me and my boyfriends daddy part 1


Topic: me and my boyfriends daddyi have been going out with my boyfriend since we were 18 and im very much in love with him, but we tend to break up allot. last time we did he didnt talk to me for months. . . i was so horny and also needing atention.
i started talking to his dad one day so i could find out what was going on with him and when i did his dad told me he had strong sexual feelings for me. i was only 18 and his dad was 53. . . . . and i was instantly excited!
me and my boyfriends dad started talking alot. . . mostly talking dirty. .

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  . . first on the computer then on the phone. we talked every day before long and all the things he said to me got me off so good. i finally decided i wanted a try of the man who helped make the boy i lost my virginity to.
he ashured me he had a visectimy and could not get me pregnit. . . so we stared to plan. . . a hotel room and a bottle of vodka was our desishion.
he picked me up at the end of my alley. . .

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  . i was 18 by then. . . . i remember he was wearing sweat pants and a muscle tee, and he already had a huge boner. i was wearing a white tank top and a short jeen skirt. on the ride there i could feel him undressing me with his eyes. . . my nipples growing harder as so did his cock.
we finally got to the hotel room. . . we walked in and started kissing with so much pashon as he started rubing my ass and my tits.

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  . . . . i quickly slipped off my shirt and skirt exposing my pink lace bra and thong, i could tell he liked them but also wanted them off, so off they went as he took off his clothes. . . . . i was so turned on as weird as it may seem by his naked body. he went down on me like he could read my mind. . . playing with my clit with his tounge. .

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  . . then he told me to lay down and he finished licking out my juicy slit. i sat up and kissed him, tasting my hot cum on his lips. then i told him it was his turn and he layed on the bed. . . i started to suck on his rock hard cock and he moaned as he watched my every stroak and lick. he stoped me because he wanted to fuck me before he came in my mouth. so i got on top and rode him slowly. . . . . he got on top after a wile to finish off.

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  . . . his dick felt so good sliding in and out of my little wet pussy. he had wanted to cum in my mouth like i told him i do with his son but when he was about to cum he changed his mind. . . . i remember he said loudly "No! Im gonna cum inside you!" i was so excided for his cock to spit in me and i moaned loudly as i felt him orgasm. . . mmmm. . . .

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  it was amaizing!
after that he got dressed quickly and said he should take me home. . . . i was a little disapointed he didnt want to lay with me longer like his son always did, but i was also exausted from pleasure and thought maybe bed sounds good. . . . we never even got around to the vodka, i dont even know if he brought any.
we didnt talk much on the ride home and when we got to my alley he gave me one more pashonate kiss. when i got to my bed i played with my wet pussy wile thinking about him like he often told me he liked when i did. and i excitedly imagined our next time!!