me & Kirsty take on the rugby team


Well Dean picked us up at 8 oclock, from llandeilo as arranged. Kirsty jumped in the front, and me in the back. Sitting in the back was an older guy I’d not met before called Dorian,He was in his 30’s. Dean explained that he was a prop in the team, but we had to drop him off on the way back, as he had to get home. We’d only been driving a few minutes, before, I felt Dorians hand sliding up my leg, and into my knickers, and without hesitation, slipped a thick rough finger into me. He told Dean to pull into a lay-by up ahead by some treesas he wanted to fuck me!We jumped out of the car, and went into the trees, and there was no messing about, he got his cock out, pulled my skirt up, and knickers aside, and was pumping into me in seconds. He wasn’t long, but was quite thick, and went at it really hard. It didn’t take long before he was grunting and cumin into me.

We went back to the car to find Kirsty just licking the remains of Deans cum off her lips, so I knew they’d had fun too. We dropped Dorian off at the house.

We arrived around 9:30, there were 5 other guys there I only knew 2 of them but knew the others were also rugby players. I knew Stewart and Shaun from last time,but there were 3 other men in their early 20’s,Tom, Phil and Rhodri.

We got a drink and began to chat, and someone passed us a joint, the atmosphere in the room was electric. It was 10pm and suddenly Dean told the others that Dorian had fucked me in the woods whilst Kirsty had blow him, that got them talking real dirty, and Dean said, he though it was time Kirsty cleaned me up.

The boyssat down and there was a rug inthe middle of the floor. Dean and Shaun grabbed me, pulled off my clothes in seconds,laid me down on the rug, pulled my legs apart, so they could all see my wet pussy with a bit of Dorians cum just running out.

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  Kirsty was then stripped before she went down and started licking me out.

I laid back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue licking me as the effect of the weed relaxed me. When I next opened my eyes, I could see the train in the boys trousers was all getting too much so I asked, if anyone was going to fuck us?With that we were both picked-up, carried to the bedroom and joined by the 6 guys who were all stripping off as fast as they could. It all became a bit of a blur at that point. I think Stuart was the first to fuck me,but over the next couple of hours, they all had a go in various combinations. I had one in my bum, the other in my pussy at one point which was wild. They then said they were going to stretch my cunt,so tom and phil laid together, with their balls touching, and both cocks pointing to the ceiling, whiles Stuart and Shaun lifted me up, and lowered me onto both of them, it was so tight feeling them both in my cunt at the same time. The guys bounced me up and down on them so hard, and it wasn’t long before they both came in me together. They lifted me off, and before I knew it, Kirsty was down on them licking and sucking them both.

The boys had filthy mouths on them, and encouraged each other to fuck us harder and faster.
It was about 1am, and we took a bit of a break. Stuart& Shaun had to go as they had to get home (I think they were married too) but they said the others would be round soon as they had just left the rugby club. The other boys got dressed and headed downstairs for another beer, and me and Kirsty joined them, although we remained naked as we had no idea where our clothes were.

We’d just sat down, and I was sitting next toPhil who fingered me deep, then pulled his finger out which was dripping with cum, and put it to my lips which I sucked down eagerly.
    Just then the door opened, and in walked 3 more guys.

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      I didn’t know any of those personally, but had seen them playing. There were 2 guys in teir mid 20’s Greg and James, thenan older guyAndrew who was built to be in the scrums, and must have been 18 stone.
    James threw a bag of cokeonto the table and said that they should give me and Kirsty some of this to try. One of the guys started to cut it into lines. Kirsty had used it before, but I hadn’t so I followed her lead. We both had a good snort, as did all the boys.
    I said I would like to take a quick shower, so trotted up to the bathroom. I’d just finished and opened the shower door to see Andre standing there naked!Icould not believe my eyes, he had a huge gut on him, but sticking out from it was a thick cock which must have been 10inches long. He grabbed me, bent me over the sink, and started to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. I think the coke was beginning to kick in, as it was feeling wonderful. With each thrust, his whole weight slammed it into me, and I was screaming in orgasm when he delivered one last thrust and cum deep into me.
    We went back into the bedroom, and I could not believe the state Kirsty was in. The seven of them were knelt around here and the last 2 were delivering a load onto her face,I could hardly make her out, as she was plastered in cum, and her tongue was frantically licking her lips. She then headed off to shower, and I realise there was me and seven of the!