Me and My Cousin's Best Friend


I wasn’t recently single or anything, but getting out of the last relationship I had was the best decision I had ever made, so I started having a party for every month I was single. This month was November, my four month single party. Honestly, it was about to be a dud. Only my two best friends showed up. So I called this guy Jared I used to fuck and invited him and he said he was gonna bring a friend. After I called him, I called my cousin and he said he would come with one of his friends. Damn, so I was about to have 4 sexy ass guys in my room, drinking. The night couldn’t have gotten any better. So the three of us started drinking until the guys got Jared and Ethan showed up first and I couldn’t stop staring at Ethan. Had he always been that hot?? I didn’t care. I led them to my room and we all started drinking, doing shots and playing beer pong. We took a break and Ethan sat down. Jared was out of the room and I was happy as fuck because he kept slapping my ass, acting like he owned me while he was making out with my best friend, Emily. So I went to Ethan and sat on his lap and licked his neck a little bit. I could feel his cock growing harder as I grinded my pussy onto him. I got up, trying to be a cocktease.

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   I sat with my friend Jen and we kept looking at him and telling him he was hot. We asked what type of girl he liked and he looked at me and said, “I like Puerto Ricans with big tits and a round ass. ” It was too obvious that he was talking about me. So for a couple more hours, I kept looking at him, and licking him, and sitting on his lap. I gradually got My cousin Seth showed up with his friend Cam then. The first thing I thought was “Holy Fuck! Cam’s hot as hell!”, and I turned my attention to him. A blunt was passed around and I hit it a couple times. Feeling good as hell, I told Cam to meet me in the hall. I had my back against the door as he came up to me and grinded his muscular body entirely against mine. He pressed his forehead against mine and it was cold. “He must have just been outside,” I thought to myself. He pressed his lips against mine. They were cold too. My warm full lips pressed back against his in feverish passion as his hands roamed my body before they finally found the crotch of my pants. He rubbed my clit through my jeans and made me cum a little when he whispered, “Damn, you’re warm.

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   Can I get inside you?” I gasped for air at the sound of his request. I nodded and he kissed me quickly one more time. We returned to the party where Ethan sat all pissed off. Whenever Cam was out of the room, I turned my attention back to Ethan. Ethan and Jared left around 5 am and Seth and Cam were staying over. Jen was sleeping on my bed, Seth was on the floor and I camped next to the bed with Cam. He started rubbing my back at first, making his way around to my 38DD breasts and started rubbing my nipples. He noticed that one was pierced and let out a small groan. I turned toward him and he played with the pierced one while he sucked on the other. “Bite it,” I tried to whisper. He bit me and I wanted more. “Harder,” I told him. I was trying to be quiet because my cousin was sleeping by our feet, but it was getting difficult. He took off my pajama shorts and I ripped his shirt off of him. Oh My God, did he have an amazing body.

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   His pecs were defined and his stomach had a perfect chiseled 6 pack and his arm were so big and muscular and couldn’t help running my hands over them as he fingered me. “You’re so fucking tight,” he moaned into my ear. He removed his fingers and I was that they were dripping wet with my cum. I pulled his fingers toward my mouth and sucked my juices off. He stared at me in astonishment until I grabbed him and started kissing him. He laid down on top of me and wiggled his way of out his pants. I aimed his perfect thick cock toward my eager wet pussy. He pounded into my pussy with such force that I thought I would scream. I tried not to make any noise, but it was so good that I couldn’t help letting out little squeaks of ecstasy with each thrust of his massive cock that hit my g spot so perfectly. He grabbed me just as I was about to cum for the 6th time and rolled me over so I was on top. I sat there rocking just a tiny bit, letting my pussy get used to having such a huge cock inside of it. But it didn’t take long before I was grinding and gyrating with everything I had. He smacked my ass and pulled me closer to him, sending his throbbing sex deeper and deeper. I bounced up and down, harder and harder, letting his entire dick out of me just before I made him enter again. He sat up and we rocked together in pure bliss as me bit my neck and nipples and shoulders.

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   I put my mouth next to his ear and whispered, “Fuck me, Cam! Fuck me harder than you ever have. Make it hurt. Oh, hurt me please!!” He pulled out and slammed into me harder as he went on. “Aah… oohhh… yess yess yess!! Cam, I’m gonna cum again!! Oh make me cum!!”. He pulled me closer to him, filling my entire pussy with his swollen sex. “I’m cumming,” he groaned into my ear. He jerked a little but never stopped his rhythm. He made me cum so hard that I squirted all over his dick, stomach, and legs. “Damn,” he growled huskily at me. “I like that. ” We sat like that together intertwined for a few more minutes trying to catch our breath. When he finally removed his now soft member from my quivering pussy, I was in so much pain, it was ecstasy. I laid down next to him and lit a cigarette. He turned to me with the most adoring look in his eyes and said, “You have the best pussy I’ve ever had. ” I giggled and said thank you.

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   He drifted off to sleep while I sat up documenting everything that had happened.