Married Husbands get cozy while wives are away!


I got to my friendJim's house after work. I was 32, Jim was 29. Our wives were out "with the girls" for a late night and my kids were already at his house playing with his kids. We were looking forward to an evening of sitting on the porch drinking beer and watching the kids. Jim and I had always had casual sex talk and I was definitely hot for him but I had NO idea what this night would be like. Jim has a rugged farm boy look about him with a hairy chest and legs and a nice trimmed beard at all times, he was about 200 pounds, 6ft 2. . OH. . and a redhead. . mmm. . . nice redhead with a buzz cut. I'm more of a bear type than him.

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   I was at 280 6 ft 1, bald, and hairy all over.

The kids were fast asleep and he and I were sitting on the back porch with just a light from inside and the moon light to show our silhouettes and, as usual, the conversation turned to sex. I noticed Jim had touched himself and was rubbing through his jeans more than usual and was very turned on by it. He made a comment about getting excited and I slipped my hands in the elastic waist band of my gym shorts, pulled out my boner, and said LIKE THIS?At that very moment the phone rang and he jumped up. I could clearly see his boner through his jean shorts. He turned and said to me. . DO NOT MOVE. . I've waited TOO long to get to this point so keep your dick OUT of your pants till I get back. After listening to him talking to his wife "checking in" from their outing he came back to the porch. I was somewhat hesitant because I wasn't sure how this was going to go. He walked over and took my penis in his hands and rubbed it.

I immediately said to him that I didn't want him to do something while drunk he would regret tomorrow. He put the door so that there was no way a kid could get up OR come out without us hearing them.

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   He got down on his knees in front of me and rubbed his face across my hard 7 1/2 inches and told me he wasn't that drunk and had wanted this for a LONG time. Needless to say, I was stunned considering that I had given up on my gentle advances long ago thinking that this one was truly straight and not the least bit curious.

Jim started touching me, licking me and then sucking my cock down his throat. It felt like hours had passed with the only break being once or twice to make sure our kids were still sleeping soundly. He made love to my cock with his mouth in a way that I had never felt before. He told me between loving licks and sucks that he had done this in high school with a friend a couple of times but not since then but he thought about it and jacked off thinking about it regularly. I told him that I had jacked off about him doing this to me many times but had given up on the thought. At that moment he moved up and started kissing me with a vigor and a passion that I hadn't felt in a long time. He said his wife had just told him that it would be no less than 2 hours before they were home. He took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom, closed and locked the door. I had many casual sex experiences but this felt very different and the intensity was so great that I was shaking literally from head to toe.

Once in the bedroom we undressed each other and explored each others bodies for quite a while. I remember at one point him on his stomach and I was running my hand down his back, running my fingers through the soft hair on his butt crack and delving in just enough to get a gasp from him. After some time to explore he rolled me over and started kissing me feverishly rubbing our cocks together in a way that made us both feel that we were going to explode. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me.

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   Considering he was damn near 8" and I had done that only a couple of times over the years, mostly with toys I was afraid. He told me that he wanted me so badly that he would do anything. I asked him to be gentle and he promised he would. He started with us side to side and he rubbed his cock against my backside, occasionally using his finger to probe. Then he lubed my ass and his cock and started to rub and occasionally it would slide in for a moment or two and back out. He was pinching my nipples, putting his fingers in my mouth, and kissing my shoulders all the while. Eventually he got it going and slipped inside me. I remember the mix of pleasure and pain like it was yesterday. At one point I think I was crying because I was making love with someone on a level that I wouldn't understand for another 7 or 8 years. At one point he pulled me to the edge of the bed, pushed back my legs, and I told him to take me. He started in and out so hard and fast that I thought I was going to die from pure pleasure. He started telling me he loved me and wanted this to last forever. I told him the same. Eventually he told me he was coming and I begged him to leave it inside me. I knew we were both safe and I told him I wanted his seed in me.

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   He came and came and as I felt him pulse I started to cum. I grabbed cum in my hand and fed him some on his lips while his breathing was returning to normal. He dropped to his knees, cleaned up the rest of my cum with his tongue and looked up at me and smiled. He crawled up next to me and hugged me like there was no tomorrow. He looked at the clock and we agreed we had plenty of time to shower so we took a shower together and came again. Afterward, we sat on the porch swing together arm in arm just talking about life until we saw the lights of cars in the driveway. He kissed me and told me he would never forget this.

I would like to say that this story had repeating lust filled moments or that we lived happily every after. I tried calling him over the next several days and he was always "busy" or working in the yard. I finally found a reason to stop by his house and we talked out by the barn. He had tears in his eyes when he told me that for him to carry on an ongoing physical relationship with me it meant he had to have an emotional one as well and he couldn't juggle that and being married with kids. He told me that it hurt him deeply and that he was masturbating several times a day over the mere memory of our night but that it was too hard for him to make this a recurring thing. I let him know that I understood, even if I was disappointed and that our friendship need not suffer but that I would keep my hands to myself and we would talk about it only if he felt comfortable.

Soon after, I met a man who made ME realize that I couldn't live both lives and I made the decision to move on and come out. My marriage was already suffering for many reasons.

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   As I sit here looking across the room at my handsome partner getting undressed for bed, my mind goes back to that night on the porch and in Jim's bedroom. I think I'll go show my partner what I have worked up for him while typing this :) and ask him to help me out!!!.