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i am a 39 yr old male mom is 60 growing up i have always jerked off to her and as time went on it grew the desire to sleep with mother it really took off after she told me that her dad had sex with her as i kid and i got so hard when she told me that . so my dad leave out of town a lot so i was at the point in my life when i wanted to tell her how i felt i called her up and ask if she wanted to go to dinner she said yes . during dinner i asked her how come she told me that she had sex with her dad ? she told me i don`t know i just did the thing was no one knew she had sex with him she told no one but me.she ask why do i ask i said well iwas wondering about it .

she changed the subject and we finished dinner .on the way home she asked if i wanted to watch a movie i said sure she put one in and we sat on the couch .mom never makes it through a movie so when see feel asleep next to me under the blanket i pulled my cock out and started rubbing it when there was some precum i wiped it with my finger and put it on her lips she woke up and got up off the couch what is going on she asked? why is your dick out like that and what did you wipe on my lips as she licked her lps thats cum isn`t yes mom sorry i am your mother this is wrong i can`t believe you did this to me you should leave i put my cock back in my pant`s and went for the door please mom don`t tell anyone

how could i she said as i was leaving she said wait son i have some thing to tell you . i have been wanting you for years but you were to young one time after you left the bath room i was cleaning up and seen some thing on the wall i was not sure what it was so i wiped it with my finger and tasted it i knew then it was your cum and it tasted so good then i was thinking i wonder was he thinking about me over time i think about you and how good your cum tasted and wanted more so since your dad is gone for the week maybe you should stay mom needs some taboo fun sex with your dad is boring and i need some fun so come to mommy . i was so happy to hear her say that sit down on the couch son she stood in front of me looking into my eyes i could see she was in to this she took off her shirt and bra showing me her 44dd tits i have been trying ti see all my life .

do you like mommy`s tits oh yes touch them as she leaned over and put them in my face as she stroked my cock your cock is so big son and smooth you must jerk off a lot i like how smooth it is while i was sucking on her tits she keep rubbing my cock and when the precum came out she would lick it off her fingers and rub her pussy with it she kept strokng my cock then she got on her knees and put my cock inbetween her tis and spit and kept spittin til it was sloppy wet do you like to tit fuck son?

yes mom i do me to hun i like to see your pretty head poke in and out of my tits with precum on it when she would see the precum she would lick it off with her tongue teasing me do you lick when mommy licks you cock son ? oh yes mom keep doing it i will but when you cumshoot it in my mouth son i want your cum so bad i want to feel it shoot down mommy`s throat.

she wraped her lips around my cock and slide up and down making it sloppy wet hearing her slop on my dick made me cum i sounded hot her wet mouth around my cock sucking stroking oh mom i`m going to cum that`s it baby shoot your cum in mommy`s mouth i want all of it momy`s thristyi began to shoot i had not jerke dof for two days so it was a lot she wraped herlips tight around my didck not to drop any of it when i was done she open her mouth it was beautiful my sticky thick warm cum in her mouth as she played with it then swallowed it yummy she said we should have been doing this years ago son .come in mommy`s room it`s time for bed .this is my first story if you want to hear what happens next let me know and i will finish the story



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