Me and Mitch: Part II


Part II


Over the next couple months Mitch would come over to my place pretty regularly after school or on weekends, or I would head over to his place really depending upon which place we were more likely to have privacy. It pretty much always went the same way. We would usually play video games for a while and then end up shedding our pants and jacking each other off as many times as we could stand it. It was pretty great having someone around I could count on to get me off. At the same time, I was starting to get a little frustrated. I really enjoyed the feel of Mitch's cock in my hand. I got to know it almost as well as my own. The problem was, the more we did this, the more I wanted to take that large, hard, throbbing cock into my mouth and suck him until he filled my mouth with his cum. The idea of it got me so horny that I would think about it even after he would leave, and I would usually wind up masturbating again. I just couldn't figure out how I was going to get up the nerve to take the next step. I knew I was going to need some extended time together to get over my nervousness. Then the perfect opportunity presented itself just after summer vacation had started.


One day, my mom came into my room to talk to me.

"Pete, it looks like your father and I will be going out of town here soon. He's got a business trip to San Francisco and they're letting him take me along. We'll be gone for 5 days and 4 nights.

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   Because she's only 18 Kasey (my sister) is going to stay at a friends house the whole time. However, your father and I feel that you've grown up enough that we trust you to stay home by yourself. You may have one friend stay the week with you, but under no circumstances are you to have more than a few people in here at any one time. Do you understand what that means? No Parties. "


My mind was a blur of possibilities!

"Wow. I promise I'll take care of the house. I'll check with Mitch. I bet his folks won't mind if he stays over"

"Ok", she replied, "We'll be leaving in a little over a week. "

"Ok. Thanks for letting me stay here alone mom!"

"You're a good boy Pete. You deserve it," she said.


I immediately called Mitch and filled him in on the good news. He was just as excited as I was that we were going to have the house to ourselves for almost an entire week. Now I just needed to plan how I was going to take our time together, and orchestrate a situation where I wasn't afraid to try and get his cock in my mouth. After a lot of thought I came up with a plan.

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   I knew where my dad kept his porn stash. The first step would me to get him really horny. That shouldn't be too hard. Then, I would make a suggestion that it would be better if we watched some porn while we were jacking each other off, and I knew where my dad kept his collection. Then I would just put in a video with a lot of oral sex. Then, hopefully, I could get his curiosity piqued. I could then say I wondered what a blow job was like and see if he did too. Then I would just have to play the situation carefully. If I was real lucky I would have that large, smooth, beautifully hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth.


As the day approached that my parents would be leaving I could barely stand the wait. I was so horny and nervous I couldn't masturbate enough. I must have seriously been cumming 5 or 6 times a day in the week leading up to their departure (oh how I wish I still had that ability). Finally the day arrived and my parents said their goodbyes. Kasey had already left for her friends house, so I called Mitch and let me know I had the house to myself.


"Fuckin A man! I can't believe we get your place to ourselves for almost a week!" he said.

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"I know man. I'm pretty stoked", I replied. "Grab your shit and head on over," I replied.

"I'll be over soon. I'm assuming I don't need to bring a whole lot of clothes," he said with a snicker as he hung up.


I decided to take things kind of slow and get a routine going. That day and through the first night I didn't try anything our of the ordinary. We played a lot of games, and watched a lot of movies. About the only thing different than any normal day was that we basically spent the entire day naked with our cocks in eachothers hands. We weren't constantly jacking each other off, but it just felt so good to hold the other persons cock that we just sort of lounged next to each other slowly playing with the other guy. Every so often one or the other of us would pick things up and jack the other guy off until he came. It was pretty awesome, I must say, but all I could think about was getting that amazing cock into my mouth. I decided that day two would be the day I tried to put my plan into action.


We woke up the next day, and I saw that wonderful cock standing straight up in the air while Mitch slept. I decided to start the plan then and drag it out through the day.


   I reached over and slowly started stroking his cock. It didn't take very long before he was moaning and my hand was slick with his precum. Just when I knew he was seconds away from cumming I jumped up.


"Shit man, I think I just heard the front door! Put it away. Kasey might be home," I lied.

"Fuck! Horrible timing. I was so close," he replied.

"Stay here. I'll go check," I said.


I went downstairs and pretended like I was looking for Kasey. I called her name a few times. I dragged it out for a while. Eventually Mitch made his way downstairs in his sweats and t-shirt.


"Where is she man?" he asked.


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   I must have imagined it," I replied.

"Good. You mind finishing me off now that we're alone," he said with a smile.

"Sorry to leave you hanging man. I'm really hungry right now though. I promise to get you later though," I said.

"Damn. Talk about a case of blueballs. It's ok though. I'm pretty hungry too," he said.


The first part of my plan was working out well. I figured a little bit more of that, and he'd be ready. After we finished eating I decided to try to continue my plan. We moved out to the couch to watch a baseball game and relax. After an inning or so I made my move.

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"You seem to be good and comfortable," I said to him.

"Yep. It's nice not having anything to do," he replied.

"Still need a bit of relief?" I asked.

"Damn dude, you have no idea," he said with a smile.


