Me and Dave


I was turning 18 Me and my mate Dave went out with his sister to see a film. I then offered for them to stay over for the night. Dave was okay with it, but his sister had a work do. She dropped us off at my house with his stuff. My parents were on holiday.
We watched a film, then we went to get dressed. I was normally a straight guy, but dave was so muscular and strong. As he changed, i looked through the keyhole and saw him naked. He had a six pack, and broad shoulders. His butt was firm, and his penis was a fine sight. When he came out, i told him that i would sleep on the floor, but preffered sleeping naked.

"That's alright, i do too. " he replied. As i got ready for bed, setting up sheets on the floor, i realised it was now or never.
I sprang up and ran over to dave. I pulled off his robe and dropped to my knees, catching his firm penis in my mouth.

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   Dave pushed down hard, and i deep throated, sucking at it, then tasting his lovely cum. After half an hour of this, Dave threw he onto the floor and sat on my face. He had a huge ballsack, that covered my entire mouth. I continued to suck hard, and after cumming into my mouth, Dave let out, "Happy Birthday. "
I slept on Dave, with my face on his chest. When we woke up, he told me to follow him. We went into the Garden, and he began to lick my penis. He sucked at the head, making me feel the most erotic i had been in my life. He then downed my entire cock, and i felt the warmth of his mouth and toungue, swirling aroundmy cock. We rolled around in eachothers arms, kissing passionately.
As i write this, Dave is standing next to me, his cock at my head height. I am sucking hard, tasting his lovely cum in my mouth. We meet up once a day, and i ride him, with my cock in his firm butt. I am gay, but i dont care. I love him.

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And i love his cock. .