxers and pulled him through. He wasn't rock hard, but he was hard enough that I could suck him properly. So, I went down on him.

We had been sexually declined of each other for over a year that he had to tell me to stop because he was about to blow. I stopped, not only cause I didn't want him to cum so soon, but cause I wanted it really heavy when he finally did cum.

He soon said it was alright to proceed, and so I did. I went down on him and licked him up and down his shaft, only stopping to catch my breath a bit. I then continued on licking and sucking on his balls.

I took each ball into my mouth and began giving him a hand job. This sent him over the edge. I could feel him tensing up and he was signaling me to hurry so that he didn't shoot his load everywhere.
    I had let his balls go and stopped giving him a hand job just in time. I finally got him in my mouth when he shot his load. It came so quickly and so hard, that if I hadn't stopped and swallowed him, we would have been discovered.

    After about a good 6 or 7 good, thick, long spurts, he was finally spent.

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       After swallowing it all I leaned back up to give him a kiss. We kissed and I could tell that he could taste his stuff in and on my mouth because he was a little reluctant to continue kissing. But he continued, so I got up and straddled him and continued to kiss him.

    His cock was still out and I could see it becoming rock hard by all this. I gave him a quick hand job to help relieve him and he came in my hands. I licked it all off and swallowed it all. But he was still hard. I figured the only way to satisfy it's hunger was to do it properly. But there was no place to do it here. So he put his cock back in his pants and zipped up.

    Good thing we cleaned up when we did, as the movie was now over and the lights were about to turn back on. We both got up and gave each other one final, but long kiss. I could still taste him in my mouth and that turned me on. We left with the crowd leave and go home, but we had a wide smirk on our faces, and only we knew why.

    We finally got into the car to go home.

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       What would happen when we got home? Who knows, but all I knew was, that it would be better than the first. So with this, we hurried home, legally of course.

    Part 3 coming soon!



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