I reached over as he removed his pants. His cock was already rock hard in anticipation. I wrapped my hand around it and slowly started stroking him. He just leaned back and closed his eyes, moaning in pleasure. It didn't take very long at all for his cock and my hand to become slick with precum. I just watched, transfixed, as my hand glided up and down on his wonderfully hard cock. I could barely contain myself. I wanted to wrap my lips around his cock so bad I could barely stand it, but I knew it wasn't yet time. I knew he was starting to get close. I reached over with my other hand and grabbed the cordless phone sitting next to me.


   I pressed triggered the ringer with the volume button.


"Shit man! Let it go," he said.

"I can't man. It could be my folks," I replied.

"Aww, but I'm so close again!" he said.

"Sorry man. Just give me a sec, and I'll finish you off," I replied.


I turned on the phone and pretended to answer it and fake a conversation with my mom.

"Hello? Oh hey mom…Yep, everything is fine… Oh… OK… Yep. I'll make sure everything is cleaned up… Enjoy your trip!"

"What's up?" he asked.

"My mom said that my aunt is stopping by to pick up some old clothes for a garage sale. I need to make sure the house is picked up," I lied.

"Damn. When is she coming? Do you have time to finish me off?" he asked frantically.

"Sorry man.

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   My mom didn't have an exact time. It could be 5 minutes or 5 hours. I don't want to risk my aunt walking in while I've got my hand wrapped around your cock," I replied.

"Yeah, I understand. It just sucks. I need to cum so bad, but I don't want to just jack myself off. It's so much better with you doing it," he said.

"Don't worry man. We'll take care of it later. I promise," I said.


With that we just continued watching the game. After a few hours Mitch was definitely getting antsy.

"Seriously man, where's your aunt? This is getting ridiculous," he said.

"I'm sure she'll be here soon. Keep your pants on," I said with a smile.

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"Funny," he replied.


After a while we ate some lunch, and played some games. It was getting on into the evening, and I could tell Mitch was near a breaking point. Eventually we made ourselves some dinner too. After dinner, I decided the time had about come to try out the last part of my plan. I faked another phone call with the cordless.

"Hello. Oh… hey, how are you… I'm good… Ok, that's for the call… Take care," I said into the phone.

"What's going on?" Mitch asked.

"That was my aunt. She told me she wasn't going to be coming over. She has enough stuff for the garage sale," I replied.

"Are you fucking serious! I've spent this whole time waiting and now she's not coming!" he said.

"Well, on the upside, there's nothing stopping us now," I replied.

"Fantastic!" he said while stripping off his pants.

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"Wait just a second. I'm going to go get something to make this better," I said.

"Alright man, but hurry up. If I don't get off soon I think my balls are going to explode," he said.


I went up to my parents room and found my dad's stash. I grabbed the movie I was looking for and went downstairs.

"Check this out man. I know where my dad keeps his stash. I thought this one looked good," I said.

"Hell yeah! Put it in," he said.


He had no idea how much I wanted to 'put it in. ' I put the movie in the VCR and hit play. It was definitely the right choice. It didn't take more than 5 minutes before the main female character was on her knees with a cock in her mouth. I so wanted to know what it was like.


   I figured Mitch shouldn't be the only one naked so I stripped down as well. I sat down next to him and started slowly stroking him again. I was incredibly horny too. My cock was standing straight up. Mitch noticed, and reached over and started stroking me while I worked on him. It felt so good. I could tell he was really enjoying it. It was time to try out my plan.


"Damn man. Look at her suck that cock!" I said.

"I know man. She's going at it like a pro," he replied

"I wonder what it's like to get a blowjob. It looks fucking awesome," I said.

"No kidding. What I wouldn't give to be getting my cock sucked right now," he said.

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That was the opening I was hoping for.


"You really want a blowjob that bad?" I asked.

"Hell yeah, don't you?" he replied.

"Well, I think I know how we can make that happen," I said.

"Seriously? How? You know girls you can get to come over and suck our cocks?" he asked.

"Not exactly. I'm so horny that if you want I'd be willing to suck your cock," I said.

"Holy shit! Are you serious man? That sounds kind of gay," he replied.

"Anymore than jacking each other off? If you don't want it, that's cool, but I figure there's no other way you're going to get a blowjob anytime soon," I said.


He thought about it for a minute while I continued to stroke his cock. I could see his willpower crumbling. He watched the movie for a few more moments and that's all it took.


"Alright man. If you're willing to suck my cock go to it. I really need to get off," he said.

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Here it was. I finally had my chance. I was going to get to suck my first cock. I didn't want to seem too eager or like I had been planning this. I slid off the couch and kneeled between his legs.

I took his cock in my right hand a began stroking him again. I looked up at his face, but he was lost in the sensations of being stroked. So, I leaned forward. His beautiful, hard, throbbing cock was a mere inch from my mouth. I leaned a little closer and slowly licked the tip of his cock. He inhaled sharply with the pleasure. I tasted his precum. It was a little salty, but not off-putting at all. I began to slowly lick circles around the head while I jacked him off. Then I started licking his cock from the base all the way to the tip and back down.

