Marc and Miguel II


"It's sort of like. . . 'now what?'" I half joked.
Without hesitating, but saying it like he could be joking in return, he said, "We could go up to my room and get out of our clothes. "
"Jeez. . . " I said, embarrassed by the straightforwardness of the remark.
"It's just an idea," Miguel prompted with a careless shrug.
He was leaving the decision up to me. I felt admiring of his courage for even suggesting that.
"OK," I said.
Again, we both grinned.
Miguel dried his hands on a dish towel, and we left the kitchen to head upstairs.
I think that if either of us had stopped to think about it, we would have lost our nerve.

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   Instead, we just took the plunge. Miguel was stripping off his t-shirt and I was getting mine off too, tossing it aside. Our faded and frayed cut-offs were next, and we were naked. It was sudden and surprising, both of us bare from head to toe. Miguel's darker complexion was smooth and naturally appealing. He had a thick bush of dark pubic hair and his dangling penis was handsomely sized. I had already started to tan, although the white showed where my swim suit had been and the rest of my skin was a kind of honey-tan. My pubic hair was a sandy brown, my penis pushing out a little bit, the bullet-shaped tip a dark pink.
We slipped into each others arms and squeezed together to share a naked embrace that felt good and wonderful. We kissed. This time our lips coming together with a more generous fullness and a slightly wet sensation. As we stood there like this, we both starting having an erection. That felt good and wonderful, too. The stiffness full of meaning as we nakedly displayed our male feelings.
"Oh, man.

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  . . " I sighed as our wet lips slid apart.
Miguel was climbing on the bed. I joined him. We stretched out, slipped back into each others arms and kissed some more. While we were doing this, our hands slid down to feel the large, stiff male-shape of each others penis. It felt incredibly bold and exciting to be able to do this with another guy.
"Mmm. . . " Miguel murmured as we pulled our mouths apart. I was playing with his large, hair balls, working the firm oval shapes around beneath the loose skin, grinning enthusiastically.
I felt his hand play with mine, making my erection even stiffer, if that was possible.
Then our hands went back to gliding up down the outstanding lengths of each other boner.

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It was so beautiful, the two of us laying their being nakedly loving together like this as guys. It was wonderful and exciting and so incredibly fulfilling.
Without saying a word, Miguel leaned all the way over and, still having hold of my boner, slid his mouth down over the mushrooming tip. He slid down a few inches. The warm, wet sensation made me gasp. Miguel sucked on my dick lovingly and thoroughly. When he pulled away, I did the same to him. I leaned over and plunged my mouth down over the bulging head, which felt huge and ever so smooth in my mouth. I managed to go down two inches on the shaft, pulled back up, and went down again.
    I heard Miguel moan slightly.
    "Oh, yeah. . . " he breathed,.
    I pulled my mouth away.

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       "Man, it feels good doing that to your cock," I said.
    We both smiled and kissed. This time our tongues slid back and forth, doing so with a wet passion. When we finished, it was time to catch our breath. I eyed a bottle of hand lotion sitting on the night stand. Reaching for it, I took it, opened the top, and upended the bottle to squeeze out a generous amount onto the palm of my hand. I took the liquidy substance and proceeded to smear it onto Miguel's dick. He watched with amusement and liked the slick sensation of my hand doing that. With a kind of compulsion not to hold back, I brought myself all the way up on my knees, and put my left leg over Miguel so I was sitting astride his hips. Reaching back around, I grabbed a hold of his thick boner, pulling it upright, and then I eased back down, feeling the swollen tip making contact with my tight anal pucker. Miguel looked surprised. I pressed gently downward with success, feeling the fullness of the tip going into my opening. With another push, I was sliding completely down on his stiff length.
    "Ohhh. .

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      . " Miguel moaned, sucking in a breath.
    I sucked in a deep, quick breath, too. .