Married with children 2


Married With Children Ch. 2
by Kip Carson

*** The following is a parody, and is not associated in any way with the original television series or its characters. ***

Peg Bundy sat on the couch. Her pussy still tingled from her earlier encounter with her son. The more she thought about it, the more she was ready to go back to Bud's room for more. Peg started to head for Bud's room when the door bell rang. Peg answered the door, and there stood Marcy Darcy from next door. "Come in Marcy" Peg said. Marcy entered the room and sat on the couch. Peg sat beside her. Peg was dying to tell someone what had happened between her and Bud, but knew she probably shouldn't.

Marcy began bitching about Jefferson's lack of affection towards her, and all of the usual stuff her and Peg complained about. "You look so unusually happy, almost glowing" Marcy said to Peg. Peg felt her face flush. "Did Marcy know?" she thought. "So, why are you so cheerful, and full of energy today?" Marcy asked.


   "Oh, I don't know just feeling pretty good" Peg responded. Kelly entered the room. Her long blonde hair flowing freely against her bare shoulders. She was wearing a pink bikini top and a pair of tight shorts. "Hi, Mrs. Darcy how are you?" Kelly asked. "Hi, Kelly" Marcy replied. Every time that Marcy looked at young Kelly it made her have lesbian thoughts. "God, I would just love to touch her young naked body" Marcy thought to herself.

"Gonna go take a shower" Kelly told them. Marcy waited until she knew Kelly was in the shower, and excused herself to go to the rest room. She entered the bathroom, and could see Kelly standing behind the shower curtain. Marcy stared hard trying to get a clearer image of Kelly's firm young naked body as she showered. Marcy gently pulled the shower curtain over a little. She now had a good view of young Kelly Bundy's naked body.

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   Kelly's breasts were perfect. Her nipples so pink and erect. Marcy wanted to suck them. Her eyes moved downward catching the sight of Kelly's fluffy bush. Marcy felt herself become wet.

Marcy began to rub herself between the legs, feeling the dampness of her pussy through her shorts. Kelly was shampooing her hair. Marcy slid her hand into the shower and lightly touched one of Kelly's breasts. "What the hell?" Kelly asked. Kelly couldn't open her eyes because of the shampoo. She quickly rinsed and saw Marcy's hand caressing her wet breast. "Mrs. Darcy, what are you doing?" Kelly asked. "I'm sorry Kelly, I couldn't help it, you are so hot" Marcy replied. "Well, why don't you eat my pussy for me then" Kelly said to her.

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Marcy was excited. Kelly stepped from the shower, and stood on the edge of the tub. Her pussy was directly in front of Marcy's face. Marcy wasted no time. Her tongue slithered against Kelly's sweet wet pussy lips. Marcy had never tasted anything so incredible in her life. She began to suck on Kelly's swollen clit. Kelly moaned and pulled Marcy's face against her. Marcy hungrily sucked on Kelly's hot pink swollen clit. "Oh, Mrs. Darcy, that feels good" Kelly moaned. Marcy made loud slurping noises as she ate the juices from Kelly's hot pussy. Marcy slid a hand into her shorts and began playing with her own wet pussy while she ate Kelly.

Marcy softly moaned. Kelly began thrusting her hips.

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   She grunted very loudly as she climaxed. Marcy felt the hot pussy juices as they gushed into her mouth. Marcy greedily swallowed all of Kelly's hot tasty pussy juices. Kelly continued thrusting her hips against Marcy's probing tongue.
    Marcy climaxed fiercely as she rubbed her own swollen clit. Marcy's body shook as her orgasm rocked her. Kelly moaned as she watched Marcy's hand furiously rub her own clit. "Wow, that's hot to watch another woman masturbate" Kelly said. "Let me help you" Kelly added. Kelly pushed Marcy to the floor on her back.

    Kelly quickly slid Marcy's panties and shorts off. Marcy's pussy was quite hairy. Kelly stared at the swollen wet pussy lips. Kelly's finger easily slid into the woman's pussy. Marcy moaned.

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       Kelly began to fuck her with her finger. She lowered her face and began licking Marcy's throbbing clit. Marcy moaned, and bucked her hips. She climaxed as she watched Kelly's blonde head bob between her legs. "Oh,Kelly, yes" she moaned. Kelly hungrily lapped at Marcy's spasming pussy. Her juices were quite sweet, and Kelly loved the taste. Marcy held Kelly by her blond hair, pressing her face against her aching pussy. "Yes, suck my clit you gorgeous babe, lick me" Marcy moaned.

    Kelly ate Marcy to another incredible climax. "Is everything all right up there" Peg yelled. "Oh, yes, be down in a minute" Marcy yelled, trying to maintain her composure. Kelly kissed Marcy's clit with her soft lips, and moved her mouth up her body. Kelly found Marcy's mouth and slid her tongue into her mouth. They passionately kissed.

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       Kelly looked at Marcy and slid her hand into her shirt. Kelly squeezed Marcy's small breasts. Marcy moaned. "Maybe I could come over to your house later, and we could finish this" Kelly softly whispered in Marcy's ear. "OH DEAR GOD, YES" Marcy responded. Marcy pulled her shorts and panties back on.

    She quickly ran down the stairs. "You ok," Peg asked. "OH yes, I am fine" Marcy responded. "I really need to go now" Marcy told Peg. "Ok, bye" Peg said puzzled. Kelly bounced down the stairs. "Hi mom what's up?" Kelly asked. "I'm kind of worried about Marcy" Peg said. "Marcy's fine" Kelly responded.

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       "Gotta go mom, see you later" Kelly added. Kelly excitedly rang Marcy's doorbell. .