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   I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying it. It was obvious he wanted me to take his cock completely in my mouth, but I was taking it slow. I wanted to build the tension. As I stroked him some more I began to lick his balls. I took each on in turn into my mouth and sucked them. The sensation of of having his balls in my mouth was amazing. The skin was smooth, and they were nice and firm.  


After a few minutes of licking his cock and sucking his balls I was ready to take it further. I licked my lips and got them nice and moist. I leaned forward and slid the head of his cock between my lips and into my mouth. I slid it all the way in until I felt his head hit the back of my throat.


"Oh my god man. I can't believe you're sucking my cock. It feels incredible. Please don't stop.


   I need this so bad," he said.


I can barely describe what it felt like to finally have Mitch's cock in my mouth. It just felt so good. He shaft was thick, hard, and smooth. It filled my mouth wonderfully. I bobbed up and down slowly, making sure to use my tongue to massage all over his cock as I did it.


"Holy shit. I can't believe how good you are at this man. I've never felt this good. Ever. Just keep going man. "


It felt awesome knowing how much pleasure I was giving him. I decided I wanted to see how far I could go down on his cock. His head kept hitting the back of my throat, but I was determined to take more. I sat up a little higher and tried opening my throat.

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   After a few tries I felt his head slip into my throat.


"Oh god. Whatever you're doing, keep doing that! It's incredible!" he said.


I kept bobbing up and down each time going a little lower. Finally I was rewarded for my efforts I felt my nose push into his pubic hair as my lips found the base of his cock. I had the entire thing in my mouth and down my throat. I couldn't believe I was able to do it.


"Holy shit man! You've got the whole thing in! You're so damn good at this. I might need you to do this all the time!" he said.


As I bobbed up and down now I made sure to take long strokes. I slid his cock all the way out so that just the head was in my mouth, and I would go all the way back down again so that I had his whole cock in my throat. One time, as I bottomed out on his cock I would hold it there and stick my tongue out licking his balls while I had his whole cock in my mouth. It was something I'd seen the woman on the tape do, and I figured it probably felt really good.


"OH GOD MAN! That did it! I'm about to cum! If you don't want a mouth full of cum you better let go," he said.


I wasn't about to stop now.

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   I slid all but the head of his cock out. I sucked on the head for all it was worth while stroking his shaft like mad. In just a few seconds I felt his whole body tense up. All of a sudden I felt the first shot hit the back of my mouth. I was prepared though. I started swallowing immediately. It was really pretty neutral tasting if a little slimy, but I like it. It seemed like he was cumming bucket loads. I wasn't going to miss a drop though. I swallowed everything he put out as he moaned loudly. Eventually he stopped cumming, and as he was coming down from the orgasmic high I slowly slid his cock out and began licking it very lightly stopping as he began to shrink down.


"Goddamn man. That was amazing. I've honestly never felt anything so good in my life," he gasped out exhaustedly.

"Believe it or not man, I really enjoyed that too," I said.



"Well then. Anytime you want it, my cock is yours," he said.

"Likewise, if you're ever in need of a blowjob I'm hear for you," I replied.


We sprawled out on the couch next to eachother. Eventually he opened his eyes and looked over at me and noticed the monster erection I was sporting.


"Damn man. I feel like a complete ass," he said.

"What?" I asked.

"Here I was enjoying the hell out of that awesome blowjob you just gave me, and I totally forgot that you probably had needs too. I can tell. You're cock is rock hard," he said.

"Oh, it's not a big deal man," I replied.

"Nah, let me take care of that for you," he said.


With that he reached over and took my cock in his had. In truth I really was in need.

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   My cock was so hard it almost hurt. I was already running precum like a faucet. He slowly started stroking my cock, and I just leaned back and enjoyed the sensation shutting my eyes. After a while it felt like he was adjusting his position on the couch while he continued to stroke me. Then, all of a sudden, the most incredible sensation engulfed me. My eyes shot open, and I looked down. Mitch's lips were wrapped around my cock as his head was bobbing up and down. It felt absolutely amazing. He was making terrific use of his tongue as he bobbed and sucked.


"Holy shit man! That feels awesome!" I said.


He just mumbled something onto my cock, apparently not wanting to take it out. I just let him continue. The sensations were so much better than I ever could have imagined. I could feel the pressure starting to build in my balls.


"Oh god! I'm about to cum man.

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   Shit… oh, fuck… I'M CUMMING!!!" I said as I released a torrent of cum into his mouth.


He swallowed every drop I put out. It was easily the most intense orgasm I'd ever had to date. It seemed like I would never stop cumming. Eventually I did though, and he did a nice job of licking my cock and balls all over to make sure I was good and clean. Afterward he climbed up on the couch and we talked.


"That was completely unexpected," I said.

"Well, it looked like you had so much fun doing it, I wanted to try it," he replied.

"And what did you think," I asked.

"Dude, that was awesome. I'm just stoked we have the rest of the week here alone. I don't think I'm going to wear any clothes the rest of the week. "

"Me neither man. I think this will easily be the best week of my life!" I said.


To be continued in Part III.

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Let me know what you guys think.




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